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    Synchronicity - 4 of us women at lunch, look at the socks 3 of us chose to wear, without consulting each other...
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    G'day I am back, again. As per my previous posts I have been having a lot of crazy stuff happening to me (not me being crazy, or delusional either). And it hasn't slowed down. Even people around me cannot believe a some of it (even when they witness it). A friend administered reiki on me a week ago which has really helped to get me grounded as it was all getting to me. Locally I have a strong circle of friends, most of whom are Nexus readers, or at least respect my outlook on life. Many were coming or wanted to come but when the day came only one was with me. I drove 11 hours straight to get to Nexus and just got home from another straight through drive. About an hour into the trip to Nexus we were both yawning and I didn't think we were going to make it there. We checked the red Elanra and it wasn't turned on. After turning it on, I was fine for the rest of the trip. Thankyou Elanra!!! Again!!! We stayed in a unit at Mudgimba with the Brisbane Nexus Discussion Group. Rita and her associates are just amazing!!! I have had the Chani site bookmarked in my weekly list of things to do but it was the old URL and was not working. It was great to catch up with other Chanis and find out why. And that is why I am back. The conference? well it was definitely worth the trip. I probably spent too much in the trade hall but I am happy with what I got. My advice to all is that if you have not been to a Nexus Conference, you have no idea what you are missing. The first time I went on a whim, and this was my 8th conference. I am going to work hard at getting more friends to come next year!!! Unless the Black Goo gets me.
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    this one is for the politicians And this one is just fun
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    G'day While not a Nuke plant problem, this radiation story has 2 relevant themes- The distance traveled, The Government coverup, When Kodak Accidentally Discovered A-Bomb Testing​At the start of the article... "Two thousand miles away from the U.S. A-bomb tests in 1945, something weird was happening to Kodak's film." and the end... "Julian Webb knew this five decades earlier when he discovered traces of faraway weapons testing in America's water supply. Why no one told the American people remains a question today." http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a21382/how-kodak-accidentally-discovered-radioactive-fallout/?mag=pop&list=nl_pnl_news&src=nl&date=062016
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    Targeted Individuals: T. I.s This is a massive field to cover and I'd appreciate people chipping in to spread the news about there are peeps who are genuinely having very difficult time being suppressed badly. It ends up connecting to surveillance scenes, Alien abduction cases, UFO scene, even to paranormal activities etc etc etc. Obviously the thread should be focused solidly on T.I.s. But just like the Hybrids are becoming more spotlighted, T.I.s issue also seem to be spotlighted in unison. So here we go... When someone speaks up that "I'm watched for 24/7!", we are taught to basically back off and to think "OMG this person is delusional; this person may well be a megalomaniac; seeking attention for 5 minutes fame" etc etc etc. But wait.... There are too many people coming up and showing us some proof that they are not mad, they are absolutely harassed by something/someone for some reason, preventing them to have the life of their choice and quality for a being with freewill to practice. There are peeps coming out with their CT scans, X rays and MRI readings etc showing IMPLANTS embedded into their bodies. They really do exist IMHO. You may think they are alien origin. Some are. But not all. Some are MILITARY origin, created by the Military Ops. These cases are called MILAB cases. (MilAb=Military Laboratory Experiment--->easier to remember as Military Abduction) The people who are suffering from these go through abduction cases that made look like alien abduction cases but in fact they were carried out by the Military people. So it gets really confusing to analyse if one case is a Milab case or genuine alien case when you are to discuss about any abduction cases....but we need to know about both cases. T.I.s also include those who were killed by the Cabal after becoming targeted by them for disclosures, whistle blowing, and more... And as you go look for the vids of T.I.s, you'd be facing to some peeps you might think they are literally "mad". I understand your reaction, but I think it's best to be on the fence, not taking any sides, for what we'd be after is the real info. Also it's best to hold the understanding that these peeps were copping full on mental and physical suppression since their childhood, so it's also understandable that they might copped secondary disabilities from the issue they suffer for prolonged period of time. I personally try to surpass all those secondary attributions that were quite possibly derived from MILAB experiments done on them, and try to see the core issue that people are presenting. I start with some links that may help you to reach T.I.s related sites and vids. I was to get the link to a person's vid from Bases pile to introduce here, but those were removed from the list and