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Daily Surface Intel News

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Daily Surface Intel News

In memory of Acolyte.


I just realised that I have been tossing in all the latest surface intel news released around the world in the Shouts thread, forgetting about this appropriate section already existed to use for such news.....

So trying to pile up the very suspect news articles of the day, I set up this thread away from the Shouts. 

Please post them here when you see these "surface" intels among the news as you come across.

I think it's also important for the newbees to learn how to read "behind" and "in-between the lines" of article news.

We need to continue to polish up our skills to break through these secretive nudges made by the intel people so we can mobilise ourselves to protect ourselves in time of "planned" and non-planned situations.

Let's unite as the force of Humanity, for the Humanity. 

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F-22 Raptor grounded by 20,000 bees

This is actually an old story from 12th 2016.


Not that I can quickly look back wth was happening back then....

But the reason why I'm posting this link is....because for some reason, IT WAS RELEASED AGAIN IN JAPAN, TODAY.

Now as you know Japan is in the middle of the horrid tension with North Korea, while the USA has been involved into the situation with what KJU has achieved during the 8 years of void of countering the situation.

It was Ex-Pres.Obama didn't do anything towards it, just ignored what Nth K was ding with nukes.

Now Pres. Trump has to recover the damage made by Ex-Pres.Obama.

This is the link to the Japanese article on Sankei newspaper. The date is showing today's date, as on 8th Nov 2017. It is warning about the dependency to high tech weapons at the end. http://www.sankei.com/west/news/171108/wst1711080002-n1.html

BUT I'm talking about the intel stuff here.

The words to watch out for:

  • Queen Bee
  • 20,000
  • Disabled F22 Raptor
  • Bees were all saved, not killed

"Bees" indicating the faction of Crazed Cabals infected by the Archons

20,000 may well not be the actual # needs to be considered, but as in a sense of a huge population/important groups

F22 Raptor--->this time round of the news release, I suspect it's pointing out to THE Raptor reptilians, NOT Anunnaki. Also 22 maybe another important "date". 

Bees were saved-->The Cabal trick worked.


The above was to see the article from one direction.

Now having the BREAKAWAYS of the factions existing, allying with the Humans, and got to be analyzed from that angle.

IF the news was released from the Breakaways' side, then it's talking something rosy about the Breakaways from the Cabals winning big. Meaning, it's a great news for the Humans.


So we gotta have multiple levels and angles to look at the news to understand what the intel surface intending to do.


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This is a bit deeper than surface but anyway...

The Mystery of "pe pe pe" on Google Translate

Image below: (c)trabaho at https://forum.softpedia.com/topic/1103553-google-translate-pe-pe-pe/page__st__18


I take I got your attention a bit from that image above.

I got this info in a long and winding way, and still trying to find the exact original 4chan posts yet. But anyway, while I carry on looking around, I may as well to share this info now with you people at CHANI, so you all can start digging yourselves, if you fancy the risk.

Yes, RISK. A big red alert, if you really DO this. So please be aware.

I think it's wise to recommend running your pc using Lynux, then wipe the OS out if you did this, then re-install OS freshly, just in case your computer gets infected in some ways you never know....................

How To See the Behaviour of the Ggle Translate Spitting Out Codes Like Stuff

Open the Top Page of Ggle Translate

--> Set Translate From to Somali

--> Set Translate To to English

From the box of translate from, enter "pe" repeatedly. The English translation box starts to spit out weird sentences...

Look, maybe it's something done by the developer for some sort of joke, you never know. But please be very very careful indeed.


Because what I got as the contents appeared in the boxes are DIFFERENT from what the image is showing above. (The image above shows the poster is trying to only put "p" to see what that does, instead of "pe", to start with.)

I don't intend to do this experiment myself at all. Not from my own pc, anyway.

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=rvz9JD1Il00  The article source of the vid is a very trustworthy and full on CT magazine called TOKANA from Japan. They are cutting edge people I can trust that they come up with latest info.

3X pe: people worship

4X: Here are the times

5X: People from all walks of like

6X: Lift up your eyes

10X: people from all over the world

16X: people who live in idol worship

18X: to worship the people of I_ r . el

20X: Sermon on the Mount of Bounty

21X: rarely be worshiped in Jehovah's name

24X: Towards the rest of the people of I .s. Ra/l, who lived in the land of I_/r .. el

26X: Towards the people of Nineveh, in the twelfth year of Euphrates

30X: Sodom of Juda to Juda

32X: Believe in God's name, worship the people of /.s //Ra .el, and enjoy God's favour

And additionally....

