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As most of you know, I keep a watch on the Ebola situation. https://chani.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/7414-ebola-a-record/ I've also been watching the measles outbreak taking place in the US, and could not figure out why our governor declared a state of emergency due to 25 cases of measles.  Why there seemed to be so much panic over 971 cases of measles in a population of 372.2 million people.   https://chani.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/4130-newold-diseases-humananimal-a-record/   I also watch the crisis on our southern border  https://chani.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/8950-crisis-at-the-border/   (links provided for convenience only)  To this point, I have posted nothing regarding those American citizens who traveled to Fiji or The Dominican Republic in late May and died mysterious deaths from unknown illnesses while on their trips. I've been waiting for something, I don't know what exactly.  I also follow Florida Maquis on Youtube and he's been putting out some interesting videos about all of what I mention above.  I'm going to provide links to the info about the travelers, etc.

David and Michelle Paul from Texas went to Fiji




Miranda Schaup-Werner, from Maryland, and Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Day, from Pennsylvania, went to The Dominican Republic





Florida Maquis is mainly on about the deaths in Fiji, but I found the fact that the people in the DR had internal bleeding, interesting, considering what Ebola does to the human body's internal organs. Holmes and Day both showed signs of internal organ damage, which if they weren't testing for a specific virus, they may not have found it.  The whole thing seems really strange, and in the same time frame as the deaths in Fiji.

The Congo

Ebola-ravaged Congo now hit with 87,000 suspected measles cases, officials say


DRC declares measles outbreak after 1,500 deaths


Congo declares measles epidemic after it kills more than Ebola


Immigration - Southern border

TSA: Americans Need Papers To Fly, But Not Illegal Aliens


Border Patrol Catches 116 Africans at Texas Border


EMERGENCY IN TEXAS: ‘350 Migrants’ from CONGO Arrive in San Antonio, French Speakers Needed


I do have to wonder IF they've all been tested for diseases of any kind, now that they are in our country???  Are they also being allowed to fly commercially without proper papers, medical check ups? 

Finally Florida Maquis' videos  just a couple





I am not saying these people died from Ebola, of which there are several strains, that present and proceed differently.  I don't know if the two viruses could mutate to work together, but measles is definitely an airborne virus. Something has got to be done about that southern border, and allowing people to fly without papers, or medical checks must be stopped, or every one of us is put at risk. 





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Thank you heaps for combining the view that's out there, worthwhile gathering up to inform ourselves of what is happening.

I'm going to tie all in with other changes we are facing right now.


These moves are happening at the same time as GOM is becoming "untouchable" again, and also with the Disclosure Movement absolutely starting to happen.

We all went ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? when the TTSA and See... /\// -Aye-. .. .Eigh brought the Tic Tac materials out. 
But now other factions decided to release the Disclosure info to us, more and more.

Because the "proof" were something already got DOCTORED before the release to the public. No shortage for us to suspect wth was their intention in this weird release of info....at least we can say it wasn't a clean disclosure at all, so we sorta shun that release among the Truthers. Seasoned Truthers are Anon class "skeptics" (like ourselves here), it takes effort to convince all of us to believe what's been thrown at us.....we were betrayed too many times before and learned from the experience, no way just jumping onto the conclusion and believe in it.


They are releasing more health saving techniques to the Humanity. (But the opponents are trying to stop that mid way, too. That's why there are all the process of stopping the diseases colliding with some negating situations such as the material needed to make a big step being contaminated and cannot be used so easily etc...)

I take it's still a gradual info release so they won't freak us out by the maxed shock, but THEY SAID THEY WILL DO SO.

So now is the time the Humanity gotta realise we are absolutely NOT ALONE, and we gotta stand up with our own legs, taking responsibilities we need as conscious beings on Earth.

Also the faction that's actually helping the Humanity is like that of a peanut in power against the powerful mega corporate that's grubbing everything.

But they believe in us. Because we have power to turn around the lot and make everything ok at the end, BY OURSELVES.

They support us because they believe in what they do.

It's their spiritual awareness making them to support us. But they are from 4th dimension.

Our opponents are also from 4D. That's why they are bloody cruel and inconsiderate about other's well beings.