can't access them. She was working at the UN, had massive number of implants all over her body which she could detect by RF checker, beeping everywhere....and the MRI images. They were really there... So instead, I leave a link to another T.I. vid from the Bases. (Mid way onwards the presentation is uploaded. This bit was a lot more juicier so you might would like to skip to 47:22~ or so.) Here's a person the Bases peeps consider a victim from Targeting. An awesome doctor. So sad she's gone now...but then again, she might be laughing with joy now because she never thought the death was the end of the "being"... And she went to explain that it's energy that are holding our physical bodies, and the energy itself doesn't have genders (thus LGBT, asexual to hermaphrodite issue happens, according to her)...etc etc etc, she really was an INSPIRATIONAL speaker IMHO. MILITARY ABDUCTION & EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT TREATY – COREY GOODE BRIEFING PT 2 http://exopolitics.org/military-abduction-extraterrestrial-contact-treaty-corey-goode-briefing-pt-2/ And here's an article about how the Cabal is trying to trash the movement of disclosure on T.I.s... NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting its citizenry is a “mental illness;” ‘10,000-plus crazies banding together, paranoid https://www.intellihub.com/ny-times-hit-piece-targeted-individuals/
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    Hi everybody,just a short report on Nexus 2016.I had the pleasure of sharing 3 days of wonderful talks with 2 lovely Ladies by the names of Deekin and Imelda.We shared food,wine and toasted to the triumphs,tradgedy and losses of Chani over the past year.We also met up with a few not so active members namely Mungamine Boy,Bad Hair Day and Mesmerise and of course Nex.He actually mad a point of chasing us down for a few quick little chats between talks .If or when He decides to rejoin in discussions is up to Him and not for me to discuss.We were very disappointed that Blue didn't make it in person [He has obviously stood on some very nasty toes] He actually spent Friday in detention in Brisbane ,was denied entry into Australia and was flown back to New Zealand.We got too see his talk via Skype,absolutely mind blowing.Nex was also involved in this particular talk and also shared a bit of what Acolyte had passed onto him on his visits to South Africa .I won't go through all of the speakers because it will take me all night and I'm sure Deekin and Imelda would like their input also.I would strongly urge anybody who didn't live stream to buy the DVD of the conference to do so,you wont be disappointed. My personal favourites were Pete Smith [Quantum Consciousness] Don Chism [ Gut Bacteria and Nutrition ] John Rappaport [Vaccinations] and Duncan and Blues talk o n "Black Goo ". After the conference finished today we had a little chat and said our goodbyes till next year.Over too you Girls!!
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    "It brings your body back to its natural state," Hilton said. "It's the same way as being buried in the ground, but instead of taking 15, 20 years to disintegrate, it does it in a quicker process. And it's all environmentally friendly." After most of the body's organic material is dissolved in the alkaline solution, the dark-coloured, caustic fluid goes through two filter systems. The processing of a large number of bodies could be challenging for the water treatment plant. Artificial hip joints, surgical plates, screws, heart stents and other pieces of surgical hardware inserted in the body over a person's lifetime are unharmed by the process. There's even a program to recycle that specialized medical hardware, donating it to hospitals in developing countries where costs are prohibitively high. "You're entering yourself back to your natural state as you come into this world. You come in by water, and you leave by water," said Hilton. "It's green, all the way around." http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/bodies-dissolved-sewers-smiths-falls-funeral-1.3635063
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    Putin Warns Trump ‘New World Order Out To Get You’ Brave Vladimir Putin has delivered a scathing attack on the New World Order and warned Donald Trump that the ‘secret cabal’ have him ‘in their crosshairs.’ There is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of your country, they have very clear goals for the next couple of years…They do not want you to be President, and they are conspiring against you.‘ President Putin hasn’t endorsed Trump, but any enemy of the New World Order is a friend of the Russian President’s, and he had a few words of warning to share with Trump when they spoke on the phone on Friday. Putin warned Trump to expect ‘dirty tricks like we’ve already seen, and much worse‘ according to a Kremlin source, warning him that elite members of the GOP, his own party, are currently plotting against him and will attempt to take away his nomination for the presidency. ‘The elites will do whatever it takes to stop you thwarting them,’ Putin said, according to sources, hinting at a possible assassination plot should Trump’s campaign continue gaining momentum. http://yournewswire.com/putin-warns-trump-new-world-order-out-to-get-you/
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    G'day I found this on the Net... and changed it to this... I am printing out several copies to hand out to anyone trying to push a "how-to-vote".
