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    POTUS is not a Reptilian! When Alfred made that claim I stopped listening to Alfred.
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    Four killed after massive sinkhole opens in Chinese city Four people have died after they were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole in a Chinese city, despite desperate rescue efforts to save them. According to state media, the sinkhole opened up around 2:30 p.m. Sunday in Dazhou, Sichuan province. Dramatic video from the scene showed people suddenly plunging through the pavement as it collapsed beneath them. Two victims died after being pulled from the pit and rushed to a hospital, state media said. They were reportedly married only days before. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/09/asia/china-sinkhole-sichuan-intl/index.html
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    R being the last letter in JFK Jr. I only figured that out now Think about witness protection program. How do they do it? Think about the other side and everything they’ve managed to hide and cover up from humanity and they involve a lot of people to do it. Is it that hard then for he good side to hide one man? Its completely possible and probably only requires money. Trump had money. I’m sure so too did JFK jr. It’s really not that unthinkable but it’s at least great script writing if nothing more. Q is full of quality hooks. This is the best by far. The Bobby Ewing plot line. We’re all hooked even if it turns out to be a psyop of ill repute.
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    Mr. Trump---a Planted Wolf in Sheep Skin? Though many of us as CT heads are supporting the good move made by him and his admin, suddenly Alfred Wembre and his friends are starting to show a big concern about POTUS' movement just recently. So I thought it's worthwhile to see both side of the fence so we get the birds eye view on this turbulence-filled field. First of all, there's NO WAY I back off from the fact that Mr. Trump is doing very important stuff to hinder the Cs wrong doings. I am so glad to see the pedo-bastards are getting listed and caught. (Not the really BIG named ones yet, though...that's regardless of the time we had known about it... and I think we must get those BIG ones for justice and safety of the Humanity.) But it's Russians (current Russian gov is NOT CARRYING ON the USSR, as I stated before somewhere among the threads here) whom have been working really hard to stop the global Abuse and Trafficking problems for years, and we started to see POTUS moving into that direction AFTER he got elected. So let's be aware that POTUS came into the scene at later time, as another piece of factor to consider about the bigger picture. I think it's healthy for us to watch over the both side of the fence anyway, rather than just gulping down the idea that POTUS is doing something good so everything he does is good thing. Him and his admin might have done something decent, but it doesn't warrant anything else that were done/will be done are all good for the entire Humanity. What Alfred is pointing out is about his admin pushing 5G roll out.....yeah....so as hell of other countries, too. (Japan bloody plans its roll out next year!!!) Which I'm sure we all are rather concerned about, yeah? That fact of rolling out 5G is something worthwhile for us to really zoom in and figure out what's going on and what we need to do about it, methinks. So this is the thread for us to zoom in and evaluate of POTUS and his admin's doings. POTUS is POTUS of America, not the world wide admin. But the power he and his admin got over Earth is pretty powerful. What they do affect ALL of us on Earth, IMHO. That's why I believe we all need to monitor what're done by them. In the end, it's the world wide peace we all want to gain, yeah? Here's Alfred's site: https://newsinsideout.com/ And here's one of Alfred's FB post. And IDK how to post FB link here...sorry people. So I C&P what he wrote on his own page here---basically he just C&P'd from the linked site...: "Alfred Lambremont Webre 5G = TRUMP’s NEW WORLD ORDER‼️“Is 5G Trump's New World Order? Gonz Shimura of FaceLikeTheSun made this piece about the dangers to our health posed by 5G and the US Government's willful ignorance about these real concerns. Since the late 1940s, the Government's position on the safety of "non-ionizing radiation" has remained fixed, despite the scientific evidence that cumulative exposure to microwaves can cause cancer. Many in the alt news community feel that this stance covertly enables a means of population reduction, in line with the UN's Malthusian 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While a soft-kill genocide is subject to debate, what is not is that the profit motives of the wireless industry far outweigh the legitimate health concerns that do exist. The stated goal of the FCC, as announced by Tom Wheeler in 2016 is for the US to have a jump on other countries in the race to develop and to patent 5G infrastructure and applications. The 5G rollout is expected to raise $275 billion in new investment, $500 billion in GDP and to add over 3 million new jobs to the American workforce. To a "jobs president" Hell-bent on Making America Great Again, 5G must look perfect for his agenda. To Shimura, a devout Evangelical Christian, Trump's support for 5G is evidence of his tacit support for Globalism, irrespective of his anti-Globalist rhetoric. However, the push for this technology and the economic and strategic benefits driving the roll-out long precede Trump as a politician. To me, given Trump's outspokenness about vaccine-autism link, singular among world leaders and his reinstatement of the religious exemptions from vaccines and other medical practices at HHS, I'm doubtful he's aware of the potential dangers of millimeter wave exposure or that he secretly advocates genocide. He likely believes the US Government's official position that non-ionizing is safe. It will be up to the American people to make their concerns about 5G known, like the very articulate Maryland residents shown here speaking before a local committee. Running Time: 39 min https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/is-5g-trumps-new-world.../" Here's the vid shown above. (c) FaceLikeTheSun 2018 Published on Aug 8, 2017 https://newsinsideout.com/2018/10/recalibrate-perceiving-the-positive-5g-rollout-american-world-depopulation-newsevolution/ At the beginning of this vid below, it's Pat talking by herself. But after that, Alfred starts to address his concern. We need to listen to that to understand why he is worried over POTUS' doing. (c)Alfred Lambremont Webre 2018 Published on Oct 6, 2018 And here's my chipping info for CHANIans to hold onto. Alfred thinks POTUS is Reptilian. My info source of alien group stated POTUS' NOT from them. You don't need to believe in what I wrote. Please always refer to your gut feeling.
