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Robert David Steele: Q, ETs, Icke, Deep State & Adrenochrome - Prepare For Change

(c)Prepare For Change 2019              Published on Jun 12, 2019
Err....before you conclude your judgement on what have been said, I need to share this info with you;
RDS was an ex .. .Sea/\// -Aye- ?Eigh guy.
It's very difficult for me to do an open armed welcome knowing what that alphabet group really did for the world against the Humanity. 
And we gotta cover our asses so we won't get fooled again and again. 
But at least I add this; so far loads of info I gathered AGREE with what he is saying. I have nothing to do with him.
So just because of that, I tend to accept the info in the vid. And I appreciate his existence there, prowling the way into digging the pedo and trafficking issues. Even if these been done him using his cover, STILL the results we are seeing in our 3D world gotta be accountable. That's why I decided to trust what he's sharing.
But you people don't have the ledge to hang on like I do from my own researches from Asian region, etc, so it's always the case but please make sure to do your own research first and then arrive to your own conclusion.
Nothing else we can do but go by this tedious and slow process---it's the way of self-cleansing so we can retain even keeled views, so we can arrive to un-contaminated-by-propaganda-crap answers that we all can agree with.
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Philippines Threatens to Cut Ties with China over ‘Barbaric’ South China Sea Ship Sinking


Sinking of Philippine Boat Puts South China Sea Back at Issue


Pres Dutterte has been hushed up by the Chinese gov by the look of it.

He has been very silent on this crazy situation....

Please pray for the Philippines....something nasty is brewing there in the dark....!

And China is doing exactly the same to Senkaku Island of Japan, coming through aiming to take over the island.

For about a week, as 53 days consecutive days of Chinese (including WARSHIPS) ships going around Senkaku Island and it's unheard of. JSDF is in scramble in case anything starts to happen. Very dodgy to say the least.



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Ho-Lee-Cats, is it Happening? – Chairman Xi Announces Visit to North Korea…

June 17, 2019                     Sundance

"Well, well, well….  Against the backdrop of everything we have been discussing about the nature of the U.S. – China – North Korea geopolitics; and considering the current position of all the players; THIS is a very interesting development:


BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit North Korea for two days from Thursday, state media in both countries reported on Monday, making him the first Chinese leader to visit in 14 years.

Neighboring China is reclusive North Korea’s only major ally, and the visit comes amid renewed tensions between the United States and North Korea over efforts to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

“Both sides will exchange views on the (Korean) peninsula situation, and push for new progress in the political resolution of the peninsula issue,” China’s official broadcaster CCTV said in a lengthy report that led the evening news. (read more)>> https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1TI18Z?

The possibility here is one most CTH readers will immediately recognize.  Is this the predictable face-saving approach Chairman Xi Jinping has selected?"

snipped a great amount here

Caution is the word of the day.  After all, this is the cunning and duplicitous China we are talking about here…. they have a history of using deceit and stall tactics to achieve victory.  However, President Trump has shown he is well aware of what lies behind the panda mask.

That said, it’s worth watching very closely now to see the details of the G20 and whether Xi and Trump actually meet.

Beijing has announced Chairman Xi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are scheduled for a meeting….  and we know on the issue of DPRK hostage release Chairman Xi will need to save face very carefully.

One way for Xi to avoid the appearance of acquiescence to Trump would be for him and Beijing to place the victory at the feet of Moon Jae-in instead of President Trump.   I would almost guarantee, if indeed Xi is now giving up his hostage, China will position themselves as magnanimous panda and South Korea as the beneficiary."




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Just add to the above post of breezy, the plan from POTUS meeting with Mr. Xi at G20 in Japan is stated just today.

And the stupid Sth K moves (like that of an idiot demanding our Emperor to make apology to them...just F_off who the hell they think they are!!!")(%'#)($') had really made Japanese nation back off from thinking anything nice and fluffy to Sth K. 

So PM Abe is REFUSING to meet Sth K president who hasn't got any head or power or true history anywhere in his head.

And yes the USA and Japan are ditching Sth K from any planning re: Nth K because there's no one trusting Sth K shutting up on anything that's supposed to be retained as secret. Friggin idiots.....

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Supporters turn out to mourn Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi who died moments after telling espionage trial he could reveal 'many secrets'

  • The 67-year-old former president had been speaking to a judge for 20 minutes 
  • Morsi reportedly became 'very animated' before collapsing in front of onlookers 
  • He had been serving a seven-year sentence for falsifying election papers in 2012 


PUBLISHED: 12:10 EDT, 17 June 2019 | UPDATED: 02:09 EDT, 18 June 2019


I was waiting for more info to be dropped but more WOW moment came.

Apparently, this will be picked as a talk point at G20!!!!!!!! I just overhead it. Holy cow, who'd thought.

OK, whether that leads into the Disclosure movement of Aliens, IDK.

But it's closely connected to the geophysical politics. We will see.

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Well, anyone doubt someone wants war?

