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    4. Do you Belieb? 5. U mad, bro? 6. Ah, the classic
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    Office pranks.. 1. You've been Cheeto'd 2. A surprise in every copy 3. Getting trolled... literally
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    First let me say that I mean no disrespect to the deceased or the injured by bringing this up at this time and I'm not saying that anything hinkey is going on. I think that what I am about to point out is poor editing/source verification by the publication. I am pointing it out because what we do here is observe and analyze. This is from the article breezy posted above concerning the last minute change of flights (which is one that I saw earlier today, and why the back of my brain probably got stuck on this). https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2285040/colombian-plane-crash-that-left-76-dead-wiped-out-brazilian-side-who-had-changed-flights-at-the-last-minute-as-they-travelled-for-cup-final/ But this is the very reason that it's difficult to trust any media, no matter what they're reporting. (Editing to say that I wonder if they were actually on another plane that day. That could explain the discrepancy below. But still doesn't dissipate my rant because journalism should have already answered this question. You'll understand as you read more below.) My problem is with the discrepancy in the seating configuration shown in one of the photos that purports to be the team on the plane before take off, the snap chat and other videos that purport to be them on the plane before takeoff, and the reported potential configuration on this type of plane. First, the plane was an Avro RJ85, a version of the BAe-146. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20161128-0 Then, there is this about the typical configuration: Now, granted, the plane could have a custom configuration, but I doubt it would ever have more than 6 seats across. Here are some variations on the configuration for such planes: Note that none are more than 6 across. And none have 2 aisles. Now, here is the photo that I believe is likely showing those folks on the plane that went down last night. Notice the 3 x 3 configuration of the seats, consistent with what's discussed above. Next, take a look at the videos in the article. I have tried to get screen shots (below) but it's better if you look at the videos. You will see that those videos were taken on a different plane (767? or other) as the configuration of the seats is 2 x 3 x 2, in both of the videos. That's similar to this configuration below, which is a larger (and totally different) plane. Of course, I allow for the fact that the plane could have had a special configuration. But it's doubtful. I don't think the specs would accommodate it. And, in any event, they were all either on a 3 x 3, OR a 2 x 3 x 2. But not both. So, all of this is to show just how, either, poor and/or manipulative the media are. It's already a tragedy. But they present things that are so obviously in conflict to pull on our emotions (which are already feeling the sorrow). Couldn't they have just said here's some video from another flight that the team flew on recently? Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it was just an honest error in trying to get the report out. Even so, it's a poor excuse. And this is the kind of stuff that gets people going on conspiracy and fake news. It's a reminder that we have to stay vigilant and aware in our taking in of reports from the media. It's such a shame. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were lost and who have lost loved ones.
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    Here's The Link For Official Donald Trump News So You Wont Have To Rely On HBM Spin... Posted By: Watchman Date: Tuesday, 29-Nov-2016 13:27:58
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    Merit on the GLP thread that Rouge5 pointed out earlier also said in one of his posts some time ago that Hillary and the Democrats would not pursue a recount because it would actually reveal voter fraud on their part and here we are with Stein pursuing just that - dumb and dumber! They will not change the outcome so for the life of me I cannot see what possible outcome they were envisaging. Karma Awaits: Wisconsin Insider Says Recount Will Expose MASSIVE Fraud....DNC Fraud To Be Exact... Posted By: Watchman Date: Tuesday, 29-Nov-2016 16:10:13
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    Discrepancy solved (I believe). Leave it to RT (the listed fake news, propaganda service that excels in journalism) to answer my questions for me. My brain is relieved. Apparently they were on an international flight earlier that day from Brazil to Bolivia because they couldn't get a charter flight from Brazil to Colombia approved. I'm still speculating, but that probably explains the video footage -- likely from the larger international flight. Unable to organize the charter, the team instead left Brazil from Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport before then taking flight LMI 2933 from Santa Cruz, Bolivia that crashed on its way to Medellin, Colombia, killing up to 75 of the 81 people on board. https://www.rt.com/news/368598-chapecoense-team-chartered-flight/
