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Venona Project---How Humans Got Fooled and Split Among Ourselves

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V for Venona Project----How Humans Got Fooled and Split Among Ourselves

If you Ggl search, you get hell a lot of sites about Venona Project. Below are just few of those.

Please watch out when you visit the links!!

If directly going into Sea //.\Eye. ;Eigh etc, I suggest you to use VPN before you jump there.





Good few sites talk about Venona Project from the Cold War time.


What the researchers figured out was that their plan was already in place since 1919, and they had plotted to get Japan into war in order to split the US and Japan...the countries with true spirit of democracy.

(Most English speakers got taught that Japan never had democracy before WW2 but in fact Japan had it over 2500 years. The way you people never can understand, maybe. Emperors existed for the people, and they stopped taxing people when famine and disaster happened, even if they themselves became unable to eat fancy food. A news for you? Well, that's how much we were forcefully fed BS history into our head. It's time for us to wake up with correct information.)

From the point of a CT head's view, Comintern was there to work for the V faction.

USSR was ruled by the V, so our alien alliance told us. 

V...the one that doesn't care absolutely nothing about us, the Humans.

We are their sheep and cattle and they see us as their commodity. They harvest us---chop us up, consume us, and sell the parts off the planet as well.

There is someone else who want their fingers into "the pie"----the C faction waged in to continuous harvest of the stressed Human energy, and to achieve that, "they" wanted to make sure to create split among us, too. So both V and C had a good reason to shake their hands about us, the Humans.

Not always, but those mega nasty factions shake hands on certain stuff that make sense to themselves---but also fight on other stuff. No different from geopolitical situation on Earth---we learned it from them.

We, the Humans, are sandwiched between these horrific factions (and their friends) and wailing out continuously, making them happy.


The coded papers are still not completely deciphered yet.

Apparently there are about 2000 names appear in the papers, but only about 300 got cleared from the codes and names be named.

The propaganda sheets went around in the US before the WW2 were created by the Communists, and spread across the US to assure the antagonism against Japan was to be embedded into the US nation's psyche.

But they were not considering about the US what so ever----they did what they did only to support USSR.....the V faction country.

Let's realise and understand how much the Humanity has been directed to split among us by the alien factions. "Divide and Conquer."

It's about the time that we all unite and say NO MORE to their agenda.

We, the Humanity, can create far more peaceful world without their BS.

I believe in us. Love you all. Let's unite together.

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For the researchers of the topic, here are 2 main important incidents where you can see USSR and China tried to drag Japan into the War, and the one in 1920 is one of the proof of Venona Project (whether the project was named Venona at that time or not) was starting far earlier than the Cold War period:

Please note these incidents are full on research to go into.

I'm just dropping some gateways for anyone keen to look into.

In the end, the moves made by "them" start to become more clearer to bring Japan and the US into the War. And they succeeded doing so.

The history we were taught was a total BS, filled with the plan of V and C (who created Communism) causing split among us, the Humans.


1920: NiKou Incident/Nikolayevsk Massacre/Николаевский инцидент Nikoláyevskiy Intsidyént

---Partisan of USSR done the massacre. Possibly 6000+ Japanese residents including vice-Ambassador were killed. It's said about a half of the entire Japanese residents there being killed. Partisan killed all prisoners they took in.




29th July 1937: Tsu Shu Massacre in Beijin, China

---223 Japanese residents were killed by Chinese police group (冀東防共自治政府保安隊) that was supposed to protect both Chinese and Japanese there. The technique they used to kill Japanese people were insanely cruel and maniac that the Asahi news corp (Anti-Japan corp) flagged about it massively and tried their best to get Japan to go into the war. China uses their hideous doings captured on photos from Tsu Shu Massacre for fake Nanjin Massacre story, saying that was what Japan did in Nanjing. From the researches done on the photographs, Japanese researchers debunked the BS created by China 30 years after the war ended.

Mao ZeDong never mentioned about "Nanjing massacre" through out his life. 50 years of silence, and that's the guy who was on top of China...and him never mentioned it? See how the story doesn't add up.... That in itself is a proof that Nanjing massacre didn't happen by the hands of Japanese military or residents at that time. 

BTW Nanjing massacre never made it to any MSM. While Tsu Shu Massacre did.



http://propagandawar.info/post-6978/ -----This site reveals that the nasty bunch whom created drug distribution network there turned out to be Koreans who used Japanese names (Japanese gov told them don't use Japanese names yet they ignored the regulation and created Japanese names to use. Thus not all with Japanese names were native Japanese.) More plan to get Japan into the war. Koreans were used by Chinese hybrids a lot. Historically Chinese got power above Koreans. Because of the 2 countries' religious backgrounds, it's like a code of conduct for Korean people to follow what's been told by China.

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I have mentioned above that the plan to drag Japan into the "next war (=WW2)" was existing even back in 1919 via Venona Project.

I came across to this weird story of "Remember Pearl Harbor" written on the side street in Owensville, Indiana, on 2 years BEFORE the incident actually happened.

Please check out the first story told in this vid.

“Quick Cuts, A Collection of Odd Accounts” | True Paranormal Stories

Published on Mar 3, 2019


We know that the factions do things to create EVENTS. (Like "the Invasion by Aliens" flag we had for about 2 years...we responded so poorly that they had to stop the scenario. We got way too awaken to their liking to do it. We DIDN'T respond well to all sorts of nudging towards this scenario happening. Well done everyone!! We really are winning!!)

The Venona Project created by the Communists has unfortunately been very effectively changing the world.

But that doesn't mean I forgot about the alien factions' doings, because the beings created Communism are basically run by the alien faction.

I kind of think this 2 years earlier graffiti incident might had been done by an alien faction. Most likely by the V.

What for? To create the push for Pearl Harbor attack to happen. It's sort of "Magic Formula".

All sorts of plans are intermixing for sure...

Everything is connected....


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