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    Still prepping and finding more ideas... Doomsday Preppers Are Planning to 3D Print Their Way Through the Apocalypse http://motherboard.vice.com/en_au/read/doomsday-preppers-are-planning-to-3d-print-their-way-through-the-apocalypse
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    Just got in - 9 hour drive (by Hubby) so I'm/we're zonked. Lots to take in and savour. NOBODY seems as Mandela Effected as me, but at least there's less eye-rolling than in the real world.
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    Yes he did...David Griffin was great and he also said some things that I cant remember right now, but I was smart enough to write them down, I think he has a great interest in linguistics and I must look further into that, he was a very fast talker and very interesting, the Black Goo talk was another highlight for me and I have since found out that Black Goo is making its way into Venezuela since 2012...https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/44hgcq/til_there_is_a_mysterious_expanding_black_goo/ I think it was suggested that Black Goo has "mind control" properties and I wonder if that is part of the unrest in Venezuela atm Breezy, perhaps the Strayan Gubmint likes to play games with people like Blue. They told him it had something to do with his visa and held him in detention for a few hours before sending him back to N.Z...he must have really got under their skin hey.
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    My brain is still trying to put it all together...I was intrigued with what David Paulides said and stunned that the news of some of those missing people in Australia was news to us all and yet had happened this year, what was interesting was that searchers heard her cry out for help...and yet nothing. I see it did make the news... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-12/search-for-missing-blue-mountains-woman-enters-fifth-day/7241898. I cant remember the other ladies name and cant find the relevant info atm. Jon Rappaport was engaging, funny and backs up my reasons to stay well away from the medical cartel unless I break a leg or something drastic. Karen Ong and her report on the clever ,{ but not clever enough for you n me} ways gubmints like to disinform, confuse and belittle people who break away from the matrix of propaganda to try and reveal some obvious truths. I have to admit the Steve Parker who did the talk on Cannabis as a medicine was a close favorite, but not entirely because of the information he was sharing but because of the man who sat down in front of me and then left just before Steve finished speaking. I can smell bacon anywhere...lol To that man, if you are reading this ...corduroy pants went out years ago. Send in someone else next year and Ill see if I can pick them as well. And again, the conversations in the breaks are just as riveting as the speakers on stage or skype. Barry Eaton is the Darling of the Nexus Conferences and I love talking to him, I finally bought his book and he autographed it for me...I took Co-evolution to the conference to get it autographed as well, but thanks to a frightened gubmint Blue was not allowed in...amazing how Blue has got them scared. "The pen is mightier than the Sword" A big thankyou to Deekin and Mr Deekin who graciously shared their apartment with me...maybe next year we should all share , that will help to bring down the cost. Anyway...Im tired and I want to do some follow up research on some things that David Paulides said, and then hopefully Ill remember the other stuff I was going to look up Oh and I have to also say that ending the conference with Peter Smith talk on the afterlife and alternate realities gave me a warm glow all the way home and into today