Google Translate Thinks "Ooga Booga Wooga" Is Somali And People Are Confused AF

"Google Translate got us fucked up fam."

Originally posted on October 11, 2017, at 1:26 a.m.
Updated on October 11, 2017, at 7:37 p.m.


So the trend was on going since October by this discovery.

I have no idea what else others found by playing with the Ggl translate...LOL

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(This post is evolving as I'm writing. Sorry for editing it often..!!)

The Conspiracy is about the guy who had Chinese background, who was causing headache to Japan by doing Anti-Jpn propaganda moves in the USA, and who was going to spread the Korean Prostitute Statues in SF city park.

This guy was to receive an FBI investigation the DAY AFTER he was pronounced dead. 

Sources<No Subs>: youtube.com/watch?v=fFt7I8PZHw4 youtube.com/watch?v=nwIzJ5gbEwc

Apparently, he had lots of dodgy traits such as gang and drug trade related stuff etc, sounding like he had deep association with the dark Chinese markets.

As soon as I heard the news of his death, I thought "the guy must had been wiped off by treading on the wrong patch of grass"....

There were lots other Jpnse netizens thought about this "death" very suspicious, too.

That was because Japan was copping nasty blow from this guy, doing Anti-Jpnese propaganda by deciding to elect the BS statue Sth Koreans and Chinese made with BS plaque filled with revisionist history written on it, to stand as a part of SF park, by Chinese fund giving the piece of land with the insulting Anti-Jpn statue, with the plan of handsome "maintenance cost" handed over to the council.

So loads of Jpnse peeps were yelling out that don't use other countries for their own political game...which was echoed by lots of the residents of SF, apparently.

Even Jpnse gov stood against the stupid decision made by Mr. Lee.

Then all of sudden......the guy died.

On 12-12-2017.

Sudden heart attack at the age of 65.....? Sounds a bit too young for it, maybe? Maybe not...

Lots Jpnse CT heads thought it's done by China to shut his mouth up, to avoid the FBI getting into too hurtful bits for Chinese side.

But I wasn't sure.

I thought of 1) internal act from within Chinese community who decided he did too much, or 2) a faction doing a favour for Jpn, especially for PM Abe.

When the elders within Chinese community (of ultra rich peeps/mafia bosses) heard about the FBI investigation to start from 13th Dec, they might wanted to get rid of the guy before he opens mouth.


2nd bit is more of CHANI level of CT digging.


There's something very smelly going on since PM Abe visited Britain the last time.

Immediately after his visit to there, a major headache for PM Abe found a surprising assassin appearing out of Britain.

PM Abe might be contacted by the Cabals when he went there in 2017.

That'd be easily done at such official visit to Britain, as you all could imagine.

I'm sensing really typical crazed Cabal twisted taste in the thorns British Cabals provided for him.

One was the rise of Anti-Korean movement by picking up on Lai Dai Han atrocity created by the Korean military men. 


You might want to say wth Brits yapping at Sth Koreans for something they did in Vietnam?

Exactly.( •̀ω•́ )σ

That's why I sensed maybe the British Cabal lip serviced PM Abe that they would give him "some special present" to change his political pain at hand.

....Well lots Jpnse peeps went ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? as they heard the news about the NPO.


And this news....see the timing shown and cryptic date matching is happening? 12-12 and 1:11. The stuff Cabals love playing around with. I think I can hear someone laughing hysterically somewhere far away.

At the moment, nothing is clear yet. What's sure is that it's STRANGE.


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee dies at age 65


"San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee died early Tuesday morning, his office confirmed. He was 65.

The mayor died at 1:11 a.m. at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Former Mayor Willie Brown said Lee was shopping at his neighborhood Safeway at 625 Monterey Blvd. when he suffered a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“It is with profound sadness and terrible grief that we confirm that Mayor Edwin M. Lee passed away on Tuesday, December 12 at 1:11 a.m. at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Family, friends and colleagues were at his side,” his office said in a statement."

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ALERT Skyline Aviation’s captain died at Kittilä airport (Finland) when door of the aircraft hit his head

January 5, 2018


"The accident happened at about 16:00 LT according to the police. The captain of the Gulfstream G150 (OE-GKA) registered in Austria, was outside the aircraft when the airplane’s door hit him.

