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>>>> MegaANON's latest: MSM leakers entrapped, arrests imminent <<< MUST READ

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>>>> MegaANON's latest: MSM leakers entrapped, arrests imminent <<< MUST READ


: " I never claimed to be breaking it to you.. I was highlighting it to show you WHY the timing of weak and specific MSM coverage on it last week, would later prove important and why his phone being deemed "compromised" would later come in handy. 

Kelly's team sent a memo out almost 2 months ago, stating his phone had been misplaced and asked anyone who knew the whereabouts, had seen it, or had it, to return it. By the time the memo had been distributed, it had already been "missing" for 3 business days. 

Kelly's phone was never misplaced or missing. He f**king left it behind on purpose, targeting these last 8 young staffers/admins who are Obama and Priebus holdovers, Kelly had suspected were leaking, over the month since taking the position. "


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MegaAnon very active tonight on a variety of topics

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 27-Dec-2017 02:25:38


MegaAnon had at least 4 different IDs tonight, due to her mobile VPN changing IP addresses. I think I found all her posts in the thread, but I'm not sure.

There is a lot of banter, and a lot of different topics. Click on the >> links (the ones without "quoted by") to see the posts she was responding to. I have not attempted to include any of the other anons' posts.



Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 17:47:27 No.154590531
Quoted By: >>154592385
Fine. Here's all I'll say on this because you took the time to make a whole thread and it deserves to be noted.... BUT, I've posted ENOUGH months ago, about Wikileaks, Assange, Crowdstrike, their contracts, the deep state and what happened with all of that. I will vaguely again, explain. Vaguely.

Wikileaks as you knew it, was compromised, but NOT how you think it was and certainly not how many of you STILL seem to think it is, even today, almost a year after I initially told you exactly what happened.

Yes, there were contractors who were tasked with taking out Wikileaks, confiscating their hardware, disabling their backbone and infrastructure, penetrating their servers and ultimately securing Assange.

There were OTHER CONTRACTORS, however, who had been tasked to ensure this DID NOT, I REPEAT, DID NOT HAPPEN. As this played out, a mix of the two is what actually happened. Those tasked with penetrating the network, obtainingand recovering hardware, taking the network offline, etc. were fairly successful. Those tasked with recovering/securing Assange safely, from the embassy were successful as well. Additionally, since those seeking to destroy the Wikileaks infrastructure/network were working off of some pretty old intel, they were unaware of the extensive provisions, back-ups and platform changes Wikileaks had designed, implemented and made on the network. So basically, though they retained a lot of on-premis physical equipment, hardwareand hard copied docs, in addition to logins/passwords, when they raided the HQ, they did not have the ability to successfully access and penetrate what they'd intended, as provisions to specifically limit the impacts for a networking/infrastructure breach, had an unexpected raid like this ever happened, which had become more of a heightened probability in mid 2015.

The impacts to Wikileaks as an organization however, were strained. If you thought it was a bare bones org before, then know it's even more so now.
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 18:08:57 No.154592385
That said, Wikileaks, Assange and those remaining on their team have diligently been working to restore and rebuild. They've managed very well but there's a lot of information they lost that's in the hands of people we'd rather not have it in the hands of, as they're using it to exploit, blackmail, extort, etc. others who are either directly or indirectly tied or implicated to it, simply because they're desperate, since their plan didn't go so well, which has only added more fuel to Assange's/Wikileaks's fire.

None of this matters about DonJr. He was setup on purpose under the guise of "Wikileaks", by those who sought and ultimately failed in their efforts to fully resume control over and destroy Wikileaks. They instead, used the info they were able to obtain, to try and set people up to try and help what became their next "Russia/Hacking/Guccifer2.0/Dossier" narrative, simply because they failed their attempts to secure Wikileaks, which would've enabled the original goal of saying Russia/Wikileaks hacking and election meddling.

Don't you see?! DonJr was just a desperate attempt to tie Trump with Russia/Wikileaks over the DNC hack. That failed. This failure is what makes 2 unidentified, official US "agents" to a Romanian prison to beg and bribe the original Guccifer to testify that HE did the leak, in exchange for a US plea deal, a Romanian sentence stay, US extradition, a new identity, $2.5million cash and an apartment. Guccifer declined and reported it. Then Crowdstrike made up Guccifer 2.0, linked this fake guy to Fancy Bear/Russia and called its day.

People like Strzok and Steele via crowdstrike helped compile what would be the last fake dump of the supposed "Russian DNC hack", mixing internal docs and emails they'd had Awan aggregate and pull to make it look legit, as well as docs that were pretty much already declassified, redacted and publicly released.
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 18:21:31 No.154593411
How do you "know" what "they're" planning? Let's be cautious about the terms we use far too casually on here. You don't "know", you "think" and you only "think" you "know" this because they've seeded you to think and expect this, so you'll tell everyone you "know" this, like it's fact.

Do not help them by further seeding yourself and perpetuating their propaganda bullshit. Trump didn't rape a 13 year old. End of story. This is fact. If they do try to pull this card, I assure you, it would bring their whole house down, so they should be warned and ready. Trump has personally and patiently tolerated a lot of bullshit because he knows the truth will vindicate him, but this would be the absolute last fucking straw.

They know this. WE know this. It's a really heavy, sick fucking card and it's not the smartest one for them to pull. I hope they do though. I'm not content letting the last 8 years of Obama to go down as just that. I personally want the birth certificates.

January everyone is back to work and it's not going to get any easier for the few who remain in the swamp.
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 18:25:54 No.154593761
You keep posting this, yet the archive of that whole fucking thread exists. I would've said the "proverbial /pol/" because 4chan wasn't the first board with a political board, but I thought big words would confuse people like you. Stop cherry picking. You look like a fucking idiot, who's still waiting for "10 days of darkness" that passed 30 days ago.
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 18:28:12 No.154593946
I'm not sure what you're implying here?
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 18:43:20 No.154595169
Haha, ok great then. I'm right cause a Brock manual says it, I guess. Sorry I haven't seen it but why would I need to see it.

In fact, do you realize how many times y'all source shit on here, using it to help back me up and reference things I'm saying, then give me hell about how I haven't seen any of it yet?! I don't need to see it. Brock hates me. Not for nothing, but maybe y'all could send this to those people chasing Brock's Soros funded Qbots. It's always funny seeing people tag me to "Q" shit. The irony of their timing was a little too unironic, in hindsight I guess.
Anonymous ID:m8k7tXLz Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:04:28 No.154596940
It was t an "interview". I don't mind that he wrote about our call, but I also didn't know that was his intent. I thought it was just a conversation off the cuff. He said he had an "intel call" and wanted to ask me about a few things discussed and get my take. I'm not mad or anything at all, but I would've made sure he was able to keep up on certain point Id made that were missed in the article, but important.

I said like I always say when asked about space/aliens and "disclosure". It's not my forte and I don't know a ton about that stuff because it's not my area... but I do know NASA costs us a fuck ton of money every year, doing shit they shouldn't be doing, while claiming to research, experiment and conclude a ton of shit that isn't true. Thankfully, this admin loves a swamp that drains itself.

Just watch "NASA" try to get to Mars... then explain.
Anonymous ID:m8k7tXLz Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:17:24 No.154598104
Alex Jones wrote a whole copied and pasted article of my posts verbatim, months ago and someone from there was trying to find me via social media, before they wrote it.

My point is that Trump doesn't give a fuck about Alex Jones. The few conversations they've had were very limited. They're not buddies. Watch how Jones treads lightly when he tries to talk about it. He knows Trump will call him out if he tries to make it more than it is.

Stone gets scraps from everyone. He's literally licking the windows of Washington and he's been trying to rebrand himself so much over the last decade because it's a really tough pill to swallow when you realize the only thing that made you feel relevant, like DC for him, doesn't find him as relevant anymore. Roger Stone did some epic shit. He's also eaten shit for a lot of people. Same with Manafort. Their company took a big hit for that, too.

People respect Roger, they'll give him the time of day out of courtesy, but no one is giving him clearance or consulting with him. So,there's that. Jones and Stone rely on this "mainstream alternative" crowd. Q is trending in their target audience... so they hitched their wagons to Q. Same as the rest of these e-celeb people. Too many of these people need Q to be right because they've gone too far to be wrong and be taken seriously.

Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:48:19 No.154600667
Thank you for your detailed post. I appreciate your insight and fairly made points. Please don't think that I'm directing things to anyone specific. When I imply things like this, I'm stating them to the generalized whole, of people who come at me personally, yet offer nothing to the conversation.

There have been very few times I've seen specific opportunities this board could take advantage of and maximize during key moments and in those times, I've made the suggestions. Other than that, I don't really come here with intent or purpose. I come here to post just like you. ;o)
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:54:42 No.154601161
I made a specific point about the high speed train they're pushing between DC and NYC with 4 stops in 2 hours, but ultimately said I knew nothing about the details of the derailment. I only said what I did because a few people in that thread had asked/commented on the initial briefing statements given by the NTSB woman. Don't cherry pick and choose what you decide I said to try to make a point without context. It discredits you.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:55:34 No.154601253
Probably... I'm out and about.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:57:36 No.154601437
I think anyone who wants to continue what they're doing to the extent they've been doing it, has been forced to play along to some degree. It's sadly, just how it's worked. Hopefully that will change.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 19:58:33 No.154601527
Not in the way y'all position it or think it will happen.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 20:05:26 No.154602169
I don't shill for Israel. I don't shill for anyone. I blame who's to blame and give credit where it's due. I've blamed "Jews" as Israel like I've blamed "Catholics" and the Vatican, and Muslims for the Middle East. I place blanket blame wherever it's due, when they're responsible for themselves and their current state as a whole. Just remember, by your same logic, there's a fuck ton of people who blame all Americans for what the entire world has become, thanks to our swamp.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 20:08:58 No.154602473
Sorry. I'm at the mall waiting for my mom to exchange scented lotions at bath and body works because apparently she wanted more "fruity" scents, instead of the winter ones I got her as a side gift. It's awful here. I haven't been to the mall in 2 years. I literally can't decide if I want to kill myself or get a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream, THEN kill myself.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 20:11:10 No.154602680
I can't. That's not my thing. I can only say that the sciences and studies orgs like NASA have wasted trillions on, isn't exactly what we've been told or taught it is. A forced Mars mission will start to poke holes in this.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 20:15:35 No.154603092
Joy Villa was a plant. She was a mistake and now that it's known and she's been exposed she will lose the base support and following she had as they've seen her for what she is, she will remain a loser now forever. It's ok, no one cares about Joy Villa. She's insignificant.
Anonymous ID:mVK7XOat Tue 26 Dec 2017 20:17:42 No.154603274
Yet Catholics and Muslims, just like Americans, let their elites and swamps ruin them because perception is reality and they did nothing but sit back and watch their own demise. Zionist Catholics, Muslims and Americans helped them because zionists are the problem and shared philosophy of all who seek to destroy.

Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:19:11 No.154608501
This is very nice of you to say. And the comment below (I saw you too). ThNk you both very much.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:21:07 No.154608647
Holy fuck, Walmart's are no joke. You can get live bait, ammo, tampons, a pair of queen sized sheets and 1% milk in one stop.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:24:31 No.154608948
I just don't like people who exploit the system AND she's a Scientologist. Should've said it all right there. I'm not even sure how anyone jumped on her wagon. I sent up the warning flare on her internally, a looooooong time ago. See? I don't just say "Megs for the win" here. I like to use my real name and say it at my day job, too! ;o)
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:36:12 No.154609910
Oh brother...
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:39:55 No.154610190
I'm sorry, I heard about it but I do not know anything more than you would and do about it. It's interesting though. I saved this link and will read it later. If anything clicks or links between something else, I'll be sure bring it up and let y'all know in a post. I do try to get back to things like this and thanks to Todd Whiskey, the archives are a good consolidated place to quickly check if you're looking for something.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:42:11 No.154610391
When I was little, I used to fall asleep to QVC showing and selling shit. It would knock me out. Same with that Bob guy who painted with the afro! Crazy, right?!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:44:38 No.154610598
Yes. Home now!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:45:19 No.154610649
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:48:13 No.154610903
Yankee candles will be the death of me. But tell your girlfriend she can buy the huge ones at home goods or tj max for 9.99 and 12.99!! Happy New Year.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:52:54 No.154611264
Quoted By: >>154611525
This was just a set up to try to tie Trump to Wikileaks to Russia, after Guccifer and Crowdstrike's Guccifer 2.0/fancy bear ideas failed.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:56:01 No.154611525
It's not even the way it's being positioned, just like they tried to report about the Wikileaks file some sent him and tried to act like it wasn't public yet. All set ups that will mean nothing, but are trying to confuse and blur the lines on what's coming. Just wait until the holidays are over and everyone's back at work. None of this little squabbling matters. In fact, most shit like this doesn't. All cards being pulled, all planned distractions that won't end up mattering at all in the larger scheme of things.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 21:57:49 No.154611679
Yes!!!!! Bob Ross!!!! Awe!!! I loved this guy!!! I wonder if he's on YouTube or something?! I'm gonna try to find an episode. Thanks for reminding me of his last name.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:06:34 No.154612336
I will, but not tonight. I don't like to get into too much on that stuff because 1. It's not my thing and 2. I don't like the deceitful hype around it and I feel like talking about it instigates discussions we don't need to have. Does that make sense?!

Harry Reid and John Podesta aren't going to lead a blue beam project to fruition with Tom DeLonge. I'm just so tired I don't feel like trying to phone post a ton of detail around it.

I am curious about something though... are any of y'all on Twitter?!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:18:40 No.154613281
Oh my gosh, this is so very nice of you to say. Thank you for posting this and thank you for being open minded and not only reading and considering different perspectives, but for taking it a step further by doing your own homework and learning the truth about things by educating yourself and thinking outside the box.

Also, please always have a will to live, ok?! Always think of the positives and know that there's always more good going on behind the scenes than bad and that good will always prevail. Try not to let the fear mongering jack you up too much. That's their intent. Just use a 24 hr. rule moving forward and take a break from the news and boards. We can get so wrapped up in this shit day to day that we start to focus on too many of the little things in the news or being whispered about that will never matter. They're only there to distract and keep us busy chatting about nothing. It's ok to give our brains a break. This shit isn't going anywhere. It's literally the real life example of the saying, "same shit, different day". Hope you have a fantastic new year!!!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:21:50 No.154613541
Haha! I'm a she and I'll be ok, brah. ;o)
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:26:10 No.154613895
There's this guy Matthew who keeps posting this shit using a MegaAnon hashtag and saying "call me", "you know the number", "just leave me a message", "wish MegaAnon would call me again", blah blah blah. Who the fuck is this guy?! He's been doing this shit for weeks and I have zero clue who he is. I'd never call this guy. Why would he make himself look like a total asshole?!

I don't know... I'm not big on the Twitter shit so I don't get why people do this. He's got a real pic and his full name. Does he know he looks like an idiot and just doesn't care?!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:27:26 No.154613990
Haha! That's cute!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:30:59 No.154614237
Yeah ok. Looks like it's coming out. I told y'all people had already been served and were being monitored with ankle bracelets. You knew this already. We good?
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:33:07 No.154614400
I'm not saying his whole name though he does use it in his handle because he doesn't seem malicious, but it's just weird and I don't get it because he implies I know him and talk to him, but I don't. It seems like he's intentionally misleading people.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:37:17 No.154614751
Awe thanks! Checked.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:39:11 No.154614895
Oh pretty lady! Nice to see normal looking chicks on here! The chans can get a little sketchy, if ya know what I mean?!
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:40:35 No.154615012
She's great BTW... and no. Before you say anything... I'm not her either. Haha. Just saying it upfront cause I felt like it was coming...
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:45:05 No.154615339
If you search latest on #megaanon he comes up a ton. I would love to add you but I cannot. Plus I'm not actively on Twitter. I only really come here and reddit for Todd Whiskey's archives. To be fair, I have posted on that thread recently. Todd Whiskey has put a lot of work into that archive thing and I've used the ever loving fuck out of it to cite or source myself, so I felt like it was justified. ONLY posted on that thread though. No where else other than primarily here and a few over there.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:46:36 No.154615446
Huh? I know.
Anonymous ID:BegX28Re Tue 26 Dec 2017 22:53:23 No.154615956
Yeah I mean, I just hope when shit like this comes out people try to remember and reference these things. It just helps when I say other things that it would be great if everyone considered. I was right about Assange, Manafort, Awan, Flynn, Mueller, Sessions, Power, Rice, etc. the proofs are there. I'm right about all of this with ankle bracelets. It's all in the archives. I it for months. I told Wilcock about it in detail when he asked last week. I go out on some big limbs for y'all. All without scaring you into 10 days of fucking darkness and EMP's with AF1insulated presidents, which never happen.

