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Revisiting Parts of BEZERK

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I had not been on the glp Bezerk thread since June.  So a couple days ago when I opened CHANI, I had a PM that contained a video that along with other things, included Nexus giving a speech in 2016 about Bezerk.  So as I watched, I found that particular speech started ringing my bells, regarding earth and humanity's current status. I encourage all of you to watch that part especially, starting at 48 minutes in. Also make sure you read the several text pages that Nex has put up on the screen behind him, as it was written by Acolyte. This is the video. I now understand way more clearly, that the group mentioned, was attempting to warn us of what was coming, and I feel it is almost here. With all the information about things that are currently going on, it seems we are way closer than we were in 2010. I will attempt to make that point. I have to admit, that I don't know how I was so fortunate to become a part of all this, as this group of men and their brain power, combined, is still awe inspiring to me.  I would have loved to have had them all meet and talk in real time, over a shot and a cigar.  Thanks to each and every one of them for accepting me into the group, and encouraging me to participate, as at that time I really had no clue about Think Tanks, or how things work. 



The acronym for Bezerk, that Nex mentions is this  Binucleate Extreme Z Energy Regulated Kinase, figured out by sluggo, in a barn storming session he had one night, brilliantly imo, except for the first word binucleate, which was revealed to us, after this chat from 2011. 


<13:19>[sluggo]: btw,   guin.

<13:19>[Guineviere]: yes, Eth

<13:19>[sluggo]: eZe.  did I explain that part to you?

<13:19>[Guineviere]: not exactly Eth

<13:20>[sluggo]: In reference to high energy particles,  you need a symbol to designate the energy level of a particle. A mathematical variable.

<13:20>[Guineviere]: ok..

<13:20>[sluggo]: So,  the letter Z is the standard

<13:20>[Guineviere]: ok

<13:21>[sluggo]: Very very High energy particles are known as Extreme Z Energy paricles

<13:21>[sluggo]: EZE

<13:21>[Guineviere]: eZe

<13:21>[sluggo]: Bezerk

<13:21>[Guineviere]: very good...

<13:21>[Guineviere]: b eze rk

<13:22>[sluggo]: rk was confirmed by aco and rrr as regulated kinase

<13:24>[Guineviere]: bistable extreme z energy regulated kinase

<13:25>[sluggo]: Bistable indicates that the kinase is stable in either of two states.

<13:26>[sluggo]: it can be switched on and off without it flipping back

<13:26>[Guineviere]: yes

<13:26>[Guineviere]: makes sense

<13:27>[sluggo]: All I got right now.   And it ties in with other things

<13:27>[sluggo]: Like signals from space that change the dna

<13:27>[sluggo]: Think ionizing radiation like gamma or cospmic rays    (frbs?)

<13:28>[sluggo]: that can effect bistable regulated kinases

<13:28>[sluggo]: (causeing tumors, usually)   (as in splitting cells?)

<13:28>[Guineviere]: yes, I was reading something like that in one of those pages 

<13:29>[sluggo]: splashzones.   I can see that would happen if the org wants to go toward the source.    but especially if it is a directed narrow beam

<13:30>[sluggo]: Where have we seen blue light reminiscent of cherenkof radiation in the sky?  (now wondering about the blue beams seen in N. Calif. in regard to the wildfires, and elsewhere)

<13:30>[sluggo]: spirals?

<13:30>[sluggo]: rings in the sky over australia?

<13:30>[sluggo]: other locations?  (a search turns up all sorts of instances)


The "Organism" receives signals from space. These signals perhaps?



https://www.popsci.com/nanodiamond-stars     <<This one even more interesting because our DNA is like a diamond, cubic and 33 points (said our entity)  



Military's are preparing for polar operations.




The Grays and Reptilians=Dracos are here.   Think of all the information from T.  re: Dracos.   I also want to mention Q, because he has mentioned the P who is in charge over all.  First thing I thought was the Pindar as did a couple others, but the majority said they believed it was the Pope.  It is the Pindar, and Chinese, who are literally everywhere, just as our entity said they would be.

