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    After the hearing. That was truly bizarre. Over a period of weeks the Liar had been presented with a whole string of statements refuting everything that They (who are no longer exactly human I think) presented. Detailed reports from the police (bless them).Detailed reports from the psychiatric institution. Etc. It was the perfect case for dismissal and HF getting the children back , but the Liar failed to use any of the evidence. HF is now restricted to 6 hours supervised contact with the children per week for the next month when there is another hearing .Luckily the supervisor is friendly . BUT. The good news is that one of them has suffered a breakdown and others are deteriorating physically and mentally at a rapid rate. We now go onto Plan B... to be worked out in detail , which may even result in the children being taken abruptly from them and returned to HF. New Zealand's "justice" system is an incredibly sick joke.
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    I had heard that some Hawaiians were being offered a chance to leave the big island, (women and children mostly) but no offer of a way to return. However, this is the first I heard about this regarding FEMA's actions over there. Now does anyone recall what happened to refugees in Louisiana, after Katrina. Those who took the offer to leave were shipped to the furthest points of the US, proper without any promise of return. I put nothing past any of them. Pres.Trump is stopping in Hawaii on his way back, methinks. As for those swirling waters, I wondered if that was the area where it was reported there were upwellings due to lava flowing on the ocean floor. The video I'm going to post, addresses that. I have now, and have had a really not good feeling about all of what's going on over there. The floor of the Kilauea cauldera keeps dropping, chunks of the rim keep collapsing into that crater, it is affecting the buildings, parking lot at the summit and it is ramping up. Fissure 8 is not stopping and it's mantle lava, which in itself should have everyone's ears perked up. For them to have drilled deep enough that they KNEW they had drilled into the mantle, knowing the geology of the land, well, seems either quite deliberate or some really stupid people are in charge. USGS Scientist Shares Kilauea Eruption Update (Jun. 11, 2018)
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    Trump meets Kim Jong Un in Singapore June 11, 2018 Dylan Stableford snip video "After months of saber-rattling that gave way to flirtation, President Trump finally met face-to-face with Kim Jong Un at a hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday morning. Shortly after 9 a.m. local time, Trump and Kim walked along a white colonnade, meeting in front of a bank of 12 alternating U.S. and North Korean flags where they shook hands. The handshake lasted about 12 seconds. Kim could be heard saying, “Nice to meet you Mr. President.” After their initial greeting, Trump and Kim walked inside, sat down and spoke briefly to reporters. snip image Trump, who had insisted he would know “within the first minute” if Kim was serious about denuclearization, said he “felt really great” about his brief encounter with the North Korean dictator. “We’re going to have a great discussion,” Trump said. “A tremendous success. We will have a great relationship.” “It was not easy to get here,” Kim said, according to a translator. “There were obstacles but we overcame them to be here.” snip https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-meets-kim-jong-un-singapore-010814105.html We're off and running...........................seemed friendly enough .
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    Yeah this whole thing about Hawaii is having weird vibe through out the whole process(´Д`)---let's change that by our intention!(・ω・)ノ Let's send our ale to our Mother Earth and our brave brothers and sisters fighting their ways in so the Humanity gets to win this turn of page. No matter what, our Mother Earth stands by us now. Let's reaffirm their local Goddess power. Remember about the curse of Hawaiian rocks that you cannot remove from their island? I think the Paranormal thread got the story somewhere about it. Everyone dismissed the curse and took rocks to their homes after touring Hawaii ended, keep on sending the rocks back to the island, because they couldn't stand all the bad things happened to them, while keeping the volcanic rocks away from Hawaii? THAT POWER IS OK TO BE USED AS A NEUTRALIZER FOR WHAT'S HAPPENING, if the blow up was calculatingly organised and done for someone nasty's benefit. Let's pray to give strength to the local Goddess energy there so she can choose the way the lot needs to go. (I'm hoping a BRAND NEW ISLAND near Hawaii........like Japan received a brand new island recently and actually expanding their EEZ field, Hawaii can have one to stop the crappy plot. Lots love being sent to your way, Hawaiian people and nature!!!) Don't poke around such sensitive places especially like Hawaii...
