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Crisis At The Border

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Exclusive: DHS data shows growing surge of migrants at the border

March 25, 2019       Stef W. Kight



"The number of immigrants arrested or turned away at the southern border has continued to climb to levels not seen for years, according to new Department of Homeland Security data obtained by Axios.

Why it matters: The surge has been driven by an influx of migrant families and unaccompanied children, according to a DHS official. "At the moment, we have the closest thing to an open border that we've had," said Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney and member of a Homeland Security advisory committee formed by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen several months ago.

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Detention centers are overcrowded, and immigration officials often aren't able to deport immigrants as quickly through expedited removal procedures.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection have even begun releasing migrant families into the U.S. almost immediately instead of holding them in detention, Mark Morgan, former chief of Customs and Border Protection under President Obama, told Axios. He said this could create an additional incentive for migrants.
"Unless Congress does something, we are where we are on this. There are no levers left to pull."

The big picture: The latest data comes at a time when the Trump administration is trying to make the case that there is a true emergency at the border, in the face of skepticism in Congress and pushback over his national emergency intended to fund a border wall.

It also comes during reports of Mexican smugglers using buses for quicker, safer transportation for Guatemalan migrants. Central Americans continue to gather in large groups for the long voyage to the border.
The Trump administration is expanding a policy that forces some asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico until their cases are completed. And President Trump has vetoed Congress' efforts to end his declared national emergency.
Between the lines: Families and children who have fled dire circumstances in their home nations are coming to the U.S. for asylum. But there are real logistical issues at the border and in U.S. immigration policy. Immigration is already a complex issue, but it has become an increasingly political one as well.

"We're infusing politics, which is making it even further a dysfunctional immigration system," Morgan said."



Caravan of migrants in Mexico starts moving towards U.S. - March 25, 2019


‘Mother of all migrants’ caravans’ is forming up in Honduras: interior secretary

"Numbers could go higher than 20,000" - March 27, 2019


DOJ Press Release: Owner of South Bay Law Firm and Office Manager Charged with Committing Large-Scale Immigration Visa Fraud - March 26, 2019



Trump Directs State Dept. to End Aid to 3 Central American Countries ... March 29, 2019

Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvadore


President Trump Threatens To Shut Down Southern Border Unless Mexico Stops Migrant Caravan - March 29, 2019


As you can see, we have a real crisis, especially on our southern border.  We give all of these countries millions in aid every year.  We cannot support, or even begin to process or vet all the thousands of people who arrive at our border every month.  Not only that, we've all heard the many horror stories of women and children being trafficked, abused, etc., while traveling.  What we need to stop are those perpetuating, aiding and abetting these caravans, for they are the ones creating this human crisis.   A refugee is supposed to apply for asylum in the first country whose border they cross, and then stay there, not travel across the borders of two or three countries, with the intent to come to the US to seek asylum. A number of those coming are armed militants and criminals. Congress needs to stop stonewalling and deal with this situation, however they must, for everyone's sake. Every one of the countries, these caravans cross, should make an effort to stop them, instead of providing transport to get them to the US border.  This is a sad and troubling situation, and it's not going to go away just because we want it to. Action and cooperation on many fronts is called for, right now, not at some unknown point in the future.

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'We’ve never seen anything like this': As Trump threatens to close border, migrants overwhelm Texas cities  

March 30, 2019

 Under a bridge connecting the U.S. with Mexico, dozens of migrant families cram into a makeshift camp set up by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The families are there because permanent processing facilities have run out of room.

Seven hundred miles east, busload after busload of weary, bedraggled migrants crowd into the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas. Organizers there are used to handling 200 to 300 migrants a day. Lately, the migrants have been arriving at a clip of around 800 a day, overflowing the respite center and straining city resources.

“It’s staggering,” McAllen City Manager Roy Rodriguez said. “Really, we’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Along the Texas border with Mexico – from El Paso to Eagle Pass to the Rio Grande Valley – masses of migrants have been crossing the border in unprecedented numbers, overwhelming federal holding facilities and sending local leaders and volunteers scrambling to deal with the relentless waves of people.



