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  2. A Mysterious Tweet from Foreign Minister of Japan: "Ahhhh, after all, Bacon is ^%£$+*•!%" The strangest tweet was spat out by Mr. Taro Kawano, the Foreign Minister of Japan on 21st May 2019. He has an English board under his name, but that account is far more formal than this Japanese tweet's appearance, and you don't get to see the same tweet in English. It totally baffled the nation there and people are retweeting just because it's a mad tweet you don't expect to see it coming from a Foreign Minister as such. Some thought it must be a coded intel message. Japanese people like that sort of weirdness, and picked it up, retweeted madly, made a trend. And no one knows nothing about wth it meant. The Dept of Foreign Ministry is in dead silence over it. As it came out of Foreign Minister, I take it's got deep meaning..... It could even be a code among the Dept of Foreign Ministry. But....bacon...... Bacon.... Who? (I think we all are getting the same picture in the heads.......not that I warrant it be true.) If it was "what", then Bitcoin? Ummmm somehow my intuition is telling me I'm getting cold. Ok ok, in this turn, I think few people would just smile and walk away from thinking about any controversial stuff on this tweet above. Below is a tweet on 20th on 4:29 am, on the same account. "When I got home at 3:30 am, my son was screaming "BACON" with top of his voice. What do you want?" The pic shows katakana written down as "BACON". Err...we still dunno wth is going on. ROFL
  3. breezy

    Leaking, Leaking, Leaking

    Ecuador to hand over Assange's entire legal defense to the United States May 20, 2019 "Three weeks before the U.S. deadline to file its final extradition request for Assange, Ecuadorian officials are travelling to London to allow U.S. prosecutors to help themselves to Assange's belongings. Neither Julian Assange nor U.N. officials have been permitted to be present when Ecuadorian officials arrive to Ecuador's embassy in London on Monday morning. The chain of custody has already been broken. Assange's lawyers will not be present at the illegal seizure of his property, which has been "requested by the authorities of the United States of America". The material includes two of his manuscripts, as well as his legal papers, medical records and electronic equipment. The seizure of his belongings violates laws that protect medical and legal confidentiality and press protections. The seizure is formally listed as "International Assistance in Criminal matters 376-2018-WTT requested by the authorities of the United States of America". The reference number of the legal papers indicates that Ecuador's formal cooperation with the United States was initiated in 2018. Since the day of his arrest on 11 April 2019, Mr. Assange's lawyers and the Australian consul have made dozens of documented demands to the embassy of Ecuador for the release and return of his belongings, without response. Earlier this week the UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy, who met with Mr. Assange in Belmarsh prison on 25 April, asked to be present to monitor Ecuador's seizure of Assange's property. Ecuador inexplicably refused the request, despite the fact that since 2003, Ecuador has explicitly committed itself to granting unimpeeded open invitations for UN special rapporteurs to investigate any aspect of their mandate in Ecuadorian jurisdiction." snip https://wikileaks.org/Ecuador-to-hand-over.html Words just simply fail me at this point.
  4. breezy


    Oh my..Severe weather FORECAST prompts MANY schools to close - Something BIG brewing... Just around 9:30 in he's talking about Oroville Dam. Quite a menu of weather in the US. Severe Weather Live Coverage - Historic Storms Possible, Large Tornadoes, Large Hail, Damaging Winds Live feed, don't know how long it continues. Be safe all.
  5. breezy

    Extreme Building

    Everyone In the CA Central Valley Needs to Hear This Oroville Dam Update: DWR "Spillway Unusable...?" The lady in second video is questioning Dave's info. It seems common sense tells you something is wrong.. Today It was at 891 ft+ with inches of rain expected to fall and yet they are not using the spillway to relieve pressure on that dam. Wouldn't a good question be why not? Shades of 2017 are here. A million people live below that dam, and the Central valley is where they grow crops. SMH and saying a prayer for anyone living in it's path. Less than 10 ft. to go, to be over the top, with days of rain plus the snow melt going into that lake right now. I hope it holds, but with all I'm hearing, it gets a vote of no confidence from me, even though I want to be wrong. I hope people do not wait too long to leave. Editing to add this. Another dam in danger, in Orange County, Calif (Southern) Prado Dam Failure Could Flood Dozens Of OC Communities May 17, 2019 Ashley Ludwig "The 78-year-old earthen dam is all that stands between 1.4 million people and floodwaters during the next huge series of Pacific storms snip video ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Federal engineers have raised an alarm that a "significant flood event," such as a series of strong Pacific storms, could breach the spillway of the aging Prado Dam, in Orange County. Such an event has the potential to drown out dozens of downstream communities, from Anaheim's Disneyland to Newport Beach, the Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District reported. After conducting an assessment of the 78-year-old structure earlier this month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it was raising the dam's risk category from "moderate" to "high urgency." Over 1.4 million people live and work below Prado Dam, with property valued at over $61 billion, including Disneyland and many high-end resorts and properties in Newport Beach. "Public safety is our number one priority," Col. Aaron Barta, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District, said in a recent release. The Corps is currently reviewing all dams in the area and prioritizing the highest risks, of which Prado Dam tops the list. Any modifications to improve the spillway won't begin for at least two years, they said." snip https://patch.com/california/orange-county/prado-dam-failure-could-flood-dozens-oc-communities
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  7. breezy