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    Foopengerkle, here is my explanation of your dream: To dream that you are walking in a dark cave represents an exploration of your subconscious mind. It signals self-discovery. The man feels known to you and he is following you through the cave. You are guiding those close to you in your life. You will face many obstacles as you try to figure out your path in life. You are experiencing some intense emotions. There is a situation that you can no longer ignore. The feeling at Peace tells you that the path you take is the right one. There are some flaws in your thinking so your logic feels it is not making sense. You need to alter your reasoning and make a stronger argument. The large room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You are growing emotionally and are getting Spiritual guidance (Elderly sitting near the stones). You will receive enlightenment and understanding. A new light has been shed onto a situation which gives you a fresh perspective. This message from your subconscious you do not yet understand. Think about making yourself clear to others when certain actions rise questions. Somehow you are dwelling too much on the past. You need to learn to let go to grow due to this situation that you can no longer ignore Neo <ps. sorry it's a bit late >
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    Great explanation Jessica. This Wheel of Fortune represents the changing Politics in Europe with Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Marie le Pen (France) and Frauke Petry (Germany) BUT (and i do this in capital letters) they are all tied up onto the Wheel. Why, you might think are they tied up? Unfortunately, they are not as "Free" (Freedom-party liberals they call themselves) as one would think. All their funding comes from big Bankers and when there is a crisis they will do what is told by those Bankers. As one time happened in a crisis in the Netherlands, Party for Freedom (PVV) (Geert Wilders) were playing a key role in a Political discussion and were signing a law as a majority in Parliament should or there would have to be drawn new elections. in a pause 5 minutes before signing a reporter filmed them taking the break and saw Geert Wilders taking his phone and discussing something. Directly after the break he let the negotiations fail and wanted to create a Political crash. Nobody knew why. Since he is the sole leader of this party he decides everything and his party-members (like he publicly said) are filling up the spots for voting. Also he has to make public all donations he is getting for his party. He refuses and willingly pays the €25.000 fine each year. Already proven he has the DHFC Bank as one of his main sponsors. Thanks to our Minister of Finance back then that could be prevented. But now i know why they are tied up. Free within Europe but NOT in control.
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    In my memory there were 5. Can't make any more of it.
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    DEVASTATING Complaint Filed Against Jill Stein… “Fraud, Perjury…” Nov. 28, 2016 "(PTV) A US Green Party member unhappy with the party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein’s move to challenge the election vote count in three states has filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney General, alleging that her petition may have contained false statements under oath. The petition, filed by American journalist and radio host Don DeBar on Monday, alleges that the false statements may have induced the state to fraudulently conduct a recount and caused thousands of people to donate a reported sum of $6 million to Stein’s effort. Stein submitted the recount request to Wisconsin authorities on Friday. She also planned to formally file for recounts with authorities in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton narrowly lost these three states to Republican Donald Trump, the president-elect. If Clinton had won all of these states, their total of 46 Electoral College votes would have been enough for her to win the White House." snip http://thetruthdivision.com/2016/11/breaking-devastating-complaint-filed-against-jill-stein-fraud-perjury/
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    Is death just an ILLUSION? Consciousness CONTINUES in alternate universe, scientist claims Nov. 29, 2015 Sean Martin "DEATH is an illusion and our consciousness simply transcends to an alternative universe, according to an astonishing theory. Dr Robert Lanza, a scientist and theoretician, claims there is no such thing as death – just death of the body. He believes our minds exist through energy which is contained in our bodies and is released once our physical beings cease in a process he calls ‘biocentrism’. Dr Lanza says that we simply believe we die because that is what we are taught – but the reality is an illusion. The scientist’s theory essentially elaborates on Einstein’s famous quote, where he said: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Consciousness continues in an alternate universe image: Getty As such, when our physical bodies die, the energy of our consciousness – which