See how truth prevails without fear mongering? I'm glad it's coming out at least. Good set up for everyone back to work next week!
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 23:40:58 No.154619485
Haha... John Legend is singing right now ;o)

Let this ride for 24 hrs. K?!
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 23:44:27 No.154619763
It's because it takes some pretty big shit and a whole lot of FAA power to turn a flight around and they don't give a lot of details when doing it to keep the contained passengers calm for their own safety. It's protocol but nerve racking.
Anonymous ID:76Gwa/hd Tue 26 Dec 2017 23:46:58 No.154619956
Maybe? I have my vpn up with my laptop so it's on my devices, too. Flips cause it's dynamic, every 10 or 15 mins.
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MegaAnon clarifies position on aliens from Wilcock article, and discusses current happenings

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 28-Dec-2017 12:58:19


In the 4chan posts, remember that you can find out what she was responding to by clicking on the >> links. In many cases this is necessary in order to understand what she is saying.

From reddit:


[–]ToddWhiskey[S] 5 points 21 hours ago

This seems to be the "problematic" quote from Wilcock's article, attributed to you:

"Those are also the people who know there are aliens and secret bases in Antarctica."

Could you clarify what you meant, in case you said it?

David Wilcock wrote:

"This is not a verbatim transcript, as some of it had to be reconstructed from notes -- but it is fairly close."


[–]IMegaHateNicknames 10 points 18 hours ago

Ahh... I did not say that, especially not in that context. Thank you for pointing this out. If Biff brah below had taken 3 seconds to cite this himself, we'd have saved ourselves this little back and forth of nonsense.

I'd like to be very clear about my little conversation with Wilcock. I was not under the impression I was being asked these things for an article he'd be writing so extensively about my comments on. Had I known this was the intent, I'd have ensured the thoroughness and detail of my answers wouldn't have been left to what he could catch and keep up with, while trying to write it all down, as he stated. I wouldn't have been so casual in conversation and would've slowed down to ensure the points, links and connections I was making over the phone, were clearly made in any answers he'd wanted cite and reference me on. EVERYONE who has read my posts, already knows the truth and accuracy is very important to me. In fact, it's the only reason I felt compelled to reach to Wilcock, to clarify and confirm things he was incorrect about, in the first place.

That said, I went back and reviewed what Wilcock wrote because I'm not trying to throw him under the bus as I believe his intentions are good, but the statement he wrote about this is NOT a quote I gave, verbatim. What I said was more along the lines of connecting that, it's these elites who have exploited religion, religious practices, symbolism, rituals, etc. just as they've exploited space and aliens and secret bases in Antarctica. I further stated that they do it to provoke and promote fear and power over masses, because they can and use it to control.

My overall point in specifically linking the two, was to cite FACTUAL examples of how the "elites" intentionally work to manipulate and exploit the "unknowns" (meaning intangibles and unseeables), like (but not limited to) religion and space and even the documents, studies, theories, evidence, sciences and even the scientific conclusions behind these unknowns (and have for centuries), to promote their own shared agendas for increased power, wealth and control, by further manipulating, segmenting, dividing and conquering our global societies, for their continued benefit and gain. That's where that ended with my saying "this is what's so hard for people to grasp on to".

I also made it a point to note that we're not going to get some "blue beam" type of "holographic happening", these same elitests have purposefully prompted and perpetuated many to believe would be what "alien contact" would actually look like, if alien contact is ever made. There's not going to be some laser show.

Being that this is not the first time I've said any of these same things, as I have been asked about the space/alien shit and I have said these exact same things before, I'm not sure how biff brah read this ONE admittedly misstated sentence by Wilcock and somehow got all that he did from it, assuming he's here because he's read all of my past posts, citing the exact same positions as well.

I would NEVER claim, nor have I ever claimed, to factually "know a thing or two" about space, aliens, the legitimate science of earth, etc. as related, but what I CAN confirm is that WE, as a global society, DO NOT factually know the whole story, behind a good portion of it. We ONLY KNOW what "they" have ever wanted us to know. We've only learned what THEIR, funded, sanctioned research, theologians, studies, experiments, technologies, advancements, scientists, successes and failures have taught us, based on the findings, explanations and confirmations THEY'VE "approved" and deemed "valid" for us to know. This is all also something that most of you should already recognize and "know" too, right?!

Everyone should already realize and accept the fact that an epic portion of the studies, mechanics, technologies, sciences and yes, even the scientists themselves, of everything, are predominantly recognized and comprised of those who've been deemed and revered as credible, factual, correct and valid by "THEM", for literally, hundreds of centuries. This is fact and cannot be ignored, especially if we fully intend on continuing the exposure and drain of the perpetual swamps that have continuously flooded and controlled us. I've NEVER said the earth is flat. I'm not saying that aliens do or don't exist or what Antarctica is or isn't. For all I know, it's just a huge patch of ice due South, that no one since WWII has been able to claim rights, territory or even fly over... and they all agreed on it. The space/aliens stuff isn't my gig.

All I can say, however, as related to what IS my "gig", is that there are many things we have NOT been told or taught and that's not because they haven't yet been uncovered or confirmed.

For instance, there are many within the current admin., prior admins., in DC, the military, etc. who absolutely agree that while certain aspects of things like "global warming" may exist, thdy also agree that it's wasteful to aimlessly and ignorantly dump hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars every year, into exorbitant, federally sanctioned EPA mandates and regulations, UN sanctioned global warming coalitions and Paris-sponsored climate accords, as they're invalid AND useless, until we can openly learn and transparently, independently and bipartisanly, discuss, research, experiment, study, etc. without agenda funded, driven and manipulated interference or influence.

It's THIS strategy that's being used to hold NASA's feet to their own fire, by jamming unexpected and accelerated Mars and Moon initiatives and missions. NASA will no longer be enabled, exploited and played like a pawn, wasting tax payer funding like a sketchy shell corp. federal dump bucket that no one is held accountable and responsible for. NASA will no longer be utilized as a black listed, backdoored business, governmentally enabled to operate under the table and out of sight, on be half of those pulling the strings who've benefitted, profited and gained from the underhanded manipulation and control of it. The same will be said for things like the CDC.

It's ironic that no one found Trump's awkward timing of such public proclamations towards the speedy design, development and deployment of a "mission to Mars", more interesting...


[–]ToddWhiskey[S] 8 points 17 hours ago*

this is NOT a quote I gave, verbatim. What I said was more along the lines of connecting that, it's these elites who have exploited religion, religious practices, symbolism, rituals, etc. just as they've exploited space and aliens and secret bases in Antarctica. I further stated that they do it to provoke and promote fear and power over masses, because they can and use it to control.

Thanks for your reply. I hoped to hear something along these lines and I'm glad you clarified this "quote". I would have never started collecting your posts if I ever saw you referring, or hinting to some aliens visiting the Earth, or some such. This was one of the legitimacy criteria for me, personally.


From 4chan:


Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Wed 27 Dec 2017 23:52:05 No.154721791
Hey! Debbie Downer! I already told you the swamp is practically all drained. Half these transports are just moving those already detained and remanded into custody. We didn't need martial law. You'll see! It's pretty much already over and they all get to ride it out from the GITMO they wanted to close.

Please stop thinking the world needed to end for this to happen. We only need to drain the

and the FED is well on its way, as promised.

We have a lot of great people doing a lot of great things. Your government has literally never worked fucking harder for you, in decades. I told y'all which indictments to focus on, every time you asked me. I told you exactly how deals were working, who had one, who didn't, who never would and told you whoever didn't have one but had an indictment sealed/pending, had an ankle bracelet.

Don't fear monger yourselves, please. You'll be celebrating, not herded off to FEMA camps. Pull yourselves together for fucks sakes y'all!!! I can't keep celebrating and winning on my own over here!!! Haha! ;o)


Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:02:15 No.154722501
Haha, I just give up. I mean, I really just need everyone to realize the absolute state of reality right now. It's fucking glorious and God forbid the swamp was drained at THEIR expense, not ours, because it was done RIGHT yet everyone still needs a happening. I just can't wait until the day comes when we can all agree a few celebratory cocktails in an epic thread are finally in order.


Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:11:19 No.154723080
Yes to some extent. But he may also be needed. He's basically being extorted in a good way. Worst thing Pbama actually did was run for President. He's unqualified as he's not a citizen. He knows. We know. They know... but we also have the docs. Hillary did too. She also literally ran his entire presidency. He was a planted puppet since 2008. He tried to pick up his balls after he won in 2012, but that didn't play so well, especially after Benghazi.

So if we ever needed to rationalize with the dems or calm their REEEEEs and keep civil order, we'd need someone big enough they couldn't deny or dispute. Enter Obama.

And not for nothing but Obama is the second person behind Bill himself who hates his balls jiggled by Hillary the most. He'd probably volunteer to put the smoosh on her, so no one feels bad about dangling his birth certificates and original visa over his head.


Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:21:23 No.154723686
Most of it, yes. Let's put it this way, by the time everyone on this board realizes I was right about it all, just like I'm right about Manafort, Awan, Flynn, FBI/CIA/FED McCabe, Mueller/Comey, Huma, Strzok, Assange/Rohrabacher, etc. (whether you've decided to read all of my posts and realize it or not), you'll just know I'm also right about what you're not publicly hearing and you won't care because it will be insignificant in the bigger picture, just like I've said it would.

You've already seen so much I've said actually happen and confirmed as fact. You should already feel pretty fucking vindicated, brah. Bet if you actually went back and read starting from June til now, you'll feel some of that vindication, knowing what you know today!

From 4chan:


Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:46:00 No.154725132
Yes... but a lot people are going to be in disbelief, pissed, confused, shocked, jacked up, etc. lots of unexpected open seats have popped up which is also great! No time to groom swamp entrenched candidates they jockey through elections and midterms like race horses. Just make sure you vote. Hell, if you're a good person and you've got a good background and qualify, run for office! Just keep paying attention and participating no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on. We should be ashamed we let shit get this far. We were too lazy, too content and too complacent, for too long. We need everyone to at least agree a corrupt establishment, regardless of parties has factually sought our societal divide and demise for literally decades. Regardless of parties. This is fact.


Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:53:45 No.154725592
Didn't Joy Villa look real?! Too good to be true? Doesn't Paulie from Wisconsin?! Little odd he seems like /your guy/ in one of the biggest seat races to boot, right?! Q is a latest an greatest tactical deployment. Joy and Paul are the real life versions. All plants.

Don't worry about Paul though... Smoke and mirrors with that one too. All cards to pull from the house. He forgets people are on this board who remember his days in Dover with Biden & co. We'll remind him. His boss can't write campaign checks from GITMO... and now they're illegal to cash thanks to EO's last week! ;o) we remember all.


Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:59:53 No.154725958
It's pretty much done too. We've gutted the FED, IRS, etc. renegotiated our debts with foreign nations, lowered tax rates and decreased deficits. We've also made a ton of cuts that are astronomically overlooked, increased jobs and cut off backdoor side contracts and funding. These are the very things that will keep the market from crashing when rates are realistically adjusted.

I tried to tell y'all you were missing the best parts of the storm.


Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 01:24:48 No.154727377
Haha, you think?! How's that been working for them? Really fucked his shit up when they marched out 11 women and had the first 9 bail within 2 weeks as frauds and the other two shit their own beds cause they could t remember their stories. I mean, he won the election. They have NOTHING on Teump and he knew it before he even announced his run. If you knew him, you'd have known since day one he wouldn't have run at all if he'd had anything to hide and he wouldn't be dumb enough to have taken a chance, either. He'd have never given them the satisfaction. He's too proud. It's the best part about his ego and it's exactly why he appears dangerously cocky, at times. He can be.

The best part about being you is that you know what's true and what's not. You know what you did or didn't do. When you know these things then you know anything else said that's untrue or you didn't do, can be proven wrong because you know other things led to the manufacturing and coordination of what you factually know are lies. When you know the truth, you can find and prove the lie and who/what's behind it. "The truth will set you free"... it's true you know. ;o)

From 4chan:


Anonymous ID:XJQ8c0c9 Thu 28 Dec 2017 01:49:41 No.154728763

He's here to try and make you and the admin. look dumb as fuck! Like Joy Villa tried and fairly succeeded. He's in Wisconsin not because he's fucking from Wisconsin, but because he moved there specifically to qualify for candidacy via residency, in what will be one of the most watched midterm seats up for grabs. Do you know a single fucking thing about Paul?! No. You don't. No one is scared of this raging fucking loser who'll waste a seat if you let him, while making y'all look like the absolute degenerates they need you to prove you are, in threads they seed with his tweets, just like this.

I mean, y'all used to be so much quicker than this... how has this apparently become the absolute fucking state? Is this for real?! You could've at least done just a little homework before posting this. He hitched himself to the /pol/ wagon almost 3 weeks ago like he was told, then he realized his checks would stop coming sooner than later. His sudden, instant /yourguy/ tweet storms should've been your first clue. Now it's 3 threads in tandem a day, just like they knew you would.
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Some MegaAnon gleanings from Reddit on a variety of topics

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 30-Dec-2017 15:29:34


These have not been included in ToddWhiskey's index yet. I have extracted them from its comment section myself. I have tried to include context of other posters.



statusquowarrior 2 points 3 hours ago


Megs, I've read some of your stuff and the Elon/Trump/Tesla thing has gotten to my head recently.

I'm more into the sci-fi alien technology stuff and I always wondered that a person like Musk, who names his company after Tesla, would have access/knowledge about some of the newer generation technology stuff. I never quite got why he didn't introduce these new technologies, if he was a true "disruptor".

Elon just started his "boring" company. And in these alien conspiracy circles it's pretty accepted that the whole world is full of underground bases - occupied or non occupied.

I see some scenarios like Elon, while testing his boring machine, finds out about some bases which would then be catalyst for a semi disclosure.

For the NASA/SpaceX angle, if I understood correctly from what you said, Trump is gonna negotiate for NASA to go to Mars for cheaper. They say they can't with their currently technology - Elon Musk comes to the rescue with new propulsion systems?

The thing is for these new propulsion systems to happen the whole scientific community will be extremely disappointed in realizing everything they have been taught is wrong. I can't see what would be the catalyst for that to happen - maybe Elon is respected enough in the scientific communites that him disclosing some type of sci-fi technology would be credible enough for the scientists to agree with him.

And it crosses my mind now that as Lockheed and many others had(and maybe still have) their Skunkworks programs, SpaceX might as well have their confidential program going on right now.

I'm just rambling here, but if you could provide any insight into this area - which I think will be very important for radical change.

I'm also curious about cryptos - any inside info about them? I've heard about the NSA good guys creating Bitcoin, I've heard it's all a hoax and the crypto behind it has already been cracked by the NSA, etc.

I do have a technical understanding of how it works(and I'm invested in it) and from my point of view it was a terrible idea, if made by the NSA with bad intentions, because the technology behind it takes power away from centralized systems that we currently use.

IMegaHateNicknames 2 points an hour ago

Hi! Please remember that I brought Elon up in context as an example, specifically because of what his company does to pioneer technology, energy, space, etc. I used him as an example only because he's a household name that many are familiar with already.

That said, there are sadly many like Musk in the private space and across the world, who've been working to advance different ways of doing things and far more efficiently and effectively in many areas, than our governments seem to be able to achieve. The point isn't so much "Elon Musk", as it is forcing these government, federally sanctioned and funded departments/agencies to do their jobs, using studies, research, knowledge, expertise

IMegaHateNicknames 3 points an hour ago

Sorry, commented too fast. Continued below...