(All 5th+ D people are not interfering with what we choose. They can't interfere, it's a spiritual law when someone is growing up, parental beings gotta step back and watch, so the being can decide on their own.) 

We got told that this uprise is the FINAL chance for us. There were 6 times tried, all failed, and this 7th time is the LAST TIME they will try.

As I said, they are up against the massive power stake holder of the Universe. And there are others who need their help to rise above the crap they are facing to in this Universe. They are saying that if this time fails, it's time for them to leave Earth and move onto another place who require their help of.

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I found images of the pig ebola virus and the measles virus,  was a bit surprised. 

Measles Virus

Image result for image of measles virus

"Pig Ebola" Virus


unity has mentioned this virus, KMRIA may have too. Florida Maquis mentioned it in his video today, so I went looking for images. Here's an article about it, and now I have more questions. Is what I'm thinking possible?

"Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Ever" Has Already Killed Millions...And There's "No Way To Stop It"



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I'm suspecting the same, breezy.

In our recent history, we had SARS and at the same time, we saw this Pig Flu thing.

Uncontrollable infections were on the topic and MRSA, Golden Staff, pretty yuk stuff happening around the similar time. Experiments done at the same time to compare the effectiveness of them...? Or perhaps their idea was to do Public Multi-Vax when we don't know about it happening, by creating outbreaks of different viruses and churning them all to create further "developed version" of them to be studied and collected. Yuk to the max. 

And if my memory is correct, Bird Flu got passed to pigs in China already, yeah?......


Then this African Swine Fever 


Here's the ASF cell-breakers' pic:


(Image: (c) Wikipedia )

And here's some side rabbit hole to go down to, even though we are using 2D analogy.

Ready for it?

Here we go.


It's Saturn's hexagon on the North pole.

Image (c) NASA via https://www.wired.com/2009/12/saturn-hexagon/



(NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI) via: https://www.sciencealert.com/saturn-hexagon-jet-stream-towering-high-into-stratosphere-north-pole


And what we associate Saturn with these days?

A Nasty bunch. With Pedos and human trafficking and body parts and.....◇atanic rings.

And here's even further twist to the whole picture.


Or.....at least so for those whom retain ancient memory of Saturn in them, which was respected just like how we appreciate our Sun----Saturn was so important for life in ancient time.

Sorry it seems going away from the thread direction, but I felt the need to share this rabbit hole expansion to feel how far, wide and weird everything seems to be connected to the things happening around us........mesmerising to say the least.

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Today's video from Florida Maquis , lung replication & shedding 

Talks about , Lung specific Ebola infection in recovering patient article from 2017 


World Health Organization says Ebola outbreak not an international emergency BY REID WILSON - 06/14/19 11:50 AM EDT

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In my first post of this thread I said "I've been waiting for something, I don't know what exactly."  I still felt I was waiting for something, or hadn't quite got it yet.  Several things kept running through my mind that didn't seem to fit, yet I felt they were hints.  unity's posts and Florida Maquis' last video jerked me to attention as I was trying to go to sleep last night, and I'm going to try to bring it all together without confusing you.

First I want to address unity's posts. When it comes to the alien factions, their intents, etc., I had no knowledge of any of that info until about 12 years ago and still don't know a lot about any of them.   After watching, reading, paying attention to world events, it seems to me that there has to be someone or something far higher than man, running things on this planet and in this universe, and anyone paying attention has to be aware that humanity as a whole, is in a serious struggle for survival.

Saturn - "Sheriff in the ancient Egyptian was a law-giver and his badge was always a six-pointed star which is another symbol of Saturn. US Sheriffs in the wild west up to today still wear the six-pointed star."  "There is something about Saturn you should know"  Acolyte's thread on glp.

We are carbon based entities and what is the shape of a carbon molecule?  Why a six sided hexagon, of course, just like the NASA image of Saturn's pole.  When checking out the image of the carbon molecule, I was also reminded of the virus images.  Connections, indeed!  

Two things I kept thinking about with all this, were first how the ash from Mt. St. Helens took 17 days to circumvent the earth.  I thought this must have something to do with the disease being airborne.  

Dust storms spread deadly diseases worldwide - from 2009

"Dust storms like the one that plagued Sydney are blowing bacteria to all corners of the globe, with viruses that will attack the human body. Yet these scourges can also help mitigate climate change."