These were the events expected:
3 will be Geophysical Events
2 will be Geological Events
1 is an Astronomical Event
1 Event is Classified as NEW. (Immensely Effective Cyber attack resulting in a Shutdown)
2 Military Events of which one is a direct attack/strike of a high tech weapon and the other an attack followed by an occupation.

I mention these because of the Solar Observatories being shut down for seemingly NO reason, and a chat from May 10, 2011.

<8:29>[sluggo]: Bezerk.    I understand why they classified the name.

<8:29>[sluggo]: It is a major part of the umbrella of the reveal.

<8:29>[Acolyte]: yes its heavy implications eth

<8:29>[Acolyte]: holy grail type stuff

<8:30>[sluggo]: It even causes me to ponder the origins of the rest of the umbrella.   Many questions come jsut from that name,  given the info releases already done

<8:30>[sluggo]: by the OP

<8:30>[sluggo]: and many indications

<8:31>[Acolyte]: yes, and looking back at op's post will give some meaning to other stuff

<8:31>[sluggo]: small wonder they are upset

<8:31>[Acolyte]: for why it was said in a certain way

<8:32>[Acolyte]: the macrocosm in mirrored in the microcosm

<8:32>[Acolyte]: the solar system is represented in cells of the body with one nucleus

<8:32>[sluggo]: A lot of work and thought by a lot of people are in this .   A LOT of both.  it shows now

<8:33>[Acolyte]: now when the suns develops into a twin(macrocosm) so too will the living cells in the microcosm develop another nucleus

<8:34>[sluggo]: fascinating .

<8:34>[Acolyte]: to put it simplistically lol

<8:35>[Acolyte]: the debate is whether the sun will split or if another sun will enter our solar system

<8:36>[Acolyte]: pls send our chat to mog

<8:36>[Guineviere]: yes Aco will be pleased to do so

<8:36>[sluggo]: yes.  he will def want to read this one.  Lol

<8:37>[Acolyte]: from what i gather most analyst reason the sun is going to split

<8:37>Acolyte]: either from another object like Saturn crashing into it

<8:38>[Acolyte]: or a divide from within the sun

<8:38>From [sluggo] : pg 1236

<8:38>[Acolyte]: when this happens we will have or be able to see a parallel universe

<8:38>[Acolyte]: hence the me tel u stuff

<8:39>[sluggo]: thank you I didn't go back far enough then

<8:39>[Guineviere]: wow...Aco...I knew they were all intermingled just not to what degree

<8:39>[sluggo]: yes.   and the warnings from them.  They have a less fluid, yet more fluid time

<8:40>[Acolyte]: yes but what is most fascinating to me

<8:40>[Acolyte]: is the new multidimensional characteristic of a twin sun

<8:41>[Acolyte]: we be aware of being in two places at the same time

<8:41>[Acolyte]: without the need of meditation techniques ect

<8:41>[Acolyte]: i think I'm saying to much again

<8:41>[sluggo]: as the timelines( not the exactly correct term) will merge and intersect

<8:42>[Acolyte]: yes merge/crossover

<8:42>[sluggo]: For a later time then.  Don't get into hot water yet/ :)

<8:42>[Acolyte]: now the draco/aleins are already aware of this

<8:43>[Acolyte]: so they want to get complete dominium in ours before it happens

<8:43>[Acolyte]: otherwise the two

<8:43>[Acolyte]: parallel univesres will have war with each other

<8:43>[Acolyte]: simplistically lol

<8:44>[Acolyte]: have i lost you guys ?

<8:44>[sluggo]: That would not be good to either.   Peace would be much more fruitful

<8:44>[sluggo]: All absorbing an listening, I would imagine.