... experience, etc. to effectively and efficiently operate, with all hands above the table. Example, "they" no longer get to profit or benefit from the control and manipulation of the systems to facilitate the means of their own skewed agendas. We will no longer fund, or allow others with alternative motives to fund or control, the resources and advancements of our country and at our expense. The administration has made it crystal clear that there will be no more under the table, backdoor dealings. Yes, we encourage people, governments and their nations to work and partner with us, but we will only work and partner above the table, from now on. This is "draining the swamp", but that doesn't begin or end with draining and purging the people in governments, who exploit and abuse. The ties, backchannels and networks, which have successfully facilitated, implemented and harbored the bad habits of deceit and corruption for decades, have to be severed completely. If not, we're only delaying and hindering these things until others who'll rush to fill the holes back in, can do so. We do not need more Bin Talal's, Soros's, Rothschilds, North Korea's, Iran's, Clinton/Bush/McCain Foundations, etc. exploiting us. Nor do we need others easily willing and able to take their place.

Their "system" goes down and they go with it.

NolongerIgnored 1 point 17 hours ago


Megs, based on this comment you made about rates⬇

"These are the very things that will keep the market from crashing when rates are realistically adjusted."

When would you say is the best time to purchase a house, now or a year from now?

Thank you!

IMegaHateNicknames 4 points 12 hours ago

I always admit what's my "gig" and what's not. That said, this is not exactly my gig, I'm sorry.

All I will say is this... rates will be ok and people will be able to buy houses they can afford, based on mortgages/approvals they can afford. We are no longer in the business of approving people who make $150k/year, $750k in mortgages, via ridiculous plans.

That said, I'd suggest focusing on how much you can put down, not so much rates. We need more people thinking in terms of buying and actually owning things again, like our grandparents used to, instead of mortgaging, financing, borrowing, crediting, renting, leasing, etc. our lives away. That's kinda how we got here in the first place with the housing market, thanks to Fannie, Freddie, etc.

Sorry I can't be of more help here.

Arithtoddle 4 points 1 day ago

OK /u/IMegaHateNicknames, I've been lurking/researching/checking since last summer. You encourage healthy skepticisim, so:

Consider that TPTB first choice for president was the vetted Madame Clinton as wholly owned subsidary and one of theirs and that Trump is a second choice, controlled and controllable. This means that whIch ever candidate siezed the brass ring TPTB felt their control and power sturcture unchallenged. However, the facade of democracy must be maintained in order for TPTB to exercise that power and to keep the population within this illusion. Trump was elected on a populous anti 'deep state' platform and to keep this shtick of draining swamps his supporters must be kept believing in this meme to keep the democratic facade in place. What better way to achieve this goal than controlled opposition with the mounting fake accusations and investigations that go no where but do keep the swamo draining narrative alive even as the President, the executive branch and both houses legislate every request the 'deep state' desires. Of course at some point the public will view actions as being infinitely more substantial than words and a totally new marketing campaign will be required for TPTB to manipulate the growing misbelieving public to reinvest in the political theater. Last time around it was the 'hope and change' meme, that once invested in by the voter kept them in the game for two terms. This time it is 'MAGA' and the draining of swamps, which is more costly requiring the use of scarificial lambs, to keep the populous enthralled, hopefully for another two terms. TPTB are hoping that they can shut down American society over the two Trump presidential terms and will likely use this fact in the next election cycle under a 'restore the constitution' marketing campaign to keep the population and the democracy illusion in play.

This sounds eerily similar to what is happening now . . .

IMegaHateNicknames 11 points 13 hours ago

Great question and theory. If you replace Trump with Pence realizing he was the second establishment, begrudgingly but forcefully negotiated pick, then you're right on target. I've posted a lot about this. Pence is the very literal LBJ here. Trump's gestation on naming him as VP, even bringing Christie back in less than 24 hours before naming Pence, was a last attempt to keep them on their toes. We have Pence so the RNC/Reince wouldn't try to pull anything they were threatening about pulling rank and attempting to oust Trump via provisions they could've cited, during the convention.

The Flynn debacle re: Pence and his "role" in that, should've been your first clue. Pence is a strategic play, but not Trump's strategic play... Trump knows this though. He's known since day one and it's why he and his advisors, had and have always kept Reince (before he left) and Pence, at arms length. Reince was a dirty leaker and Pence kept the info flowing for him, amongst other things. It's funny, everyone hopes Hillary and Obama will go down, and I absolutely do too, but I REALLY hope Pence goes, instead of just being forced off the 2020 ticket or getting to "retire" or something. I hope he gets publicly fired.

TempoNick 3 points 13 hours ago*

One more thing, with regard to Reince and the rest of the establishment leakers. I simply don't get the lack of respect and loyalty of these people. No matter how you feel about Trump, you should consider it an honor to have the opportunity to be in the White House and you should do everything possible to make the President successful. Furthermore, you should have enough respect for YOUR OWN GRASS ROOTS and who they chose that you wouldn't undermine the President.

I don't think these establishment types understand how much damage they've done to the party and to any goodwill THEIR OWN GRASS ROOTS had toward them. I don't know if it's repairable at this point.

I hope he can nail them all and that there will be plenty of transparency about who did what and why they're going to jail/losing their Congressional/Senate seats. Humiliating people and throwing them in prison will be the only way to make sure this never happens again.

IMegaHateNicknames 8 points 12 hours ago

I know, but if it makes you feel any better, our parties have been equally and bipartisanly fucked since Reagan (well, before Reagan too, but much worse since GHB on through Obama).

lasericeblade 5 points 1 day ago

/u/IMegaHateNicknames Hi Megs - love your work you make my work day 1000x better you have no idea. Hear anything about these weiner e-mails getting released via Judicial Watch? Something to get excited about? https://twitter.com/TomFitton/status/946492828624048128>

IMegaHateNicknames 8 points 11 hours ago

Not sure. It's a really small file set in comparison to all the info obtained so could be a random or safe set the decided to release to shut everyone up with.

Hope it's good. Fitton deserves it, he works hard!

AmericanGirl68 7 points 2 days ago

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but I don't care who mega really is. That's her business. I am just grateful for the info. She has given me hope I haven't had in a long time. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who don't know how to use 4chan.

IMegaHateNicknames 8 points 12 hours ago

Nope! Not taken wrong at all! In fact, thank you! I didn't want anyone to care who I was. It's why I posted on /pol/ like every other anon. ;o)

madhya462 4 points 3 days ago*

/u/IMegaHateNicknames, Do you reckon Trump really thinks climate change is a hoax? As someone who cares a lot about conservation, I'm having a hard time staying positive about him and his cabinet. Maybe MSM is spinning it that way, maybe environmentalists and 'Republicans' will just never see eye-to-eye on this. Curious if you had a take. Thanks.

IMegaHateNicknames 20 points 2 days ago

Not a hoax. Just not based on facts. It's been spun to create a money pit slush fund and tighten the red tape and financial strap on EPA legislated mandates/regulations.

Trust me, when you realize "global warming" was a hoax in the ways it's been presented, and who brokered and profited off all those tax dollars, regulations, corporate funds/penalties, you'll note it was all done to further control your money via metered services and hinder the REAL clean energy studies, generation and progress we could've made over the last 60+ years. It's been exploited like space and healthcare to control you, limit you, financially burden you and increase your dependency on their system, while they reaped the benefits.

dr_playful 3 points 1 day ago

Then probably not much of a stretch to imagine there are plans set to objectively establish climate change causes.

IMegaHateNicknames 4 points 13 hours ago

Remember when we backed out of Paris Accord, but said we'd be more than happy to come back to the table and reevaluate the studies then renegotiate, if everyone else was willing to just do the same?!

This was on purpose. We're no longer in the business of funding solutions to problems decided by the very same bogus studies/research funded by the same companies, organizations, nations, vendors and contractors who ultimately profit off the bullshit they cherry pick to validate.

No one is saying global warming, climate change, etc. aren't "things". They very well could be, BUT, they're certainly NOT in the way we've been told and sold, via they're false propaganda, while we waste billions in tax dollars that pad their pockets, rather than actually improve or save the world.

Trump45 1 point 1 day ago

With Jones being declared the "winner" in AL, did the voter fraud stuff turn up nothing or is there still more to come?

IMegaHateNicknames 9 points 13 hours ago

Still more to come. The left is trying to slam him through which you should've expected. They're delaying his investigations and so he formally filed his appeal. Confirming Jones means nothing. I even said it's better if he won. Makes it all look worse when he gets confirmed, seated and then it's proven you just literally watched "them" seat a god damn senator via election rigging and fraud, no?! I don't know about y'all but I live for this shit!! It's like my super bowl. I love getting the get. I love watching them implode on themselves, just like the Mueller investigation. You are literally watching them trying to slam in Jones using the SAME campaign/field TACTICS they tried to use for Hillary on Bernie... until they got caught!