On July 13, 2008, on Earth Events - Drought and Dust storm thread - I posted a video from MrMBB333, about a serious dust storm that covered the northern and southern hemisphere, including the Gulf of Mexico. The dust storm came from the Sahara Desert in Africa. In 2019, a dust storm from the Sahara has already started crossing the Atlantic again. https://www.mysuncoast.com/2019/06/13/look-dust-sahara-desert-spills-over-atlantic/ What might that dust have carried/carry with it?

The second thing I kept thinking about was how human and pig flesh are so biologically similar, that for  decades they've used pig bodies,  to determine how long a human had been dead.  (body farm-Tennessee)  But I see our environment is changing so now this is being challenged.  https://www.forensicmag.com/article/2016/05/decomposition-rates-between-humans-pigs-may-vary-wildly

Another thought in this line was what does the Bible say about eating pork. no not preaching, just a fact that makes one consider those in charge.

"If they eat grass, but don’t have a split hoof, or have a split hoof, but don’t eat grass. This includes rabbits and pig. It’s in the Bible, Leviticus 11:6-7, NKJV. “the hare, because it chews the cud but does not have cloven hooves, is unclean to you; and the swine, though it divides the hoof, having cloven hooves, yet does not chew the cud, is unclean to you.”  (a definite hint?)

In unity's link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_swine_fever_virus  This virus started in 1907 in Africa, but had also spread to Europe then to the Caribbean. Cuba in 1971, and to The Dominican Republic (no date given).  Check the history section. So at some point, this virus was in the Dominican Republic, did they get rid of it?  In 112 years it would seem it should be everywhere.  (are those 87,000 in Congo, really measles?)

In my link https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-11/biggest-animal-disease-outbreak-ever-has-already-killed-millionsand-theres-no-way  It's stated that ---"The germ is hardy, capable of remaining active in water for a month, in meat and blood at room temperature for several months and for six years in cold, dark conditions. It’s resistant to temperature extremes, and can survive a day in vinegar-strength acids."---AND---"But the virus has been in Chinese pork products that were confiscated by customs officials in Japan, South Korea and Australia, suggesting that the virus has permeated the food chain in China."   They don't know if the contaminated meat has been missed in other places, but the disease is spreading all over Asia and is beginning to pop up in Europe now.    I can't help but wonder IF anyone thought to ask what the Americans who died, might have eaten while traveling, or in TDR or Fiji?  I guess if it had been contaminated meat, others would also be ill, but then if it was something they drank, the case would be the same.

Could there be a third factor that most don't know about?  A bit of Bezerky stuff.

"( Originally Horizon was not drilling or looking for this type of oil, their equipment and safety measures were not prepared for the ... of this oil "mixture") ... and this from another internal memo ... [ "We know how to handle and treat radiation, we can and will survive that, but what is coming from that Pandora's box(DWH) might as well be classified as "alien" as we have no "Time"(Research and Development) to combat and survive this "alien" threat."] This is our worst nightmare ...."

"Unfortunately I cant post the whole memo for obvious reasons, but the "alien" description refers to the type of bacteria in the primordial soup that they have opened. There are new bacteria and viruses that they have never seen before and it could cause illness and diseases that no one has a cure yet for."

Its not so much about the gas but about the organic material mixed in the oil. If you read that memo part again it says that other vents have lost their lethal cargo over time.
This vent is new and very deep into the earth's crust. It hasn't yet had enough time(eons) to lose/expel its lethal cargo for it to be sterilized through the salt water(iodine) and other natural chemistry that keep us safe ect..>>I couldn't help but think of China mining near these deep water vents,is it for rare earth minerals or the organism or both?

Strange reports of a very, very odd organism that is dangerous coming from a recovered device. The organism is reported to act in ways that are completely unknown before this.

8/24/2010 OP Good day, snip
MY girlfriend also said that embassy staff have been ordered to get vaccinated for swine flu on Friday. (This is strange because this will be second time staff has been "forced" to take the vaccine for the same swine flu. (She doesn't think it's the "same" swine flu)   >>pig ebola maybe?
I will try and post a summary later of the past few days. 

snip - post about "salt tablets can protect humans from the aggressive oil fungus- snip >>A hint to remember, and didn't those Russian Scientists removed from Antarctica have a serious need for salt? >>Recent thread about how we've been lied to about our need for salt posted here in Health.

