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Terraforming of Earth

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Terraforming of Earth


Along the strategic lies about the real history has been screwing up the true picture of what really had happened in the past, when it happened, why it happened etc, all jumbled up and thrown up in the air, till we can find the true history on Earth.

While Terraforming has been going on on other planets within and beyond our solar system, I set up this thread to be only for Earth. For Mars etc, let's start up a fresh thread, so we can separate the information as much as we can, though I can see there would be bleeding of info to scatter across the Terraforming threads in future, but that's in future and we don't need to look into it yet.

Chemtrail threads are obviously closely connected for the latest terraforming, but I am leaving this thread for far longer history of Earth. 

When you come across to further revelations, please continue posting them here.

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A Recent Ice Age Was Triggered by a Firestorm Bigger Than The One That Killed The Dinosaurs

It lasted 1,000 years.



"The firestorm rivals the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, and it was caused by fragments of a comet that would have measured around 100 kilometres (62 miles) across.

As dust clouds smothered the Earth, it kicked off a mini ice age that kept the planet cool for another thousand years, just as it was emerging from 100,000 years of being covered in glaciers. Once the fires burned out, life could start again, according to the international team of scientists."

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