    South Africa Today

    OK but this did happen in SA and I've thought about the incident, and the messages that the incident, itself, put out. 1. Poor against rich 2. Black against white 3. Young against old 4. You are not safe, no matter where you are, and no security is going to be enough to protect you, not even personal bodyguards. 5. Even if you're famous, you're still a target Perhaps this is why the clip went viral via the MSM? Would this not be a message some wanted sent to the whole world, considering what's going on everywhere? I'd almost be willing to bet that Arnold's reaction was not what was wanted, or hoped for. Just think about what could have been started IF Arnold had reacted differently or insisted on pressing charges. That attack was not a random incident, but well planned, and with a hoped for response. (yes, I can see mind control being a factor)They failed, but the MSM sure pushed it, world wide, and not without a reason. Arnold is no dummy. He was born just after the second WW ended, in Austria. I'm pretty sure his upbringing would have been influenced by that, and he most likely recognized the real intent behind the attack, and avoided it. I don't especially care for Arnold, but this is one time I give him kudos, and a hat tip. jmho fwiw
  8. FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT DEBORAH TAVARES, CLICK HERE. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?105568-The-Hoaxes-of-Deborah-Tavares https://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?130336-The-hoaxes-of-deborah-tavares-(conspiracy-weaponized-weather-fires-depopulation)&p=226021#post226021 http://www.oom2.com/t53764-a-summary-of-hoaxes-by-deborah-tavares-by-snoop4truth FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT ROD CLASS (DEBORAH TAVARES' PARTNER IN CREATING LEGAL HOAXES), CLICK HERE. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?99447-Rod-Class-his-many-hoaxes
  9. R.I.P. Issac Kappy On 13th May.........."committed suicide"....... R.I.P "Thor" Actor Isaac Kappy Took His Own Life Due To This Heartbreaking Reason At 42 (c)Stars News Published on May 19, 2019 Lots are suspecting about how he was driven to the state. (c)Peter Fothergill 2019 Published on May 14, 2019
  10. Capel Green - Official Trailer # 5 Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents Documentary (not SCIENCE FICTION) (c)Capel Green Rendlesham Forest Movie 2019 Published on May 15, 2019 And here is something else people might be interested in... The Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO (c)Bloomberg 2018 Published on Nov 19, 2018
  11. unity

    Crisis At The Border

    Rapid DNA-Testing Reveals Third Of Migrants Lying About Family Relationship To Children by Tyler Durden Sun, 05/19/2019 - 14:30 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-19/rapid-dna-testing-reveals-third-migrants-lying-about-family-relationship-children
  12. Mysterious STATIC lights in sky MESMERIZE 2 Oregon men! - Ominous photo surfaces from Baltimore! Quite a sight, I found. I mean, yes the plastic wildly melting was amazing, too, but I'm mainly talking about that mysterious lights. The photograph was pretty cool, too! (c) MrMBB333 2019 Published on May 12, 2019
  13. About A Few Chinese Buildings Collapsing Lately Southern China Case on 20th May 2019, : https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/ann?a=20190520-00000030-ann-int https://jp.sputniknews.com/incidents/201905206275305--/ "77 injured, 1 dead" in title....Sputnik JP is always brutal. Shanghai Case on 16th May 2019, about 11:30 am: https://www.afpbb.com/articles/-/3225470 --->25 pulled out of rubble, out of that 10 dead (=15 injured) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20190516/k10011918761000.html Article timed@16th May 2019 22:07 --->20+ under the rubble, 7 dead by the report Shanghai case maybe a payback but Southern China case is.....SACRIFICES made..... The area is NOT HAN-CHINA. It's the autonomous region belongs to Chiwan Tribe......
  14. unity