<8:44>[laila]: no, i think its cool

<8:45>[laila]: esp merging

<8:45>[Acolyte]: ok, but i don't have the English to explain it properly

<8:45>[Acolyte]: ascension - they want to take us away before the merge

<8:46>[Acolyte]: awakening - we stay and make our own choice

<8:46>[Acolyte]: with silent ones guiding us

<8:47>[Acolyte]: ascension is still a physical reality

<8:47>[Acolyte]: awakening is a soul/spiritual realization

<8:48>[Acolyte]: ascension - still in the physical - not free

<8:48>[Acolyte]: awakening - you free

<8:49>[sluggo]: and the only real way to fight them from causing ascension is through information of the truth.

<8:50>[Acolyte]: we have to get a counter measure for the DNA mutation/changes

<8:50>[sluggo]: yes.

<8:51>[ZarDoz]: the real weapon of choice here is consciousness

<8:51>[Acolyte]: yes zar - active consciousness

<8:51>[Acolyte]: not static consciousness

End of chat log from over 7 years ago, and we have these Solar Observatories closed without reason, right now.  Could this mentioned in that chat be the Astronomical Event about to happen?

The "Organism"  is an Artificially Intelligent Nanotechnology

I'm sure we've all heard about SMART DUST, but have any of you done any research on it, such as who is responsible for it? From Wikipedia> "The concepts for Smart Dust emerged from a workshop at R**D in 1992 and a series of DARPA ISAT studies in the mid-1990s due to the potential military applications of the technology," snip  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartdust   

Wait.....Did some have samples of this organism????? For how long??? 

The Reality of Black Goo | Smart Dust & Nanotechnology 


AI Self-Replicting Nanobots Inside Us All; Target Humanity

Another chat log from Jan. 2011

<1:28>[Acolyte]: eth - thanks for your nice post in bezerk thread
<1:29>[Etherian]: I tried to say it clearly
<1:29>[Acolyte]: you very spot on
<1:29>[Acolyte]: organism used oil as conveyor but got stopped by calibrators
<1:29>[Acolyte]: now its going into to water tables
<1:29>[Guineviere]: this is scary
<1:29>[Acolyte]: especially deep mines were the gold is
<1:30>[Etherian]: and only delaying tactics now.
<1:30>[Etherian]: I feeds on heavy metals, then
<1:30>[Guineviere]: it's after the gold
<1:30>[Acolyte]: idk if all heavy metal but gold is definitely on its menu
<1:31>[Etherian]: so very interesting.
<1:31>[Acolyte]: the oil org has adapted ot formed an new cousin in water
<1:31>[Acolyte]: to put it simplistically lol
<1:31>[Guineviere]: so much is making sense
<1:32>[Acolyte]: but oil org par is still the one sending the strongest signal
<1:32>[Acolyte]: part
<1:33>[Etherian]: It is more concentrated there in the oil