Sometimes it's about the bigger picture, y'all. Be patient. Imagine how they'll even attempt to explain this. "It never ends", right?! Know what a complete cluster guck 2018 is going to look like knowing they've literally and successfully RIGGED elections, just like Moore/Jones, just like they TRIED with Hillary?! Do you see where this is going?!

e1337throwaway 10 points 3 days ago*


Do you know anything about all these unidentified flights to Cuba that have been happening all day? Some if which fly in erratic patterns in Cuban airspace for a while. Flights from all over the place. Is this Swamp arrests as Gitmo detainees?

Pic related

Is this a good happening?

IMegaHateNicknames 16 points 3 days ago

Yes and yes.

biffingzorp -2 points 9 days ago

Did I miss the Schumer story breaking today?

Or was that yet another larp?

e1337throwaway 6 points 9 days ago*

Mega didn't say it was coming today, some other 4chan op said it was coming this weekend.

Mega said she's not sure when exactly it'll break, just that it will at some point.

biffingzorp -2 points 8 days ago

She literally did not say this.

ToddWhiskey[S] 11 points 8 days ago

MegaAnon said precisely this, see the quote below. Can you even read?

"They did it because they know shit is gonna hit the literal sexual misconduct fan for Schumer after the new year, maybe a little before (like within last 1.5 weeks of Dec. we might hear/see rumblings). "

dancing-turtle 7 points 8 days ago

Just FYI, the way you frantically and very dishonestly try and convince people to pay no attention to MegaAnon is helping her credibility more than hurting it. People don't usually go to this much trouble to shoo people away from fiction they expect to fall apart on its own.

IMegaHateNicknames 14 points 8 days ago

It does! But only when well-sourced and appropriately cited as you've all done here. It's why I have such a gripe about these social media people. If those CBTS guys on that chick Tracy's "YouTube interview" had actually followed me, "the megs they love" as heavily as they larped, they'd have remembered I didn't start posting on /pol/ until May, not March.

I know little shit like this shouldn't matter, but when people are "confirming" things to lots of other people, they should try to be right. Especially when they feel the need to do the work on their own, because the MSM is fake news, right?! It's like one big game of high school telephone on the internets because no one seems to actually want to do the work they claim they've already done.

And not for nothing, but if all of them stopped talking about me and started talking about what I'd actually posted, after reading it ALL RIGHT HERE, they'd know there are a lot of things I've unironically been "right" about. Then they can make videos, chitty chatting about that stuff.

Thanks for citing correctly, y'all!

LastYearItWas 1 point 7 days ago

There are forums that have taken qanon and made their own circle jerk secret mixy mouse clubs and worship each other, lmao. When MegaAnon mentioned all hell breaks loose because MegaAnon is a female human. Q seems more like a distant all knowing christ to them. Question to you uMegaHateNicknames. If q anon is a LARP or ai with ILL intent, will the jumble heads making q a goody-goody god be so biased they will spin evil into a golden calf? Reason I ask due to q talk of space x like EM is doing the NK tango on the side with Kim. Space x is so secure and secret any assumption of EM & Kim kicking heels together is pure bs. Thoughts?

IMegaHateNicknames 3 points 4 days ago

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to Musk and North Korea. Musk is not a problem. Quite the opposite. I am glad there are people like Musk, doing what they're doing at the level they are doing it. It will be people and companies like Musk's in these "science" communities, who will be in the VERY FEW, with the clout and credibility to confront, question, deny and confirm what's actually right AND wrong, with "Earth" and "Space" as related to "science" and what we've been taught. That's all I'll say right now.

"Science" is a BUSINESS and it's a lucrative one, especially for our government, their contractors, vendors, budgets, projects, missions, experiments, defenses, etc.

As with politicians, we also need scientists willing to go against the grain and fund, study, confirm, etc. the truths... even if there's discrepancies in the truth. Musk will help pioneer this.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=90619

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MegaAnon is busy today on Reddit, various topics

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Jan-2018 17:49:59


This is her posts for the last few hours. At the end of each of the 19 posts is a "context" link which will take you to the Reddit page of the post which includes at least the post she was responding to, and often others.


[score hidden] 14 minutes ago

Trump has an enormous respect for the office of the presidency and while I wouldn't deny I've probably said things like that, I've never applied them to any context relating directly to Obama's and whether Trump would go after him or not, solely based on the fact that he respects the office they share.

I did make a point to note that both this admin and Hillary's camp have the truth about Obama, beyond just his normal corruption. They have the birther truth that Obama's sealed then tried to sneak from archives off to his post-presidency "Barack Obama's library", like they all set up in their names when they're done. I said that depending on how many of these things publicly play and the reaction, especially as related to Hillary, Obama may be utilized. I think it was this post that you're referring to.

[score hidden] 20 minutes ago

She legally can't. She has a gag like Manafort had, like all of them have.

6 points 1 hour ago

I've really tried to reiterate that people were brought on for very specific purposes and roles, for very specific timeframes. I'm not confirming or denying Rogers. When he, retires, he retires, whenever he does. When he does and whenever that is, his job is done. It really does work like this for people like Manafort, Flynn, Mooch, Bannon, Kelly, Rogers, Tillerson, Pompeo, Kushner, etc. Whenever any of these people have left or whenever they do leave, it's because their jobs are done and/or it's not a surprise. Just keep these things in the back of your mind.

3 points 1 hour ago /div>

I'm not going to comment on his personal health other than he's fit enough to be doing what he's doing, right now.

5 points 1 hour ago

I'd submit online, then send 2 copies in full and overnight via USPS certified mail w/ signatures required to Wray's office and his admin./main POC, directly.

4 points 1 hour ago

Yeah, yeah. You're probably "98.1%" confident.

6 points 1 hour ago
  • Better than it has ever been in the last 30+ years.

  • Corey Lewandowki's book release coming up and the advanced progression of the FED purge once the dust settles on some shit coming up. Corey's book will have a lot to say and you'll see his book release being pushed more. Kinda ironic timing, no? Wolff isn't excited.

  • When the admin. and DOJ decide to let you know and sooner than later.

I don't do dates and timeframes for "happenings" specifically because "breaking" things, isn't my gig. That said, we've entered 2018 so eluding to things like "sooner than later" and "it's going to be a great January and first quarter", which are also things I've eluded to prior, back to roughly mid November.

There was a plan for November-December, just as there's a plan for January-March. I'll let everyone else be the "happenings" people. God knows there's enough of them out there.

4 points 2 hours ago

Oooh, I like that! I just hope you're a good guy who'll keep that same posterity in mind, when this "ridiculous" post, is no more ridiculous than random tweets claiming "wiretapping"... you know, in hindsight.

5 points 2 hours ago

I'm not worried about either of them. They're dirty, yes. Just as dirty as Mueller, Comey, Lynch, etc. but you do not have to worry about these types of dirty people, especially anymore. Rosenstein and Powell had roles to play and they did. Begrudgingly, willingly or not.

In reality, the only people wondering, questioning, speculating, theorizing, hypothesizing, worrying, etc. are us right now. Everyone with something to hide or something to prove, who stands remaining in this corrupt DC bubble, has known since the week after Thanksgiving, that we are no longer dealing in probables. We're dealing in inevitables.

4 points 2 hours ago

Haha, I posted this in the huge, compiled and complete archive, that literally documents in full and in detail, every single word I've personally typed, from May to date.

Not for nothing, biff brah, but posting it here in full for protection of deletion and/or editing, is pretty much the fucking point.

You're really going to hate to have to love me... get it?! ;o)

15 points 3 hours ago

I explained Sloppy in thread last night. It's on purpose. Sloppy will refer to the intentional bait left behind, like Kelly's phone. Planted info to expose the leaks in WH via MSM. You are reading today there are rumors half WH staff if "considering leaving". Trump told you, he gave NO ACCESS TO WOLFF

WH. So, you cN bet your sweet ass they're considering leaving. Just like half their fucked up friends in congress and all those corrupt CEO's resigning and retiring. They're trying to avoid further swamp exposure from the storm THEY KNOW will come for them, too. LEAKS AND THIEVES IN WH DON'T GET PAYCHECKS.

