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Ancient Planetary Map?: A Weird Find From The Out Back of Oz

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Ancient Planetary Map?: A Weird Find From The Out Back of Oz

NexEd might be very much interested in this object.

It belongs to me. ....Well, maybe not but it was found by me. Out of blue.

(L)=6.8cm (W)=widest length 5.5cm

(Thickness)=about 5mm




BOTH sides got really sharp carvings done.

What look like some randomly scratched lines actually kind of wraps around the surface of this flat stone to my surprise.

Because NexEd was showing samples of the ROCK MAPS at the conference before which ended up on YT via ZHE taken the vid over, and I got fascinated by that, I linked the thought that MAYBE THIS IS ALSO A MAP.

How I found it 

I was making my way towards Flinders Range in South Australia.

The actual aim was to reach to Urulu in Central Oz. It was a super spiritual journey in many sense.

I was on the road with my ex and while we were comfortably driving down a road to Flinders, I got a sudden hunkering.

Small voice inside of me said to stop and check on something on the road. This is a dirt road, veered off from main road, for we wanted to go for adventure of slow stroll into the unknown country road.

I yelled out to stop the car, and as the car got stopped, I opened the passenger side of the door, not even looking down at the road, but reached out down.

As my hand touched the ground, I touched a rock. 

Immediately I picked it up, feeling this is what the messenger was talking about.

I looked at it........got astonished by finding the CARVINGS were on this nonchalantly existing piece of rock. Not heavy, not large, a pretty obscured flat rock.....like anything else around.

But it had these lines on.

I'll try to put up more pics for you peeps to be able to check out how the lines are going around onto the other side from one side.........



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Weird From The Beginning:

How I settled in Oz was also massively weird. I was a weird teenager, though. 

I got initiated by the "LAND of Oz".

It was never an easy process to get a student visa to be here. It was actually easier to get citizenship here, if I wanted. But I came to Oz as a student, against the way of White Australian Policy.

As I arrived to Oz in the airplane first time ever, more than 30 years ago, I heard this loud voice in my being.

"Do you want to live on the land of Australia? Do you want to be a part of us?"

(...It didn't mention about sea...interesting. And the word Australia wasn't actually phonetically ringing in me. It was something else when it was expressed by the voice, but I knew what it meant...it was about the landmass of Oz that this consciousness is spreading across.)

It was the consciousness of Australia. I dunno what else to call it. But it was an ancient consciousness and it contacted me as soon as the aircraft landed on the strips in Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

It told me that it would put me to a test. The testing would not be an easy one. Australia only accepts when the being can become one with their energy. ONLY if I can get through that well, then the land would accept me, I got told sternly.

It was an initiation period.

It told me that the testing would continue for one entire year.

And I said alright, let it start. I am here.

...So the torturing started.

Honestly I am surprised I made it through ok.

I was having low fever every single day for 356 days from that day onwards.

It was such a hell to adjust to this new land, and especially changing over from northern hemisphere and settle down in southern hemisphere....it was tough for me.

Anyway, cut the long story short, I was just making it through the year. Everything was so new, and earning small realities that I can call and feel as "normal" started to emerge in the school life.

I was counting on the day of initiation ended.

And on the day, loud and clear (in my being), the voice said "Welcome. You have made the initiation through. Now you are a part of us. Welcome." I was in tears with joy then. I got accepted by Australia. 

Well........my additional physical suffering (I was sick all my life, though I didn't know that) ended right on that time. Walla. As if nothing ever was wrong.

No fever, no head aches, all of sudden, body is filled with joy and I felt I was at ease finally.

How wonderful it was. And I was ever so appreciative of the consciousness, the big warm and ancient being to allow me to be a part of it/them.







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