    South Africa Today

    Like Shawn stated, I also suspect Arnold's tweet is basically trying to hush up what happened; for us it sounds like he tried to stop the influence of the original footage that was pretty raw to watch, let alone the command phrases appearing... BTW...Poor him, I really felt sorry that he copped such violence at his age... (I dunno, maybe loads of people have different opinions about it but being Japanese means you show respect to elders, and he IS getting old. I couldn't possibly feel nothing alright about it, if it was my father there instead of Arnold.) There are heck a lot on our list whom we tend to think they deserve that happening (perhaps even worse...) rather than Arnold, I think. Anyway, I'm still on the edge. Lamborghini-----> Code Red---->Immediate Dispatch (of something that got embedded into the code recipients) Let's watch and if anyone find very suspect action somewhere, please let us know on the Shout thread. (Sorry rumbling on with few posts relating to Arnold than Sth Africa. I shall stop the flow for this so the thread can get back to Sth African theme. And YES Sth Africa is on some important menu since the incident happened there. There must be some big reason why the incident was done there and then, apart from using the ritual important date of 18th May with full moon's hefty weighty energy on it as well. I'm imagining huge racial fight might had been planned as a massive negative Event there. I pray for the peace, sanity and coherence as Human beings for the people, and pray for the land to receive pure sky energy to descend to the land, and cleanse itself and heal the past that extends millions of years.)
  15. Mariachi Connecticut Serenades a Beluga Whale I almost expected that whale to clap his fins. LOL
  16. breezy

    South Africa Today

    Very interesting unity, and I removed it. I found Arnold's tweets very interesting also. Wonder what's up? A global call iow? (As for the Oroville Dam, on the 18th it was at 890.95 ft. At 901 ft. it goes over the emer. spillway.)
  17. breezy

    What Next for Greece and for Europe?

    ‘We want nothing to do with you’: Salvini says Merkel and Macron ‘ruined’ Europe May 17, 2019 RT "Italian Deputy Prime Minister and anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has fired back after German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed she wouldn’t let his party work with her in the European Parliament. The two clashed just a week before the European elections. “We don’t want to stand with people who have ruined Europe for all these years,” Salvini replied to Merkel’s dismissal of his anti-immigrant League party. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Angela Merkel excluded the possibility of an alliance between any right-wing and anti-establishment party with her center-right European People's Party (EPP). "Migration alone is enough to show why we would never open up to Mr. Salvini’s party." Merkel’s harsh words didn’t upset Italy’s new anti-immigrant leader. Salvini had never expressed a wish to ally with the German chancellor. Instead, he had invited the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is strongly opposed to Merkel’s open-border policy, to be part of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) right wing group in the European Parliament. "We don’t want anything to do with Merkel and Macron, who have destroyed this European Union. We want to save Europe from the bureaucrats, the bankers and the financiers that have ruined it all these years." The European elections will be held between May 23 and 26 this year. The centre-right EPP and centre-left Socialist and Democrats (S&D) are forecast to lose their combined majority in the European Parliament. The Brexit Party and Salvini’s coalition of Europe of Nations and Freedom are instead projected to make major wins. https://www.rt.com/news/459593-salvini-merkel-europe-destroyed/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome Looks to me as though the EU itself could be in trouble?
  18. The Attack on G〇IA Continues By Conscious People from The Truthers' Movement Continuing around the same situation on C Goode, D Wilcock and G_IA, see the post: BREAKING NEWS! Former GAIA.com TV producer Jay Weidner panics after exposing GAIA TV broadcasting hoaxed program content, attacks NewsEvolution’s Patty Greer & Alfred Lambremont Webre’s exposé of documented deaths and injuries by Bioweapons & DEW at UFO conferences 2016-18! https://newsinsideout.com/2019/05/breaking-news‼-former-gaia-com-tv-producer-jay-weidner-panics-after-exposing-gaia-tv-broadcasting-hoaxed-program-content-attacks-newsevolutions-patty-greer-alfred-lambremont-we/ The G_IA must be stupid kicking up the lawsuit against this mob....don't they know Alfred is an international LAWYER...? (c) Alfred Lambremont Webre 2019 Published on May 19, 2019
  19. NAZZA calling it as ORION: "We are going to the Moon, to stay, by 2024" Really? And named it "Orion"? Truly a nasty faction tentacle as far as I can see..... (c) NASA 2019 Published on May 14, 2019
  20. unity