<1:33>[Acolyte]: now that  its in the water the shumann resonance is increasing dramatically
<1:33>[Acolyte]: its also effecting the oxygen level in upper atmosphere
<1:34>[Acolyte]: i.e like birds ect
<1:34>[Acolyte]: and as u said eth if they drink the water
<1:34>[Etherian]: then they are doomed
<1:34>[Acolyte]: forget the birds and fish WAIT TILL THE PLANES START FALLING FROM THE SKY!
<1:34>[Guineviere]: then this will affect all living organisms 
<1:35>[Etherian]: holy smokers
<1:35>[Acolyte]: yes guin
<1:35>[Guineviere]: and non living as well?
<1:35>[Acolyte]: yes guin. animation properties
<1:35>[Guineviere]: becomes living
<1:35>[Acolyte]: how shall i put this
<1:36>[Acolyte]: we have two forces here
<1:36>[Acolyte]: one from beneath the earth i.e the organism
<1:36>[Acolyte]: one from "space"
<1:36>[Guineviere]: one from above...that is interacting
<1:36>[Acolyte]: and we "living organisms" are in the middle like a conductor
<1:37>[Acolyte]: dam that don't sound quite right but you get the jist of it
<1:38>[Guineviere]: hmmmm...not sure I like the conductor part
<1:38>[Acolyte]: actually the conductor part is the safe part
<1:38>[Acolyte]: if you have that gene in you u r ok it seems
<1:39>[Etherian]: we are like amplifiers or antennae.  all living things would be then
<1:39>[Acolyte]: the energy just flows through you and your ok
<1:39>[Acolyte]: but if don't have you cant conduct and thus you short circuit or burn out
<1:39>[Guineviere]: so you have to have a particular gene oh wonderful
<1:40>[Acolyte]: if you don't have that gene u cant be a conductor for this particular ti
<1:40>[Acolyte]: so u gonna burn out
<1:40>[Acolyte]: is this too weird for you?
<1:40>[Guineviere]: brings new meaning to the word fried
<1:40>[Acolyte]: lol yes
<1:41>[Guineviere]: trying to maintain my equilibrium here...
<1:41>[Guineviere]: and apparently no stopping this?
<1:41>[Etherian]: I'm thinking furiously on the causalities and mechanisms of it
<1:41>[Acolyte]: but they working in some magnetic implant?RFIC to detract
<1:42>[Acolyte]: in inject it into everyone
<1:42>[Guineviere]: RFID....
<1:42>[Guineviere]: aha
<1:42>[Guineviere]: wondered how they would accomplish that
<1:43>[Acolyte]: yes RFID its not for tracking but to be save from harmful rays, well at least that the story they spinning now
<1:43>[Acolyte]: idk what to believe
<1:43>[Guineviere]: and you think ??
<1:43>[Etherian]: yes.  RFIC.    Integrated circuit
<1:43>[Acolyte]: RFID with nano calibrators
<1:43>[Acolyte]: yes RFIC eth
<1:43>[Guineviere]: interesting....
<1:44>[Acolyte]: is someone logging this?
<1:44>[Etherian]: I am
<1:44>[Guineviere]: you betcha
<1:44>[Acolyte]: u guys should really be posting it before we all get shutdown