  • Today you are hearing about Assange. I told y'all all you'd ever need to know about him and where he was, back in May/June. 8 months I've prepped you for this. I told you he was free, the good guys had him and he'd be instrumental. I told you he'd negotiated. I told you about the lawsuit Trump's legal filed on behalf of Wikileaks and why TIMING of filing was important. Assange had deadlines to adhere to as negotiated. Expired 10/21/17, year to the day he was planning to drop last pre-election October surprise, but was cut off by Hillary & Co., then saved by the good guys. SAVED. After 10/21/17, he was free to do as he pleased, as part of our end of the deal. I told y'all about Rep. Dana R. and Bannon's coordination of that. Yes, even Don Jr. helped. Shhhhhh... It's happening. Just like you knew it would.

  • You've seen Hillary's house burn the day before it's announced yesterday, that she's back under investigation for emails AND Clinton Foundation. I told y'all months ago she'd initially go down for dirty money laundering, pay for play, etc. I told you no orange jumpsuit initially for pizza but if they investigated the Foundation as thoroughly as they should, you'd see more. I said this months ago. It's happening.

  • I told you months ago Bannon's literal ONLY JOB was to set up and strategically ensure the swamp would drain, correctly. Legally. Above the table, not under. FBI and CIA were gutted. Bannon set up the pins for who got to negotiate, which individuals AND nations would or wouldn't be in play. Who got deals, who didn't. He teed up the strategies to smoke out internal establishment and Obama's holdover moles and leaks. Set them up with tricks and planted bait. Set up the corrupt MSM these moles/leaks fed. I told you months ago, Bannon and Trump liked and implemented "tricks" and "plants" all of the time. I told y'all it's been a STAPLE, just like WH "wiretapping" seemingly ridiculous tweets... until they're not ridiculous, right?! I told y'all to remember tricks like "Kelly's missing phone". I told y'all THIS WAS A PLANTED TRICK. Kelly "sloppily" left his phone behind, like Bannon was purposefully sloppy with Wolff. Know who wasn't part of the trick?! All those admin staffers claiming they're thinking of leaving?! Moles and leaks. Corrupt. THEY ARE THE MOLES. Smoked out. It would be pretty fucked up if our own VP took the bait like an idiot and was a source of bullshit in book?! Especially when Trump just tweeted last night and told YOU that he NEVER AUTHORIZED WH ACCESS TO WOLFF?! If access wasn't authorized, then who was going TO WOLFF, to GIVE INFO, as opposed to Wolff OBTAINING INFO, on his own, via is authorized access, right?! See Milo's tweet on Bannon/Trump?! He left you a Pence breadcrumb, too. Moles/leaks set up. Bait taken. Remember Kelly's missing phone. Another "sloppy" mistake... on purpose. Told you it would be convenient to remember, in months to come. It's happening.

  • I told you about planes/airports and to pay attention to what's coming in and going out during these airport mishaps. You've seen flights take off, land, turn around just before AND during official FAA groundings. Power outages, smoke filled terminals, network blackouts, no passport/ticketing systems. Distractions. Smoke and mirrors. Good for cameras. Watching shaking tails of snakes while heads strike. It happened. It's still happening. It's almost over.

The swamp has no money, no friends in powerful places, no where to hide, no where to run (and they've tried). Those remaing are just squirming and waiting, all while strapped with monitors, for months. I'm very comfy, friends. I hope you're comfy, too. Just watch it all play.

6 points 13 hours ago

Sloppy = like the 5th bone Trump is throwing you.

I mean, let's use this an as example because I want you to see how this works in real time. If I show you, you won't read me anymore. You'll just know.

Was Bannon sloppy? Hmmm... What would be sloppy? Leaving documents or notes behind or in plain sight? Laptop screens open and unattended? Saying things that were recorded without your knowledge? Leaving unlocked cellphones behind in conference rooms on purpose to smoke out the miles, like Kelly did because like I told you in October, you'd want to remember things like "Kelly's missing phone" because one day they'd prove convenient as Bannon/Trump love traps, which generate the info that those responsible for leaking expose themselves with, thanks to Bannon/Trump tricks and fuckery, which was routine and effective? Guess those fake news awards will prove Kelly is as "sloppy" as Steve.

HAVE FAITH AND REMEMBER MY POSTS. NO NERVOUSNESS. Haha! They're all going to start to come in handy. ;o)

10 points 14 hours ago

By hick trash, I mean that from Hillary's perspective. Hillary thought she was too good for Arkansas and she only went there because she failed the bar in MA and I believe NY, but knew she'd pass the Arkansas bar and had been promised a cozy spot in the district courts.

8 points 14 hours ago

First, you absolutely need to know that Bill Clinton would 100%, without hesitation, cut off his own testicles with a McDonald's quality plastic butter knife, if he thought it would in any way, shape or form, help or guarantee, the arrest, conviction and life sentence of Hillary.

He is just as corrupt as Hillary, but only because he was never anything more than Hillary. I always found it funny that everyone referred to Hillary as if she'd be the first woman president because technically, anyone who knows them knew she was already president. I swear to you, this was one of the biggest running jokes during the elections and during Bill's terms, he was called "first gentleman", to his face, tongue and cheek, for 8 straight years.

They do not love each other. They never did. They do not fuck, never did unless you think Chelsea is his, then fine. Once until you get kek'ed. Bill was literally groomed by Hillary. She was never hurt, angry or mad that he fucked around with lots of women, she was only angry or mad when he got caught and it fucked with their reputations and political goals. Literally. Everything you'd ever read that's been documented about their courtship and relationship, from college, him moving to Boston to be with her, her moving back to Arkansas for his budding legal career and political opportunities, etc. all fabricated bullshit. She literally plucked him from obscurity because while he was smart and ambitious too, he was more importantly, everything Hillary wasn't. He had the popularity, personality, charm and polished presence. He had the charisma. He brought the excitement. He was relatable and personable, he had hobbies and talents and all Hillary had was the MA state bar she failed, a shady defense record in Arkansas, a state that made her feel like hick trash, and watergate.

6 points 14 hours ago

I do not know enough to directly confirm some of the more dark ops of military, or about a location in France.

However, I do know enough to make an over all comment. There are black ops, black budget projects which include privately contracted military ops and projects that have been sanctioned and funded for many years. Many of the military contractors are former military and/or law enforcement and refer to themselves as "military". So while this man may have identified himself as "military", he was most likely not directly associated with a branch of the armed forces, of these are the kinds of things he was assigned to and witnessing.

Also remember that when you say France, you're now international and could very well be a CIA outpost or facility. They also love a good black ops project/contract. Just sayin'...

7 points 14 hours ago

Oh and side note, did y'all know there are other threads on other boards on here about my posts? There are other people posting about these things on here. I saw a link on twitter to what I thought was just a cap I was looking for hoping I'd quickly get lucky and find and all the sudden a whole other thread came up on another CBTS board, that had the cap I was looking for as the thread image.

4 points 15 hours ago

He's one of many but great memory!

3 points 15 hours ago

Hey! Muh Megs... haha, kidding. It's ok. One of my best friends from elementary school is "Megs" so I think of her. I noticed this twitter account when I was scrolling for a quick cap today and I noticed the handle is you, so I peeped the profile. Good shit, brah.

10 points 15 hours ago

Yes, but more than just military and let's be real. Trump knows his strengths and weaknesses very well. His ego serves him very well and very realistically. He's not the point man on military. He aligned himself very early on, with very important generals and military leaders, past and present. He made great choices, so they'd make great choices. Great choices are never dumb luck.

The military was always in, but private contractors were also in play. Hi Langley! That said, the biggest, most immediate play was the hitting of the FBI and CIA and ultimately DOJ. Sometimes in hindsight, I wished I had said FBI, CIA, DOJ and Fed, but alas... no take backs. I know it was probably implied if FBI and CIA were stared, but I only wished I'd said it because it deserves more credit than I'd given. Oh well.

These things combined and all you've mentioned above, yes, you're not just close. You're pretty correct. I'm a little impartial to Thiel and Montgomery so sure, they played roles, at times significant, also true but they also have big jobs, with big, significant roles so I don't give everyone cookies just for doing the jobs they were hired and paid to do well. That's just expected for me.