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Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Acknowledges ‘Crisis’ at the Southern Border

Janita Kan     March 30, 2019

"Jeh Johnson, the former homeland security secretary during the Obama administration, said on several recent television appearances that there is a “crisis” at the Southern border, adding that the number of apprehensions has surpassed anything he had seen during his time as the department’s head.

“By anyone’s definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border,” Johnson said during an interview on Fox’s Cavuto LIVE on March 30.

“According to the commissioner of CBP, there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone this past week, and we’re on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month. That is by far a greater number than anything I saw on my watch in my three years as Secretary of Homeland Security,” he added.

The Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Kevin McAleenan, said during a press conference this week that federal agents caught 4,117 people who were either trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally or through a border crossing on March 26."





Mexico Must ‘Bring Order’ to Central American Migration, Mexican President Says

Peter Svab           April 1, 2019

"Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico has to regulate the flow of migrants from Central America who travel through Mexico to cross into the United States illegally after U.S. President Donald Trump on March 29 threatened to shut the border.

“Obviously, we have to help because Central American migrants pass through our territory and we have to bring order to this migration, make sure it’s legal,” Obrador said on April 1. “That’s what we’re doing. But serenely, calmly, without a commotion and with great prudence and responsibility.”

Trump has threatened several times to close down the border, which would choke the flow of people and goods between the two countries, dampening trade. However, it would hurt Mexico substantially more, as 80 percent of Mexican exports go to the United States.

“Mexico must use its very strong immigration laws to stop the many thousands of people trying to get into the USA,” Trump said in a March 30 tweet. “Our detention areas are maxed out & we will take no more illegals. Next step is to close the Border! This will also help us with stopping the Drug flow from Mexico!”



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Stunning figures.  They come here, take jobs, then send money they made from our employers, out of our country. How does this benefit the US?  Wonder how many of them are also receiving free or subsidized food, housing, medical care, and welfare, that American taxpayers are paying for, so they can afford to send their paychecks home?  Yet born and bred here citizens,  have requirements that make it almost impossible for them to get the same benefits.  We citizens have to work 10 years/40 quarters,  and  pay into Social Security, with automatic deductions every paycheck, in order to draw SS upon retiring, yet on the web, I have been asked many times if illegal Aliens should be able to draw SS.  My question is, why is that even being asked?  Maybe we should consider all that money sent home as Foreign Aid, and stop sending all these countries, millions of additional dollars every year on top of what already leaves this country.  I'm not, in any way suggesting that a legal alien, or naturalized citizen who works hard should not be able to get ahead.  BUT,  many of these immigrants/aliens, take serious advantage of a system that needs overhauled.  IF they are earning enough to send most of their pay home, then let's not allow them free food, low income housing, welfare, or free medical care.  Let them pay for those things, just like American citizens do.  I can almost guarantee, it would cut this immigration problem by a great margin.  After all, fair is fair, and the way it is now, is anything but fair.  Yes, I've personally seen instances of these things with my own eyes, so I know it's true.  That is exactly why the US is the preferred destination.  All that free stuff.  Maybe it's time for the American gov't to put Americans first.  IF they'd stop giving away "the whole farm", out from under us, maybe we wouldn't even need a wall!  Imagine that!

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The number of immigrants apprehended at the border spikes at 103,000 in March to hit a 12-year high and people from 50 different countries have been caught crossing, says top border official

Megan Sheets            April 9, 2019

"More than 103,000 migrants were arrested or denied at the Mexico border in March, a 35 percent increase over the month before and more than twice as many as the same period last year, according to new data from US Customs and Border Protection. 

About 92,000 of the 103,000 migrants were apprehended between ports of entry, while the remaining 11,000 appeared at ports of entry to claim asylum and were deemed 'inadmissible'. 

After the new data was released on Tuesday, CBP's Chief of Law Enforcement Operations Brian Hastings told reporters: 'We've arrived at the breaking point.' 

'The current situation is unsustainable for border control operations,' he added.

snip  image

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch spoke at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing the same day and said a caravan-size influx of migrants comes through his sector each week.