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    F-15 crashes into Sea off Japan in latest accident involving US forces in Okinawa Danielle Demetriou June 11, 2018 "A United States Air Force fighter jet crashed into the sea off southern Japan on Monday, the latest in a string of military mishaps in the region. The F-15C Eagle jet, from Kadena Air Base in Okinawan, was taking part in a routine training mission when the pilot was forced to eject before the aircraft plunged into the sea. The pilot, who was alone on board, was reportedly rescued with non life-threatening injuries following the crash, which took place around 6.30am on Monday morning. The accident, which is currently under investigation, is the latest in a string of mishaps involving US aircraft in southern Okinawa. These include an object weighing 1.4kg dropping off a US F-15 fighter jet during a flight in Okinawa in February, while a MV-22 Osprey crash landed into water, injuring two people, last year." snip https://www.yahoo.com/news/f-15-crashes-sea-japan-110039546.html
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    Cleveland House Explosion Ravages Neighborhood, Leaves 1 Dead Hayley Miller June 10, 2018 Cleveland House Explosion Ravages Neighborhood, Leaves 1 Dead "One woman was killed and one man critically injured when a house in East Cleveland, Ohio, exploded Sunday, according to officials. Investigators were still working to determine what caused the early afternoon explosion, East Cleveland deputy fire chief Robert Benjamin told reporters. Local news outlets reported the area smelled of natural gas. The injured person, a 51-year-old man, suffered multiple burn injuries and was transported to a hospital, according to Benjamin. Officials have not yet released the victims’ identities. Multiple neighboring houses sustained “heavy damage,” including broken windows and structural damage, authorities said. At least five neighboring houses have been evacuated as officials continue to investigate the incident." snip https://www.yahoo.com/news/cleveland-house-explosion-ravages-neighborhood-215007062.html
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    QAnon is posting but it's late for me, will try to catch up. Going to be a busy week. Pres. Trump N.Korea etc. here for his posts none until June 3rd, then June 10, 2018. Post 1440 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 5a7e3c No.1620282 📁 Jun 3 2018 14:58:29 (EST) BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. A WEEK TO REMEMBER. DARK TO LIGHT. BLACKOUT NECESSARY. Q https://qanon.pub/
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    *Yellowstone Geyser Erupts Yet Again Puzzling Scientists*Ground Bubbling In New Mexico*The Field* This guy covers many different things in this video. Along with the Yellowstone geyser.
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    YELLOWSTONE GEYSER ERUPTS FOR EIGHTH TIME IN THREE MONTHS, STUMPING SCIENTISTS June 7, 2018 Meghan Bartels snip video "Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser, the largest in the world, has now erupted eight times in less than three months, in a geological puzzle that has fascinated scientists working at the site. The most recent Steamboat eruption occurred Monday just after 9 a.m. "It was unbelievable," Jamie Farrell, a geologist at the University of Utah who happened to be at the geyser during the eruption, told Newsweek. He's seen plenty of other geysers go off—but not Steamboat, which is capable of the largest eruptions of all currently active geysers. "The first thing that comes to my mind when I think back on it was just how loud it was, the roar of the eruption," he said, comparing the second part of the eruption to the sound of a jet engine. That came after a dramatic half hour of the geyser gushing water—and the occasional baseball-sized rock—about 200 feet into the air. Farrell wasn't there purely by luck; he was there to collect 28 seismometers he had deployed about a month earlier. Fortunately, he hadn't started gathering them up when Monday's eruption began, so they recorded a total of four eruptions, data he's now working on analyzing. Perhaps the weirdest characteristic of the current spree of eruptions is that the past seven appear to be working on a schedule of sorts, with one eruption every six to eight days. With the notable exception of Old Faithful's solid predictability, geysers usually erupt at random. Steamboat's apparent pattern could be a break from randomness—or might be just a coincidence. Wendy Stovall, a U.S. Geological Survey scientist with the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, is hopeful Farrell's measurements will help scientists tackle that and a number of other questions they have about geysers. "The goal really was to better understand Steamboat as a geyser in and of itself," she said of the instrument array." snip http://www.newsweek.com/yellowstone-steamboat-geyser-eruption-old-faithful-964542
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    @breezy Thank you for the working link! ...Strange. But then cannot squash the plausibility that I made a bad link copy in the first place. But I also recall I re-copied the old link freshly again and again to check for the link validity, yet it was showing the same result of....Article Not Found on the WJ site. .....Ssssstraaaange......
