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    Not sure if this would fit here but this happened the other day close to my place. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bird-kill-mystery-tsawwassen-1.4829960 Poor little bastards. Hope they can figure out what happened and that its not the beginning of something much worse
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    I know the feeling but it's appreciated - the issue is as I see it it's so much for any one person. I have hard time keeping up and barely get to document or respond, somedays I lose the GLP thread and then it's 50+ pages to catch up but since I'm following a few points of reference it becomes fragmented and so I catch elsewhere but miss junks. It keeps on rolling, ducking and diving like a roller coaster - remember this is essentially real-time. It's NEVER been real-time before it's often been years looking back or decades about events already transpired and musing finding the odd breadcrumb and nugget here and there. This is utterly unique and as I wrote in REAL TIME, making it very different, it is essentially at a War time pace. It's no wonder you needed a break from the front lines.
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    Simon Parkes's latest video with Kerry Cassidy is very interesting. He claims that Q Anon is legitimate, run by four men using a D Wave quantum computer that in a way predicts the future by creating it with the aid of humans.He has no information on JFK jnr. Also mentioned: the (four) Black Knight/Dark Knight/Snow White satellites.artificial stimulation of dormant volcanoes using high tech,the reason for the shut down of multiple observatories last week. This video covers audits of various agencies: I think they'd be targetting Senior Executive Services members as described in American Intelligence Media videos .
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    I decided to take a break from posting Q. Keeping up with it takes a lot of time and work, and it doesn't seem to garner much discussion here on CHANI. You can read his posts here https://qanon.pub/?#t1536356616 or here https://qmap.pub/ if you're interested. The X22report on youtube does a good job of disseminating his posts and https://www.neonrevolt.com is another one who does a good job interpreting Q's posts. In fact here's neon's from today https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/09/20/absolute-qhaos-newq-qanon-greatawakening-neonrevolt/ <<<this is a bit of a humdinger! Just about the time I give up on following all the repetitive info, Q pulls a Q & A session that has 412,000 IPs involved. I will include the couple posts that got people's attention, right quick like. 2221 Sept. 19, 2018 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 98088e No.3094236 Sep 19 2018 19:25:34 (EST) >>3093831 No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. Q 2224 Sept. 19, 2018 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 922952 No.3095105 Sep 19 2018 19:58:13 (EST) >>3094804 False, moon landings are real. Programs exist that are outside of public domain. Q QAnon is up to post 2236 - as of 4:45pm PDT on Sept. 20, 2018 basically Q mentions EAS delay, due to Kavenaugh, that James Baker is testifying about James Comey. Seems everyone is testifying against everyone else at this point. Sessions, Huber, Storch and grand juries are active. 9.19.18 - ℚ Does Q&A, Talks Aliens, Moon Landings, RRs Failure, Trudeau, Rebuts Arguments V Sessions
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    I'd like to ask that all of those familiar with Monatom, please keep him in your thoughts. Sending you a big hug and well wishes Monatom, thinking about you.
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    LA△CO's all archive data are gated into the "Navy" site, meaning they are all guarded by the Space Force. I don't have guts or another computer I can trash to peep in there. But it's LA△CO data that you can see lots of action of...loads of weird stuff. DAMN.... And after I uploaded those images of shaded Sun here, Helioviewer went weird. Now I can't even use it as I did when I got all the data out of there just a few days ago!!! WTF.... Is this happening only to me or to everyone!?? <Add to Edit> OK....if I use Ggl based Ch〇o△e, then I can open it ok. (I was trying to open it in VPN setting.) So they want it to watch who opens what data....no way out of the Space Force mindful watch, then. URGH!!!!!
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    Could be the usual - we're looking up when the action is 'down'. A reading from Lynn on it: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2018/09/sunspot-nm-observatory-closing.html I get that the Observatory is sort of a "cover" for a bigger operation that is going on....
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    Very interesting vid, KMRIA! Thanks for sharing the vid with us! The crazy large big shadow caster on our sun I discovered yesterday, I thought that maybe what we thought as Nibiru, but then...........I just wondered if that might had been done by ONE of its Satellite planets (also artificially made battle ship)......mind you, still it might had been a huge ship in Armada we were told about arriving to here. Parked in the position for 25 days, then vanished....where is it now? It was parked from 12th Aug to 5th Sept, a day before Solar Observatory in NM got shut down. Note if you compare the shadow of Moon Transiting in front of Sun, the shadow really looks round and totally black to the edge. So THIS IS DONE BY SOMETHING ELSE. Also Stereo images from BEHIND are "NO FILES" indicated....so hiding in position behind the viewers? All images above (c)SDO/NASA 2018 I tried to fish out the images appearing in the linked vid in above post....not that I can get to them. They might be being busy wiping out the data that were too revealing right now, so I suggest people to copy what I had presented here and in the Solar Observatory Shut Down thread asap.