'Much media attention has focused on caravans coming across from Central America,' Karisch said. 'But the fact is that RGV is receiving caravan-equivalent numbers every seven days.'

The official said his sector has apprehended people from 50 different countries, including China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and Romania. "



What might be interesting, is to find out how people from 50 different countries are getting into Mexico in order to approach our border? Coming through the GOM?


PHOTOS: Obama Used Same So-Called ‘Cages’ to Detain Child Border Crossers

John Binder    from June 18, 2018      

The so-called “cages” being used by federal immigration officials to detain child border crossers in detention facilities are the same barriers that were used by former President Obama’s administration.
A series of rare photos taken from inside detention facilities where mostly Central American minors were held in detention under the Obama administration in 2014 reveals that detention of border crossers has largely remained the same under Trump as it was under the previous administration.  

For weeks, the establishment media has referred to the detention facilities where federal immigration officials are holding child border crossers as “cages” and one Senate Democrat even called the facilities “dog kennels.”

CBS News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, NBC News, and their counterparts in the Democratic Party have continuously claimed migrant children are being held in cages, specifically pointing to photos from a detention facility in McAllen, Texas. These same barriers, though, were used in that McAllen detention facility under President Obama when the establishment media was silent on the issue.

These images from 2014 reveal how the Obama administration used the same so-called “cages” to detain child border crossers:


The policy to prosecute all illegal border crossers, including illegal alien adults who cross the border with children, results in border-crossing parents having their children taken into federal custody. This is a loophole known as the Flores Settlement Agreement.

Detaining child border crossers was a policy during the Obama administration, where Breitbart Texas exclusively reported on the conditions in which unaccompanied minors were being packed into crowded cells and holding facilities.

President Trump has asked the Republican-controlled Congress and Democrat lawmakers to close the loophole so that minors can be swiftly deported from the U.S. with their border-crossing parents. But lawmakers have failed to end the settlement agreement.

Most recently, Breitbart News exclusively revealed the comfortable living conditions that unaccompanied minor border crossers are placed into by the Department of Health and Human Services.

These unaccompanied minor border crossers have a higher standard of living when in federal custody than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty in the U.S., Breitbart News noted.


Parents crossing the border illegally, w/o the proper paperwork or asylum seeking status, are breaking the law.  If they have children with them, they are taken, because parents are taken into custody and detained until their case is processed. Yet there is no mention that the illegals put their children at risk, when they choose to break our laws, or send minors unaccompanied to our border. There are no facilities available to take care of tens of thousands of people, families, and unaccompanied minors every month, or housing to put entire families in until a decision is made.  IF two American citizens, with children, break Federal laws,  they are detained in separate facilities, and custody of the children  is taken by the state or Feds., and they are cared for until other arrangements are made, such as other family members can be found or parents are released and custody given back.  (Conveniently, no one mentions that the same thing happens to American citizens/their children, if they break the law.)  Double standards everywhere it seems. I have read they do the same with these children, but it can take a while to find other family members already here, or to process the parents.  What other options are there considering the sheer numbers? A broken system all around. 

March 2019 - 103,000 people from 50 countries - mind boggling! I wonder how many thousands we don't know about?


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April 9, 2019     Saagar Enjeti

"The White House is planning on targeting remittance payments made by illegal immigrants in the wake of an ongoing migrant flood at the U.S. southern border, a senior administration official told reporters Tuesday.

The plans to target remittance payments come amid a broader shakeup at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and future executive actions designed to curb illegal immigration. The situation at the southern border has escalated in recent weeks, with thousands of migrants arriving daily to claim asylum.


Officials say the illegal arrivals are spurred by loopholes in U.S. immigration law that allow family units claiming asylum to arrive illegally and still be released into the interior of the country with a work permit.