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    Follow up on Eight (and Seven). The Tower of London and Westminster: images sent to Blue ET. A couple of personal comments first. This is fairly dark material and may tune you into something you'd rather not know-which is entirely understandable. If you get a bad feeling, please don't read any further. The development of central Lughdunum into a Roman Mithraic centre. Putting London into context, from the original Celtic grid. An imaginative map of London I don't have any political or religious affiliations- I've never been a Group /Herd being. I am part of a Soul group-there's only six of us. I don't even have any spiritual affiliations-the closest I've ever come to being part of anything "druidic" for instance was spending a sunny afternoon, drinking grape juice and snacking with some nice young IT ,professionals ,in the park at Lughnasada. I'd been brought there by K, a Kerry woman who had been crowned Queen of the May in a forest under the old lore: no human sacrifices, orgies or drugs/alchohol involved.Maybe a little whiskey? I find this material difficult especially about the way the women died. However two factors enter here-the first is that the first life I ever remembered, completely out of the blue was as a lawman and I retain that mentality. I have deep empathy and compassion for victims, detached clinical appraisal of perpetrators... and a rather black sense of humour. The second is that I do read fiction: while males are reading fantasy books about war and adventure, women are great readers of crime fiction, especially about serial killers (for me for entirely understandable reasons). The most famous and archetypal serial killer, is "Jack the Ripper" who I believe to be a group of men staging an Event in order to affect the Collective Conciousness. England in the 1880s was on the verge of revolt.Victoria was very unpopular. The Establishment was very nervous. The East End of London was one symptom: humans living in appalling poverty, alongside vast wealth. Several thousand children a year were vanishing at the time-some to be used as slave labour (chimney sweeps etc), some murdered and some ending in brothels. So I'll address: Event Locale Timeline Victims Perpetrators Parallels to modern murders As an Event it is deeply symbolic. The period that the main murders took place fall within a Mithraic calendical cycle and have, as far as I can tell, symbolic locales and victims. It was the 911 of its day, introducing the idea of a terrifying Lone Knifeman runnnig amok. All, or most serial killers since then have been assumed to be solitary or at best in partnership with another, aberrations, rather than part of something calculated and part of a group ethos. Locale: Whitechapel is on the direct sostice sun rise line to London running NE to SW. The line connects at the Roman era London Stone (obviously not the Stone of Scone, or Jacob's Pillar or whatever), but perhaps a bowl similar to the Bibracte one or perhaps a Roman artefact. The Tower of London contains the Crown jewels-including the crown with the Koh I Noor"mountain of light" diamond from India. Diamond is of course compressed carbon, as Superman fans know,and is 666 according to some. It is I think, possible for entities to live within or communicate through diamonds. Remembering that the traditional (since the 19th century) diamond engagement ring is worn on the Saturn finger. Die a mond,monde=world in French, for the word players. Locale Watling Road, centred at what is now the Temple runs NW interscting the Oxford line at Magiovinium (great-vineyard?). Watling Road, modified by the Romans inits course is a recognised part of the Celtic Four Royal Roads complex. The location of the City of London, "Crown", and the Tower of London, like much of London has been built over but covers what were previously waterways, now dried out cave complexes, and original grottoes that must have been used for ceremonies as well as being part of a general historical layering of the area with subterranean areas sealed off and forgotten (?) over the centuries. Westminster (and Buckingham Palace) were built on what was called Thorney Island. Thorney is a variant of Tory or Toraigh Island (such as ) and the name is Gaelic for Tower, related to a general concept of "turning" related to "torsion" ern- churn- horn-or th/or. Thorney Island was described in a mediaevla charter as "locus valdus terriblis",-a truly aweinpiring place. It was allegedly buil by a King Lucius, No king of that name ever existed. Whitechapel-in the sunrise