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    @unity unless it didn't all copy, here try this one. I did a giggle search for the title, interestingly it wouldn't move past that point when I copied the url, maybe they didn't want us to read it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/i-must-be-doing-something-right-billionaire-george-soros-faces-renewed-attacks-with-defiance/2018/06/09/3ba0e2b0-6825-11e8-9e38-24e693b38637_story.html?ut Here's one from May 29, 2018 Seems he has a lot to say. George Soros warns the European Union is on the brink of collapse — and Trump is partly to blame Will Martin 5-29-18 "The European Union is in the midst of an "existential crisis" and may cease to exist, billionaire investor George Soros said. "The European Union is mired in an existential crisis," Soros wrote in a blog for Project Syndicate. "For the past decade, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong." President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is partially to blame for the EU's problems. His comments come at a time when Italy is undergoing a major political crisis, which many believe may have the ability to pull Italy out of the eurozone, and lead to the project's ultimate demise. Billionaire investor George Soros believes that Europe is in the midst of an "existential crisis" and is at genuine risk of ceasing to exist as we currently know it, unless drastic changes are made. "The European Union is mired in an existential crisis," Soros wrote in a blog for Project Syndicate. "For the past decade, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong." Soros effectively argues that some in the bloc has moved so far away from its founding goals that the EU can no longer sustain itself in its current state. "There is no longer any point in ignoring the reality that a number of European Union member countries have explicitly rejected the EU's goal of "ever closer union,'" Soros said." snip http://www.businessinsider.com/george-soros-president-trump-eu-collapse-2018-5 Perhaps they should have thought it through better. People are only going to stand for being trampled on, so long, then they're going to fight back. All they need is an example set. Someone who comes out of the woodwork, fires them up, and shows them how it's done. It seems that's happened. ok, now considering what Soros is saying, the following is interesting EU President Donald Tusk Worries About “New World Order” Being Dismantled – The Peasants are Revolting… June 10, 2018 Sundance "European Union President Donald Tusk worries about the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama legacy being dismantled: “What worries me most is the fact that the rules-based international order is being challenged, quite surprisingly, not by the usual suspects, but by its main architect and guarantor: the US.” snip video Every parasite needs a host. As soon as the host refuses to remain co-dependent to its own demise, the abusers begin to panic. snip look at this picture, lol Pres. Trump and Japan's abe https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/06/10/eu-president-donald-tusk-worries-about-new-world-order-being-dismantled-the-peasants-are-revolting/
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    Got it, KMRIA. Leave it to us for the outer works, and just focus onto what's on your hand with them for now, please. I'll send more support works now. A big thumb up. If not meant to go ahead this time, something happens that the way gets in preventing it to go against you, and they might need to shut for the day and change the date again. Reason? Someone they got may become sick suddenly. (Not me doing it! It's their own BAAAD Karma! LOL)
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    I'm a in huge rush at the moment. The Family Court hearing for whether HF gets the children is at 11.15 tomorrow morning and it's bizarre for various reasons. Please send loving and powerful thoughts to HF and the children.Chanites.
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    Another island class blow up to happen? (Safer for Hawaii?) (c)MrMBB333 2018 Published on Jun 9, 2018 <Add to Edit on 11th June; Farg I was hoping it to be further away from the edge of the land.... I'm still wishing somewhere else that's not threatening to the Human population to blow up to ease Kilauea...(´Д`))
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    Ramadan suicide: Man jumps to his death into crowds at Mecca’s Grand Mosque (VIDEO) Published time: 9 Jun, 2018 14:43Edited time: 10 Jun, 2018 08:40 <WARNING: Graphic Video>--> You can avoid watching it and still read the full story on the article. I didn't expect to really see someone falling to the floor from 3rd floor. Besides that I have no idea if anyone else got minced under the person's weight. It's just not on....it must be like a spiritual terrorism for those poor people on the ground paying the respect to the black cube. (I mean, the meteorite piece inside of it.) I wish us not devide, but to unite. Someone must had plotted this one as an excuse to do more nasty stuff. Let's do our best as Humanity to waste their horrible plot by avoiding falling for it. https://www.rt.com/news/429266-mecca-ramadan-foreigner-suicide/ So disgraceful and disgusting in many layers for what had happened, and the news almost went into Satanic thread but landed here. Anyhow, it's showing the part of horrid fights made between the factions for the control of humanity and Earth....
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    ...And you know what....breezy, the link of above post is ALREADY GOT DELETED BY WP. As it appeared, it's gone. Thank you sooooo much for managing to pick up the tail of the article!! Woooow...we are making decent dents, hey!