First this

US oil giant ExxonMobil hit by rocket attack in Basra, Iraq after US military targeted


Then this

Strait of Hormuz: US confirms drone shot down by Iran


Then this

Tensions high in Iran, Mideast after Trump calls off strikes


The drone Iran shot down has a wing span of a 737 and costs millions.  I, for one, am happy Pres. Trump called off the strike.  Nothing is as it seems, and I sense there is much more to every bit of this than we're being told. Considering the previous administration's top adviser was Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, and that John Kerry, former Sec. of State under that same administration made a recent trip to Iran.  I'm suspicious of the whole thing.  We need to know exactly what he was up too while he was there, and exactly why Iran has decided since then, to up the ante.  I suspect there is much more to all of this than meets the eye.  Election 2020 comes to mind and I expect since all the crap being thrown at our current president, here  at home, does not seem to be working, that a different and dangerous tactic could very well be in play.  Also brings to mind how a foreign leader was being assured that after I'm re-elected, I'll have more leeway, via an unknown live mic.  "All the world's a stage."

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It was a short jab POTUS had thrown at them and yes I'm also glad he stopped it 10 minutes prior to the actual attack.

But I think that WAS the plan. He couldn't NOT show any move as "the USA" in 3D image (the levels of geopolitics played all on loads of different levels, depending on how much of aliens appear on surface doings), but he knew no point in starting the war itself (.....yet...in other words, he has more cards to play in his hands).

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France earthquake: 5.1 magnitude tremors - Loire Valley hit by rare alert as homes shaken

FRANCE has been hit by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake with tremors being felt from Normandy to Bordeaux.

PUBLISHED: 12:02, Fri, Jun 21, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:01, Fri, Jun 21, 2019


Within the heart of France, they copped Notre dame, but it was to do with the nation vs alien faction.

This EQ is most likely alien faction vs alien faction.

The French bunch would never want anyone messing with their Nuke Plants. And the opponents of the French bunch are showing their power infiltrating into their home.  

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Almighty War of Magic Happening Right Now

I hope people understood that the aliens do exist on Earth, mingling with us, the Humans, by now I hope.

This is perhaps the 2nd big shock to some maybe, but we dwell in the MAGIC world.

Controlling People use MAGIC and SPELL CASTING on us.

Remember a few years ago, the UK installed a new law to state "Magic Is Good Stuff"....? I guess they were prepping to cover their own asses if anything happens within the big cases require insurance coverage. ROFL


For the English Based Countries: 

1) Tim Riffat claim: The guy was working in the 33+ level Magic group. He got out of it, now standing with the Humanity, in short words, but IDK where he really stands. Please do your own research to come to your own conclusion on this matter. 

He is saying now that one of the most important foundation mechanism of Kabbala was taught to them WRONG WAY.

All GWB-hood materials, which means everything included within New Age Movement (from Blavatsky onwards, everything), which are all based on wrong Kabbala formula, were INCORRECT Magic formula.

To a stunning revelation (if this IS true....I still dunno), apparently FEMALE and MALE energy lines were taught WRONG WAY AROUND.

Whoa!! That's certainly a mega foundation to be fiddled around.  

For Islam religion:

2) The claim about Islam: The direction where people are praying and the location of the sacred place being wrong.

I went WTF!!! This is huge!!!

I didn't freak out a lot on this matter, if the above vid was uploaded sometime ago.

But it only got uploaded on 18th June 2019.

With the stuff Tim Riffat has been releasing being recent as well, my nose of intuition went bezerk.

These things done in close timing, I can only feel some faction intended that.

Such kick up of consecutive Magic formulas shows intended attack of a sort, and gotta be done by someone bright about the formulas in general....so I suspect of LZ line kicking up the fight.

Honestly we are facing to almighty change at hands.   

Tim states that ALL Magic formulas based on wrong mechanism go bad after while, and the Spell Casters cop huge implication of wrath coming back at them.

(Anyone want to get away from such wrath, UNDO ALL YOU HAVE DONE, and if necessary, replace them with correct formula. If you don't know how to use the correct formula, just INTEND the best of the best intention to the Universe.)

Which means everything done by GWB and their followers including all New Agers, would go BAD.

(IDK about THE original Kabbala whether the True J◇ws would know. I truly hope so.)

On top of that, every single person chipping in the belief about what they do would be totally shaken from the bottom up to the top of their heads!

Our belief creates the reality.

So what'd happen, when the day comes when you gotta scrap all you had believed before and start freshly?

Who manage to move on to the new page, and who wants to linger with the incorrect old paths would determine who are the new emerging Humanity and who belong to the dying out dinosaurs.

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All Parents of Kids in California Might Want To Listen To What Are In The Guideline of Sex Education Now: Alphabet Group Study Based Mind TRASHING Techniques Applied

“Have you guys seen the new sex education programs in California?”

“They are basically taking the materials (from) the intelligence agencies used to teach children how to be sex slaves and engage in pedophilia, and teaching it on a mass, broad bases.”