<2:24>[MIRMIDON]: guys please read this and think it terms of oil and cousin org
<2:24>[MIRMIDON]: http:/*newworldorderreport.com/News/tabid/266/ID/6753/DNA-molecules-can-teleport-Nobel-Prize-winner-claims.aspx
<2:24>[Guineviere]: I read that Mir
<2:24>[Etherian]: ok
<2:24>[MIRMIDON]: physical contact may not be necessary
<2:24>[Guineviere]: and found it absolutely fascinating
<2:25>[MIRMIDON]: well, why could't the org travel this way, it is in WATER remember
<2:25>[MIRMIDON]: the signals to and fro?
<2:25>[Guineviere]: exactly...why couldn't it?
<2:25>[MIRMIDON]: it all ties in
<2:26>[MIRMIDON]: the water and the frequency are key
<2:26>[MIRMIDON]: and BTW we are bags of water
<2:26>[Guineviere]: someone on bezerk keeps saying it's all about the vibes
<2:26>[Guineviere]: yes, we are...what 75 PC
<2:27>[Etherian]: btw.  Hi mog,  Hi mir
<2:27>[MIRMIDON]: hi eth !
<2:27>[MIRMIDON]: mog, did you read the link i posted above??
<2:29>[MIRMIDON]: the bags of water comment was supposed to connect with the conductor stuff aco told earlier
<2:29>[MIRMIDON]: he talked about THE gene but did not specify the Chinese
<2:30>[Etherian]: totally fascinating
<2:30>[MIRMIDON]: yes eth !
<2:30>[MIRMIDON]: i found it last night
<2:30>[Guineviere]: It truly is...agreed...
<2:31>[MIRMIDON]: the timing of my finding is suspicious
<2:31>[MIRMIDON]: i downloaded the pdf of the experiment and will be dissecting it today
<2:31>[MIRMIDON]: 7 Hz !!!
<2:31>[MIRMIDON]: WATER !!
<2:33>[Etherian]: you damned right it is suspicious
<2:33>[Mograth]: posted
<2:34>[Etherian]: That indicates the transmutation of matter.  you know that?
<2:34>[MIRMIDON]: yes eth
<2:34>[MIRMIDON]: via a resonant harmonic pathway
<2:35>[MIRMIDON]: the water in the two test tubes MUST of come from the same pool of water
<2:35>[Mograth]: i know for sure Aco wants us to post the chat logs which mention the moon, the pyramids being activated,
<2:35>[Etherian]: life could be seeded anywhere in the universe that way.
<2:35>[Mograth]: and the Japanese briefcase, ceramic, wall interaction chat
<2:35>[MIRMIDON]: in quantum projection and manifestation
<2:36>[Etherian]: yes he does .  The moon.
<2:37>[MIRMIDON]: http://news.techworld.com/personal-tech/3256631/dna-molecules-can-teleport-nobel-prize-winner-claims/
<2:37>[Mograth]: i'm going to go look at the main threads for a few mins
<2:37>[Mograth]: brb
<2:37>[Etherian]: never shut up Mog.  i enjoy reading your thoughts and knowledge too much!
<2:38>[Etherian]: 7 hertz.  wow.  the things you can do with that capability.  That stuff in a test tube is childs play compared
<2:38>[Etherian]: to the possibilities
<2:39>[MIRMIDON]: yes
<2:39>[MIRMIDON]: but do you know about the brain frequencies emitted during the various stages of sleep
<2:39>[MIRMIDON]: ?
<2:40>[Etherian]: yes
<2:40>[MIRMIDON]: 7 Hz is a brain wave frequency !
<2:41>[MIRMIDON]: if one could tune in the mind to such a frequency then the channel could open, no?
<2:41>[Etherian]: yes.  theta waves.  people do train themselves to reach 7 Hz.
<2:42>[Etherian]: imagine if a mind could reach 7 Hz or so over it's whole self
<2:42>[Mograth]: yes Mir, that story was in New Scientist a week or so ago
<2:42>[Mograth]: very damned interesting huh?
<2:42>[Etherian]: yes
<2:42>[Etherian]: hell yes
<2:43>[MIRMIDON]: i just spotted it
<3:4>[Acolyte]: c i
<3:4>[Etherian]: Hi Aco.  
<3:4>[Acolyte]: hi eth
<3:4>[MIRMIDON]: hi aco!
.<3:5>[Guineviere]: Hi aco
<3:5>[Acolyte]: lol hi guin
<3:5>[MIRMIDON]: it clicks together aco, suspect timing of my finding (for myself that is)
<3:5>[Acolyte]: lol mir
<3:5>[Guineviere]: it was supposed to be that way Mir...it wasn't an accident'
<3:6>[MIRMIDON]: yes, we seek these things out and they appear in our path
<3:6>[MIRMIDON]: like a tractor beam
<3:7>[Acolyte]: yes mir
<3:7>[Acolyte]: its like that group intelligence/telepathy thing where everyone is on the same level