The migrants are then given a court date at some point in the future to adjudicate the asylum claim, with the vast majority failing to ultimately get a favorable asylum ruling. These migrants rarely show up for deportation, with the senior administration official calling the practice “backdoor illegal immigration.”

snip   -  second biggest source of foreign capital from US to Mexico,  is the money being sent home by illegals



Subject: Statement Regarding Migrant Protection Protocols Litigation - April 9, 2019


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NY Dems block bill expanding college tuition for Gold Star families after approving $27M in tuition aid for illegal immigrants: report

Bradford Betz              April 12, 2019


"New York Assembly Democrats on Tuesday blocked a bill that proposed expanding college tuition aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans after-- having a week earlier-- approved a state budget that set aside $27 million in college tuition aid for illegal immigrants.

The Assembly’s Higher Education Committee voted 15 to 11 on Tuesday to shelve the bill, effectively quashing its chances of going to the floor, the Post-Standard reported.

The decision came after committee chair Deborah Glick, D-Manhattan, and Speaker Carl Heastie said $27 million from the state’s budget would go towards supporting the Jose Peralta New York State DREAM Act, which allows illegal immigrants to qualify for state aid for higher education, Newsweek reported.

Glick said any expansion of college tuition aid to Gold Star families was not within the state's budget and pointed to an already-existing program that provides $2.7 million to 145 students who are dependents of vets who served in combat zones, the New York Post reported.

“Assemblywoman Glick should be ashamed of herself,” said State Sen. Robert Ortt, R-Niagara. “We set aside $27 million dollars for college for people that are here illegally… Apparently, $2.7 million is all that the families of soldiers who are killed, get. If you’re a child of a fallen soldier, you do not rank as high and you know that by the money.”



So illegal alien children come before our veterans' children, then we wonder why we had 103,000 from 50 countries come here last month?


Master Troller at work.


Donald Trump Deeply Moved by Border Crisis Stories from Texas Landowners

April 10, 2019      Charlie Spiering

"President Donald Trump surprised reporters by inviting them into a roundtable with supporters to talk about the crisis on the Southern border during a campaign event in Texas.
The group of supporters met with the president in San Antonio, Texas, but agreed to speak to the media about the problems on the border.

Trump appeared deeply moved by stories about the border crisis after speaking with Texas landowners, who told him about migrants and illegal immigrants dying in the desert after smugglers dropped them off at the border.

One supporter explained how human smuggler “coyotes” preyed on illegals and migrants on the border sending them through brush country with a gallon of water toward cities too far away to survive.

“We have numerous people dying on these ranches, and people have been finding their bodies for a number of years,” he said.

He also spoke about coyotes driving their trucks through their fences after they were pursued by border patrol agents.

Other families, he said, were forced to leave their homes at times when the activity got too violent.

Trump expressed surprise by the stories.

“Nobody’s ever told me this, this doesn’t come out in the fake news, and this doesn’t come out in the press,” he said."



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Cory Booker Admits Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would "Make Us Less Safe"

April 14, 2019  Tyler Durden


"Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker says that Americans would be "less safe" if illegal immigrants were released from locked detention centers into migrant-friendly American cities - a plan which President Trump has threatened to explore. 

When asked by Face the Nation's Margaret Brennan whether Trump's threat was an empty one, or if he was simply trying to create friction, Booker replied: "You say 'friction' -- I say he's trying to pit Americans against each other and make us less safe."

snip    tweet

Following reports that the White House had discussed releasing a flood if migrants into Democratic-controlled, undocumented-friendly sanctuary cities, President Trump on Friday said that he was "giving strong considerations" to the idea. "




So then, it seems they don't want them after all?  No, they just want them released in other people's areas, not theirs.  Those supporting sanctuary cities, should be pleased to take care of those who break our laws to get here.

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Jason Hopkins          April 16, 2019


"Central American migrants apprehended at the border claimed to have been encouraged by local newspaper advertisements that promised work opportunities and free assistance from the U.S. government.

“The whole word knows, they put it in the news. They tell us everywhere if you come to the United States, they’ll help you,” said a Honduran woman  apprehended at the southern border near the Rio Grande Valley. Speaking to CBS 4 news, a local news outlet, she and her family claimed they decided to make the trek to the U.S.-Mexico border after seeing several advertisements.

Numerous ads in Central America, reportedly paid for by operatives in the human smuggling business, are promising locals jobs and free help from the U.S. if they reach the border.