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    While we're all involved with China, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., we are not paying attention to So. America. WTH is going on with Venezuela? I follow a utuber called Florida Maquis. I don't agree w/his politics, but he is onto something serious going on down there. I'm going to post several of his videos, see if you think it's something to be aware of. *~URGENT NEWS!~* PROOF UNCOVERED(!)CLOAKED WARSHIPS HIDDEN FROM GPS OFF COAST OF VENEZUELA(!) *A 2ND COALITION ARMADA SPOTTED ADVANCING ON SOUTH AMERICA(!) 40+ VESSELS SURROUNDING VENEZUELA(!) BRAZIL JUNGLE FORCES BRIGADE ADVANCES TOWARD VENEZUELA(!)NORTHERN FLEET NOW IN COLUMN FORMATION(!) *ALERT!*BOLIVARIAN GROUND FORCES DEPLOYED TO BORDER(!)COLOMBIA MOVES TO SUSPEND CONSTITUTION!{!} Not one word about any of this on our news. Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, all sending troops to the border w/Venezuela, and a virtual armada off their shore. Seems rather serious to me. https://colombiareports.com/venezuela-militarizes-border-with-colombia-as-tensions-grow/ https://colombiareports.com/colombias-military-emerges-as-a-global-player-in-us-led-alliance/ https://mundo.sputniknews.com/americalatina/201808291081590430-soldados-roraima-glo/ Brazil deploys 3200 to Ven. border https://mundo.sputniknews.com/americalatina/201808291081590430-soldados-roraima-glo/ Venezuela militarizes border w/Columbia https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14088 Prospects of US military intervention in Venezuela - Say what? A situation that bears watching.
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    Nth Korea Absorbing Sth Korean PM in, The US Annoyed A LOT Stupid moves made by the Sth K PM Wen is really causing headaches for the US. Sth K side is only being engulfed into Nth K.... The 7th Fleet is still on the edge. Honestly.....you never know, maybe suddenly the attack has to happen to change the crazy course of what Sth K is creating. Basically if The US-Russia-Japan tie happens for the geopolitics now, China shuts up, and Nth K hasn't got any support and the world can just forget about Sth K, too. All will go well. (Just ask yourselves, which head of the country with economic power you got to be able to trust in Asia right now? Yeah, it's Japan. Japan got decent ties with BOTH the US and Russia. POTUS got good relation with Russia, too. This is a chance, so to speak.... But to do that, Russia gotta give back Japanese Northern lands which USSR took away unlawfully at the end of WW2 by showing trustworthiness to do the pact. ) How to achieve that keeping peace is another complex question I take, but with POTUS in the position, it can happen. But the next issue is....will POTUS be able to hang onto his job? The ideas and info came via the Head of Crisis Management of Japan and others who got eagle eyes over the geopolitics in Nth Asia. I just wish the world to gain peace, without having the Humanity splitting among ourselves....sod. It can be achieved if we don't have the enslavement over ourselves.