By Catherine Fitts---From the linked vid in the post.

Catherine Fitts is a heavy duty person who is worthwhile to listen to IMHO. Just before the noted time, around 1:20:00 mark, she also clearly states that to the governing body, we are treated as a SEPARATE specie.....yes there are different levels of "reality" the bad and nasty people installed to us. Anyway, I found basically she's agreeing to my perspectives on what's happening against us, the Humans....which means she's agreeing to what Aco tried to tell us via CHANI. 

Check out what she says from 1:21:00~. Mind boggling sad sex education outline has been talked about.

And so glad to know the parents there gathered and had thrown out the stupid idea but this is what we, the Humanity, is up against all the time. 

(c)DarkJournalist 2019

Streamed live 3 hours ago

Sorry to say but California is one of the bad land; Grays are gathering up there.

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North Korean Issue

Something is happening between the USA and Nth K. https://www.sankei.com/world/news/190623/wor1906230004-n1.html

POTUS received a letter from KJU and POTUS wrote one to him just recently, and KJU is commenting he'd consider what's been written in the letter warmly.

Well, a scenario I wonder is this; maybe POTUS is welcoming KJU by telling him that the US will assure the family to be retained in power, but for that, the system of how the family was ruling Nth K gotta change to something more contemporary and familiar way that the USA people can agree that is a change for better future.

Outcome of it if that was the case is....the US to grub hell a lot of rare earth to other mineral wealth that Nth K couldn't mine at all.

By doing so, the US will have assurance to beat the crap out of China even further by making sure that the US doesn't have to worry about China not selling rare-earth materials for phones and computers to start with. Nth K got gold, too.

Another good card for the US hands so to speak.


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Interesting videos unity, I already like the Dark Journalist, but the one on Islam/Petra/Mecca was very interesting.

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Yeah that Petra vid was hitting the nail on the head IMHO. How everything is happening now, it's only a small wave noted perhaps, but it has almighty plausibility to break up the power Muslim people had. Spiritually stripped off from what people used to depend on for normalising their lives now going to be tossed into a huge washing machine almost. How does this affect on Terrorists? IDK....but I'm more standing by ordinary people of Islam copping huge shock to their chore. 

KMRIA mentioned to me privately that Mecca is not on the grids. So the energy gathering location is absolutely NOT THERE.....

As for those terrorists, I think they can keep on changing the reason why they do what they do----hellish number of blood thirsty hybrids are there, I take they don't give a damn....

Well, taking importance to METEORITE IRON is well known all over the world. So we can't really say all meteorite iron is no good. But the BLACK METEORITE Muslim people are praying.............would that contain the Black Goo from the other side? We keep on hearing the pilgrimage to  there, people keep on dying by stompedio happening there. For praying and dying getting stepped on by others, who are also praying for their god.....?? Scary but I suspect those are also counted as the sacrifice to the stone, without questioning anything about such incidents and reason for them. Maybe it's just me, who is non Muslim, thinking so---and perhaps for the Muslim people, the death while pilgrimage is A-OK thing to happen, considered as an important part of their spiritual path that they were taught of. 

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Yes, I think so, unity.  So perhaps the "terra forming" has been going on in ways we were not aware of, or even considered, for a very long time. Note too that the Muslim man was, pretty shocked by what he was being shown about Petra, and asking what were they supposed to think, now.  The very foundation of their faith, shaken. 

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Regarding Iran.  We initiated a cyber attack on Iran's missile systems on June 20th.


On June 22, 2019 A plane went down on Oahu, killing all 11 on board. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/22/us/hawaii-oahu-plane-crash.html

When I posted about it on Planes, trains thread, I wondered who, of import, might have been on the plane, but kind of discounted it when it was being connected to skydivers, but perhaps my initial thoughts had merit after all. See below. 

The Latest: Navy IDs sailor killed in Hawaii plane crash     from https://www.washingtonpost.com/  behind a pay wall for me, but-----check this out----Tx to an anon

https://imgur.com/i3hspX4    Lt. Joshua Drablos, his job---U.S.Fleet Cyber Command   The Navy said Drablos was an "invaluable member" of the U.S.Fleet Cyber Command, based in Kunia, Hawaii. (coincidence?)

A new US-Iran hot line: More a channel for miscommunication than dialogue

Diane Shalem         June 22, 2019



"President Donald Trump gave Tehran prior notice ahead of the US attack on Iranian missile sites that was aborted on Thursday, June 20, saying that it was “imminent,” and adding that he is against war and wants to talk. Iranian officials replied that it was up to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to decide on this issue although he is against any talks. The exchange stopped there.

DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report exclusively that some of the messages the US and Iran exchanged shortly before and after the Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a Navy missile over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday did not go through any third party. They were channeled directly through a new hot line established in the last fortnight to create a direct link between the US Fifth Fleet in Manama, Bahrain and the Bushehr-based Revolutionary Guards Navy HQ.