line-is the location of an ancient Roman burial ground. And before that? The St Mary Matfellon Church, and "white chapel" suggest to me an ancient White Lady goddess grove or temple in the pre- Roman era. St Mary Matfellon has been tentatively translated as Mary Mother of the Son. "St. Mary, Whitechapel, was at first only a chapel of ease to Stepney, it is of great antiquity, since there is record of Hugh de Fulbourne being rector there in the year 1329. As early as the 21st of Richard II., according to Stow, the parish was called Villa beatæ Mariæ de Matfellon, a name the strangeness of which has given rise to many Whitechapel legends. According to Stow, the name of Matfellon was given it about the year 1428 " There follows a legend about a Breton nobleman who murdered a widow there,stole her jewels,fled and was in turn killed by a local crowd. I've looked at various maps of the area and-I could be mistaken-but ot seems to me at least to, not only have known lines and sites but astronomical meanings for location within an Age Of Taurus construct. The rising of the Plaeides-the Seven Sisters-marked the beginning pf the safe sailing season. I think Whitechapel, and St Mary's marked a Helleno-Celtic Paleides grove or temple. An early British chronicle desrcibes Thorney Island as having a primitive church replaced by a Temple of Apollo. Later it was a ancient medieval custom to precess from Whitecapel to St Peter's,rebuilt as St Paul's after the Great Fire. The Pearl Queen : one description of the Plaeides is a "string of pearls":http: I think the murders represent a symbolic (or not so symbolic) act of severing the head of the Bull from Europa in the form of the"string of pearls" or necklet/torc representing the Plaeides. The Motive: is a Male Psychotic one: to transcend the realm of Maya/Maia into a purely male heaven of 888 (and 999) and go "outside space and time" -becoming one wth the The Mandate of Heaven o. I do not consider ot a coincidence that the British emergency number is 999, the New Zealand one 111 and the American 911. Mithra means Mid, with variants Maitreya, and Mahdi. The Mithra figure can be taken a Saviour/mediator figure in the war between Ahriman, "bad father",and Ahura Mazda "good god" of Zorostrian thought. Calendar.] I've up an abstracted calendar above -it may be a little coinfusing as it's a purely theoretical calendar bearing little relationship to real reality. It blends different systems but has an overall theme. The calendar devolves on a 30 day cycle of "mith-s" or mids 1,8,16 and 24 returning to 30. The days start at sunset. The seasonal calendar is divided into six segments marked from the June 24/25 point but starting in Leo/July the first month. Locale continued. The SW to NE juncture of a major grid line meeting at what became a Roman temple with a "London Stone "(obviously not the Stone of Scone) the western branch meeting at that point being Watling street. Incorporating an extended set of locations in the area including (now) Westminster, Seven Dials,The City of London etc. Timeline 1 666 Great fire of London 1 777 America takes the Crown 1 888 The Ripper. Timeline of murders (Saturday, February 25 Saturday, widow Annie Millwood, White's Row, Spitalfields, stab wounds to her legs and the lower part of her abdomen. According to the 7th April edition of the East London Post and City Chronicle Annie Millwood: “;...stated that she had been attacked by a man who she did not know,) TIMELINE (bearing in mind the calendar starts at sunset on one day and segues into the next numbered day) 3 April 8 August 8/8/1888 31 August 8 Sept ("harvest" in Mithraic calendar) 30 Sept 8 Nov 20 Dec (near Solstice) 1889 9 June 10 Sept (torso found, dumped on 8?) 13 Feb Detailed: (3 April 1888 Emma Elizabeth Smith prostitute. Two or three men, one of them a teenager,were responsible for her attack.Hospotlaised, died).Practice? Blooding of candidate? (8 August Martha Tabram (also Turner)stabbed 39 times.Gunthorpe Street.Whitechapel. 