scientists do not fully understand yet – could continue on a quantum level. Dr Lanza says that “there are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe”. As a result, he theorises that the consciousness continues to exist in a parallel universe. Dr Lanza points to the uncertainty principle – a 1927 theory from German physicist Werner Heisenberg which says that the velocity and position of an object can be measured at the same time. snip picture The scientist stated in an article he penned for Huffington Post: “Consider the uncertainty principle, one of the most famous and important aspects of quantum mechanics. Experiments confirm it’s built into the fabric of reality, but it only makes sense from a biocentric perspective. “If there’s really a world out there with particles just bouncing around, then we should be able to measure all their properties. But we can’t. Why should it matter to a particle what you decide to measure? “Consider the double-slit experiment: if one ‘watches’ a subatomic particle or a bit of light pass through slits on a barrier, it behaves like a particle and creates solid-looking hits behind the individual slits on the final barrier that measures the impacts." snip http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/737474/death-an-ILLUSION-Consciousness-CONTINUES an earlier article http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/728897/LIFE-AFTER-DEATH-consciousness-continue-SOUL
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    20 Tenn. co-workers to split $420M Powerball jackpot Natalie Neysa Alund | The Tennessean49 minutes ago NASHVILLE — A group of 20 co-workers from an auto parts manufacturing plant in Tennessee claimed the $420.9 million Powerball jackpot Tuesday. When Steve Huffman's check engine light popped on in his car, he would have been in financial trouble. However, it's no longer a concern for the 54-year-old Westmoreland, Tenn., resident. "I don't have to get frantic about that anymore," Huffman chuckled to a group of reporters at the Tennessee Lottery headquarters in Nashville on Tuesday after learning he'd become one of the state's most recent millionaires. Huffman is one of 20 co-workers from a Portland, Tenn., company who entered an office pool over the weekend and won the Powerball jackpot. The winners, from 13 different cities in Tennessee and Kentucky, work together at North American Stamping Group where they primarily handle sales and quality control at the auto parts manufacturing plant. Tennessee Lottery officials said the winning ticket, which matched all six Powerball numbers drawn Saturday, was sold by Smoke Shop Inc. Owner Joyce Gregory in Lafayette, Tenn. — a city of about 5,000 residents that is about 60 miles northeast of Nashville. "I am really tickled. ... It's really going to help our town," said Gregory, who scored $25,000 just for selling the winning ticket. Tennessee Lottery President and CEO Rebecca Hargrove said the cash value of the jackpot is worth $254 million which equals just more than $12.7 million for each person before taxes. snip http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2016/11/29/tennessee-co-workers-split-powerball-jackpot/94612308/?
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    Idk. Considering the severe drought conditions, it doesn't really seem unnatural for a fire to spread like that in a very woody area. Gatlinburg is about 1,000 feet lower in elevation than Asheville, NC (which can be pretty damp just from fog and clouds), which is also in the Smokeys. Down lower, things probably did get quite dry, if it's anything like it's been here. We have been on burn restrictions for a while down here and I think it was only a week ago that it rained for the first time in over a month. And things have been burning in the forests for weeks. Fires have been burning in Western NC (which is the same mountains as East Tennessee) for weeks. We had our own fires in the SC Upstate. We have had air quality cautions for weeks from the smoke. Our local news does talk about these things and I only follow on Twitter. I don't disagree that someone probably set this fire, whether purposely or accidentally, but given the right conditions, including the pick up in winds, I can imagine it spreading quickly. It only takes a few sparks. That's why often other people's houses catch fire even though they are many feet away from the original fire. Fires spread that quickly in California too, there's just usually more unoccupied land to burn while they get ahold of a plan to keep it away from inhabited areas. Most of those fires aren't started by lightning either -- usually ignorant campers. It's very unfortunate, but not in the realm of the unbelievable.
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    I have to say watching this video really upsets me. when he said no one knew, no warning, nothing, I have to say I believe him. I live 90 miles north of Atlanta and these fires started well over a month ago and no one, NO ONE was reporting on them. The news actually just began reporting on it when Atlanta began to get the smoke from the fires, which by then had spread to so many areas (and of course so many of them are started by idiot/arsonists). I hope they burn in hell. So frightening.