The plane was preparing to taxi. The pilot, around 50yo, died despite the recovery attempts."

And this small and weird news, Sputnik Jp picked up, but NOT Sputnik International. 


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Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…

Jan. 5, 2018      sundance

'This outline is the story of how the FBI Counterintelligence Division and DOJ National Security Division were weaponized. This outline is the full story of what House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is currently working to expose.  This outline exposes the biggest political scandal in U.S. history.  This outline is also the story of how one man’s action likely saved our constitutional republic.

His name is Admiral Mike Rogers."



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Mezzanine floor collapses at Indonesia Stock Exchange building, dozens injured

"At least 75 people were injured Monday after a mezzanine floor at Indonesia's stock exchange building collapsed into the lobby, police said, as victims were carried out of the debris-filled building on stretchers."


Indonesia---The Central Daeish gathering place for now

Missing "Gold"

Tanker flop

World Bank


The fall looked horrible!!!!!!!!! Praying for the people who got affected in that horror....you can see the CCTV footages in the vid embedded into the linked page above. 

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This case has been going on for a while, I watched over the development and....it's going nowhere.



From Wikipedia link:

"The Sanchi oil tanker collision occurred on 6 January 2018 when the Panamanian-flagged, Iranian-owned tanker Sanchi, with a full natural-gas condensate cargo of 136,000 tonnes (960,000 barrels), sailing from Iran to South Korea, collided with the Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship CF Crystal 160 nautical miles (300 km) off Shanghai, China. The Sanchi caught fire shortly after the collision; after burning and drifting for over a week, it sank on 14 January.[1] None of the Sanchi' 32 crew members survived.[1] The crew of the CF Crystalwas rescued and the ship made port in China. The financial damage of the Sanchi's sinking, based on NIOC estimates, is around USD 110 million: USD 60 million for the cargo and USD 50 million for the vessel itself."


ACX Crystal was what flattened Aegis Fitzgerald...remember that?:


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A Strange Warning: France--Rats---Islamic French TV

Sputnik International and then Sputnik JP released an odd news.


This Sputnik International article is earlier than SJP, JP version appeared about 8 hours after the International site released the article.

IDK if there was any copyright issue but WHY SJP is using a different vid to their parent-paper's article??


And to me.....actually the vid SJP attached on their article seems to be the ORIGINAL footage. Just please compare the (yuk) 2 footages. Honestly, I feel the one on the Sputnik International is a very rough copied version of the SJP's vid they inserted on the page.


A warning dispatched to France about an Oncoming Major Muslim Terrorist Attack?

I am smelling that sorta note from the tid bits of info gathered from the page....


There is nothing new about France suffering loads of rats. We can find many French doccos on rat problems they have from last few years on YT very easily, too.

So the problem is something not that amazing for French ears to hear about it.

But the article points out that the vid made uproar of people....then check on the number of how many watched it and how many reacted to the post on YT? Not many at all (yet)---I cannot track down the original post from the SNS they are talking about, so I cannot figure out the view number of that post itself.....if anyone can do that, please post here to add to the info.


Basically, according to the article, the vid was posted by a blogger onto SNS, then people wailed over the horrid view of hell a lot of rats gathering up in the container the guy peeped into, holding his mobile phone camera at it....here is THE vid.

Please check the top right corner, WHO IS RELEASING THE VID.........it says "ISLAM FRANCE TV".

Is it just me....to feel the name of the tv station/channel being a bit Sprechchor-ish, calling France as Islamic State.

And this site was giving away more beefy info:


"The video was filmed by one of the city's refuse collectors reveals Paris's longstanding rat problem in all its horror. 


The swarms of rats caught on camera shows a huge number of the pests climbing all over each other presumably to get to food in the bin. Some are seen desperately trying to jump out of the bin.


Filmed on the banks of the River Seine, between the Musée d'Orsay and the Pont Royal, it's not exactly the kind of video people are used to seeing set in the romantic heart of the French capital. "

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South Korea: Hospital on Fire---33 dead


"The cause of the fire is not yet known.

It comes just a month after 29 people died in a blaze at an eight-storey fitness centre in Jecheon City."



Of course.....someone from the Cabal is poking into them for a sacrificial move.