31 August Mary Nichols. Buck’s Row.Hanbury Street, Spitalfields 8 September Annie Chapman.Similar to Nichols. "MURDER 2: Annie Chapman 8th September 1888 (8 days after the first).29 Hanbury Street 30 September Elizabeth Stride Dutfield’s Yard,killed NW corner of Mitre Square. Leather apron left at Goulston SY, under graffito "The juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing" Suspect "appearance of a sailor.” Catherine Eddowes 8/9 November Mary Kelly.13 Miller’s Court, Spitalfields.Kelly is a derivation of Cailleach, The Washerwoman at the Ford or Crone of Irish and Scottish lore, representation of nature in winter. The concept is related to the Hindu Kali, distantly. (20 December Rose Mylett. Strangled) 9,July1889 Alice McKenzie 1889,Castle Alley, Whitechapel 10 September 1889 The Pinchin Street Torso, discovered . 13 , 1891 Frances Coles,railway arch between Chamber Street and Royal Mint Street, Whitechapel Perpetraitors Nobody has really been able to come up with a sole individual who could have been Jack although ther have been credible, or not so credible candidates.. The evidence, such as it is, is confusing and ambiguous. The original files remain sealed in spite of recent attempt by an ex UK policeman to have them opened. The rationale given was "protecting confidential sources",sources ..who had lived 120 years previously. Either the sources of information are stll active, through family lines,or as members of Something, and/or there is something really hot in the files. I'm going to suggest that there's a possibility that it was in fact a group effort. Seven males with a good knowledge oif the area (and many toffs frequented the area in search of cheap sex from desperate women) who fulfilled the toles of initiators to the candidate king. A doctor with surgical knowledge, a soldier or sailor, an actor/Master of Ceremonies(such as Maybrick),a bishop, an acolyte,etc. The Phrygian redcap is a clue: in Celtic lore there are monstrous spirits known as redcaps who after killing their victims soak their caps in the blood.Perhaps while high on amanita muscaria? Phrygian cap, soft felt or wool conical headdress fitting closely around the head and characterized by a pointed crown that curls forward. It originated in the ancient country of Phrygia in Asia Minor and is represented in ancient Greek art as the type of headdress worn by Orientals. After the Cilician pirates of Anatolia in the 1st century BC were conquered by the Romans their fleets and crews were absorbed into the empire. One of their symbols was the skull and bones.T "The juwes are no the men who will be blamed for nothing." This was taken as a reference to the Jews of the area who were numerous. Stephen Knight took it as a reference to Freemasony and the apprentices who killed the Master Mason. However rolling it back a little further. "Dr. Murray, Miss Christine Hole, and Mervyn Peake ...seem to have ignored .. fact about the medieval witch cult: that it was brought to Europe by the Saracens, and grafted onto a pagan Celtic stock.The Saracens had seized Spain in 711 AD, controlled Southern France by 889, and soon added to it Savoy,Piedmont and part of Switzerland.Their witch groups, like the Dervishes ("waiters at the door") were devoted to ecstatic dancing, miraculous cures and the pursuit of wisdom personified as a Divine Woman, from who comes the "Queen of Elphame", beloved by Thomas the Rhymerand other Scottish witch-men. The God of Witches is held by Dr Muuray to be a lineal descendant of a paleolithic Goat or Stag god who later became the Gaullish Cernunnos, and Shakespeare's 'Herne The Hunter.' Yet the lighted candles which every Grand Master,disguised as a black he-goat, wore between his hirms on the grewat Witches' Sabbath-whether in England or France-points in a very different dirction.Idries Shah Sayed, the Sufi historian, has shown that a candle set between two horns emblemized the ninth centrury Aniza school of mystics, founded by Abu-el-Ataahia. Abu came from the powrful Arabian Aniza ("Goat") tribe. Ibn Saud's sons and the Shekh of Kuwait both belong.A Grand Master always wire blac, or blackedned his face. For the Saracen mystics "black" symbolozed 'wise', the two arabic words FFHM and FHHM being almost identical in sound. 