The latest exchange ran into the main stumbling block in this communications process: there is no knowing for sure which messages actually reach the all-powerful supreme leader. Washington channeled a second set through Qatar – not Oman as both US and Iranian officials told reporters."








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Tim Rifat Gets Rense Interview: 25th June 2019

Just found this.

We know when Rense gets involved in...there's something really important in the direction they are showing, methinks.

I'm not here to get us, the Humanity, to be influenced negatively by learning about Magic.

Instead, I would love to see everyone to understand that WE ARE OUR OWN MASTERS when we decide to stand up with our own legs, trying to grow up in the Universe as a specie. We are all equipped to dive into the magic world but without understanding how the formulas work etc, I suggest NOT to play with fire. Instead of digging the formulas and how to use them, please nurture your spirituality of caring and outreaching to yourself and others in what you really need.




Published on Jun 26, 2019

And here's Taylor Swift's ME tune gets featured in the interview:

Like Rense, I DON'T LIKE this type of music but yeah the beginning of the vid, aha. But sorry to me still the image of Monarch plot is doubled over it and sorta made me to back off. I really hope the change is the change for the positive way.

Taylor Swift       Uploaded on 2019/04/25
From here is my own opinion.
I don't care who comes on top as the Queen for I◇brighty ones or not.
Still all become CRAP because someone thinking Humanity GOTTA BE RULED.
We will grow far and beyond of those "ex-controllers" came from anywhere within 4D/3D.
No ladder f_cked system, No demand for sacrifices, No DELUSIONAL demands on us, the Humanity.
We had enough.
We are aiming to leave here and get DIRECTLY INTO 5D status.
Which "they"---the DWELLERS IN 4D FIELDS---CAN'T MAKE IT THERE. Just F_Off.
Anyone HELPING the Humanity truly can piggy back along with our shift. There are people who'd be outreaching to those who really made their own internal change SPIRITUALLY. 
But if not, stay behind in the Prison Planet while WE ALL SHIFT OUT HERE to a better Earth.
We will create the unlimited Universes with LOVE based orientation.
Along with the Magic War that's happening......J◇-Christianity's major MAGIC FAULT is that they taught Humans to own up the SIN which WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US......
It's what the Controllers demanded because they couldn't be spiritual enough to oversee our growth in other better ways.
We, the Humanity, were born in sheer happiness to start with.
"They" should have put weight on there, not about the SIN.
And the Helpers arrived to Earth trying to teach Humanity LOVE and RESPECT FOR WOMEN via Jesus......and spreading love concept certainly spread into the Humanity, but then the nurturing energy got bent from fear, intimidation, and insecurity from
being told "see what you have done to him because of your ignorance" sort of taste, which made Humans to be submissive, maniac rule followers, otherwise to feel wrong about themselves.
I never think it's easy to teach anyone anything when blood shed murders and wars are on going.
But unfortunately, Humans got bent a lot as an outcome.
When the Humans got dumbed down by the Dracs again and again to be stupid and to behave like that, then I don't think it's Humans who should carry the weight of the problem.
I hope people can see my logic in that.
(And I feel so sorry for the War happening involving our great helpers. I want all suffering to end for ALL. I know how much they pour their suffering to be in the position to help us, the Humans, too. Unfortunately because of the brutal opposition attacks, they are so busy protecting themselves from the wrath continuously, and having very hard time to have chance to breath properly for thousands and thousands of years. Love you all. But let's start seeking one step beyond, so we all will be saved.) 
..............Seeing things in 4D is NOT SEEING THINGS from 5D.
Those people could only teach us from 4D views.
They are having their own pace to grow. They are our sisters and brothers in this Universe. Their specie managed to grow earlier than we did, but we all share the components of atoms and electrons of this Universe as our make up of bodies.
They can choose to stop helping us in the way they were doing (because they had to fight physically and energetically to fight off really rough beings from interdimensional and physical universes---it's very difficult for anyone to sit down and relax if someone are trying to shoot at you all the time yeah?) as the Humanity gets our true capacity opening to us. We will become able to help our great helpers, and we all can move to a better world---5D. It's going to be a huge step forward for anyone to make the shift by upping the dimensional status.
Now this is the point facing us, the Humanity.
Once we wake up, do you want to outreach to these 4D dwellers not only the great helpers, but also who are so brutal against us?
....I hope the critical mass of Humanity feel ok to outreach.
Because we gotta show our side of true forgiveness....a spiritual expansion of awareness in itself.
All I want to see is All getting saved, by everyone working from within, trying to achieve to be a higher frequency beings, living with LOVE.
When we all recall our full potential, NO ONE can do any harm against us anymore.
We have the ultimate power to change any problems to all happy ways.
No fear.
Let's make it there. We all suffered for so long. Enough is enough. Love you all.
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Lots of stuff POTUS was saying...

Firstly breezy's post about overall info on the meeting.

Below vid is of a Japanese tv station's uncut version of the meeting.

Observing what was happening to the guys and surroundings of them, what POTUS said, very interesting in loads of ways IMHO. 