A: Enter Proximity of Oil At Own Risk. The organism is gaining in intelligence, adapting and even using and incorporating our technology(nano).It has come out of hibernation and is preparing the way and transforming the Oceans. It is not concerned by our(human) health. It has survived for millennia. We humans wont. The organism has the ability and swarmed intelligence to exploit all our diseases and virus related illnesses. It can interact with any bacteria, virus or fungus.

A: Early in the transcripts and on this thread clues were given that the organism is not capable of aerosolizing on its own. Its is however speculated that it can interact and aerosolize with bacteria and other airborne viruses/organisms on a basic DNA structure and command.

A: There are many views and opinions. Most say OMEGA is the quickest option but some say we should wait and see what really happens when "they" come. Some say we should wait and see if the organism is really a threat to all life.
Some speculate other races will help and intervene. So far I haven't seen or heard about it. If earths climate turns to a deep freeze we as humans have the ability to adapt as long as there is Water. Water is the key. If it turns earth into another Mars we lost. 
I don't think the organism is purposefully trying to kill all life on the planet. Its' only trying to make things more habitable for its masters. snip

OUTBREAK: Toxicologist finds “mysterious PERSISTENT rashes” from Louisiana to TAMPA-area — “Some of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically modified.  >>>Rashes like in the video I wonder?

And tests are coming back (from samples that were not confiscated) that it resembles the Ebola-virus. (elsewhere, not GOM< Russia I think) >>Resembles the Ebola Virus?

Posted due to underlined sentence

They keep from us the fact that some visitors are hostile in every sense of the way, they want dominion, 
but they can only get here when the portal is right.
This info comes from the remote viewing : 
Humans have to stick together in order to save humanity !
But its not in human nature to stick together, we have a tribal thing just like the aliens.
Though there are factions in space that want to prevent that bad from happening.

The Earth has to move in a specific direction, our solar system has to align precisely for the friendlies to come in full force.
It's basically a fight between the spiritual aliens and the physical/lower astral aliens.

They have to move the whole solar system in order to move one planet. 
The reason they can't move a single planet at a time is because of the dark matter barriers, the dark matter is keeping everything in place. 
The sun is different, its not a planet or a moon .. >>>Recall our CHANI entity saying we needed CERN to stop messing around with dark matter?

Acolyte 11/7/2010    >>Does this sound like the world today, posted in 2010?

Why do this "Heavenly Thing":
- when comets begin to behave strangely?
- when satellites begin to fail?
- when the public becomes more aware of asteroids passing us by?
- when UFO disclosure on MSM is increasing? 
- when the middle east threats and nuclear rhetoric to and from the US, Israel, Iran and Syria is everywhere?
- when the cold war dynamics are defrosting?
- when the global economy is at a point of total collapse?
- when weird weather patters are everywhere?
- when increased geological activity is everywhere?
- when new potential pandemics are everywhere?
- when the probability if impeachment hearings are increasing?
- when the US congress begins to walk out?

This chat only because of alien mention.

<1:36>[Acolyte]: we have to (two) forces here
<1:36>[Acolyte]: one from beneath the earth i.e the organism
<1:36>[Acolyte]: one from "space"

<21:5>[Acolyte]: op is going to revisit the crown/sas DWH thing
<21:5>[Acolyte]: from the new intel it seems they were working together all the time
<21:5>[Acolyte]: royal draco
<21:6>[M]: where do you see the Vatican in all this Aco?
<21:6>[Acolyte]: vatican is with draco
<21:7>[Acolyte]: draco want to gain ground and strength before the real anunnaki returns
<21:7>[Acolyte]: the anunnaki that here were those that were left behind
<21:8>[Acolyte]: they lost their grip
<21:8>[Acolyte]: somehow they gonna force us humans into a 3rd world war
<21:8>[Acolyte]: amongst each other
<21:9>[Acolyte]: its bad guys on both sides
<21:9>[Acolyte]: draconis bred orgi [organism] and anunnaki bred us humans

It seems to me that we are living Bezerk. It's been, within 12 days, 9 years since the thread was started, and applies more today than it did then.  Yes I know who was responsible and directed the posts and posting.  Was this their way of telling us what we were going to face before proceeding?  We, the earth, the weather, food, life itself,  everything is being modified and terraformed for the benefit of something, or someone.  It is a wicked power struggle.  Apology for long post.




