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    Kmria, not so sure there is a direct link to Templars and the MacLeod of Scotland. However the interesting thing about Clan MacLeod is the fairy flag, which granted them 3 wishes, and has only been used twice in its history, with one wish still to be granted. This shawl still lays with the chieftain, there are many stories about the fairy flag - and legends of its arrival. King Robert the Bruce, was a crusader who after his death had his heart cut from his body and thrown into the midst of battle so he was always with his soldiers. None more so than the black Douglas who carried it around his neck in a casket. Many myths surround Scotland, as one of the oldest lands in the world it holds many treasures and truths. It is said the holy grail is in scotland, it is said that Jacobs pillow is the stone of destiny. Donald trump may have some Scots blood in his bpveins, but his actions aren’t pure Scots. You see Scotland has never been under anyone’s control, kings and queens of this land were king and queen of Scots / not Scotland (queen of England as opposed to queen of the English) An by pure Scots, is that as a Scot we inevitably look after each other in a very community based etho’s. We demand equality for all out with the elite. As the elite cannot specifically reach us. Our magic is strong within the land, the land is protected, we have special dominion with the Pope through independent recognition, this is because Scotland holds powers beyond our control, and they are safe guarded by The guardians of Scotland. The guardians of Scotland serve to protect the land and people from outside forces. As a guardian and a cruithine I can say that DT doesn’t carry Scots blood In the manner you think this is clear by the way he talks and acts, as a Scot your first duty is to protect at any cost the people of your land. While I know he is American and not Scottish - the Scottish rite of free masonry are also infiltrated with evil and now bend the knee to the draconian queens of England. Again a true Scot does not recognise a foreign queen, and those who do - do so with the knowledge that they are selling their soul for a handful of Gold (rabbit burns on the treaty of union 1707) the empire of Britain is a blite on Our Scottish heritage, we offer peace while they offer war. Putin favoured ascottish independence from the UK Donald trump stayed silent. Although as it stands DT is not welcome in this land due to his anti immigration policies and rhetoric but that’s another story, his association with Scotland via his mother is only there to provide him with heritage rather than knowledge.
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    I feel it coming All my dreams point to it Inner sun, DNA activation I think THE EVENT is a combination of when the inner sun pops up in your dreams and activates your DNA and a physical assembling of all STAR people on Earth Some of us continue to see an inner sun every night when we dream, while others do not dream at all Before an assembling happening on Earth the negative draconian faction has to be dealt with Nobody knows exactly when their flagship MOON will be removed The ANDROMEDIAN forces inside the sun are monitoring us We have to sort out all the problems here on Earth before the STAR people will consider us civilised from a cosmic perspective Yes, there will be an EVENT, 2018 might be the year, a month away is very optimistic considering our current degree of divinity
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    Yes, the blockchain is truly revolutionary. Yes, bitcoin is Tulipmania 2.0. Yes, cryptocurrency is a nail in the coffin of the bankster parasites. Yes, digital currency is a tool of the totalitarian tyrants. No, these statements are not contradictory. But don’t worry if you think they are. You’re just a victim of "The Bitcoin Psyop."
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    So I say , THE EVENT is roughly a month away , +- a few days What say the chani community? do you feel it ? How do you describe the event, what do you feel? what will change , what will not? how does that effect you? Do you even believe there will be an event? A thread dedicated to "The Event" PS: I will post some links and info from varied sources , once some 'opinions/knowings/feelings' are posted
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    Elongated Skulls - DNA Results ARE IN!! (c)L. A. Marzulli 2018
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    A Gov Paper That Admits Re: Gioengineering/Chemtrails Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols https://ehjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12940-016-0089-0 "Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of environmental processes that affects the Earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of climate change. Injecting sulfate aerosol precursors and designed nanoparticles into the stratosphere to (i.e., solar radiation management [SRM]), has been suggested as one approach to geoengineering. Although much is being done to unravel the scientific and technical challenges around geoengineering, there have been few efforts to characterize the potential human health impacts of geoengineering, particularly with regards to SRM approaches involving stratospheric aerosols. This paper explores this information gap. Using available evidence, we describe the potential direct occupational and public health impacts of exposures to aerosols likely to be used for SRM, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum, and aluminum oxide aerosols. We speculate on possible health impacts of exposure to one promising SRM material, barium titanate, using knowledge of similar nanomaterials. We also explore current regulatory efforts to minimize exposure to these toxicants. Our analysis suggests that adverse public health impacts may reasonably be expected from SRM via deployment of stratospheric aerosols. Little is known about the toxicity of some likely candidate aerosols, and there is no consensus regarding acceptable levels for public exposure to these materials. There is also little infrastructure in place to evaluate potential public health impacts in the event that stratospheric aerosols are deployed for solar radiation management. We offer several recommendations intended to help characterize the potential occupation and public health impacts of SRM, and suggest that a comprehensive risk assessment effort is needed before this approach to geoengineering receives further consideration."
