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    OK unity, I'll try to make a few points. 1. That article from China scmp, is written by AFP. Agence FRANCE Presse. Not exactly unbiased, against Pres. Trump. The third sentence tells the story. "With Trump disrupting one relationship after another, provoking rivals and unnerving friends, Mattis is the one making sure they can still work on their traditional foundations." Read that to mean he's made it clear that America isn't playing by their rules anymore. The Press is out to make him look like an idiot, and it appears the WW press has joined the effort to do so. The world does NOT like him putting America first, and they've made no bones about how they feel. In this instance, Gen. Mattis was the perfect representative to send, as he's Sec. of Defense, which is exactly what this is about. Who better to assure Japan and So.Korea that we haven't abandoned them? 2. I don't see it mentioned anywhere that the US Military does not trust Pres. Trump?? After all Pres. Trump would be the person who decided to send Mattis, instead of Pompeo. 3. IF you watch that video from the WSJ, you will see the dates are from JANUARY to MAY of 2018. Technically the title IS correct, BUT it's also intentionally misleading. Anyone not paying attention real close, might not realize that time lapse "proof" video was prior to the meeting in June. IF the last image had been from June 30th, I would ask ok wth is going on. 4. As for TIME, didn't they just have to print a retraction regarding a story they published about a little girl being ripped from her mother's arms, that was patently false, and done solely as a swat at Pres. Trump? Now I'm supposed to believe they speak only the truth, so help me God? I know there are any number of privateers and countries that are chafing at the bit to start a war. It's what some want more than anything. Pres. Trump is not an idiot, and I'm sure he knows exactly what he's doing. The "press" is not our friend, and it's been proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted to tell the UNBIASED truth. The military cannot just start a war, they will need the go ahead from the President at least and/or Congress. I don't want a war with anyone, period. As for the prisoners N.Korea has, I don't know how that's resolved, I just hope and pray it is. Pres. Trump is one person. One, having to deal with all the insecurities everyone is feeling. I don't think he has any intention of forgetting things he's said, or promises he's made, but how many decades have things been like this in Japan and S.Korea? He's been in office how long? 18 months. No, he's not a god, he can and will make mistakes, but would Japan and S.Korea be better off if the US just went crashing into N.Korea, like gangbusters and created a nuclear holocaust that killed millions, and I dare say, not just in those countries? Or could we just give this some time, for everybody's sake? You are far more knowledgeable than I on Asia, unity, so all I can really do, is trust the man in charge over here to be looking out for the best for all of us, including Japan and S.Korea.
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    Good points, breezy!(・ω・)ノI always appreciate your explanation of the views! I agree with you on the 3&4 links but I'll leave them there rather than retracting them from my posts so other people can see to understand your post. I might go hunting down more dependable sources later and add to it. I based my posts on this understanding: "The State Council Information Office (SCIO), which doubles as the party spokesman’s office, told Reuters in a faxed statement that there is no interference by party organizations in the normal operating activity of joint venture or foreign-invested companies. However, it added, “company party organizations generally carry out activities that revolve around operations management, can help companies promptly understand relevant national guiding principles and policies, coordinate all parties’ interests, resolve internal disputes, introduce and develop talent, guide the corporate culture, and build harmonious labor relations.” “They are widely welcomed within companies,” the SCIO said. " https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-congress-companies/exclusive-in-china-the-partys-push-for-influence-inside-foreign-firms-stirs-fears-idUSKCN1B40JU But it has been on going for some time....here the article is from Chinese Government news source talking about 2012: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/95thcpc/2016-07/02/content_25939613.htm They point it out fancily that "it's a great system" and "foreign traders are following the orders", hey. They got to make the picture looking as sweet as possible. (See how French is rosy with China? That leads to AFP article use allowed to appear in the Chinese media.) The way how Chinese businesses are set up, as long as they are set up inside China, basically CPC is at the back of every single one of them, ready to take over the business decisions (according to a famous China watch journalist in Jpn), and though the business may state that they are not CPC gov ran. So within China, all "different" thoughts that are not aligned to the Party's direction, are filtered out and especially media sources dealing with English readers, how the opinion come in/out of China is totally controlled, all the ideas are filtered out before they get expressed. If they chose the particular AFP sourced article, that's there because CPC wants to use the line of idea. (Please be ware that they are also intending to do the divide and conquer tactics.) But as for the military relationship view I got, is based on few different intel vines. Of course you don't need to accept what I had posted! But I highly recommend everyone to have the idea somewhere in the back of mind, in case there are upheavals of situation we didn't expect to happen. And yeah, gotta include the possibility that I might had copped fib info from cointelpro, too. (LOL how apt SGTreport talked about it today!) It's about the Humanity vs the horrible factions of aliens, so the picture isn't really about POTUS and the Military peeps. And the info came through few intel info gathered by the Head of Crisis Management of Jpn. (Not that I can go back to look for the vid I watched--I think the episodes are only shown for certain duration and then taken down. He's copping loads of death threats to shut him up. He's not gonna stop it at all. The party he's with tried to shut him up, he refused it saying in the line of "I'll never stop it!!!! I'm here to clean up the sick sediment out of this party!!!" at them, and they had to shut up instead...ROFL Love the guy.) .....And all American people can move to support POTUS, instead of having such a big split in the society, if we all could get rid of the thought clouding electro-harassment which people seem to be copping, methinks. Because all in all, POTUS has been doing exactly what he said! America first and making sure about it! If I was an American....I totally go yey to him. It's such a mystery to me why lots people hate him so much while he's working hard in his job. (Yeah of course no way expecting something to be done by the US side now re:removing the abductees. Jpn is the one that must get onto changing their mind-controlled state existing since end of WW2 firmly ran by GHQ, and get military equipment ready so they themselves can get onto removing the abductees. People there started to be aware of choice to have nuke bombs.... IDK what Sth K people are thinking....they are so influenced by Nth K and I suspect mind control is also spreading there to go along with Nth K rather than helping their own people.......