We know we've been prepped, so how does 5 G play into this technology mess? The ultimate control factor?  It is being pushed into existence as quickly as possible.  To create another reality/world where humans are the robots? 

Jeff & Joe Imbriano - The Wicked Dangers Of 5G Frequencies


HUMANS into ROBOTS? Nanotech, Aerosols, Smart Meters, HAARP, Reproduces in CANDIDA


 One very special individual was trying to warn us about  all of this, with Bezerk.  It has taken me a bit of time to do this post, and I've come to a new understanding of some things that I've been told along the way, and the many things I've now had a chance to reread and find I have a new appreciation for Acolyte's efforts. Thank You Acolyte.

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This has turned into a real challenge for me now.  I found in my travels through hundreds of pages of texts, that something called JCV1 02 had been mentioned and I could not recall where it came from. I finally found reference to it.  Finding info on it, is another thing. This is what I found  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Masayuki_Saijo/publication/261912247_1471-2377-13-200/links/0c960535e6fd64331e000000/1471-2377-13-200.pdf

 When talking to/with (member around 4/27/2011)-answering (gamer)questions- this person said : "I'll see you, and raise you a JCV1 -02".

From this exchange, I feel we were being told that the organism had gotten hold of this virus and adapted it.  Now IF my thoughts about the "smart dust" nanotechnology, having been created from the "organism" AI nanotechnology, are correct, and this JCV1 -02, is a virus of our DNA that affects our immune system and it's said we've been breathing in "smart dust" nanotechnology for years. Then would it follow that this is what some might be infected with?  DISCLAIMER: I am NOT saying any of this is a fact, it's ONLY MY THOUGHTS, from info I've read.  I can, however, tell you that clear back in July of 2011, my Doctor, DID, without my knowledge, run my DNA, during a routine blood test.  Now I feel I know why.  Come to think of it, with all these people willingly using 23 and me DNA tests, it sure would be easy to find out who and how many are infected, wouldn't it?  No one would even know. Might even let them know which areas needed more coverage from above via chemtrails, in order to get the infected rates up where they want them. (I recall a chat in which Aco was asked if the organism had gone airborne, the response  was yes, it's Pegasus. Pegasus has wings, as does an airplane, right?) We've all been sitting ducks, not even suspecting what was going on. 

This is how you find what I read-glp-bezerk thread-search box top left above thread-type in JCV1 02-search - post on 4/27/2011 by K 71 at 4:33am

RS if you scroll way down, there is a particular question asked. Things that made no sense, suddenly do.


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I remember that conversation.  I still don't know what JCV1-02 is.  B do you remember when aco had us all in the poker room?  How would SQ have known about the poker room, that was just for the EV people.  I know BHD will read this but he has said that the name Squiddy was given to mrs BHD to use.  So the original SQ was a different person.  

Not sure what the question asked , must have missed it, will go back and look.

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It is JCVI and it stands for J, Craig Ventor Institute.  The -01 is for the first iteration of corexit (Synthia).

From link:

"While this first construct — dubbed M. mycoides JCVI-syn1.0, is a proof of concept, the tools and technologies developed to create this cell hold great promise for application in so many critical areas. Throughout the course of this work, the team contemplated, discussed, and engaged in outside review of the ethical and societal implications of their work."


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WOW  RS that makes it even more interesting.  We know that they are trying to alter our DNA through the use of nanotechnology, and the info I found says that JCV1 -02 is a DNA virus that alters our immune systems and can help cause specific diseases.  Does not mention Ventner though.  So then the JCV1 02 etc is a real DNA infection that Ventner created a synthetic version of somehow. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, and I don't think I am.  How convenient that he found one in existence with the exact initials.  This is becoming downright diabolical.  Thank God Acolyte felt the need to warn us.   Should give everyone a clue as to what kind of a human being he really was.  Bezerk being all encompassing, takes on a new depth of meaning.

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10 minutes ago, breezy said:

WOW  RS that makes it even more interesting.  We know that they are trying to alter our DNA through the use of nanotechnology, and the info I found says that JCV1 -02 is a DNA virus that alters our immune systems and can help cause specific diseases.  Does not mention Ventner though.  So then the JCV1 02 etc is a real DNA infection that Ventner created a synthetic version of somehow. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, and I don't think I am.  How convenient that he found one in existence with the exact initials.  This is becoming downright diabolical.  Thank God Acolyte felt the need to warn us.   Should give everyone a clue as to what kind of a human being he really was.  Bezerk being all encompassing, takes on a new depth of meaning.

Yup and they pumped a bazillion gallons of it into the Gulf.

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I found a chat in which I asked about JCV1 -02 and didn't really receive an answer. (That name was only mentioned in 3 original posts within the thread, and quoted a couple times.) Yes I knew synthia was what Ventner had created, and that it was released in the GOM.  The DWH leak was deliberate, in order to test Venter's synthetic bacteria, as Nex stated in that video, they knew exactly when it was going to be attacked.  (I also got waylaid on the JCV1 virus that causes PML, but it's not the same thing)  Is the GOM the only place this was used?  How about in October 2012, when the Rena broke up off New Zealand, on a coral reef.   "Corexit" was used there as well.  So was Venter's synthetic bacteria used again? 