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    Americans on Chani will probably know this already. ( A note: I predict that any attempt to take advantage of this situation by Bad Actors will have Bad consequences) BREAKING: US Government to SHUTDOWN as Republicans fail to secure funding in vital vote THE US Government is set to shut down in just hours after the Senate failed to pass a vital federal funding bill, meaning many services will stop and employees will go unpaid until a solution can be passed, officials confirm. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/907328/Government-shutdown-US-Donald-Trump-Senate-vote-dreamers-funding-bill-wall
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    The Failed Nuke Attack on Hawaii Was Not a Hoax – Investigative Journalist Jim Stone Update This is a B.I.N. version of Jim Stone update re: Hawaii "False" Missile Warning issue Obviously, because it's BIN, the site is NOT protected. Beware. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2018/01/the-failed-nuke-attack-on-hawaii-was-not-a-hoax-investigative-journalist-jim-stone-update-3588609.html
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    Ready Player One: New Spielberg Movie---April 2018 Well, Japanese netizens are going mad for this preview release because we discovered a Gundam appearing in it. Gundam is a legendary Japanese anime that's juxtaposable to Star Wars and Star Trek there. But for us at CHANI, it's about the Transhumanism. The year 2045 indicated, the future perspective presented, it's very much directing the Humanity to move into a complete digital world to get away from the reality. However, Spielberg also is known to leave hidden messages time to time, secretively nudging the Humanity to NOT to fall for the dodgy future, just like a HOPE left in the Pandora's Box. I wonder what that key message would be, this time round. I hope he made the story line for the great hope for our future children.
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    In response to those images above that are called "Meteor" strikes, I came across the following site/info, so will pass it along. Yes, Space Based Laser Platforms Are Real <<<from August 2015 "Way back in April of 2013 we took a look at the emerging technology of laser weapons in space, primarily to take out “enemy” satellites, and possibly to strike targets on the surface of the planet. Following up, in April 2014 we ran an article about the U.S Navy’s new laser weapon, which appears to be very powerful and inexpensive to operate compared to artillery shells. In this post we will update the revelations of laser warfare, something that has probably existed for quite some time and is just getting more sophisticated. First, here’s the links to those two articles:" snip http://www.covertbookreport.com/yes-space-based-laser-platforms-are-real/ Didn't they install a Laser cannon on the ISS last summer? Wonder where it was positioned when this "meteor" took place?
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    Sometimes Sheep Can Do It: ...They Made The US Military Facility Useless in Romania Sheep set off security sensors at US military site in Romania, leading to legal wrangling https://www.stripes.com/news/sheep-set-off-security-sensors-at-us-military-site-in-romania-leading-to-legal-wrangling-1.506889
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    No apologies necessary Unity. Tyler provides useful info these days. As for the images... whatever that is, it must have left a very big hole in the ground. Playing the odds here, the chances of a meteor hitting straight on is probably...nil. Clinton ,Bush and Obama all have visited this town, and if you look on google earth, there is not much there, that you can see. Hopefully we will see some images of the real damage. Directed Energy Weapon
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    The Smoking Gun of World Wide Planetary Defense System? Or the USA's Own? Sending apology to Renegadesun but I just had to share this Tylor's vid. He is gathering latest info pretty fast from people on the ground.