(´; ω ;`)) The news we freaked out hearing from the intellectual guy who ran away to Jpn from CPC gov when Tienanmen square incident happened, he still visits safer places in China often and bringing back the fresh trend the CPC is creating in China to share it with Jpn. Just a week ago, he was commenting that Mr.Xi was trying to bring back the images of Mao-time, and crazily, spreading the thoughts of "how cool Chinese Red Guard looked like" and making people to revert thinking that way. ....Red Guard!!?? Nooooooooooo way!!!!! The images were collected from their Cultural Revolution time and making people looking like heroes. Made them into playing cards and publishing those images in other ways, marginalising the image to the population. It means CPC wants to mobilise people again in that manner. How horrible Cultural Revolution was in China, please do your own research. It's hideous to say the least. Basically Red Guard was doing the similar stuff to the Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend ("Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth") , go around in society to dob people in for prosecutions, and retained power to do..."anything they want," if people wanted to avoid wrath from them, basically. I feel so sorry for Chinese people born in China....when someone is crying out with lots tears running down, you naturally feel like reaching out to them. But CPC gov prevents us helping people there....I'm so frustrated over this. I want all humanity to be freed. (Geez how the hell I can make a concise post!? Sorry, I tried my best to shorten the content so it'd be easier to follow...but it's already become a saga...(´Д`))
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    Cats Reacted To EQ BEFORE It Happened But only about 10 seconds earlier. .....10 seconds....I dunno if we can use them for any real value for saving life by EQ warning dispatched. I just felt even someone took 5 seconds to monitor their behaviour then concluded EQ will come, only leaving the 5 seconds window of saving yourself.... At least we got some data on the cat's reaction though! Good for the Cat Cafe releasing the vid! (c) 猫カフェ キャッチー 2018 Published 2018/06/17
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    Too Good of a Job? Incredible Holistic Doctor's Story, Part 1
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    Q&A: Answered by Ken the Scientist I asked Ken the scientist from the C60purplepower the questions I had. Please note that I don't possess all the knowledge on C60 and still learning about it. Ken's been shedding some light onto that side and glad I'm learning.....! My Q to Ken: Is C60 going to be toxic to the environment after being expelled from our bodies, taking up all the toxins from our bodies but just dumping them to our natural resources? It's great that we can become clean, but if we are leaving the mess came out of us and that to affect the environment negatively, then that's not good. Or is the molecular structure renders any harm in our environment? Do we need to collect what we release now at later time??? Ken's Answer: C60 is already produced in nature. For instance, the blackened wick on the end of a candle is said to be around 0.25% C60. Scientific studies have found no toxicity with molecular C60 at any level. C60 makes no permanent chemical bonds in the body. It does not attach to toxins, but merely neutralizes the oxidative radicals produced by the breakdown of those toxins in the body. Any C60 released into nature, being chemically un-reactive, would be sequestered rapidly into sediment. C60 is unlikely to ever be an environmental problem. WoooooHooooooooooooo!!! Safe for the environment as well!!
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    I've posted the UFO story to the Current UFO thread! I just got to your post now.
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    Take That!: Humanity Uniting Together To Take Down The Cabals It was about the time..... BREAKING: CONGRESS DEMANDS THE ARREST OF HILLARY CLINTON AND APPOINTMENT OF SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL (c) Stranger Than Fiction News 2018 Published on Jun 20, 2018 And this was fascinating to see.... Below is the counters from the above vid. See how many views are? Lots people watched it since 20th June 2018, and today being 5th(4th in the USA) July 2018. Hell a lot of people are interested in this story. Then please compare the # of LIKE vs DISLIKE.......82000 people clearly backing the move, while there are mere 301 people saying no to the vid..... Check mate is happening, methinks. BUT THEN....we still got MORE fight to face to. The Cs are NOT THE ONLY ONE we need to throw out. Please be aware that once they get cleaned out of their position, we CAN'T REVERT BACK by taking up ANOTHER alien faction's policy against the Humanity. It's time to really wake up and start taking the responsibility over Earth. We MUST grow up, and do so FAST. We have more work to do. We must protect Earth and ourselves. And NEVER AGAIN to go through the torture we endured.
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    Kind of amazing to come to this thread now, 9 months later and see how many of the videos are apparently gone.
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    Thank you for the vid link, Cosmic Dreamer!(∩´∀`)∩ It's so deadly, and very scary 1984 picture they are showing to us, isn't it.....:;(∩´﹏`∩);:
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    China: Xi Stomping Down Flat Any Oppositions For the Total Suppression https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/25/world/asia/china-veterans-protests.html Oh well, these up-rise of ex-military people have been happening before, too, but Xi rolled out the Good Behaviour Bond system ("if you don't follow the order, we will take your freedom" system), people are taken away freedom of what they can do, which affects their family members as well......so you know how difficult Chinese people are living now.... China IS a totalitarian place.