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    Literally Too Many Veterans Have Signed Up to Join DAPL Protests November 28, 2016 | Carey Wedler Source: Anti-Media http://tinyurl.com/jsfluuo (ANTIMEDIA) Last week, the newly formed group “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock” called on veterans to nonviolently stand up to militarized law enforcement at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Since its initial call to action, the veterans’ movement has grown exponentially. Last week, the Facebook event, which was launched by Army veteran Wesley Clark Jr. and former Marine and Baltimore cop-turned-reformist, Michael A. Wood Jr., received widespread media attention. This boost helped increase the number of attendees from a couple hundred veterans to their maximum capacity of 2,000. A standard email response from the group (as of Saturday) reads: “We are happy to announce our small campaign has grown to 2,000 Veterans from every corner of the US [and] will be joining us to stand in peace with our brothers and sisters in Standing Rock.” Their event page states they have over 2,100 veterans signed up and are exploring options for a second trip. The group has a strict no weapons policy but is stocking up on body armor and protective gear like gas masks to withstand potential attacks from the heavily militarized police, who have arrested at least 400 of protesters so far. According to on-site medics, hundreds of protesters have also been injured. Last week, a 21-year-old woman was reportedly hit with a concussion grenade, leading to a severe injury that may require her arm to be amputated. Though police have blamed protesters for what happened to her, at least one witness claims law enforcement’s version of events is untruthful. Outrage against incidents like these, as well as attacks on journalists via tasers, rubber bullets, and felony charges has made the ongoing situation ripe for outside intervention. “This country is repressing our people,” Wood Jr. said last week. “If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.” With 2,100 veterans signed up to make a stand, it appears police will be forced to reconcile their aggressive behavior with the nonviolent show of veterans, who intend to march toward police on site. The group has gained substantial financial backing since word of their mission spread. According to their GoFundMe page, they have already raised over $500,000 to fund their trip, which is planned for December 4 to December 7. Their goal is currently set at $750,000, an increase from the $100,000 — and then $200,000 — requested last week. “I increased the goal because I was wrong,” Wood Jr. said, according to Task and Purpose. “I was giving a ballpark number that we could get 500 people there without feeling like I was asking much of the public. In a short period of two days, the picture changed dramatically. As long as we’re increasing in size, I have to ask for more funds. And as long as we have more funds, we will increase in size.” He added: “This is already way beyond transportation. So the additional funds will go toward protective equipment, infrastructure, lodging, food, medical supplies, and stuff to help deal with the elements of nature.” The funds will also go toward bailing out members of the group who are arrested during their demonstration. As the cash and volunteers continue to roll in, the group’s resolve in its self-described “deployment” is only increasing. “We’ve grown to the point where we have an actual chain of command now,” Wood Jr. said. “Emails are hundreds a day, if not thousands.” Anti-Media spoke to one Navy veteran, Jake Bagwell, who heard about the event last week through social media and is now scheduled to head to Standing Rock, pending his request for time off from work. “I figured if any demographic would have a big enough impact to wake people up, it’s vets. Especially when it comes to standing up to the government,” he said. He added: “Nothing about what the ‘authorities’ are doing makes sense. Water cannons in subfreezing temperatures? Are you serious?” Another veteran, Sam Deering, posted on Facebook about his decision to join Vets Stand for Standing Rock: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the land where protesters are camped out, issued a notice last week warning them to evacuate by December 5. Reuters reports the agency has said it has no plans to forcibly remove protesters, but on Monday, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued a separate mandatory order to evacuate the area. Anti-Media has reached out to Veterans Stand for Standing Rock to learn how they plan to respond to these demands and will update this story if they respond. https://web.facebook.com/sedefmb/videos/10154224954937569/ This article (Literally Too Many Veterans Have Signed Up to Join DAPL Protests) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Carey Wedler and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific. If you spot a typo, please email the error and name of the article to edits@theantimedia.org.