People, let's buckle up tight for the period end of the month.....whole planetary movements showing massive possible "attacks" against the Humanity.

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There it is again. 33.

What the hell is it with this number in the media?!  It’s always 33 dead, 33 missing, 33 homes destroyed in such and such disaster, 33 this, 33 that.

Yes we all know it’s a Masonic number, but what is the significance here?  

I swear I see the number 33 used in a headline at least once a week.

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Good point to watch out for, Bryan!(・ω・)ノ

33 is a special number alright.

In Numerology with Birth Dates, it only started to appear very recently among the Humans. 

That itself signifies the importance of 33 for the Humanity, and from the point of view of someone who wants to use us for sacrifice and all nasty craps, the Cabals and others who like to use magik/spell casting, it ads special "taste" in the ritual.......


33 is considered to have influential energy that encompasses the entire Earth.

So repeating the number really is a sort of spell casting process.

If you check on the death number of that Sth Korean hospital, it's gone beyond of 40 now. 

But the article PICKED up THAT number to spread the news.

That's where the spell casting is involved.

As for us, the CT heads, can monitor these points when we see 33 appearing:

          (1) Who/which company is using that number-flagged news-info?

          (2) How many times 33 gets flagged on the news?

               Any other news sources using 33 about the same incident in the process of developing the story, even though the death toll has risen since then?

               Whose company belongs to which faction, and which company used the numbers?

          (3) What are OTHER NUMBERS used at the same time?---time of dispatching the news/re-edited timing, death toll, other tolls?

               11, 22, and other repetitive numbers are pretty strong spell casting process. Repetitive numbers always significantly enlarge the power of its influence, and not just doubling the single number's quality. 


So please do watch out for the articles and so on referring 33 in numbers, because often it is flagging something IMHO....


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The Strange M4.2 EQs in the USA &then China 

And a Death of Famous person:

Fiorentina captain and Italian star Davide Astori has passed away

ITALIAN football star and captain of Serie A side Fiorentina, Davide Astori has tragically died at the age of only 31.


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A Pretty Strange Message on RT

I can't believe this but because it was such a weird ad to pop up, I grubbed it. Then to my surprise, despite the striking content included in it, I totally forgot about its existence till....right now.

The bit came up on Reuters on 28th Feb 2018. If my memory is correct, it didn't stay up for long.


↑(c) Reuters 2018

I will leave the vid RT made for this panel discussion below.


It's almost nothing to do with the actual content in the talk, I feel, but the panel title really indicating something very dodgy for us.

...Well Transhumanism is a high possibility.

┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐to the move. We just don't need it, if we are allowed to heal better as how it should be.

We go beyond of the need as organic beings.

There's been huge a fight happening within political members there. 

One is the People who brushed off the mind controls and woken up to the reality, trying to do the best to protect country.

And away from them, there are those who still love to bend over for the big fat nasty factions.

My blood boils for the fact that the tax payers' blood and sweat is friggin poured over for this occasion like a blood sacrifice. How dare...........


↑(c) rightful owner(s)

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Former Russian spy in critical condition in the U.K. from 'unknown substance'

Oren Dorell, USA TODAY Published 3:52 p.m. ET March 5, 2018 | Updated 5:29 p.m. ET March 5, 2018


Ex-Russian spy in critical condition after being exposed to 'unknown substance'


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Hacker Adrian Lamo, known for hacking The New York Times and turning in Chelsea Manning, is dead

By Adi Robertson@thedextriarchy  Mar 16, 2018, 3:25pm EDT


Adrian Lamo, hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning, dies aged 37

  • Lamo testified about Manning’s release of documents to WikiLeaks
  • Cause of death was not immediately known 


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A lot happening.

Famous snake hunter dies in Malaysia after King Cobra bite


Key words in the news:

Died at 33 yo Snake Hunter

Killed by a King Cobra


Recent news re: lost airplane?

Yeah we had it. That weird military code message to trigger Event, pointing to it directly.

We are winning.



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Skripal Double Agent Spy Family's Death:

I suspect lots of us already know the answer to this situation.

There's nothing good for Russia in it, if Russia was to do this job.

Then why the hell people are claiming it was done by Russia??

It's simply a PLANNED smearing/bashing against Russia. 

Why the hell Russia would gonna do such stupid act, which will point all accusing fingers at them?

