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It appears Rose got up way earlier than I did, so I will defer to her thread on the "memo" released today, and put my post on her thread.

Here's a link to the pdf.  Tx to Vanhatchet in chat


What it does is confirm everything we already suspected, but, but it gives proof of collusion of one political party attempting to keep their opponent from becoming president, that it was deliberate and that the dossier was a result of bias, and that unwarranted spying did take place by illegally using FISA.  Will be interesting to see what the results will be.  It's being said that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's been some interesting reactions, such as Pelosi saying they will repeal Trump's tax bill.  I'm sure all those who received bonuses will be thrilled to hear that this is their intent.

A couple reactions




To James Comey  Sorry, but any one of you involved in this subterfuge, did it all by yourselves. You forgot the rules, played a very dangerous game and got caught.  You own it.  Everyone working for the "agencies" is supposed to remain apolitical and perform their job without political bias.

Adding this link to info about FISA court.


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“Tip of The Iceberg” – The Pending Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End…

Feb. 2, 2018   sundance

"There continue to be questions about the substance behind the pending release of the House Intelligence Committee memo.  With that release in mind, today it is worthwhile remembering this is the beginning of exposing the corruption within the DOJ not the end.

snip   image

For several years the U.S. justice department has maintained an attitude of non-accountability within its ranks.  The Obama years elevated that attitude and provided multiple examples of a DOJ gone rogue.

A complicit media enables that attitude by engineering a false narrative the U.S. Justice Department was/is an independent fourth branch of government; unaccountable to congress and entirely separate from the executive branch.

The House Intelligence Memo is simply using the example of currently known FISA abuse to open the door and show the U.S. electorate how corrupt this unaccountable institution has become.  Behind that door are very uncomfortable realities for all of those who constructed the weaponized agency; and also those who have benefited from it."



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On the 33rd day of the year, the DOW crashes over 666 points, according to CNN 669.06.........coincidence, "memo" reaction, or manipulation?  Significance in numbers for sure.

Dow plunges 666 points -- worst day since Brexit


665.75  according to the following, but why the difference of a couple points, between the two?




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