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    Interesting vid analysis of Qanon material. SIGNS SUGGEST "Q" IS THE REAL DEAL Posted By: oliverhaddo Date: Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018 20:02:06 "Deep State Financial Crimes Tied to 9/11 Means Charges of Treason For The Guilty" Read the whole story here: http://truthbarrier.com/2018/01/15/signs-point-to-q-anon-being-real-deep-state-financial-crimes-tie Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=91666
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    Cryptocurrency market crashes 20 per cent as website ditches South Korean exchange data BITCOIN and other cryptos have crashed by more than $200 billion in value — due to a single data change which left investors furious. JANUARY 9, 20186:35PM Link: http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/investing/cryptocurrency-market-crashes-20-per-cent-as-website-ditches-south-korean-exchange-data/news-story/ecc5f4dcab56b5f3da31b803b1db4446?utm_content=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=EditorialSF&utm_source=News.com.au&utm_medium=Facebook
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    Dearest Mr and Mrs De Beer and Suzy Thank you for coming back to Chani to share with us after your loss of Aco. We here still miss him too and will for a long, long time, although I am pretty sure he is watching us pretty closely at times. Families create good adults by the way they raise their children and you guys can know that you did an exceptional job because of the way Aco turned out to be a loving and caring human being. Aco's work here at Chani changed many lives and his legacy goes on. Love and Light
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    When i sat down two days after Acolyte's passing, to read what you'all had said and was still saying about him and, the WAY in which he touched your lives, how he was APPRECIATED and LOVED, how everyone held him in such HIGH REGARD, the things you remember, how he helped so many if you with even the smallest thing, how he could pull people together and sort things out, his special Songs, how he made you Laugh, how he was just himself. It was THEN, that i felt so eternally GRATEFUL and deeply HONORED to call myself Acolyte my BROTHER. I trust that, through the years and many things we went through, i was deserving to being his Sister When i see how he touched people just by being on the opposite side of a Computer Screen, i know even more how Special and Precious, my little brother was. I am extremely proud of what he accomplished with Chani. Through the years, whenever we had family gatherings, we would laugh and sing and those are the times that we, as family, will always cherish. What people most remembered after meeting him for the first time, was his enormous sense of humor, his gentle demeanor and, of course his big Heart Chani, one of the biggest loves in his life - he loved you guys, you were like a very dear family to him THANK YOU! Thank you to every Sponsor, Subscriber, Member, Moderator and even guests that only popped in, ever so often, THANK YOU for making Aco's life on earth so fulfilling. Thank you from my side too, for donating so that his Funeral could go down without a glitch. Breezy, i have no words to thank you for what you have meant to Aco, to our family and for your presence at his funeral. Seeing you with that huge bunch of red Roses that seemed bigger than you, was a sight to see - i am sure you bought every last rose in that little town - i can see Aco smiling at your tenacity that it had to be Red Roses. Thank you Breezy, for everything you did. There was never a question from our side, as to who would be taking over the reigns at Chani. Only YOU can take this brain child of Acolyte, into the future and from what I have read and seen in this discussion, everyone has a lot of respect for you, i don't think the Chani-family WANTS anyone else to take the Baton forward. Breezy, this is your Season and you will make a success of it. Thank you for what you meant to my little bro and for being such a wonderful friend to him. You are one Amazing woman. Acolyte, my bro, i miss you so very much, i still talk to you all the time and don't ever forget. I LOVE you like all the sand in the sea and the stars in the sky (like my dearest Mother used to say when she said good-nite to us) To all you Chanites, Acolyte appreciates you more than you will ever know and so does his Sister. breezy likes this too Reddwolf likes this too
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    Acolyte we love and miss you. You were special and touched a lot of lives. Breezy thank you for being with us during this difficult time. You are such a special Lady. We love you dearly. A special thanks to al the Chani members for the kind messages and contributions for Acolyte's funeral. Kind regards Lukas and Vernesse De Beer breezy likes this too Reddwolf likes this too
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    Goodbye Aco It's been a blessing being able to follow your work and create such a fantastic community on Chani. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace be with you brother
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    UPDATE: I want you all to be aware that Acolyte received Red Roses from Chani. They were beautiful and the only ones I could secure in the little town where he lived. The service was small and private, it was attended only by close friends and family. His family is very appreciative of the donations received from Chani, and all his expenses have been covered. The Chani Project is safe for the near future. This has been a rough week for all of us. I can only say Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you who donated, or added your personal thoughts about Acolyte to this thread and to those who have continued to post or contribute to the Chani forum in any way in the recent days. Meaning of Red Rose: The red rose symbolizes many different meanings. In general it portrays beauty, passion, courage and respect. In addition to beauty and passion, red roses also symbolize courage and power. They seek to congratulate a job well done, and to express respect and appreciation. I don't believe I need to say more. breezy
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    Yep I think your on the money Unity on this one... well done
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    In Chinese/Japanese character, it means the KING. An old bronze inscription: In Classical Japanese Kai-Sho style: A comparison of 2 characters: (L) King ® Jade/precious stones in China Current version: in Japanese [/img]
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    I keep coming up with a greek font,don't know what it means though. http://www.fontseek.com/fonts/ff_din_greek.html
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    Looks to me to be a combination of two Binary symbols... Even the upper case Greek symbol for Xi is similar ... Just a start, I would also be looking to scientific notation and electrical circuit symbols but am a bit short of time... good luck
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    london eye (how blatant can 'they' get?)