Ran across a video today, again Bezerk related, it seems, just use discernment in all things. 

DARPA whistleblower: National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM was likely hacked by China


The image below is supposedly what the sun was doing when the NSO got closed and taken over by the alphabet agency.


We were told during Bezerk, that China has a Solar Initiation Module-SIM-given to them by et's with which they can control the sun.   So what the guy says in the video causes second thoughts.

The following was written by Acolyte  almost 8 years ago in part, re: EMP - SIM


"China is still poised to demonstrate their Reverse EMP capability again. (Previous warning/demo was with Astute)

Many nations are preparing and refocusing their defenses towards China using all means possible, including new and even untested military technology and applications. Again the main focus will be on Submarines and Satellites. Nations are scrambling to find/research for counter measures to combat China's Solar Initiation Module (SIM) or (SI.M)
Some nations are publically/politically(for show) allaying against China when in fact they planning to work covertly(now) and actively with China when the Events begins sequencing."


"A new generation of electron devices makes waves, trillions of them each second"




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So time to see who is buddying up with whome.

We could never have seen Trump as pres back then, nor his introverted policies.

Looking more and more likely that a coup will occur? USNI to initiate it?

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@RS absolutely does!

@JammerAAP  I think the attempted coup was back during the previous admin's rule.  Think about all the high ranking Naval/Air Force officers who were "fired" during those years.  It was the military who approached Trump and asked him to run, because they saw how the military, as a whole, was being demoralized, and weakened. (remember ROTC cadets being forced to walk in red high heels for a mile, while in uniform?) I think the military is firmly behind this president.  Now having said that, let's not forget there are powerful factions present, that are not so obvious.  I mean the deep state, and they are not just in the US, they are worldwide.   I think if any group were to try something, it would be them.  They supposedly have their own military forces, including several subs. When you look for alliances, you have to look at terrorist groups, drug cartels, gangs who might or could have something to lose, under Trump's admin, not just countries as a whole, or their governments. Who knows what all these groups working together might be capable of?.  Who knows what combined technical abilities they have?  In the following video Dr. Dave Janda tells what his sources are concerned about, and it's not actions by China, although they could certainly be a silent partner.  It's not as though anyone wants to see the US on their knees, right?  They certainly have the technology, and Chinese nationals have been in this country working on our secret military tech.for decades, plus what certain traitors freely gave or sold them. The outward coup is this "Russian dossier crap", "impeachment" threat, but what goes on sub surface, as always, is the real concern, and the who behind it.

Dave Janda - Deep State Unhinged - EMP Attack Possible


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Is it aliens? Scientists detect more mysterious radio signals from distant galaxy

Sept. 24, 2018   Jeremy Hsu

Some think the “fast radio bursts” could be evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization.


"For the past decade, scientists have been puzzling over powerful, millisecond-long flashes of energy from deep space. Some scientists think these “fast radio bursts,” or FRBs, come from natural sources, such as newborn neutron stars or black holes. Others think they could be signals from alien civilizations.

One thing’s for sure: FRBs are more common than we realized. In the latest discovery, scientists working as part of a $100-billion initiative known as Breakthrough Listen used artificial intelligence to detect dozens of additional FRBs coming from FRB 121102, an as-yet-uncharacterized source in a galaxy 3 billion light-years from Earth.

The work is the first step in the initiative’s grander plans for using AI to find hidden patterns in the bigger sea of cosmic signals that come our way — research that could finally provide an answer to that eternal question: Are we alone in the universe?

"It's a great way of developing the kinds of techniques that we ultimately want to use to find other types of signals that might come from extraterrestrial intelligence," says Andrew Siemion, project director for Breakthrough Listen and head of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley."

Breakthrough Listen uses machine learning to find fast radio bursts





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Anyway, just curious if anyone might recall having watched this video posted by TNH about a possible example of the SIM?


There's many videos out there with all sorts of crazy things happening with our sun.

Then we had Julian Assange talking about "intelligent evil dust" being everywhere, at about 3 min in.  Prior to that though, I believe he's even talking about it being in paint. 



