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Tetrahedron over the Pentagon?

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Breezy.. (3) sided pyramid. Power source, once they shoot it down or reverse engineer it? Actually, from memory, the quote is just that a 3 sided pyramid (tetrahedron) will enable a new power. Something to that effect.






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I believe it was said that  a three sided pyramid would be found and that a three sided pyramid was the only true pyramid, and the most powerful.  I did ask once if there was an area where they thought it might be found, and was told somewhere in Africa, (on the African continent) but no idea exactly where. Interesting video!

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The original original distribution point ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZmiefQ3y4U) got removed of their vid so we need to check with the 2nd distribution point which is this vid.

Well.....this can be:

1) Clever advertising of a new film?

2) Real Deal

...What would you say?

As the woman doesn't state the DATE, I thought that's weird..........so I'm more going towards (1) at the moment.

OR...is this what the new plan of disclosure organised by military or benevolent group of beings? Or malevolent group of beings?

The EVENT flag is: Fake Alien Invasion.

UN hidden camera: the first UFO contact happened, Pentagon Pyramid



Nickboardkid  Published on 2019/01/29

Then UFO Mania channel did their distribution.

"Leaked" footage: UN discuss UFO pyramid over the Pentagon



UFOmania - The truth is out there   Published on 2019/01/31

Urgh sorry I still can't figure out how to embed a vid!! I copied link addies from (1) directly on the vid, (2) from the link shown on the top of browser. Neither worked as embedding....( ̄д ̄) Please Right click on the links, choose to watch on new tab or window to watch them.

UAP Pyramid over Pentagon 3 Sources Washington December 19th, 2018


Published on 2019/01/22

...Why the final vid's embedding worked, IDK...I copied from the top link in the browser which is exactly what I did for the 2nd vid anyway. And that one didn't work. WTH....lol

@unity I edited the post/added the videos for you. 

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