“Yes, we’ve been told that, we read it on our newspapers. That’s why we’re here,” said a Guatemalan pastor who was also apprehended in the Rio Grande valley area.

Additionally, the ads are telling readers that they have a better chance of getting through law enforcement if they bring a child: “We’ve been told if you are a father you can bring your child and you will be helped here if you’re in that situation,” the pastor explained.

The claims come as no surprise. The booming human smuggling industry in Central America has been well-documented, and recruiters have been open about their industry’s practices."



Can't help but feel compassion for them, however if you can afford to pay $7800 - $11,000 to a smuggler, then why not migrate legally?  I take it their news is also not telling them about the crisis they are helping create?  They don't bother to check, before they leave, it seems.

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HUD moves to cancel illegal immigrants' public housing access


"Sleeper Cells:" 10,000 Illegal Aliens From Terrorist Nations Roam Free In US


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A picture is worth a thousand words.


Scandal: Leaked video of “mother of all caravans” in Mexico traveling by bus emerges


1900 Migrants make surprise appearance at Texas border escorted by Mexican authorities


I admit the video from Feb. 4, 2019 is not much, but it does show the people being brought by busses, and escorted to our border by Mexican police. These people are being told, by people back home that they'll be taken in and given everything they need if they come to the US.  This needs to stop, now, and anyone involved in misleading these people be held accountable.

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Border Patrol agent: Human smugglers running radio ads in Central American countries

April 28, 2019       Anna Giaritelli

"A Border Patrol agent giving a tour of the El Paso, Texas region to a reporter said human smugglers list advertisements on radio stations in some Central American countries, telling people they will transport them to the United States.

"The word is definitely out. They have advertisements by radio. You listen to your radio on your way to work — on your way to the grocery store. And that country is advertising, 'If you want the American dream, we'll help you out — we'll teach you how to get in the United States,'" the agent told Maria Bartiromo for a Fox News interview that aired Sunday. The agent appeared on camera with Bartiromo, but was not identified.

A report from the Department of Homeland Security estimates unauthorized immigrants are spending nearly $10,000 to hire a human smuggler to travel from Central America in an attempt to enter the U.S. illegally.

Smugglers charged an average of $1,200 as down payment and up to $8,000 following arrival at the final destination, often the southern point of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, according to the Office of Immigration Statistics' September 2017 report "Efforts by DHS to Estimate Southwest Border Security between Ports of Entry."



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VIDEO: 111 Central American Migrants Cross Arizona Border


snip  image

"New surveillance video released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection reveals the moment when a group of 111 migrants crossed the border into Arizona.
The video was shared on social media by CBP, the parent agency of U.S. Border Patrol. The short video features thermal imaging to capture the 111 migrants from Central America crossing from Sonora on Sunday night.

snip  video

As Breitbart News reported, U.S. Border Patrol and CBP continue to see a rising number in apprehensions of migrants primarily from Central America intending to request asylum. The most recent statistics show authorities apprehended 396,579 who entered the country illegally from October 2018 to March 2019.

During a recent visit to the border, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan stated that cartels in Mexico and their human smugglers are largely to blame for the ongoing crisis and are the ones making handsome profits from current asylum laws."




VIDEO: Illegals pour out of manhole in busy El Paso intersection, flee into darkness




Border Patrol releasing thousands who were exposed to diseases like tuberculosis

Daniel Horowitz             April 30, 2019

"What happened to the incubation periods at quarantine stations in Ellis Island? Why does coming here illegally exempt aliens from the laws on the books that make them inadmissible until we know they are not a threat?

On Sunday, Aaron Hull, chief patrol agent of the El Paso sector, divulged to the public what we already suspected but most government officials assiduously covered up. The head of the second busiest illegal immigration corridor told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is increasingly “caring for more and more sick people, because a lot of these aliens coming in are carrying contagious health conditions, things like chicken pox, scabies, tuberculosis, lice.”

