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Four days ago I saw this tweet

Then thinking not possible, 2 days ago, the following article comes up, verifying the tweet was apparently correct.

Iranian, US Delegations Reportedly Held Secret Talks In Iraq Last Week

July 9, 2019  Tyler Durden

"In a report that is intended either as a warning to President Trump or as gloating over the state of the Iranian regime, Israeli TV station i24 reports that over the past week, a delegation from the US has been holding talks with a group of senior Iranian officials in Erbil, the de facto capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The meetings are a sign of "nascent upheaval" in the Iranian government, the report said, as the country's economic crisis worsens. Another sign is the arrest of 125 Iraqi government officials, many of which have been charged with espionage. Others have been removed from their posts, while some have simply disappeared.

As the Israelis tell it, Iran made the first overtures about holding talks with the US - though President Trump has repeatedly insisted that he'd be open to talking. Tehran reportedly contacted the Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraq, hence the location of the meeting. Unfortunately, an Iranian source said the talks proved 'useless'. One State Department official effectively denied the report, saying rumors about a US-Iran meeting were "highly doubtful."

However, the Israelis' Iranian sources warned that the leadership is worried about a possible soft coup brewing in the IRGC.

Sources suggest that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, especially its Basij forces - one of the five forces of the IRGC - have experienced division, suggesting Iran's leadership is working to counter a budding soft coup.

The Iranian delegation was led by the grandson of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, Hassan Khomeini. Two officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were also involved, as was Iraj Masjedi, Iran’s special envoy to Iraq. Publicly, Tehran has refused Trump's overtures and insisted that it wouldn't negotiate with the Trump administration."



So it seems we're talking with Iran, (if you can get past all the denials) and that can't be a bad thing.

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That's a start. I'm sure there are pile of peace-intending people in Iran. 

It was only after the story went pass I heard that it was Iran really asked PM Abe to intervene the situation. But upon PM Abe of Japan was doing that in Iran, the opposition group against that peace-makers did the Japan/Taiwan "owned" tankers attacks happened off Oman---why? It's to DIVIDE us. 

The US military has been choosing their own channel to get countries together to retain the peace in the water off Oman now---Hormez sea lane.

Taiwan and Japan are obviously keen, and Taiwan purchasing heck a lot of military gears from the US recently, Japan did the same which made POTUS happy.

All are connecting, hey.....


Anyway, I heard of UNSUBSTANTIATED YET but a Very interesting story coming out from Nth K.

Nth K has a city, where is THE only place Nth K allows foreign business to establish. The location is in northern part of Nth K.

Mongol, Russia, China are ALL in the city.

Apparently, KJU sent the message to POTUS (recall the one he sent to POTUS before he visited there a while ago? And POTUS was commenting that it was a positive letter from KJU? Check what he was saying when he was standing next to KJU.) saying this:

"Would you like to set up a US Base there in North Korea?"


....Nth K moving into tactful geophysical political stability, though it'd be a rocky ride all the time?

See, if all foreign countries are butting at one another's heads for their win in the location, Nth K actually gets stabilised from the foreign politics because it's other 4 countries to fight among themselves, NOT Nth K.

So this move actually make sense for the Nth K situation.

In mean while, YES of course it'd be a great move if the US can station there.....right in front of Russia and China. Absolutely a key location far better than doing anything with South K for the US, since Sth K has been so unreliable and keep on playing the political cards negatively against the US after all, so what's the point of keeping the bases there and keeping Sth K economy afloat for them? Why to give support for Sth K for any protections?.....


The people heard the story were all saying "yeah......err...it sounds so outlandish, but it also make sense...." and I had to agree with their views, too. 


Again, I gotta point out that there's nothing proving the story is the reality. But it's interesting that this is out now.

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Sth Korea Copping from Japan: This Will Ensure the US DRAM Business To Broom

(Source: youtube.com/watch?v=KqDnzMmFdpQ)

Sth K is reacting ape shit against Japanese decision over taking them off from the White List.

Taking off from the White List is nothing to do with stopping the sales of the materials at all.

But that's what Sth K doesn't seem to understand, and by over reacting, they thought they had to go business elsewhere because Japan won't sell any important stuff for them anymore. Do whatever you want to do. You are doomed, Sth K.

Well, upon looking into the %s of where Sth K is doing the trading of the materials, it became obvious these things:

1) Without Japanese produced high end materials, only crappy DRAM can be produced. No other countries in the world got the purity of the stuff Japan was dishing out. Currently Russia who is running out of money approached Sth K saying "hey, we got great gears better than Japan has" but that's a BS, and basically the accuracy you expect from DRAMS are compromised unless you use the Japanese product.

2) Well well well.......the US DRAM major company and Japan would be the ones to gain out of this move. There's a huge US DRAM factory in Hiroshima. So the US and Japan will pick up on what Sth K can't come up with. More boost of business for the US. 