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Bravo! Breezy Go! WoooHoooo!!

And sort of summing up the lot, even though I had become a believer, still stuns me from learning that I had arrived to the same info Aco was sharing with you a long time ago, by the look of it.

After Aco had passed away, we didn't get the WD status, no "outsiders" were dropping the crumbs.

Yet I still arrived to the same understanding of the world as Aco did, and the same for you, too.

Blue and T cover different side of the info, again all connecting up into the bigger picture.

I thought about Aco when all the hell broke about the tankers attacked by the terrorist off Oman.

I wished he was with us to look into it.

But I think he'd be smiling by now looking at our exchanges and the info lining up here.

Lots of us really started to get the overall view of wth is happening around us.

No turning back anymore.

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Velly Velly interesting..............

and a couple of snippets - thoughts that just came..

The other day, I got to see several episodes of the new "X-Files" - and in one, Mulder is given information by 'Langley' who died some years previously....

Then, I meet a chap who has an 'Ozone' treatment - for diseases.. yes, it works, I can testify to it..

And another friend has gone better than Colloidal silver - Ionic Silver (much smaller particles) with Oxygen.. and it can cure HIV/AIDS.

And I won't mention what Suzz is doing...


Yes, the answers are not out there - they are here!  We just need to understand what and how.

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New York woman, 53, is killed by 'heart attack' in hotel room to become SEVENTH American in last year to die in mysterious circumstances in Dominican Republic - as her son says ALL the country's toxicology machines are broken

Ariel Zilber   Lauren Fruen    June 14, 2019

"Leyla Cox, 53, of Staten Island flew to the Dominican Republic on June 5
A day after her birthday, she was found dead in her hotel room on Monday
Her son, William, says he was told she had a heart attack, but is not convinced 
He says the Dominican Republic has not released an autopsy report and that he was told all its toxicology machines are broken 
Leyla Cox is the seventh American to have died on the island in the last year under strange circumstances 
FBI officials say they're investigating the deaths of seemingly healthy Americans who died suddenly at one of two resorts in the last 12 months"



So another one.  The following post, makes a person wonder IF such a thing is possible, and IF some of that type/brand of liquor also made it's way to resorts on Fiji.  

"This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner owns a distillery as part of a LLC he established about a decade or so ago. The liquor produced by the distillery is not doing well against one of the most established names in that type of liquor. which distributes all over the world and to the country next door. Our actor had several of his employees go to work for the well established rival and randomly put poison in the barrels of liquor. They did so and now people are dying. He is hoping the liquor company will have its reputation ruined and he can swoop in.
POSTED BY ENT LAWYER AT 11:00 AM  "(June 11, 2019)



When you consider that it's being said they became ill after drinking from the mini bar in their room, it's possible bad/contaminated alcohol is involved.  Who could/would do something as evil as this?   Just posting what I've found, not saying it's true,  and hoping it isn't, for obvious reasons.  What brand, what type, and could cause deaths worldwide, without anyone suspecting.  If it is true, let's hope the ENT Lawyer gives/has given the info to the F**.


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Weird Heart Attack Cases? Need To Monitor Them Closely 

Just a connecting dots for the above concerns; remember how forced hybridization take place?

When the substance that got remotely turned on is too strong for the human body to merge properly, it kills, and presents HEART ATTACK like effect, and if the body could survive, they can either be a proper hybrids or dodgy ones, like the ones run next to the driving cars naked with glaring shining eyes. (We the Humans can successfully shrug it off, too. But it takes full on fighting to kill off those bits that got activated by "them" remotely. We can succeed, but those who failed to win can show heart attack like results.)

Not saying every single heart attack situations are to do with forced hybridization process.

But please be aware if you come across to suspicious cases, it may well be to do with

(1) the alien hybridization process, OR

(2) sh/e was someone specifically needed to be wiped off for intel reasons, OR

(3) its part of long standing targeting and need to be looked into, as well as

(4) the concern we got as some wacky diseases being brewed against the Humanity, IMHO.