Tuberculosis. That is the disease we sought to eradicate through our laws as early as 1907 by requiring every prospective immigrant to wait at Ellis Island, away from the population, until they got the green light to enter. That is a far cry from what a CBP official told me two weeks ago – that “we have not seen any specific, unusual, or alarming public health or infectious disease threats in persons in CBP custody.”

CBP declined to comment further on Hull’s revelation upon my request.

If border agents have confirmed the arrival of illegal aliens with tuberculosis who have not been treated in hospitals, what about all those exposed to it in close quarters who did not yet exhibit symptoms and were released within hours of apprehension? Unlike in the past, where illegal immigrants waited for days in ICE facilities before either being deported or released, CBP is directly releasing thousands of aliens into the interior within hours. A bunch of illegal aliens caught in Arizona and El Paso this past month were released in Tucson.

snip - I'd suggest reading the part I  skipped, in order to post the last couple paragraphs

There are other mystery viruses whose origin is unknown, but one has to wonder if illegal immigration is the culprit. Beginning in August 2014, right after the influx of Central American teens, there was an outbreak of enterovirus D68, a respiratory illness, which many experts increasingly believe to be the cause of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a mysterious polio-like disease that causes paralysis but starts out as what appears to be an innocuous cold. Health experts still say the cause is unknown, but it’s awfully suspicious that this disease did not appear until the latter part of 2014, right after the Central Americans started coming. 2014 is a benchmark year for those who follow immigration policy.

Over 550 Americans have contracted AMF since 2014, 90 percent of them children, according to the CDC, whereas the disease wasn’t even tracked before that. The enterovirus D68, milder compared to AMF, was barely on the radar for decades, yet from mid-August 2014 to January 15, 2015, there were 1,395 confirmed cases. It’s hard to identify a more potent variable being introduced into the equation right around that time than the influx of tens of thousands of Central Americans under the worst conditions.

The most obvious external factor endangering public health is being ignored and adamantly exonerated as any factor whatsoever in the resurgence of many diseases. Why is it that the caution of our government is always weighted toward fulfilling the desired outcome of illegal immigrants and not protecting the welfare of the American people?"  >>yes, i'd like that question answered too.


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CBP Officers Intercept Large Liquid Meth Load; Latest Find Worth Over $2.7 Million

May 1, 2019            CBP

snip   image above in tweet

"LAREDO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers this weekend intercepted a significant amount of hard narcotics with an estimated street value of more than $2.7 million in one enforcement action at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge.

“Our frontline CBP officers maintain tight focus on our border security mission and this weekend’s significant methamphetamine seizure perfectly illustrates that commitment,” said Port Director Albert Flores, Laredo Port of Entry. “To be able to prevent this dangerous drug from making it to the streets and inflicting further harm along its path is a rewarding feeling and it motivates our officers to do what they do best.”




Raft Carrying 9 Migrants Capsizes on Rio Grande River; One Child Body Recovered, 3 Still Reported Missing

May 2, 2019

"EAGLE PASS, Texas – The body of a child has been recovered and three people are missing after the raft they were using to cross the Rio Grande River capsized late Wednesday night.

What we’re dealing with now is senseless tragedy,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “The men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol have been doing everything in their power to prevent incidents like this. And yet, callous smugglers continue to imperil the lives of migrants for financial gain.”

On Wednesday, at approximately 9:45 p.m., U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Eagle Pass South Station detained a man for illegally entering the United States. Upon his apprehension, the man told agents he was part of a group that attempted to cross the Rio Grande River in a rubber raft that capsized, spilling all of its occupants into the cold and fast-flowing waters. The man also informed agents that his wife, two sons, 10 months old and 6 years old, and a nephew, seven, were among those who were swept away. An adult male and female child were also reportedly among the missing. This prompted an intensive search operation in the area by all available resources.

Shortly afterward, cries coming from the river alerted agents to the riverbank where two people, a woman and a child were in distress struggling to stay afloat. An agent jumped into the river and successfully rescued both individuals later identified as the wife and child of the man who made the initial report. The six-year-old boy was treated by Border Patrol Emergency Medical Personnel (EMTs) on site, and rushed to a local hospital for advanced treatment."