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    Yes definitely unity and thank you so much for putting the video up. I'm keeping quiet lately as I'm very involved in The Situation. I'm also not Signalling.. but there are definitely things happening which under the radar for now.
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    I did run the SDO data....my eyes are so tired now...!! That weird transiting object which had cast that huge shadow on our Sun got first appeared there on 12th Aug 2018, DISAPPEARED by 6th Sept 2018....the day when the observatory got shut down. The object was turning the position of casting shadow a few times. Very early stage, it changed from appearing from Left hand side, switched over to Right hand side in one day....meaning possibly the satellite position was altered as soon as the people saw it appearing. Then a few times 90 degrees or so change seemed to happen while the shadow got cast from Right hand side. Sometimes it came from mid way Right hand, and went across to Left side. The other times appeared from top R corner, then changed over to bottom R corner for its entrance. Was that a planet that's appeared behind the A&B? Can anyone share the idea if you know any planet should have been appearing that close to our sun then move out in between 12 Aug-5 Sept? If no planetary object in our solar system should move like that.......I think we got a PROOF of something lurking in our solar system, which is friggin HUGE. And get glitches time to time on Left hand side, in different sizes but always black rectangular shaped. Oh, hey....err...how can something cast shadow on top of Sun? Doesn't it has to have some bright light at the back of the body to achieve that? And if that was the case, why we haven't been fried on Earth yet? I can't understand this at all....someone please help me in plain English.
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    Irish Pyramid Might be of your interest? (c) OpenSourceOccultTV 2018 Published on Sep 17, 2018
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    Now that story absolutely fries my cookies!!!! Why in the bloody hell weren't they arrested and charged with everything they could throw at them??? Like assault with a deadly weapon to start with !! Sorry Aussie Firefighters, not all of us think this is ok! His word against mine, I guess, but considering they were breaking the law by being there, why would I take anything they said as truth? So shooting poor animals as they ran from the fire, lowest of the low.
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    Australia Quake, Magnetic Antarctica, Penetrating Fields | S0 News Sep.16.2018 Yes this quake is covered, but unity I posted this because of a different conversation we've been having on this site. Such a complete difference in every way. tx w
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    10km Depth List: Sept 2018 Data from Disaster Prediction App of S0. Just SO MANY 10km depth ones reported. Basically strategically pressure breaker applied to save Hawaii? But not only around of Ring of Fire, it's including near by regions, too. If these are all done by small nuke heads.....how much radiation being spread all around Earth on the sea bed!?? Wouldn't that affect the life forms like fish and crustaceans WE EAT? Only pointing finger at Fukushima does NOT justify for the radiation issue of our sea. 17th Sept---12:14pm: M5.1 166km E og Nago, Jpn 16th Sept---2:41pm: M5.4 Western Oz ---2:14am: M5.5 154km E of Nago, Jpn ---1:24am: M5.3 165km E of Nago, Jpn 15th Sept---11:42pm: M5 169km E of Nago, Jpn ---10:26pm: M5.1 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge ---8:32pm: M5.2 157km E of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islds ---6:22pm: M5.1 158km E of Nago, Jpn ---10:13am: M5.6(5.85km!) 167km E of Nago, Jpn 13th Sept---9:27pm: M5.2 Southern East Pacific Rise ---8:43am: M5.2 South West Indian Ridge ---8:23am: M5.4 73km NW of Rabaul, PNG ---8:56pm: M5.2 20km ENE of Shazhou, China ---2:42pm: M5.6 9km NNE of Sapatgram, India 12th Sept---1:13am: M5.3 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge ---1:06am: M5.2 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 11th Sept---6:06am: M5.2 6km NNW of Obelobel, Indonesia ---5:06am: M6.6 215km W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia ---9:45pm: M5.2 54km ESE of Sulangan, Philippines 10th Sept---6:17pm: M5.1 104km WSW of Vallenar, Chile ---1:45pm: M5.1 7km NNE of Obelobel, Indonesia 9th Sept----8:17am: M5.5 Sth of Tonga ---12:24am: M5.2 36km NW of Talara, Peru 8th Sept----7:52pm: M5.7 196km W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia ---5:05pm: M6.1 9km WNW of Manay, Philippines
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    Some sites I have seen this story, they say the woman who took the photos is a known fraud. She also took the photos with her iphone8 with some kind of lens adapter. Cell phone camera and crappy lens adapter won't make for great photos....especially of the sun.
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    Not about the observatory but about the image from the UFO sightings site. That Gina's pics....I had to think what she thought as something very interesting images of "ships" were....err...inside of her camera being reflected off lenses. There was someone else sharply commenting on her page about it, too..... That happens often, and though different from ORBS we always point out (those orby thingy are also most likely to be the dust particles that had been blown up by aperture shape of the camera, with the camera's choice of subject depth being located far back of the space), similar mistake, I take. Anyway, stuff can be explained by how camera works. I hate to crush her enthusiasm but I also think we gotta make sure not to continue believing in mistake as if that's the truth.