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    A Man Who Smelled Like Beer & Had Lipstick All Over His Face Sat Next To A Priest. Their Conversation Is Hysterical. A drunk man who smelled like beer sat down on a bus seat next to a priest. The man's tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket. He opened his newspaper and began reading. After a few minutes the man turned to the priest and asked, "Say, Father, what causes arthritis?" "My Son, it's caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol and a contempt for your fellow man." "Well, I'll be damned," the drunk muttered, returning to his paper. The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized. "I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?" "I don't have it, Father. I was just reading here that the Pope does." Source: http://tinyurl.com/znq5fwg
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    “The Fuse Has Been Lit”: Jim Willie Issues Financial Collapse Warning By Jim Willie, GoldenJackass: Posted on November 28, 2016 by The Doc Many are the potential fuses to be lit, which would create the conflagration, the massive bonfire of the bond vanities and bank charades. Many are the fuses lying around, all criss-crossed, all exposed, all overlapping each other in highly dangerous manner. If any single fuse is lit, then several will light and the detonation arrives. It is unavoidable since the financial world is so deeply interwoven. Never in modern history has the global financial structure been so badly weakened, so totally corrupted, so thoroughly undermined by control mechanisms, so intensely defended by sanctions even war. In 2007 and early 2008, the Jackass warned of a mortgage bust that would alter the global system forever. It happened with far reaching consequences which endure to this day. In recent months the Jackass is warning of a Systemic Lehman event, where several major national systems are at heightened risk of a similar bust like what happened in September 2008. Except this time, the entire global financial system will erupt like a debt volcano, with several epicenters, all located in the West. The big Western banks are all lashed together, all tied to each other. The banker cabal believed that the interconnectivity within their bank structures would make them all immune to failure risk. The reality is that the failure of any one major bank guarantees the systemic breakdown of all of them. It will erupt like a cave-in of the flying buttresses at the Notre Dame in Paris, with numerous bank (churches) collapsing, all located in the West. FINAL SOLUTION When the collapse occurs, the solution will finally be discussed, the solution avoided for eight full years. THE GOLD STANDARD WILL BE INSTALLED. It will first arrive in the trade payment system. Then it will arrive in the banking reserves system. Lastly it will be seen in the gold backed currencies. The paper game has gone on since 2008 in grand style and unspeakable corruption. snip Source: Silver Doctors http://tinyurl.com/jf626f8
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    General IP Information IP: Hostname: wikileaks.org Moscow, Russia General IP Information IP: Hostname: wikileaks.org Norway Interesting, I'd say
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    What does anyone make of this? I'm not talking about the low level of global ice reported for 2016 (as I would imagine it's happened many times before in the history of Earth - like when dinosaurs lived in the Arctic ). I'm talking about the precipitous drop months before the trend says it usually would. Do you think it a cosmic influence? The pattern seems anomalous. Here's a graph of the mean Arctic temperature (not global). The temperature pattern seemed odd in the beginning of the year too, but not in the summer? Also this. So, right around October, the extent of sea ice suddenly takes an anomalous dive? When levels had been significantly higher than 2012 during the summer?
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    Jim Stone: Russia Launching A Bombing Sortie On ISIS Every 21 Seconds....Apparently He Got Trump's Concurrance First... Posted By: Watchman Date: Tuesday, 15-Nov-2016 16:06:38
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    Massive energy blackout in Murmansk, Russia after reported blast at power station (VIDEOS) November 8, 2016 "The northern Russian port city of Murmansk, with a population of 300,000, has been partly left without electricity following an emergency at an energy facility. Eyewitnesses captured a bright flash, after which the lights went out. RAW: Blast reported at power station in Murmansk, Russia There have been eyewitnesses' reports of a "huge blast" at one of the city's electrical substations, according to SeverPost news agency. snip video Emergency services are working at the scene, the agency said, adding that there have so far been no official comments from rescue teams. snip video There is apparently no electricity in government headquarters in the city center, FlashNord reported citing its correspondent in the area. Lights have been off in both central areas and in the outskirts, according to SeverPost. An incident happened at one of the facilities of the Kolenergo regional energy company, its press service told RT, without specifying what exactly happened. The causes of the "incident" are now being investigated by a special commission, the company said, adding that specialists are now working on damage control and recovery." snip https://www.rt.com/news/365801-murmansk-blackout-power-station/