A truly senseless tragedy, and all because these people are being lied to, both at home and on the trail.  Just plain sad!  A 10 month old on a raft crossing the Rio Grande, along with other children of varying ages.  


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Court says Trump can continue policy requiring asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico

Jacqueline Thomsen    May 7, 2019


"The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that the Trump administration can continue to enforce a policy requiring some asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their cases are processed.

The ruling from the San Francisco-based appeals court places a stay on a preliminary injunction on the asylum policy issued by a lower court.

The panel of judges wrote in the opinion that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had shown that it was likely to suffer irreparable harm if the policy was halted because it “takes off the table one of the few congressionally authorized measures available to process the approximately 2,000 migrants who are currently arriving at the Nation’s southern border on a daily basis.”

The judges also found that the policy was not implemented in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act because it is not one of the policies covered by the act and therefore does not require certain processes to take place ahead of its implementation.

Several immigration groups had sued DHS over the policy on behalf of migrants affected by the policy, arguing that the practice was improperly implemented and put the migrants in harm’s way.

However, some of the judges were highly critical of DHS’s implementation of the policy in individual opinions authored on the decision, signaling that they could oppose the policy in a later ruling."


What needs to be kept in mind is those migrants who were asked IF they were seeking asylum, to which they laughed and replied, "no, we are coming for work".  Not all are after asylum, they want that money they earn, to send home.  This is why each case needs determined on it's own merits.

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Trump announces new Mexican tariffs in response to migrants


"WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprise announcement that could derail a major trade deal, President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he is slapping a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports, effective June 10, to pressure the country to do more to crack down on the surge of Central American migrants trying to cross the U.S. border.

He said the percentage will gradually increase — up to 25% — “until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied.”

The decision showed the administration going to new lengths, and looking for new levers, to pressure Mexico to take action — even if those risk upending other policy priorities, like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a trade deal that is the cornerstone of Trump’s legislative agenda and seen as beneficial to his reelection effort. It also risks further damaging the already strained relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, two countries whose economics are deeply intertwined."





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I was reading on about it and thought about the DIFFERENCE in how POTUS treats over Mexico & China....LOL

Both are urgent issues but obviously POTUS gov is aiming to crush China as the first priority.

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Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Large Group in Del Rio

May 31, 2019

"First large group from Africa apprehended

DEL RIO, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Station apprehended a large group of 116 individuals Thursday.

“Large groups present a unique challenge for the men and women of the Del Rio Sector,” said Chief Raul Ortiz. “This large group from Africa further demonstrates the complexity and severity of the border security and humanitarian crisis at our Southwest border.”

Agents performing line watch operations apprehended the group after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande into the U.S. around 10:30 p.m.

This is the first large group apprehended in the Del Rio Sector and the first large group of people from Africa – including nationals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo - apprehended on the Southwest border this year."




U.S. Border Patrol Apprehends Large Group in Del Rio, TX



Illegal Immigrants from Ebola Infected African countries crossing Rio Grande River into the U.S.

June 2, 2019

"We were promised a wall; instead, we now have people from the Ebola-infected Congo regions of Africa, making their way to America illegally over the southern border.

According to U.S. Custom and Border Control Agency,  “U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector apprehended a large group of 116 individuals—from Angola, Cameroon and Congo—after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. on Thursday.”

They say that “Agents have encountered 182 large groups (100+ individuals) across the SW border this fiscal year. This is the first large group apprehended in Del Rio Sector this FY and the first large group apprehended on the SW border this FY consisting entirely of African nationals.”

Since I know this site is targeted by mentally ill trolls, from both sides of the so-called political aisle, who will claim I’m making this up, here is the tweet directly from U.S. Custom and Border Control’s official twitter account."




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Henry Rodgers             June 4, 2019

"The House passed a vote Tuesday that would grant protection from deportation to illegal immigrants and give millions a path to permanent citizenship status.