And it did collect all Cabal craps to join the move against Russia, using the death of Russian double agent's death, who became the non-Russian asset.

Russia has been asking everyone to get rid of the economic sanctions. They have been suppressed. They are in the hardship as usual, though on the news front, we are hearing how bravely they are upping their weapons of war etc.....they are trying to show their opponents can't advance against them by sending out the white propaganda.

But the fact is that Russia never wants to raffle anyone else's feather as much as possible. No way to make it even worse for Russia than what it is now.

Mr. Putin had just won the election, but I guess the Cabals thought it's a good moment to attack him without giving him any peace after the election.

Anyway, there's no way Russia would try to do such thing like sending someone to going over the border to kill who was already known as a Russian double agent, whose death would brand Russia as the killer and blame them over the deaths.

That's just too stupid as a tactic. It does NOT make sense for Russians at all, if it was done by Russians.

Let's not fall for the last cry of dinosaurs before they get wiped off Earth by their own doings. 


US, EU expel more than 100 Russian diplomats over Skripal case

Trump orders expulsion of dozens of Russian officials, as EU announces 16 member states will ask diplomats to leave.

by Mariya Petkova 2018


Britain holds Russia to account over the Skripal affair

The poisoning of an ex-spy sends Anglo-Russian relations to their lowest point since the end of the cold war



===>The reaction was brought by this incident↓

Kremlin: UK's accusations over Skripal poisoning 'border on banditry'

Spokesman says suggestions Russia was behind the attack are ‘quite unprecedented’



↓Russians reacting to such action CREATED by the UK Cabals:

Russia calls Skripal poisoning allegations 'insane', will retaliate against diplomat expulsions

Updated 15 Mar 2018, 9:37pm



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Expert Explains What Will Happen If UK Fails to Provide Evidence in Skripal Row

April 7, 2018

"Sputnik spoke to lawyer and author of "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia" - Dan Kovalik on the latest twist to the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal poisoning story.


Ex-Russian spy, poisoned in southern England, Sergey Skripal is no longer in critical condition and is responding well to treatment, according to hospital officials. Earlier his daughter Yuliya also showed major health improvements. It comes as Russia’s envoy to the United Nations described the UK’s attempts to blame the poisoning on Moscow as theatre of absurd. The statement was made at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council requested by Moscow after British scientists failed to prove the nerve agent used in the attack came from Russia.

Sputnik: What did you make of the UN meeting and the comments made by the ambassadors?

Dan Kovalik: Obviously there are a huge war of words that’s going on between the UK and Russia, honestly I thought the Russian remarks seemed more reasonable to me, Russia is open to a real investigation into the incident. As more information unfolds it appears there is little or actually no evidence that Russia was behind the attack, in fact the laboratory at Porton Down in Great Britain had initially told 10 Downing Street that it was unable to conclude who was behind the attack and that got very little press as I understand it Great Britain. Former Ambassador Craig Murray in the UK has been very much been on that and talking about that and has been very critical of the attack on Russia following these incidents. I think Russia has every right to an investigation and it would participate in and it’s allowed such under the Chemical Weapons convention. I am concerned though about the relationship right now between the UK and Russia."


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Russia Made a Threat Against "Them" at the UN Security Council Gathering on 5 April 2018: Pedo/Human Trafficker Hunting List In His Hand?

Finally some articles started to appear on this matter on surface media. It was very quiet for the matter, apart from RT...no wonder, for no Pedo/Human Traffickers would support Russian move. We know who you are now. We will never forget. We are fighting back. And They are feeling the squeeze.





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R.I.P. Art Bell: Passed Away on Fri 13th April 2018 At the Age of 72

Because of our own standing as CT heads, I put this news in this thread.

I'm not exactly saying his death was a T.I. matter.

But I think it's to do with ma .je _ik alignment....like one death to aid some one almighty bad outcome, that sort of thing.

Thank you Mr. Bell. You had add so much more to our field....for a long long time since you were in Japan.

Appreciating all you have shared with us.


"During the program George broke tragic news about the sudden passing of Coast to Coast founder and original host Art Bell. In the third hour, guest host Jimmy Church phoned in to chat about Art's impact, and what he meant to him and to the entire radio industry. "For me going into the Coast studios and standing in for [George] and being allowed to guest host is a privilege, but I'm there because Art built Coast to Coast," Church said."

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