'Robin of Art, an Ethiopian'....will have been merely (an) instructor.'Robin, the generic name for a Chief or Grand Master, represents the Persian rah-bin (("he who sees the road").A Berber off shoot of the Aniza (a nazi?) school was known as the 'Two Horned', and in Spain lived under the protection of the Aragonese kings,who intermarried alike with the Prophet's royal descendants at Grenada and with the English monarchy." (Kaftan-coven,az zabat- sabbath,ad-dhamme-athame,cantering widdershins-as at the Kaaba correlates given). The Crane Bag and Other Disputed Subjects, Robert Graves. " And even further. Tubal Cain and Morroco King Juba of Morroco: (to be added) (Further to be added:) In 1887 the Golden Dawn The monster of Florence. Predictive patterning Jo CoX (JC) murdered o June 16. JUne 24. Bonfire burning in NZ. Summer solstice in UK, followed by July (Julius Caesar)Leo Crowning. September 8 "harvest" September 24 equinox October 8 " bringing in of cattle " (cattle/chattel/capital): announcement of currency reform? October 31st, Thinning of the Veil December 24-31st. Crowning of King
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    Breezy, I used to work for Chic-Fil A as a cashier for 3 years, in the my former timeline or reality whatever you may called it, it alway spelled CHIC-FIL A and there are other people in the Alt. Reality who remember it as CHIK-FIL A, maybe they are right it existed in their former timeline, and now in this present or fused timeline it's became CHICK-FIL A, the two former timelines were destroyed or fused to became this presented one, what cause this event to happened, could be cause or side effects of CERN , or the Higher Cosmic Powers, i don't know ? maybe you are right, theymay had discovered time travel, maybe they had sent someone in the past, did something there in the past or they take something out from the past , like Advanced Technoglgies, if i sented people to the past, i make sure they brought something important back with them, of cource there is an unintended side effects in their actions. which caused this MANDELA EFFECT, if you watched a sci-f movie like SOUND OF THUNDER, and watch it, you know what i meant. that maybe one of the causes of the Mandela Effects, but who know? I thought this was a PSY-OP like Mission Impossible, maybe they are trying to make us people who are awake or aware crazy, who know?, I sit on the fences, to see what else is happening, Maybe it is the Universe trying to wake or shake us up a bit.
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    2016-06-17, 07:28 ©Rightful Owner(s) All of my posts' images are shared for Educational purpose only, and no profit is made. All of the images' Copyrights go to the rightful owners
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    2016-06-17, 05:30 ©Rightful Owner(s) All of my posts' images are shared for Educational purpose only, and no profit is made. All of the images' Copyrights go to the rightful owners
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    Israel elected to head permanent U.N. committee for first time Israel on Monday won an election to chair the United Nations' legal committee, the first time that it will head one of the world body's six permanent committees since joining the U.N. in 1949. While it is a largely symbolic and procedural role, chairing the committee will give Israel a chance to have a higher profile in routine affairs at the United Nations. The so-called Legal Committee, or Sixth Committee, oversees issues related to international law. The General Assembly has six standing committees that report to it, on: disarmament, economic and financial issues, human rights, decolonization, the U.N. budget, and legal issues. "I am proud to be the first Israeli elected to this position," Israel U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon said in a statement. "Israel is a world leader in international law and in fighting terrorism," he added. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with the countries of the world." http://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-un-idUSKCN0YZ2FT First, the UN appoints Saudi as chair of Human Rights Committee.... and now the UN has put Israel in as Chair of Legal Committee.... quote LH The Lunatics are now officially in charge of the asylum.
