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Here's Wishing Each and Every Member and Guest of CHANI, a Very Merry Christmas.

A day filled with LOVE, family, friends, and good food, in abundance.

Peace and Blessings to everyone, not just on this day, but every day.  IF you celebrate a differently named Holiday, or IF you do not celebrate at all, Peace and Blessings are still sent your way.

breezy    :hug:



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:) Hi Chanites--------Merry and A Happy to all of you--8)I walked through something like this today -with bare feet for a while too--WOW did that feel good-


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Wishing Everyone at CHANI

A Merry Krystilmus 2017


a Super Happy New Year 2018 


(This cat pic does the deed every single year, methinks.)

Have a great catch up with family and friends, enjoy awesome meals and nibblies, and of course, for those who love some decent pint, let's share with the loved ones!

There's no more same day ever coming back to us.

Wishing you all the best of the best day for 2017, and let's welcome our further battle field to win in 2018.

"We Will Deliver. No Matter What. We Are Humans, Standing Together."


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