    South Africa Today

    Woooow that clip is all over the world, isn't it!? I saw Japanese news corps picked it up and ran the clip again and again over night, frequently....urgh.....
  21. Last week
  22. Reddwolf

    Extreme Building

    Complete failure at Oroville Dam March 18, 2019 American Thinker reported on March 1 that the Sierra snow pack was at a record 113 inches, but another 44 inches fell in the next 10 days. With temperatures spiking this week to 75 degrees in the valleys and 41 degrees in the high mountains, dam inflows are running twice the outflows, and the water levels rose from 800 to 839 feet. As America's tallest earthen dam with a 770-foot face and 901-foot top of the spillway, the lake behind the Oroville Dam can hold 3.5 million acre-feet of water. Its viability is a crucial element for the effectiveness of California's system of 1,250 flood-control dams. The last time the water level rose to 815 feet in February 2017 and engineers began opening eight huge spillway gates to allow 100,000 acre-feet per second to race down the face of the dam, the spillway's midsection began seeping water at many points. The difference of the huge water pressure on the dam and the lower pressure from water running down the spillway caused the huge cement plates to rise and fall. As water seepage turned into porting streams, the spillway buckled and then washed away. Facing the risk of a 30-foot wall of water racing toward metropolitan Sacramento, the Butte County sheriff issued a mandatory evacuation of 188,000 residents. The rains ebbed, and the dam survived, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's after-action 537-page Independent Forensic Team Report found: The Oroville Dam spillway incident was caused by a long-term systemic failure of the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), regulatory, and general industry practices to recognize and address inherent spillway design and construction weaknesses, poor bedrock quality, and deteriorated service spillway chute conditions. California's potential liability for the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis was reinforced on March 14, when Sacramento Superior Court judge James McFetridge ordered discovery to begin in a lawsuit against the state for hundreds of millions in damages by the City of Oroville, dozens of farmers, businesses, and others during the two-month crisis. The plaintiffs' motion included wide-ranging allegations of dam employees suffering from sexual and racial harassment, extensive theft of equipment by dam officials, filing fraudulent financial reports, shoddy maintenance records, and a pattern of actively destroying evidence to conceal liability and criminal actions. President Trump has blamed California for systematically failing to fund known state infrastructure and safety needs, then billing the Federal Emergency Management Agency under its 75 percent reimbursement for national disaster relief claims. Based on the reports of incompetence, FEMA denied $306 million of California's first $639-million national disaster reimbursement requests for the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis. The $1.1 billion spent to repair Oroville Dam is failing as water is seeping through the rebuilt spillway threatens new mass evacuations over the risk of the dam collapsing. According to national dam expert Scott Cahill of Watershed Services of Ohio, Oroville Dam is on the same failure track as in 2017, with visible water seepage trickling from the foot of the dam and dozens of points along the dam's principal spillway. Cahill warns that warming temperatures magnified by precipitation is a growing threat to the dam. American Thinker reported on March 1 that the Sierra snow pack was at a record 113 inches, but another 44 inches fell in the next 10 days. With temperatures spiking this week to 75 degrees in the valleys and 41 degrees in the high mountains, dam inflows are running twice the outflows, and the water levels rose from 800 to 839 feet. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/03/complete_failure_at_oroville_dam.html
  23. Shawn 1272

    South Africa Today

    @Unity , perhaps that is why he tweeted this afterward Replying to @Schwarzenegger And if you have to share the video (I get it), pick a blurry one without whatever he was yelling so he doesn’t get the spotlight.
  24. unity

    South Africa Today

    On 18th of May and that happens? That "Help Me, I Need A Lamborghini!!" bit was actually a CODED phrase for a mind control tactic, if I'm correct...............that means some command dispatched, and the guy who did the kick was also under some mind control to say that phrase, and he absolutely delivered it. I seriously wonder what Arnold would do the next. But don't think it's only Arnold you need to watch. Imagine HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE WATCHED THAT CLIP AND HEARD THE REPEATED PHRASES? I wonder how many SLEEPERS might had woken up.... If you could, please monitor Arnold's doings for a while......honestly I really hope it isn't a go ahead of anything terrible. We must get rid of all the Events plotted against us. Oroville dam has been flagged so heavily it's not funny, too. People, please be on guard, and make sure you all would be ready to make a big run if situation changes bad for you suddenly.
  25. Not the good damn Romans again, unity.. If that corner kick against Belgium was done with heart, Japan would have won the entire cup!!
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