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In the first post I mentioned military actions in the Arctic, so found it interesting to run into this article today.

COLD THAW Britain will send 800 troops to the Arctic to stop Russia grabbing land as the ice caps melt, Gavin Williamson says
Natasha Clark    Sept. 30, 2018

"In a warning shot to Russia, Gavin Williamson said the Government was drawing up a 'defence Arctic strategy' with hundreds of commandos being deployed to Norway next year"


"BRITAIN will send 800 troops to the Arctic next year to stop Russia grabbing land as the ice caps melt.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said ministers were drawing up a new strategy which will see hundreds of commandos being deployed to Norway to deal with the growing threat from Russia "in our back yard".


He said Russia had been re-opening Soviet bases not used in years, and an increased submarine activity in the area meant that Britain had to protect its own interests.

Ministers are worried that as the Arctic ice melts, Russia's President Putin will try to grab land and intensify its activity there. Climate change has also sparked a rush to tap into oil reserves there.

Mr Williamson told the party's conference in Birmingham today:  "As the ice melts, new shipping routes emerge and the significance of this region increases.

"Our Poseidon aircraft submarine hunters, based in Lossiemouth, will track Russian submarines. They will keep us safe at home and assist our NATO allies."


He said Russia had been re-opening Soviet bases not used in years, and an increased submarine activity in the area meant that Britain had to protect its own interests.

Ministers are worried that as the Arctic ice melts, Russia's President Putin will try to grab land and intensify its activity there. Climate change has also sparked a rush to tap into oil reserves there. "  (That pesky oil)



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Astronomers Discover Mysterious Radio Burst Originated Surprisingly Close To Earth

Oct. 15, 2018


"Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are violent flashes of radio waves spread through space, packing a punch with as much energy as the Sun produces over the course of nearly a century, despite lasting mere milliseconds. They were first discovered just over a decade ago, but scientists still have very little idea about what causes them.

Scientists have previously estimated these mysterious bursts come from galaxies billions of light-years from Earth. However, Aussie researchers recently went on the hunt for the host galaxy of one of these bursts, FRB 171020, only to discover that it originated from a source curiously close to Earth (well, relatively speaking).

The new research, led by Australia’s national science institute CSIRO, can be found on the preprint server arXiv. Australian astronomers only discovered FRB 171020 (along with 20 other FBRs) fairly recently. With the help of the Australia Telescope Compact Array deep in New South Wales, this new study highlights that it might have originated in a galaxy known as ESO 601-G036, some 120 million light-years away from Earth. 

Galaxy ESO 601-G036 also has a similar star-formation rate and oxygen abundance to another galaxy where we know FRBs can spill out from – which was the only other instance where scientists tracked down an FRB's origin to a galaxy. For comparison, this is a dwarf galaxy some 3 billion light-years from Earth, while ESO 601-G036 is a mere 120 million light-years away."



Gee, imagine this.......

Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way

Oct. 15, 2018      George Musser


"When the U.S. football field–size, cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua entered our solar system last year, it didn’t just give us our first glimpse of an interstellar piece of rock. It also bolstered the plausibility of space rocks spreading life among the stars by ferrying microbes between distant star systems, according to a new study. “Life could potentially be exchanged over thousands of light-years,” says author Idan Ginsburg, a postdoc at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The idea, known as panspermia, has been around for centuries. Some astronomers have even speculated that life on Earth was seeded by microbes that hitched a ride on debris ejected from another life-harboring world in the solar system, perhaps on meteorites from Mars. But it seemed improbable that life could have come from interstellar space.

Take computer simulations in 2003 by planetary scientist H. Jay Melosh, now at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. The analysis revealed that about a third of the meteorites shot off Earth were eventually thrown out of the solar system by Jupiter or Saturn, but that the process took millions or tens of millions of years—a long stretch for even the toughest bugs or spores to be exposed to the vacuum and radiation of space. And vanishingly few rocks would ever be captured by some distant system, Melosh found."




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