The American Dream and Promise Act passed the House with a vote of 236-187. The legislation was brought forward by California Democratic Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard and will provide permanent status to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as minors, as well as to those living in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status, Newsweek reported.    >> https://www.newsweek.com/what-american-dream-promise-act-bill-promising-path-citizenship-millions-immigrants-expected-1442001

This all comes as apprehensions of immigrants have increased every month since January. There have also been over 100,000 encounters at the southern border in both March and April, making it so the border crisis is on track to be the highest it has been in a decade.

The legislation would make it so 2.1 million immigrants “would be eligible under the measures for Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children.”

The House Judiciary Committee criticized Democrats for pushing the bill forward, listing a number of reasons why amnesty should not be granted to illegal immigrants.


“H.R. 6 would provide green cards to criminals, including gang members and people who committed potentially serious crimes as juveniles, with multiple DUI convictions and with misdemeanor firearms-related convictions. Dems are prioritizing mass amnesty over public safety,” The House Judiciary Committee also said in a tweet."



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and this

Mexican armed forces meets migrants at southern border

June 6, 2019              Reuters

"The tougher response follows the Trump administration's threats to impose stiff tariffs if Mexico didn't do more to curb migration through Mexico to the U.S.

MEXICO CITY — Mexican soldiers, armed police and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed the border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico on Wednesday, and detained dozens of them, a witness from a migrant aid group and an official said.

The Mexican response in the border town of Metapa, which included dozens of soldiers, marked a toughening of the government's efforts to curb the flow of mainly Central American migrants, said Salva Cruz, a coordinator with Fray Matias de Cordova.

"That many sailors and military police, yes, it's new," Cruz said, by WhatsApp, from Metapa, in the southern border state of Chiapas, where the vast majority of migrants from Central America cross into Mexico. Many are asylum seekers fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador."   >>>>and many freely admit they come here for jobs and free stuff, because they were told too, and aren't seeking asylum at all



Mexico Withholds Identities of Migrant Caravan Funders in U.S., Britain


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African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country

Anna Giaritelli      June 15, 2019


"SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Roughly 300 Congolese and Angolan citizens who arrived in San Antonio the first week of June after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border days earlier have all briskly departed the city for destinations across the country, some with fuzzy plans based partly on hope.

The hundreds of family members and single adults from Central Africa first showed up June 4 at the southern border’s Eagle Pass and Del Rio towns in south-central Texas. The migrants surrendered to Border Patrol agents and claimed asylum after crossing the Rio Grande.

The agency did not, as it is supposed to, turn families over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead, it released families onto the streets of Eagle Pass and Del Rio, according to two government and nongovernment officials with first-hand knowledge of the matter. The African migrants then bought bus tickets to either San Antonio or Austin, according to San Antonio Interim Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger.

“If — a family, the sponsor — it’s been 24-48 hours and they can’t buy the [bus] ticket, then we’ll buy it,” Elizabeth Nemeth, executive director of Catholic Charities' west side center, told the Washington Examiner Thursday. For a family of five to seven looking to travel by bus to New York, it will cost $2,000, she said.

While many Central American families who arrive have final destinations and family members in mind who could pay for their tickets and put them up, the African families did not always have quite as clearly defined plans.




These people are not being tested for diseases, but they are being released into the US, and since Catholic Charities are involved, that tells me quite a bit. We all know the Pope, UN and Soros, all want the NWO and open borders.  So tell me, if Ebola breaks out here in the US and American citizens die, should those financing this invasion not be held responsible? Do we really believe families of 5-7 from the Congo, have the money to fund a 6 month trip to Brazil, then from there to the US? Then are too broke to buy bus tickets?  I'd be surprised if they have ever seen that kind of money, but I could be wrong.  Think of all the people who's paths they've crossed since they started their trip. No wonder WHO is saying prepare for a worldwide outbreak of Ebola. Almost feels deliberately planned.   I am not against immigration, I am against illegal immigration/invasion from countries who have deadly diseases, that they are not checked for, before being allowed in and permitted to travel on commercial transport, thousands of miles into the US, from their point of entry. When they get to their destination, is Soros, the Vatican, or the UN going to support them?  Here I thought they had to claim asylum in the first foreign country, whose border they crossed. Coming from the Congo, that definitely is not the US. Meanwhile back in DC...........

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