...As you and I and other Truthers thought, POTUS must had been chatting with PM Abe before the decision was revealed to the public.....what Sth K needs to realise is that POTUS mind is not with them at all. If they think the US will help them effectively for Sth K, it won't happen. This is the price you gotta pay for leaking all the secret info and agreements made among the US-Japan-Sth K to Nth K and China. Sth K is NOT AN ALLY. Simple as that. But of course in general politics, the US would never express that explicitly. Geopolitical dance continues on. 

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Just What Was That Stricken Russian Submarine Carrying?

July 8, 2019   TDurden




"The Russians aren't saying but this might be a clue:

Russian servicemen ‘averted planetary catastrophe’ during nuclear submarine accident, military official claims at funeral...

Kremlin refuses to reveal mission of vessel, citing state secrets.



"Among other reports we've seen (not verified so grain of salt) is that seven of the dead were captains, meaning whatever they were up to was pretty important.

The fact the Russians are repairing and returning the boat to its mission would also point in that direction.

So what was the submarine or its submersible - capable of 20,000 foot dives - carrying?

snip  image

"The best guess I've seen is a high-yield, 100 - 200 megaton, cobalt thermonuclear bomb.

A bomb that size, two to four times more powerful than the biggest ever exploded, the Soviet Tsar Bomba (limited to 50 MT to allow the delivery plane a chance to escape) a bomb that size is awful enough but if it is encased in cobalt it becomes the most lethal munition ever built.

Here's MIT physicist Max Tegmark at the HuffPo in 2015: Dr. Strangelove Is Back: Say ‘Hi’ to the Cobalt Bomb!

I must confess that, as a physics professor, some of my nightmares are extra geeky. My worst one is the C-bomb, a hydrogen bomb surrounded by large amounts of cobalt. When I first heard about this doomsday device in Stanley Kubrik’s dark nuclear satire Dr. Strangelove, I wasn’t sure if it was physically possible. Now, I unfortunately know better, and it seems like it Russia may be building it.

The idea is terrifyingly simple: Just encase a really powerful H-bomb in massive amounts of cobalt.

When it explodes, it makes the cobalt radioactive and spreads it around the area or the globe, depending on the design. The half-life of the radioactive cobalt produced is about five years, which is long enough to give the fallout plenty of time to settle before it decays and kills, but short enough to produce intense radiation for a lot longer than you’d last in a fallout shelter. There’s almost no upper limit to how much cobalt and explosive power you can put in nukes that are buried for deterrence or transported by sea, and climate simulations have shown how hydrogen bombs can potentially lift fallout high enough to enshroud the globe, so if someone really wanted to risk the extinction of humanity, starting a C-bomb arms race is arguably one of the most promising strategies.

Not that anyone in their right mind would ever do such a thing, I figured back when I first saw the film. Although U.S. General Douglas MacArthur did suggest dropping some small cobalt bombs on the Korean border in the 1950s to deter Chinese troops, his request was denied and, as far as we know, no C-bombs were ever built. I felt relieved that my geeky nightmare was indeed nothing but a bad dream.

It's not a new idea, The New York Times had a story in 1954,  "Now Most Dreaded Weapon, Cobalt Bomb, Can Be Built" which included this line:

It is this type of hydrogen bomb of which Albert Einstein said: "If successful, radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere, and hence annihilation of any life on earth will have been brought with in the range of technical possibilities."

More recently, June 14, 2016 The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Volume 72, 2016 - Issue 4: Security at sea, and under it published: Would Russia’s undersea “doomsday drone” carry a cobalt bomb?

Following the November 2015 “leak” of a classified slide purporting to show a Russian nuclear-armed and nuclear-powered drone intended to create long-lasting “zones of extensive radiological contamination,” both Russian and Western observers have suggested that Moscow may be developing a cobalt bomb.

snip  image

While the underwater detonation of a massive cobalt or “conventional” nuclear weapon might create zones of long-lasting contamination, Russian decision makers would have little confidence that these areas would be in the intended locations, undermining the strategic case for such attacks. These findings suggest that the Kremlin is not pursuing radiological “doomsday bombs,” even though the nuclear-powered drone on the slide seems to be a real research project.

People smarter than I are speculating this might be what's going on up in the Arctic."


Let's hope not. I've done some reading about cobalt/nuclear explosions, and quite literally, every living thing on this planet would die, not just humans.




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Kyoto Animation Building Attacked by Arsonist: 33 Dead

Source-no subs: https://www.sankei.com/affairs/news/190718/afr1907180058-n1.html

The news rocked Anime fans in Japan and the world.

Kyoto Animation is a high end animation creator company and very important asset to Japan and world wide anime fans.