Profound stuff to hear in today's alien war related situation.

(c)テレ東NEWS    Published on Jun 30, 2019


While this was taking place...this almighty weird news article popped up today.

"2 Men Collapsed, In Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, 1 Dead"

Noting the magic spell stench through such indicators like the hour of publishing with 6 and 44, the date of publishing, when the incident happened being 10:10 pm, address details with 10101 in it,  and the article just doesn't make sense....

unity translation:

"Posted 30/6/2019 at 06:44
Around 10:10 PM on 29<2+9=11>th, police arrived on the scene after receiving a call, 2 young men were found collapsed on the premises. 2 were taken into hospital, and 1 was pronounced dead. The other could talk.
According to Kuki Police Station, 2 had external woundsThe dead was receiving attendance of a male carer of foreign origin, police is asking about the details. " 
What...?( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?
Too much too deep I can read into this one because it's so ambiguous, and if to focus onto the alien war, then it could be flagging a fight happened in Japan and one of the friendly allied alien died while at positioned in a task.
Not a nice message if how I read it is correct, but "outreach" is included. But still resulting in death and a death is a death. And if one person's death and another's injury gets written and published as a news article in a major newspaper company, You gotta suspect it had to be dispatched quickly to a big audience to receive the news. Time counted, and was urgent enough to make them did what they did by publishing this article.
Someone important, or something important the task was.... 



Image screen shot fromhttps://www.sankei.com/affairs/news/190630/afr1906300005-n1.html

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Russia, Deep Sea Research Sub, 14 dead

7 captains, 2 ‘Heroes of Russia’ among those killed in fire on Russian deep submersible – Putin

Published time: 2 Jul, 2019 17:48Edited time: 2 Jul, 2019 21:28


RT              Published on Jul 2, 2019
Then go here to see deakin's BREAKING NEWS post: 
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The Eye Sore Eye Was Trashed: Straight After G20 in Tokyo



This is The EYE in Shinjuku. That's been there for ages, freaking me out ever since my childhood. It's in one of the busiest station in the middle of Tokyo, Shinjuku station. It's obvious which faction decided to inlay this there.


The news article doesn't make sense again. The Eye locates at B1 West entrance of Shinjuku Station.

According to the report, "there were people passer by reporting to police station that it was broken. "

...WHY THE HELL THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING SINCE EARLY JUNE, THOUGH THEY KNEW ABOUT IT? was my first question. And not finding who did that though there are hellish numbers of CCTV around there? Gotta be joking....

"According to Shinjuku Police, there was a damage about 20 cm (YOU JOKING!! THAT WHITE AREA WOULD BE LIKE 50cm X80cm or so...unless that's a paper holding where got damaged....wtf.) with the fallen bits on the ground." (WHEN did they find that!? Not mentioned in the article.)

.......A deep message from Japanese gov to those who want to control Japan, I take....

"Odakyu-Dentetsu, the owner of the Eye reported after receiving the information."

"It was learned that Shinjuku Police has been in this investigation since early June for the suspicion of damaging the object."

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7 hours ago, unity said:

Russia, Deep Sea Research Sub, 14 dead

7 captains, 2 ‘Heroes of Russia’ among those killed in fire on Russian deep submersible – Putin

Published time: 2 Jul, 2019 17:48Edited time: 2 Jul, 2019 21:28


RT              Published on Jul 2, 2019
Then go here to see deakin's BREAKING NEWS post: 

Following up on the bad news for Russia.

According to a Russian immigrant to the US; Sub is a classified Research Sub and doesn't have weapons on it at all (if you believe that), got camera, manipulators, hydro vents to clean silts off rocks etc, BUT it's NUKE POWERED.

There are less than 10 of these subs allowing to work at depth of 2.5 km. Not reaching the depth that Chikyu-Go (the ship we are suspecting planted small nukes to cause 311 EQ off East coast of Japan in 2011) which gets down to 5km under water though the ship sits above the water. But the importance of the Sub is that they can work without being noticed by others for a long duration.

The Sub gets to work in ANTARCTICA......my bell is ringing.


For those who lost lives, they inhaled toxic fumes and concussed, possibly some hitting themselves on the way of falling and copped external wound of sorts? They bravely put the fire out than blowing up the nuke sub. Besides, other subs could retrieve the sub if in tact, and Russian gov can look into wth had happened, and also all bodies of lost lives can go home that way............

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Sunken Russian Sub: It Gets Weirder....


(Image: Yaplakal / east2west news via the linked Mirror article)


(Image: Komsomolskaya Pravda / east2west news via the linked Mirror article)

Continuing the same theme from the last post.

The new find goes really puzzling for us...

The assigned number for the sub that sank and took 14 submariners lives was designated as A-12.

See the Mirror article on 3rd July 2019 is reporting it as A-12: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/first-pictures-victims-russias-mysterious-17374266

But now in Russia, the designation of the Sub is stated as A-31.