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    Zuckerberg: “We’ll ALL Be Plugged into the Matrix in 50 Years” … Facebook Posted By: RumorMail [send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 17-Jun-2016 13:08:00 Snip By Melissa Dykes Yep. He also said computers will be able to read your mind, interpret your thoughts, and then beam them straight into Facebook! OH GOODY. (Not.) Via The Sun: Zuck has hinted that social networks of the future will be powered by telepathy, allowing ordinary people to beam their brainwaves and emotions directly onto the internet… “I think you’re going to be able to capture a thought [and take] what you’re thinking or feeling, in its kind of ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world,” he said whilst discussing predictions of the future with the Washington Post. He went on to discuss research decoding MRIs to know what people are thinking, and the removal and transplantation of memory: Zuck said government researchers had already worked out how to remove the memory of solving a maze from one rat’s head and then implant it in another rodent’s noggin. “Then that mouse, without ever having been through the maze, was able to go do it. “That’s just straight out of the Matrix, right?” Yes. Yes it is. Zuckerberg has been on this kick for a while now (via WAPO): This is not the first time Zuck has salivated over mind-reading, an apparent preoccupation of the young CEO. He first called telepathy the “the future of communication” almost exactly one year ago. That, however, was just an offhand comment — his Facebook Live remarks are far more telling. Telling in the sense that, where I see a dim corporatocratic hellscape, Zuckerberg sees a frolicking utopia of puppies and sunshine and …sharing. [emphasis added] “Sharing”… uh huh. Is that what he’s calling it? You see where all this is headed, don’t you? The writing is all over the Facebook wall (bad pun, sorry). Mark Zuckerberg is saying that Facebook… is… The Matrix. The elite always try to make this sound so trendy and futuristic and fun, but come on. We’ve all seen The Matrix. And if Spybook is reading your thoughts, so is the government. The elite at Davos know that most people will be all about it though. This year, a panel discussed all the same topics Mark referenced above. As the Davos panel pointed out in a meeting on people’s minds ‘telling on them,’ the majority of people have already affirmed that they are more than willing to give up their privacy for convenience: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/06/zuckerberg-people-plugged-into-facebook-matrix.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=39345276c8-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-39345276c8-387796373 Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=49324
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    Vatican to hold Islamic Prayers for the FIRST time in History Posted By: RumorMail [send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 17-Jun-2016 13:38:46 Snip On Sunday for the first time ever the readings from Quran will be heard at the Vatican. This move was initiated by the Pope Francis in order to bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians. During his visit last week to Jordan Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, Pope Francis invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Peres’s spokesperson has announced in Times of Israel that Abbas, Peres, and Pope Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders. According to the officials, these evening prayers would be a “pause in politics” and have no political aim behind it other than the desire to bring peace and respect to the Israeli-Palestinian relations, states the Associated Press. The Vatican will broadcast the event worldwide through the official website. However, Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the custodian of Catholic Church property in the Holy Land has announced that people should keep their expectations low when it comes to this event. [No-one should think] “peace will suddenly break out on Monday, or that peace is any closer,” he said to AP. The Vatican has also announced that on Friday, the Pope also held a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and both leaders discussed possible ways of promoting peace and stability in Asia. Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_06_07/Vatican-to-hold-Islamic-prayers-for-the-first-time-in-history-9001/ Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=49327
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    Boggling Flu Hoax: Not for Prime Time News "[According to CDC statistics], 'influenza and pneumonia' took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified." Therefore, the CDC could not say, with assurance, that more than 18 people died of influenza in 2001. Not 36,000 deaths. 18 deaths. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2016/06/16/boggling-flu-hoax-not-prime-time-news/
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    I am beginning to come to a conclusion that there is something else actually causing the so called Labelled Mandela Effect and it is happening continually all the time. I call it the AAIG effect and this stands for ALTERING AS IT GOES and IMO it is the system itself that is self altering. We already know that most press releases are no longer written by public relations people but are in fact generated by the computer systems themselves, this has been openly stated if you do a search its easy enough to find. I have been noticing if I research a subject I will tend to dig around and end up wit say 10 tabs of different sources on a particular subject, now it I don't do a screen shot of each page and I close them and come back to them say in a day or two to continue I find words and phrases have been altered or changed.... So more and more I feel this so called Mandela effect is actually the system altering its depiction of events as it goes, self correcting evidence to fulfil a pre -determined model or desired outcome. Test it for yourselves, wiki does it right in front of your eyes but that is paid posters editing and correcting or altering openly we are told... Mmmm Well now I am going back to old physical printed copy to exemplify as evidence and screen shots that are printed immediately and kept for the same reason, because unless it is taken out of the digital network it is able to be modified or altered at any time. Anyway my theory and I call it AAIG effect And by the way the system itself is happy for us to have our own label for these changes that occur so that it can define it medically for later separation by law . Confabulation is now defined and with a simple act can become an offence against the state... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confabulation
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    From harmless tinkering... ...over prolific augmentation... ...to a nasty businessmodel. Eww.
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