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    Overall views by D Steel Q, Kavanaugh, Deep State etc's over all view. I didn't put this one in the Q thread because it is more about the over view. But I wanted to pose a big question to CHANIans. Is David someone we can totally trust? This guy was nominated for Nobel prize before, and he's organised a board to seriously talk about Human trafficking. (F B is not exactly all rosy with them to start with.) In their work, certainly I'm glad to see Uyghur people's suffering from organ harvesting and genocide being raised, and it's helping no one but POTUS' admin. Well, from OUR position as CT heads, I'm sure we pull up a guard against the guy. Why? Because he was working for See. //Err-y.../\ eigh. He openly reveals that conveniently, as if to assure all CT heads that at least he admitted, and for us to think that as if "he's moved on and now on our side". But we all learned that once someone was working for the alphabet groups, they tend to be used by them or opposing groups as tools often. So it's natural for us to think may be he's still with them. So a wolf pretending to be a sheep and we are waiting to be fooled all of sudden after trusting the guy's opinion? IDK. But certainly B.Fullford was jolly happy to meet the guy..........and I can't totally trust what Ben says these days. I think he's well and truly gulped right into a faction's plan. So what do you think? (c)X22Report Spotlight 2018 Published on Oct 5, 2018
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    Hurricane Michael Gulf Coast - Florida https://twitter.com/RyanMaue UPDATE Hurricane Michael http://spaghettimodels.com/ Tropical Tidbit for Tuesday Afternoon, October 9th, 2018 Stay safe everyone.
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    Q ANON: WHO IS R? This gives the post that was made at the end of June, on 8chan by R. How JFK jr with DJT's help, faked his death, and how it was the start of "the plan". The two were friends, which was something I didn't know before this. The guy in this vid kinda wanders a bit, but still makes points. The site below, if you go there is kind of self explanatory, and it's obvious she's done a lot of research on the JFK Jr. lives subject. At the Pres.'s rallies, there is one guy who has been seen sitting behind the Pres. more than once, and in more than one city. It's been said some feel it's JFK Jr. in disguise. I don't know, but anything is possible. Now IF that is him in Marine1, it would explain how that guy shows up at the rallies, but how on earth would it remain a secret? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU2ROr_DEcRsN_jHuWwf3Yg/videos
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    Ok I just read the replies. So I’m not he only one. Honestly I looked at the photo from chani link and without hesitation JFK Jnr. Just popped into my head instantly. Second guess would be Donald Trump Jnr but the forehead does not look as high after that it could be anyone alive I’m not Familiar with but I’m going with gut I didn’t even notice the reference to R. I have no familiarity with that reference This is would be incredible truly incredible, plot twist of the age. Never a dulL moment these days.
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    If you were in Taiwan and needed the restroom, which would you choose? Find out here - you'll need to translate the page. http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1800977 If you don't care to check site, I will tell you the Giraffe is female. Strangest thing I've seen in this regard.
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    Follow Up Interpol chief Meng Hongwei under investigation, China says Oct, 7, 2018 By Tony Munroe and Sudip Kar-Gupta snip image "BEIJING/PARIS (Reuters) - China said on Sunday it was investigating Meng Hongwei for suspected wrongdoing after the head of the global law enforcement organization Interpol and Chinese vice minister for security was reported missing in France. The statement by a Chinese anti-graft body was the first official word from China about Meng since his disappearance was reported in France on Friday. Meng had been reported missing by his wife after traveling last month from France, where Interpol is based, to China. "Public Security Ministry Vice Minister Meng Hongwei is currently under investigation by the National Supervisory Commission for suspected violations of law," the Chinese anti-corruption body said in a brief statement on its website. Interpol said later that Meng had resigned as president of the organization, and that South Korean national Kim Jong Yang would become its acting president, while it would appoint a new president at a Nov 18-21 meeting of the organization in Dubai. Interpol said earlier over the weekend that it had asked Beijing to clarify Meng's situation. "Today, Sunday 7 October, (at) the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon, France received the resignation of Mr Meng Hongwei as President of Interpol with immediate effect," Interpol said in a statement on Sunday. When asked about the Chinese announcement on Sunday, France's Interior Ministry said it had no information." snip https://ca.news.yahoo.com/interpol-chief-meng-hongwei-under-investigation-china-says-163628737.html
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    Picked this up yesterday, having odd little Synchronicities so going with it. Today is, where I am, 8 October (8), 2018 (012). Very odd vibes. 120 years since Ripper murders.
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    And in case you are needing a moment this is priceless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0hLIqWpJpQ
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    October 3: Jack Parson's birthday. Oct 13 - 30 Preparation for all Hallows Eve, Samhain (Halloween) Abduction, holding and ceremonial preparation of individual for human sacrifice (13 -Backward Halloween Date) Oct 28-30 Satanist High (Holy Day related to Halloween) blood human sacrifice each day any age (male orfemale) Oct 30-31 All Hallows Eve and Halloween Night blood and sexual sexual climax, association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrifice any age (male or female and/or animal)