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    FEMA Detains Displaced Hawaiians Jump to 1:44~ I haven't heard further on this issue whether it's changing or what.....anyone in the know???? (c) Nibiru News 2018 Published on May 29, 2018 And more FEMA getting ready for Hawaii.... FEMA BARGES EN ROUTE TO HAWAII http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/fema-barges-en-route-to-hawaii/ Don't tell me that they had blown up Hawaii to get EXCERCISE done for FEMA etc.....ಠ_ಠ IF FEMA was there to help, WHY they try to be secretive about them being there?
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    ‘I must be doing something right’: Billionaire George Soros faces renewed attacks with defiance Michael Kranish June 9, 2018 "ZURICH — George Soros, the billionaire investor and liberal donor, sat in his hotel suite by Lake Zurich this week, lamenting the turn much of the world has taken in recent years: “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.” His favored presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to President Trump, whose “America First” platform runs counter to the globalism Soros embraces. Trump, he said, “is willing to destroy the world.” The European Union, which Soros once hoped would be so successful that he could end his charitable work in the region, is contending with the impending loss of Britain and a rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. And Soros himself has emerged as a political target in elections from Hungary to California, where his donations have been used as a cudgel against the causes he supports. The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, who has poured much of his fortune into promoting liberal values around the globe, is now confronting a wave of nationalist sentiment washing against issues he has championed. snip For all the billions of dollars at his disposal, Soros is also being forced to reckon with limits on his political influence in the United States. He acknowledged that he did not see Trump’s election coming. “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,” he said. Soros, who plans to spend at least $15 million in 2018 races, has already faced some setbacks this cycle. His bid to replace several district attorneys in California with challengers seeking changes to the criminal justice system was largely unsuccessful in Tuesday’s elections. “We ran into a brick wall in California,” he said." snip https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/i-must-be-doing-something-right-billionaire-george-soros-faces-renewed-attacks-with-defiance/2018/06/09/3ba0e2 I couldn't be happier Mr. Soros!
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    Lower 48 States Just Had the Warmest May on Record Chris Dolce June 6, 2018 snip video "May 2018 was the hottest of any May in 124 years of recording keeping for the continental United States, eclipsing the extreme heat of that month in the 1930s during the Dust Bowl era. The average temperature for the Lower 48 states last month was 65.41 degrees Fahrenheit, 5.21 degrees Fahrenheit above the 1901-2000 average, according to the state of the climate report released by NOAA on Wednesday. That knocked out May 1934 for the warmest May on record. Rounding out the top five warmest Mays are 1936, 2012 and 2000. snip chart Eight of the 12 calendar months have now notched warmth records since 1998: January (2006), March (2012), April (2006), May (2018), June (2016), September (1998), November (1999) and December (2015). Last month, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and Virginia broke state warmth records. Another eight states from Washington to Rhode Island had their second-warmest Mays. All told, May 2018 ranked among the top 10 warmest on record for 40 of the Lower 48 states. No state was colder than average in May." snip https://weather.com/news/news/2018-06-06-may-2018-record-hot-temperatures-united-states-noaa-report
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    I agree love is the answer, but you can't be passive towards hostility. It could end with loss of life if you just watch somebody getting beaten up.
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    The ONLY way to defeat the 'LOW' types is with Love - it is the only thing that they can not fight... The old saying 'Turn the other cheek..' is correct - they gain strength when you fight back or get angry - it gives them energy (and hope). When you just laugh and smile, they are beaten - they can't fight thin air, so they're beaten by their own actions..
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    Rift! Geologic Clues to What's Tearing Africa Apart As this person is explaining what's happening to the African continent, he is also explaining what's going on in Hawaii right now. I found that interesting. The video below is about a couple guys who are exploring one of these fissures, this one in Ethiopia. (I think our entity also spoke of a truly massive earthquake that would occur in Africa, at some point in the future.) If you check plate maps boundaries, you will see that there is a fault that runs from Israel, to the Suez and through the Red Sea clear to Ethiopia, then runs south all the way into S.Africa. Africa is splitting apart! 'Dabbahu fissure' Ethiopia
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    He looked up and saw them MULTIPLYING in the sky - NOT airplanes! <<about more than possible ufo's
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    Warning; Local Womans Report, Yellowstone Volcano Ground Uplift, and Sinking