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Best Books related to our interests

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As I spend a lot of time travelling, I always have my Kindle with me. And since I read a lot, I often run out of books to read. It is not easy to find good books as many terms that we might use to describe something interesting have been highjacked by pop culture.

 Please post names and authors of books of whichever genre that you've found interesting and/or enjoyable. Preferably something out of the ordinary. I'll start by posting a few that I can recall at the moment:


 Novels that contain truth:

 1.) Canopus in Argus series by Doris Lessing - initially recommended by NexusEd I found these books truly remarkable. The series contains 5 books that are loosely related. Book 1 (Shikasta) and book 3 (The Sirian Experiments) I've found to be the most relevant and interesting.

2.) The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. A sci-fi series containing 3 books. In short it is about an alien race that discovers humanity's radio signal and decides to invade Earth. Although the book presents ideas that are alien (pun intended) to me, I have found it so interesting precisely because I disagree with it. Regardless of one's interest, the books are a delight for sci fi fans.

3.) The Red Lion by Maria Szepes - spiritual/occult novel about a person who has been 'cursed' to remember his past lives.

4.) the Thread of Infinity by Jon Whistler - similar to Red Lion, about one soul's journey through multiple incarnations on Earth.

5.) The Education of Oversoul Seven trilogy by Jane Roberts - combining many key themes from Seth material this book reveals much hidden truths while being easy to read.

6.) Three Sevens - an occult novel about initiation

7.) The Brother of the Third Degree - another phenomenal occult novel

8.) Zanoni by Edward Lytton - a story about a magician


1.) Anything by Alan Wallace. He is a remarkable meditation teacher, who has on countless occasions demonstrated that he is indeed a very spiritually advanced man. I have learned a lot from him personally and from his books. I strongly recommend The Attention Revolution, Genuine Happiness, Stilling the Mind. And for more scientifically inclined - Hidden Dimensions. Although he draws his teaching from Buddhist traditions, mainly Dzog Chen, the practical application of his teachings is beyond words.

2.) Books by Franz Bardon. He has written 3 books of practical instructions, the first one is named Initiation into Hermetics. He leaves a lot of room for the reader to complete the missing pieces, but most certainly the path he presents is a solid path to gaining control of various latent higher faculty abilities in each of us.

3.) Occult Science in India and Among the Ancients by Louis Jacolliot. A comprehensive overview of oriental theurgic practices.

4.) Healing with Form, Energy and Light. - drawing from the ancient teachings of Bon tradition this books presents a solid framework for continuous development in various spiritual areas.

5.) Rober Monroe - Ultimate Journey. A story that I resonated with.

6.) Writing by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Very suitable for someone who is just discovering this inner self.


1.) Earth: An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good - a collection of accounts by credible people

2.) Passport to Magonia by JAcques Vallee - a super well researched book from mid 20th century


These are just some books that I can recall now. I don't agree with any of these books 100%, I read with an open mind and not so rarely do I come across a book that is not interesting or truthful but contains a nugget of information that is very important to me.


 Waiting for lists from all of you and hope to compile a reading list for month to come ;)

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Anything by David Brin, specially the "Uplift Series" - a lot resonates with what we are reading here, even to AI.


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