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Cross Word Games: The "Truth Divination" Games

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Cross Word Games: The "Truth Divination" Games

I'm sure lots of us got some games on our smartphones.

I tend to idle a lot by playing cross word games lately.

That was because I was trying to figure out what was going on as I was playing the game.

It really doesn't matter WHICH cross word game you are playing, I also found. But it seems to be some sort of up-to-date feel to the choice of words, when it's a digital game on the phone, and because of that, I wonder if they are more juicy to reveal the truth when you ask questions.

YES I wrote it's "Truth Divination", yet it is a GAME. That's the interesting bit about the whole thing.

...Lots of games are created under the nudges made by the factions. I mean nasty ones to benevolent ones.


Because 1) if the game gets sold well, you are spilling some conditioning tactic with visual cues for getting PROGRAMMING done to you as you play the game, 2) even if not, it gives out the BACKDOOR (IT wise) directly to you via the internet, and 3) the creator of the game can continue to develop contents by asserting updates...with god knows what is in it. LOL

Basically "they" can use the games to control us.

While I am telling us that this way of using the Cross Word Games are like turning the table around, WE get to use the game to work for US. Not for "them".


The reason why I decided to post this thread is that I felt this could be applicable for anyone to use the Cross Word Games to our advantage.

I played and monitored how the WORDS are appearing through the games.

They make darn interesting throw ins that CONNECTS DOTS.

Maybe not a clear sentence, but the words you gather start to create picture of the answer to your question you had in your mind.

Well when I was getting the words like these, you can understand why I got nudged with curiosity as to why the hell the games are spitting such words: poison, deactivate, coordinate, tests, etc etc, then it hit me after about 2 months of trying to figure out if this thing is useful for us or not at all.........this word appeared---"ARCHON"...(´Д`)


When you have a Question in your mind, and start playing the game, the words your subconsciousness is looking for as the answer to your question get easier position to be fished out by your mind, thus the spaces get filled in by your interest-filter asserted in the first place before imagining the word.  You'd end up picking up the words that are blinking brightly in your mind with some sort of importance to you.

Of course the games are made up already.

But the randomness of how we come up with the questions to ask deny the controlling of "them", methinks.


It's a different way of divination to using Tarot cards etc. I like them myself, but easy to get bogged into reading too deep, sometimes. And I hated to see other people getting too dependent on doing the reading for anything and everything....becoming addicted to doing reading and NOT searching the answers by ourselves is a big no-no. But this gaming strategy makes your mind to work in different way than reading Tarot decks.

All words freshly coming up in front of your eyes without effort, someone else is dishing you out the answers but it's us who need to dig up and FEEL "this is the word I need to take importance with".

Obviously the game comes with lots useless words when you are doing it with your own question to ask, so yes, we got to fish out the blinking ones ourselves. But that also gives out yet another filter to suss out the connection of the dots, too.

All in all, it's a damn easy divination to play around with, too. And stress-less, I take. ROFL(・ω<)☆


Maybe we can make Q&As posted here as well. 

Anyhow, I got blown away by the selection of loads of nasty and dark words appearing in the games, and thought WTH....coming from otherwise such a care-free non-aggro games.....I have to say I was amazed by that.....


Fun gaming, hope you have lots fun getting into the truth!


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An Example of how much you yield out of one game...

Originally "bpcaale" were placed to form a circle to link line 3~6 letters on the screen.

Interestingly, the letters are placed in circle for this game I got, so as you connect letters....you are DRAWING energy signature....sacred geometry of some sort, and sometimes it forms a complete pentagram even.... 

Whether they are correct answers or not, making the finger action leads you to casting some sort of spell in a narrow sense.

I suspect the game developer also considered this bit into the game while they were choosing very sensitive words to be more coming up in front to us. Through seeing the words often enough, we get desensitised to them, as well as take part in creating spells against...possibly to ourselves, and to our allies....

But like I pointed it out in earlier post, we are to use this game to help us to figure out what's up coming....divination/prophecy.

So here it gets really interesting...these were the words gathered in the game to complete blanks:

*I'll mark the words which I get interested in. Omitting the words with 2 letters or less.

























I tend to dismiss the words I don't understand its meaning. For I'm trying to access my subconscious showing me the way, it's easier to follow the story if I ignore the ones don't carry meaning to me.

But as you can see through the list, pretty weird choice of words come up.

And some of them are darn clear words which our radar would be going ping!

So there you go....just a cross word puzzle game, but it gives off some messages to us.

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then considering everything we do is watched/recorded, and throw in a bit of AI, here and there,  interesting to say the least

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I feel our capacity to change the shared reality VS the advancements made by AIs are balancing out, while showing up and down effect for either group is what's actually happening...we are progressing!

If we push that level further actively by regaining our true power, we are to be the winner of the world and beyond.

AIs are only growing according to what they can do now. Limited in the possibility of future time-lines to use, and not advanced as much as we are for what we can become, when we all wake up properly.

One way to break this balancing act better for us is to grub onto believing in the positive change is being made continuously firmly. And we are winning more and more. (Because if we can believe so publicly, the shared reality will swiftly change.)

Let's never lose our sight of the hope for the Humanity! We can, and I do feel We already won....

Let's believe in what Q said... all chip into the positive change we need to make.(・ω・)ノ

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