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On 6/15/2019 at 4:28 PM, unity said:

Bravo! Breezy Go! WoooHoooo!!

And sort of summing up the lot, even though I had become a believer, still stuns me from learning that I had arrived to the same info Aco was sharing with you a long time ago, by the look of it.

After Aco had passed away, we didn't get the WD status, no "outsiders" were dropping the crumbs.

Yet I still arrived to the same understanding of the world as Aco did, and the same for you, too.

Blue and T cover different side of the info, again all connecting up into the bigger picture.

I thought about Aco when all the hell broke about the tankers attacked by the terrorist off Oman.

I wished he was with us to look into it.

But I think he'd be smiling by now looking at our exchanges and the info lining up here.

Lots of us really started to get the overall view of wth is happening around us.

No turning back anymore.

Sorry for going on a bit further. I realised I forgot to mention one of THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT for all of us to realise here.

Aco, Blue, T and I all got SEPARATE INFORMANT GATES.

Yet all of us are basically arrived to the same big picture of the things.

We have all different sides talking to us yet the bigger picture is collaborated.

Then THE bigger picture we are collectively showing MUST BE WHAT REALLY IS.

Starting to believe in what were presented? I sure hope so. Because the time is running out for the Humanity. We gotta make the check mate before it's too late.


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quoting unity - "the concern we got as some wacky diseases being brewed against the Humanity, IMHO."
Or plain old everyday diseases being terraformed/transformed into more virulent strains?   Isn't it said that viruses, etc. sent into space do just that, become more virulent, and the longer they are in space, the more virulent they become?  Wasn't there a "probe" sent into space several years ago that malfunctioned and crashed back to earth. On it supposedly were vials of blood, viruses, bacteria.   Some  of us were tracking that probe, and it just completely disappeared over one area, but it was announced that it had come down in an entirely different place.  The news coverage just kind of died after it came down, but there were quite a few of us tracking it, so we were sure they weren't telling the truth about where it "landed".  So much of what we're told is just blatant lies, and cover ups.  Now makes me wonder what exactly was on it, and who might have recovered it, or if in re-entering, whatever was on it was released into the atmosphere?  

An 8th death in The Dominican Republic

New Jersey man, 55, becomes the EIGHTH tourist to die in mysterious circumstances in the Dominican Republic as group of Oklahoma seniors also fall sick

Michelle Curran   Lauren Fruen     June 17, 2019

Joseph Allen, 55, of Avenel, New Jersey, was found dead in his hotel room at the Terra Linda hotel in Sosua
His sister said he had felt hot in the pool so went for a shower - later that evening he still wasn't feeling right and by the morning was found dead in his room 
He is the eighth American tourist to die in mysterious circumstances while vacationing in the Dominican Republic
Three American tourists have died at the Grand Bahia Príncipe La Romana, two at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, one at Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana and one at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville 
The FBI is currently investigating whether the dead tourists drank tainted liquor
A son has now come forward to question whether his dad's death a year ago may be related to the recent spate of American tourist deaths
Mark Hurlbut Sr., died on June 15, 2018, in Punta Cana - a coroner there listed his death as a heart attack
His son said 'he had something green coming from his mouth' when he was found dead
Other American tourists have reported falling sick - the latest being a group of graduates staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana


Latest from Florida Maquis

6*17*19~Now over 100 in Uganda(!)600k in Brazil & End Anywhere in Sight?(!)


I just noticed in the comments, someone mentioned sending germs to space to make them more dangerous.  Must have triggered them too.

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A few years ago in West OZ, we had several 'convenient' heart attacks - big businessmen who were being forced to go to court and testify where a LOT of money had gone.

Each had breakfast, and as they walked out the front door to get into the car they fell down dead....

We never did learn where all our money had disappeared to....

Vitamin-K as a powder neutralises the effect of Warfarin, but on it's own, it goes further, and can cause clotting, but leave no trace..


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Whoa thank you for your post, EagleWings!

You always leave us with such a concise and to the point posts with important info!

Appreciating your chipping in always.👍👍👍

BTW did we have more of those weird Heat Attack like drop-deaths of politicians and big people in NSW, too?

If in involving Wollongong area.....ummmmmm, possibly something to do with ◇atanic ring related I suspect.

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