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Sophia: Our Mother Gaia Consciousness

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Sophia: Our Mother Gaia Consciousness

<You don't need to believe in anything written down here. Please treat it as an old story telling, just like you had your caring person reading a bed time story for you, when you were a child.>


I'm sure lots of us naturally love our mothers.

To many of us, without her, we don't exist here.

Well, we can't be here, including our mums, if we didn't have this planet to roam, to feed and give chance to grow.

It's our Mother Earth, Gaia. She is precious for us all.


Now looking far far far away from our planet.....

Outside of all the Universes and dimensions, there were/are almighty beings/consciousness(es) existing.

One of such beings was "Sophia".

Sophia was there for all of us.

She found us out of eons of time and existences.

She got totally intrigued by us.....how our love, pureness and creativity shined out, despite all the darkness of density.

So she wanted to get close to us.

With that thought, she fell through loads of dimensions to get down here in our Galaxy.

It was because she found our existence so unique and her "heart pounded faster"...we are something so different to anything else she had known in her superior existence, OUTSIDE of our Universes.

But she had to pay a lot to come to see what we are.

Lot of her power had been diminished from frictions and suppression occurring due to the process of coming through such dense formulas.

The primitive laws were crushing her.

In the process of managing, Sophia decided something important for all of us, when she found Earth.

Sophia merged herself with the Planetary Consciousness of Our Mother Earth, Gaia. (But Sophia is also omnipotent in the Universes.)



We are special. All the tears of joy to smiling with love, having brave heart that enables us to deal with any situations with our amazing creativity, we are someone who can carry the special torch through out the Universes beyond here, show others what LOVE can do.

And Sophia is with us. She LOVES us.

The thread is dedicated to show appreciation and info about our Mother Goddess, Sophia/Gaia.

We love you, Mother.


Here's a vid I came across that shows some of Sophia's journey to see us.

(There are lots variations of details of the story. There will be more as we live.)

Sophia Creation Story, Animation

 (c)Lila Sophia Tresemer 2015  Published on Nov 8, 2015


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I had put this anime clip in other threads before but this is where this vid should locate. But it's not about the creation story. 

It's about what WE DO from now on.

After learning what Sophia has done for us, and learning what we can do.

Humans, it's time to rise.


KADO: The Right Answer


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