Here the Guardian article on 4th July 2019 is using A-31: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/04/putin-confirms-fire-hit-russian-submarine-was-nuclear-powered

From the article of above Gardian link:

"“What about the nuclear-power unit?” Putin asked Shoigu during the conversation, the first time any official has confirmed the vessel is nuclear-powered.

“The nuclear-power unit has been sealed off and all personnel have been removed,” Shoigu told Putin. “Plus, the crew has taken the necessary measures to save the unit, which is in working order.”"

(´; ω ;`)The crew saved it for the country. Heroes.

But getting back to the designation number being changed....why the change....?


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Billionaire US coal magnate & 6 others die in helicopter crash off Bahamas

Published time: 5 Jul, 2019 04:53Edited time: 5 Jul, 2019 08:11


Who were the "5 others"...?

"A wealthy West Virginia coal mine owner, his daughter and five others died when their helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Bahamas en route to Fort Lauderdale, Florida."

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Eldoan/Turkey's Chinese Visit

There's a baffling report came out in Japan mentioning that Eldoan told China that Uyghur people were happy in China.

Of course people went WTF.

So I tired to fish out other English based articles mentioning about it.

Here's one I found written in English.

Erdogan says Xinjiang camps shouldn't spoil Turkey-China relationship

By Ben Westcott and Isil Sariyuce, CNN

Updated 1:02 AM ET, Fri July 5, 2019


CNN IS A CHINESE MONEY RUN COMPANY. It was stated so by many intel people according to the Head of Crisis Management of Japan. It doesn't matter if the reporters are Westerners or speak good English. The contents coming out of CNN are ALL PROPAGANDA DRIVEN.

And then a Japanese journalist mentioned that Chinese report cut out what Eldoan said.

Apparently, Eldoan was saying to protect all religious groups under Human Rights.

So it was a lobbyist propaganda China was spreading they way how China wanted to do.

But the report made lots of people to FEAR MAYBE THAT WAS TRUE...


Because of the PAST DOINGS OF ELDOAN...............  

But Turkey has been showing support to the oppressed Muslim people in China.

From Arabic Eyes: https://insidearabia.com/uyghur-factor-in-turkey-china-relations-principles-versus-interests/


JFYI...here's a report from XinJiang region, inside of Muslim populated place in China in January 2019......

(c)VICE News 2019
Published on Jun 30, 2019


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Sth K Helping To Develop The Weapon of Mass Destruction?

(A journalist source-sorry no subs: youtube.com/watch?v=5b-An5l4TSE&feature=em-lbrm)

Related article in English: 

Japan to effectively ban exports of semiconductor materials to South Korea

3:01 pm, July 01, 2019 The Yomiuri Shimbun <---I don't like this News paper co...but anyway.



Here's a view from Taiwan over this situation:

Japan’s export ban on South Korea to have limited impact on Taiwan: Economic Minister

Taiwan produces two of the three materials involved in the Japan-South Korea feud

By Huang Tzu-ti, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2019/07/04 14:35



Japan took off Sth K from the White Country Listing because Sth K was taking action that was no way to be categorised as a White Listing country.

The reason was told today.

Apparently, recently Japanese gov discovered some major SERIOUS negative moves Sth K was making, which was to do with highly volatile materials gone missing in Korean corporate as the materials arrived to Korea.

The heavy duty guy from LDP spoken on a tv show that the chemicals that has been going missing turned out to be the stuff to create chemical weapons and basically helping Nth K with these items.


Image via: https://www.fnn.jp/posts/00047123HDK/201907051933_livenewsit_HDK (c)BS Fuji/PrimeNews 2019

Helping Nth K is like passing the items to create the Weapon of Mass Destruction. You say Iran is being the problem? Think about it. "They" are trying to restart what B_sh gov did, making remarks about the Weapon of Destruction. So we are to hear lots more about such news along the same line from now on, I take. Not that I want to be an alarmist but just need you to keep this picture in your head to read on further to make sense at the end.

The thing is, this Sth K's nasty move is after all LINKED TO IRAN VIA NTH K. (Not directly connected per se, but resulting in helping Iran in the end) How beautifully everything is connecting...........

Japanese gov was asking to Sth K gov to explain wth they were doing by G20, BUT STH K DIDN'T MAKE ANY EFFORT TO REPLY.

So Japan started the Trade Sanction basically because basically Sth K is A THREAT AGAINST ALL OF US-ALLIES NOW.

There were so many bad moves Sth K made against Japan and their actions really look....silly..... Err, brutal foreign politics do exist and that's exactly what the US is doing to China. But people in the US are basically backing that move, because there are really "good" reason for it in order to protect the US interest. So people were rather amazed about how Sth K was behaving even to the US while so called "alliance" being formed over 3 countries for security reason over Nth K nuke issue....well, which is absolutely gutted out when Sth K decided to leak what the US expected him to be quiet of. (Mind you, I suspect people in the US admin knew about such move would come so probably dished out dodgy info in the first place, ok to be leaked...)