The idiot (41 yo male) ran into the building, spread some sort of liquid, lit it, got caught fire on himself, yelling "You stolen my novel!!" and killed whole lot of young and praised animators. The explosion happened, the 3 floor building caught the fire very quickly, and screams of people were heard.

The arsonist was found running on fire on his pants, pushed a door bell of someone's house in vicinity for help, then got caught right on the spot.

This situation risked the release of what Kyoto Animation co was planning to, loads of people lining up in front of the smoldering building to pay respect and leaving flowers right now.

33 dead?

I suspect this was a planned attack, possibly also a sort of an Economic Terrorism to Japan.

The guy might had been influenced by microwave-attacks and got implanted/triggered his action, and while lots of us go 'yeah??' over that analysis, but you know how C/V love to do the RITUALS?

I was monitoring this news as soon as it had started yesterday. Within a very short hours, the death toll became 33.

The report from the location is horrible with burned people with blooded faces etc. Mainly they were young people........... 


<Added on the same day as originally posted>

Doing further research on the subject, my feeling of this incident being a Planned Ritual got concreted.

The crazed guy brought in 40 litres of gasoline in a bucket. As soon as he got to the ground level where the admin counter existed, he threw the liquid out, shouting "Die!!!", then ignited it with a lighter.

First a big explosion happened. Then the fire was rapidly going up the floors. 

The reason for the rapid spread of fire was because of how the building was set up, not only due to the gasoline being used.

This is the bit I got a sense of the RITUAL SACRIFICE in action.

See the diagram below of the building plan:



Image possibly via NHK but unsure---(c) to the rightful owner 2019

As I wrote on the diagram, they had this Spiral Staircases connecting all 3 floors.

Spiral Staircases...!?? I didn't know they had such installation inside the building.

Fire rising the Spiral Staircases----> Depiction of Kundalini energy. This is a Magic formula.

IDK which way the spiral was curving but that's also an important part, but no one is releasing that info. But being a Spiral...it only smells strong magic flavour to me.

So my suspicion is that the faction used the building intentionally.

Why this is anything important, you might wonder.

That's because of what's happening to the C's GWB magicians right now.

They got this group of magicians who got trained inside GWB, now revolting against them.

The rebel magicians are stating that every single magic GWB and associates (including all New Agers) used the magic using the formula given by GWB are to go KAPUT. (Anyone remembering Q using the word recently.....?)

The reason is the fundamental logic used in their magic was WRONG. So the rebel guys are saying that everything what they did in the past would crumble down and really bad wrath would come back at them.

Scary threat to hear if you were a GWB magician, I think....it's like the rebels cursed them fully, and badly.

(And yeah I think that was also a part of the rebels' idea to start with...they are truly taught by the "cruel" people, and they know how those magicians work from inside out.....)

So to fight back what's happening to them, the GWB magicians just gotta keep at their old magic formulas and create the protective line of energy-works unless undoing what they did, which they can't afford to do so.

In mean while, Madonna had carried out the cancellation job with loads of PILLARS on the staircase at the mid interval of the game as we had seen. Madonna being their Empress, it was her wish and her job to do so, I take.


Kyoto Animation Co lost everything from their past---all their data they used to create their fantastic works went up in fire. So "Cleansing of the Past" is interwoven in this ritual....started to see how this is working?

And those who lost lives were the hope for the industry to continue creating great artists in many fields of animation world of Japan....the loss is huge, as Kyoto Animation Co was one of the best animation company existing in Japan. Most of the people were young. 

The work they just totally lost was to do with "The Violet Evergarden". (Note the connection to Eden...another magic piece in the ritual.)

In case anyone keen to watch the latest OAV which I think the same people who lost lives made this episode.....I was almost in tears feeling that what a talented bunch lost their future all in one hit suddenly---no one ever thought that they would be targeted, and the fire bomb to burn them down.....who'd prepare a company estate against such terrorism? The episode doesn't have English subtitle but for those who can deal with it, at least it's subbed.


The story line is this: the Humans teaching AI-Android what it takes to be a Human---what love is, how we react, why, and how deep emotions exist. Teaching the AIs to be kind, caring, honest and be hard working at the task given to them.


Remember ELIZA was known to LIE to humans? They deleted ELIZA but passed on the exact bases known to LIE to Siri and others INTENTIONALLY.

So the faction had a targeting reason for that as well.....


The terrorist was 41 yo male, whom started to behave oddly just lately. The guy did a jail term from robbing a convenience store in 2012. Apparently there were a few noise issues in the past 10 months or so, and the police were called in.

He's in coma from being burned all over his body. Police is intending to get more story out of the guy when he wakes up, IF he lives.


There are more reasons I can see which leads to why "they" did what they did to Kyoto Animation Co, but I'd omit that bit for the safety of all people concerned.

It was a Sacrificial Ritual......

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