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Remote Viewing Challenge: CHANI's RV Results by Members/Visitors

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Remote Viewing Challenge: CHANI's RV Results by Members/Visitors

Let's go and find out about what we can't see or can't be there at....in fact, anything!


Image credit to NASA

Because RV has been the trend at the beginning of 2019 with possible disclosure movement, I set up this thread so anyone can drop in your own RV results.

Of course lots people probably have different methods. All welcome as long as not involving sacrifice or intentionally cursing anything.

At this point, I only ask you to state at the beginning that if the RV was done only using RV technique, or with something else added to it like your own way to go get the info of the target, or free style. Also if you are a trained RVer, please state that, too. That's to leave some marker for later research about hit rates over re: being trained/untrained.


<<How To RV>>  

As for your reference...

I can't be sure if anyone endorse this guy or not. But just in case it comes handy for you whoever wants to try RVing! I personally felt he was explicit about all explaining. 

Learn How To Remote View In Less Than 20 Minutes! | Practice Exercise At The End



Published on Nov 20, 2018

(A side note; a famous Japanese psychic Mr. Akiyama openly stated in one of his vids that you only need about 15 minutes to learn it. So I don't think the vid poster is fibbing at all. lol )



There are cases that you might end up looking at something you shouldn't.

Not so much to worry about other Humans but about other beings who are monitoring their security might get alarmed by your RVing action, and unfortunately it is possible for them to look into YOU. They have far superior psychic abilities than ordinary humans had trained. They can ATTACK you in numerous ways. Apart from them, the faction trained humans who can detect who are being nosy can pick you up.

Plan to create a PROTECTIVE FIELD around you before you just get onto RVing.

Intend that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can look/enter inside of the cocoon you have created around you.

We, the Humans, are in the process of learning to fight against unwanted psychic attacks properly. We can do it. 


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The first issue I copped after setting up the thread... just for your 1 second laugh.


Err....did we cop some unwanted attention? LOL

Anyway it started when I tried to give credit for the screenshot I used above to NAtzA. 

I had to log out then come back freshly in order to correct it.

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Method:  Freestyle Clairvoyance

I haven't been officially "trained" by RV people.

The WALL of America------the one that POTUS has been talking about.


I see the grass field, the LOW LINE white coloured wall exist within the US soil to prevent others coming into the US soil. 

From there, I can see the walls/fields created by FREQUENCIES.

So nothing physically viewable as tall walls standing to block anyone entering into the US unlawfully.

There are wires kind of creating wall, but they look like 25-30cm height, breakages here and there so not forming proper fencing line as such but these wires are electrically charged, so I guess if someone touches it then get zapped full on. 

INVISIBLE WEAPONS continuously beamed out from the US, and creating thick wall (field) towards the field outside of US.

It's to stop unwanted people to run towards the border, that's for sure.

The distance in this invisible wall/field maybe covering the area about 50m towards the LOW LINE wall from the furthest outer line of active frequency beams. Buffer zone? No no that seemingly free bit of land is where the continuous beam of weapons are shone on.

No ordinary human can bear the signals/frequencies and no one wants to come closer to the LOW WALL once they are zapped first time.

The point of it is that anyone tries to get out to that field to make a run to MEXICO would be zapped as well. 

For those who wants to get out from the gates, they can do so and the safe passage will be created by the US for the person to safely get out towards Mexico.

The frequency level can be that of physically painful and have to retreat away from the field, but it can be raised to cook people up as soon as they reach the frequency filled field. 

This frequency wall reduces human positions to keep watching and saves $s for the US.

The US is prepping for the war against Hybrids in a sense, because there are hybrids who can tame down the effect and still make move into the US. To deal with these super soldiers, the US version of super soldiers have to fight. 

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@unity, I just woke up and had to read this twice.  "The Wall" means much more and is NOT just a physical wall, created by cement, bricks, mortar, and/or steel.  Yes, he is building "A physical wall", but we need to "expand our thinking" to include that which we cannot see.  Pres. Trump is very aware of all threats to Americans and is acting accordingly.  When he says bring on 5G - 6G, etc., he is telling us he's got this, and all the bad effects  will be neutralized, so it's safe for us to use.  

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Yes after I've done the clairvoyance, suddenly I realised why the US gov is pushing for 5G+; it actually made sense for the US nation....a penny has dropped....

(And THANK YOU for fixing the vid embedding issue!! I managed to figure out how to successfully do so on usual posts but the Topic Post was a different case....ummmmm....)

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How To Do The Remote Viewing By Russel Targ

Taught by none other than the guy himself in quick & short vid!

It's deadly EASY.


Published on Sep 2, 2006


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Because there are so many things we can RV from different aspects, I'm kinda stuck of what to do.

I'd appreciate it if anyone got some suggestion but I thought I can throw in Training Targets. I can reveal the answers after 1~2 days if enough people try out the training by posting their answers here but otherwise I guess we can do it weekly? Anyway the format can be changed all the time if required.

I'll list up 10 targets for trial's trial.

Please jot down what you think you can see and describe it or show image on the post.

Whatever pops up in the first place, regardless of how weird the images are, please try to describe what you see in your mind, or draw pics of them, and upload them via your post.









8 )



What I do for now is to show you the target points so you can check the hit rate yourself. Let us know how you went in this format, please.

If you have suggestions, please post.

...I can't even recall what I listed! I directed to 10 images on the net.


Remote Viewing Targets 15/3/2019: Answers


1) https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41iHWxkbyiL._SY300_QL70_.jpg




3) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DpKDu8YVAAA0ucU.jpg


4) https://images.newscientist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/02102950/gettyimages-938256100.jpg




6) https://cdn.britannica.com/s:700x450/43/156343-004-5851FEEB.jpg


7) https://www.uncommongoods.com/images/items/26900/26922_1_640px.jpg


8 ) https://www.sciencedaily.com/images/2018/10/181023130340_1_540x360.jpg


9) https://recollect-images.global.ssl.fastly.net/api/image/500/material.default.leaves.svg


10) https://www.telesurenglish.net/__export/1520156223318/sites/telesur/img/news/2018/03/04/amur_tiger_-_reuters_x1x.jpg_1718483346.jpg

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RV from a Serbian Prophet back in 1800s

Almost looking irrelevant to the thread but I got impressed by what the guy said as a clairvoyant---a free style RVer.

How many hits he made do you think?

Sounds like hits galore to me....

awakenlilrabbit            Published on Feb 5, 2013


Too many personal opinions woven into the story to my liking maybe but ppl find the vid easy to grasp who the prophet was in general...

Prophesied EyesUK              Published on Apr 28, 2014
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