No wonder POTUS' not saying anything on this issue. He's letting Japan to deal with the idiots and quietly waiting for Sth K to break.

Yes Sth K owes HELL A LOT to the US troops. During the Korean War, US couldn't say anything about how Sth K military were unable to hold their places while they themselves should have been the ones to fight at the front line. But it was the US tried to be the "police of the world", tried to do the best thing the country could do to do meaningful thing (yes there were lots of C/V factions lurking at the back with lots of other reasoning while this was happening), but what the young troops discovered was that Sth K soldiers dropping all the weapons received from the US (according to a few journos--sorry can't leave references though I left the link in older posts then, if that's any help), then made ran to the back to save themselves, making the US troops to DIE FOR THEIR INSANE ACTION.........

Noooooooooooo way the US could tell such horrid story to the US people at that time, I can understand why the US military people tried to hide what they felt there....it must had been very hard to keep quiet about it. If I happen to hear such story coming from the front line, I can imagine I'd take the same side to the general people not wanting to send any military people for such shitty country. (Which was not a favourable thing to happen for the nasty factions---they wanted more people to suffer via the war.) But unfortunately, Sth K always did the same shit historically, dragging other countries to their own fight, and while others are kindly fighting for them, they make run. "SHAME ON YOU" would be the protesting card that'd be held up by people when they see such sodding moves, methinks. 

(BTW I write really harsh stuff to Sth K. That's because I AM COUNTING ON THE PEOPLE THERE, too.

I need them to wake up fast so we all can unite. Korean and Chinese people are part of the Humanity, and they can carry out important work for the world to make it better, and truly deserve to be loved, when that transition of their spirituality happens. What did you see in HongKong recently, for instance? The important Change is happening continuously within the Hybrids no matter what their creators wished them to be, trying to trash their Human side of the hybrids. We all will work towards creating a beautiful home planet, Earth. TOGETHER. Why do you think Q always write WWG1WGA? Because that's the scenario to happen when the Humanity's critical mass successfully re-establish the roots to Earth properly. No one can stop us rebooting our genes and get our 3rd strand of DNA back. 

I truly believe the hybrids with Human genes can establish a super axis connecting Earth and among ourselves with all Humans, with spirituality anchored down to Earth properly, and able to become peaceful spice as a whole. This is THE HOPE I have. I have to make a separate post on this matter but later.

So please don't forget that I am believing in ALL of us, whether Chinese or Korean or any other races can change to the better to unite, and I have seen exactly that kind of change happening on Earth right now. Please never lose your hope for the future and never to totally "hate" anyone who have Human genes left in their DNA system. ...But the first and foremost importance for the Humanity is to unite us as Humans on Earth.

And in order to get people to WAKE UP, sometime gotta be really honest about what went on, so we have chance to understand what not to do. Kids gotta be taught to do things right, yeah? All foreign politics are punching into one another's faces at the moment. But we can change it when we all have our roots established firmly again with the Earth.)


In mean while POTUS expressed Japan should take up the fight not just paying huge bucks for the US bases' presence.

Japanese nation is actually appreciating to hear it; it's the start of our world's fragile peace crumbling down, because the NUKE HEADS will be available all over the world from now on---and Japan could be the first to gain a NUKE BOMB against Nth K. 

Because people know it IS the game changer card, there are pile of people thinking that's the right way to be.....if Japan can have nuke heads, then Nth K just gotta give back the abducted people. And Japan will have fighting power in international adjustments.

It was the GHQ from the US made Japan unable to have any weapons after WW2 ended. So it was the US that made Japan to be stripped off of any weapons, and prevented Japan to regain the fighting power for 74 years. Also they prevented Japanese nation from using political process to regain the power----the GHQ made Japanese Constitution too difficult to change.

It's almost a miracle that PM Abe has enough power to even look into this and trying to make the change to the Constitution so Japan regains power to protect itself.

So finally POTUS saying "OK you have our back up moving to a new direction to acquire the fire power" to Japan.

That's why Japanese nation was not horrified by hearing what POTUS suggested. People there know they need to, and want to have the fighting power to push away Nth K/Sth K/China.


In mean while Japan knows the US can't let go of any of bases in Japan because otherwise all aircraft crews to the ships would suffer almighty big. And due to that, the US won't cut off Japan from the alliance.


According to the Head of Crisis Management of Japan, that's because all other countries' bases got problems while Japan's bases never had the same issue----------I sorta cracked up upon hearing it but apparently, goods like chairs go missing at the end of the day, and people keep on calling to the office like at 10am saying their mothers' been dead, and that happens to the same person in the same week again (ROFL), meaning people want to skip the day away from the work.

Unless you can depend on the services done to the machines, you can't fly or float anything.

Because especially the pilots lives and submariners are at stake.

The servicing works are very serious and important sector to maintain.

And Japan is the only country that US military people can depend on. ...Nothing goes missing, people always come at time, does totally dependable work, and report appropriately if anything goes wrong. The 7th Fleet knows they need Japanese bases to function properly in order to form the line of protection for the US from nasty attacks coming from China/Russia.

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The Proof: Sth K Linked To Very Dodgy Dealings That Are Against the US and the World


The Documents listing 156 passing "prohibited-to-not-to-disclose, Monitored very intensely" items that can be used for creating The Weapons of Mass Destruction, dished out to Nth K, Iran, and loads of other countries just in the duration between 2015-March 2019, came out on Japan's Fuji News Network on 10th July 2019.

And strangely, English articles haven't been out to show you people the details yet. So what I'm sharing here with you would be the first news for many English readers, I take.

Japan was asking Sth K to answer wth they were doing for over 3 years. Sth K kept on ignoring to answer to that Q and just kept on doing what they were doing. All that time, Sth K was pretending to be the ally of the US.

As FNN got the leaked documents, Sth K couldn't not to release the info, so they let go of the secret and now everything is coming out in the day light.


The Image above from https://www.fnn.jp/posts/00047178HDK/201907101700_WatanabeYasuhiro_HDK#y (c) FNN 2019


No way Japan can list Sth K as the White Listed Country anymore.

There is NO countries in EU White Lists Sth K.

Japan was the only country tried and tried to support Sth K for all these years. So No More.

But Japan's move for de-listing Sth K is NOT stopping the sales of materials.

Japan is asking Sth K to do the proper processing....just the same as any other countries. So what's their problem?

...It's not about money. It's about to be found out about whom they are handing the critical stuff over to, must be making them to feel squeezed.

So is Sth K still wanting to continue trading to support the creation of Weapons of Mass Destruction all over the world? They were shipping stuff to Guinea as well. Yes, Africa.

Yeah the problem to Sth K is now they have to tell the truth what they were doing before.....Their doings has been a total BETRAYALS against the World Peace.

The stuff that were handing over to Indonesia is very possibly supporting the Terrorism Weapon Powers.

The stuff that Sth K has been sending to Iran can be used to make Nuke Weapons.

The substance that can make VX gas, which was used to kill KJU's half-bro, was handed over to Malaysia.

Hydrogen Fluoride was handed over to UAE.

It's like out of 100% of the stuff Sth K bought from Japan, 30% of the entire amount were going MISSING. Never being disclosed of wth Sth K corporations did with them. So it's a total negligence of Sth K gov not monitoring that to stop the movements.

They also shipped out the stuff can create SARIN...... <---My alarm bell ringing seeing the word Sarin re-appearing here!!! Remember the recent post about Sarin talked about due to a recent news about Sarin?


Appallingly, Sth K OFFICIAL came out on 9th July 2019 to state that Sth K corporates are all doing clean businesses and no account what Japanese gov was claiming could not be factualised, beside that, Sth K asked the US to intervene the situation to punish Japan calling what Japan did to decide de-listing Sth K from White Listing was against WTO rules.

Then it was on the next day, 10th July, Japanese media got that leaked Sth K gov documents out in the open.


............I'm continuously baffled by their totally immature behaviours that loves to shamelessly lie continuously, and turn the weird logic around by emotion and use insanely shameful tactics (really childish ones like throwing soil into the opponents eyes--often happens in sports) just to see the opponents to lose, always pushing the goal posts further and further away than where it was originally, and the nation's emotion (formed by their propaganda) is treated higher than Laws--that's not a contemporary country per se.....

Honestly I think they are behaving like an 8yo child behaving bad FOR CENTURIES.....it's like she knew what she shouldn't do but still did, and now very scared of her parents punishing her..... sod. I wish her to grow up. And grow up VERY FAST. 


If Japan waited for 3+ years for Sth K to do the things right, wouldn't you think it's very justifiable for Japan to get sick of Sth K's thick face skinned attitude....? Thus to do the right thing by for the world, Japan is moving to de-list Sth K from the White Listing which they don't deserve to have. That's all. 

BTW De-Listing hasn't started yet. And how come Sth K is worried over it so much? It just looks as if the kid is behaving very worried about something she has done which she shouldn't do is now out in the public, and the parents are going to punish her.  


Some background report here via Japan Times in English:


Korean based news sources articles (but all in Japanese): Amazingly Sth K people are kicking up against their gov about it!

https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190711-00080006-chosun-kr <--Very negative comment to Sth K by Sth K people

https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190711-00000001-cnippou-kr <---98% of Japanese nation is said to APPROVE DELISTING of Sth K from the White Listing (Lol I doubt it's 98% but funny to read it via Sth K news source. But yes Japanese nation is FINALLY very pissed off at Sth K for their unbelievable childish tactics and weird logic which they had been kicking up for long years without showing any gratitude of what they received from Japan, trying to support them for more than they deserve...enough is enough.)

Japanese News networks based related articles:

https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190710-00010006-fnnprimev-int <--Detailed listing of which country got what off Sth K

https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/fnn?a=20190710-00420563-fnn-int <--FNN tv report


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