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MegaAnon on the Sessions/DOJ action against states legalizing marijuana

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 4-Jan-2018 23:24:08

In Response To: More MegaAnon on the Iran situation (MrFusion)


News report:


[–]IMegaHateNicknames [score hidden] an hour ago

Look, despite where y'all think this is going, it'd be helpful if you realized the drivers, first. Notice where pot was legalized? Under who's authorities, state and federal?! Dig into all those who advocated, supported and passed it. Look into who pushed, who was tied and the history behind how it all happened. Then look at who profited and who gained the most. Look at the orgs tied to it. I mean, you want the swamp drained, right?! Thos isn't really about the weed. It's about how it was done, abused, exploited, etc. from conception til now.

I'm sorry but lots of the same people, orgs, corps, agencies, departments, etc. who you didn't like manipulating, exploiting and profiting from backdoored brokered and negotiated deals, channels, financial cuts, contracts, promotions and campaign/foundation "donations" while selling out your healthcare, pharma, education, etc. have done the same in these states via "the weed thing". See, no one actually pushed, backed, supported or voted for "the weed thing", because they actually cared about what "people" wanted. They exploited and abused what "people" wanted by supplying a demand that only created another channel they could use and abuse to benefit and profit "them". "They" never cared if you were able to medicinally use pot or legally walk down the streets of Colorado smoking a bowl or licking a well-packed joint closed. Just like "they" really don't have one fuck to actually give about DACA or dreamers. It's NEVER been about what "they" can do for you, it's what exploiting you, can do for "them".

Always remember WHO said, "I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years", under the guise of the "Great Society" social platforms and programs they were promoting and pushing to roll out and eventually did. Look at who those platforms and programs were positioned and campaigned to and look at those communities now. Trust me... "they" LOVE that you think it's about "the weed thing". They WANT you to get upset and REEEEE about it to Sessions and the DOJ right now. Just like they love and want you to REEEEE about gun control, after every agenda furthering school or mass shooting, right?! Just like they love and want you to REEEEE about "feminism" and "rights to your body" muh, every time they stoke the fires screaming about threats to defund things like Planned Parenthood, free birth control and abortion. They love when you REEEEE about charter schools and voucher programs promoting choice, while they brainwash our kids with mandated EPA manual readings under federalized Common Core/PARCC curriculums and rape our over-funded, yet somehow underprivileged inner-city, avid school districts... all while turning colleges into corporations abusing under the table contract kick backs for personal profits that never seem to make their way back to your pockets, or at the very least, reduce your tuitions... even just a little, am I right?!

We can't cherry pick where the swamp drains.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=90954

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MegaAnon discusses the rationale of different treatment for swamp creatures of differing "swampiness" levels

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Jan-2018 01:47:04

In Response To: MegaAnon on the Sessions/DOJ action against states legalizing marijuana (MrFusion)


From the reddit index thread at:


~~~~~[–]JohnChrisOstrem 1 point 7 hours ago

u/iMegaHateNickNames; Can you give us some red meat about the juicy Rosenstein-Ryan-Nunes sitch? Is there some sort of runaround going on that's going to screw Schiff? I don't understand why it matters whether he gets a chance to leak these docs early or not, I mean they are what they are right? Or is it the fear that people will know to flee?

A big effort post about that whole thing would be a big hit I think Megs. Or just whatever you can do.



~~~~~[–]IMegaHateNicknames 8 points 6 hours ago

I'm purposefully not mentioning or focusing on this for a reason because anything we will hear or see on Rosenstein is fodder. It's like when you kill a spider in your house but they still kinda squirm so you flush for good measure of course, even though you know it'd never make it's way out of the trash can. Rosenstein going into Ryan's corridor is just squirming. Shit is getting VERY tight. It's stiff and desperate, in a good way. It feels clean. Purged for good measure, like the spider.

I'm not looking to be a big hit, but if I were, I wouldn't shine light on fluff. I'm really comfy on Rosenstein. I'm comfy on it all and I love when I can feel this way too.

~~~~~~[–]TempoNick 4 points 4 hours ago*

I don't understand what you wrote. Sometimes you make it sound like Rosenstein is helping to clean things up, other times you give the impression he's a black hat. Same thing with Mueller.

But I do have a suggestion that will make heads explode all over Washington. Trump should start pushing for a "build the wall" non-binding referendum, just like Brexit. And he should keep pushing for it. It's probably something that can't be done logistically, but it would be hilarious watching the amnesty types squirm.

~~~~~~[–]IMegaHateNicknames 7 points 2 hours ago

I think I come off this way because not for nothing, but depending on when I've posted what I have, both perspectives are relevant, which I've tried to clearly explain, but maybe I'm not doing a good enough job. Let me try again.

Rosenstein isn't a good guy and certainly isn't /ourguy/, from my perspective. Neither is Mueller. From my perspective over the last 15 years, you don't get to do the right things or make the right choices when your ass is on the line after the fact. Sure, you might not have been a willing participant in the swamps corruption, but the minute you even smelled the stank of the swamp, you should've resigned, if you were too afraid to go against it or report it. To me, guilty is guilty and it's equal crime, equal time, all around because I love the irony of equality! End of story.

That said, in reality, my perspectives do NOT match the legal ones. Nor do they consider or address the circumstances, complexities and pros/cons of things like negotiated plea deals, immunities, pardons offered in exchange of information, on an ICB, so there's that.

My point is that while I believe bad is bad, good is good, right is right, wrong is wrong and it's all equal, no matter how you slice and dice it, that's not how it works. Some people in the swamp aren't legally as bad, as corrupt, as guilty, etc. as others. Rosenstein and Mueller, aren't legally as bad as Hillary, McCain, Huma, Imran, DWS, the Podestas, Holder, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, the Strzok type spooks, etc. They ARE however, as bad as Comey, Rice, Lynch, Mills, Lerner, Brazille, etc.

All to me, are equally fucked up and I'd convict sentence them all to the max. To the federal judicial system though, some are legally less guilty, therefore some were worth the deals in exchange for the more guilty. Well before Comey was even fired and as early as 2 months before Trump even won the election, people started coming out of the woodwork, willing and wanting to talk. Some who were far less guilty than any of those I've named above, did it because they saw the real polls and they knew he was on-trend to win and it excited them. They were good people, eager to help and escape the corruption. Those people were welcomed, very helpful and are fine. Others were cherry picked by the admin. and negotiated with to varied degrees. As I've said before, this was Bannon's role. Identify, present the pros/cons, benefits to leverage, etc. Bannon strategically started sifting through the swamp, that would in turn, set up the drain.

Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein all knowingly played a role in the swamp, just like they all knowingly played a role in the drain. That's why I probably sound conflicted. They "helped clean up" the messes they knowingly contributed to and left behind, in many ways. So it's hard to consider it "help" because it shouldn't have existed or need cleaning up in the first place.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=90960

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MegaAnon on Reddit today

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 9-Jan-2018 00:20:41


You can always find the latest Reddit posts by MegaAnon at:

ToddWhiskey's MegaAnon index (mostly 4chan):

My 1MB text file of MegaAnon posts May23-Jan4 (mostly 4chan) is here:

I have italicized something in the second post below which is MegaAnon's characterization of what Q-anon does that MegaAnon finds ridiculous.


18 points 8 hours ago

Haha! Yes I saw them and even saved those caps for myself (which I'm horrible at doing, BTW), then posted them in another thread for reference. Todd is right.

I appreciate you looking out though but please remember, especially as things progress, that I'm not scared or even intimidated by ShareBlue Media, or any attempts they'd make. 12 tweens, huddled around a few laptops in a coat closet, who'd clock in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, tasked with the "flagging and tagging" of "MegaAnon" on the internets, in an effort to ID me, is about as concerning to me as... 🤔, I mean, nothing. I can't even actually think of anything to complete this analogy... like, at all.

I mean, if this is true, I guess I'd just be happy that my posts have in some way contributed to the increased employment rates we've seen. I'm not going anywhere, so I'm just gonna keep posting when I want, on whatever I want, wherever I want, knowing that I'm providing job security to 12 potential people, who've probably graduated college within the last 3-5 years, sitting on $30-40k in debt which accumulates interest monthly, who are forced to admit to their parents every time they come home from work asking when dinner is, that they graduated college completely broke, so they could search for and read my posts on the internets, all day long.

Like, imagine how much your life must suck to work for ShareBlue because you fully support these types of missions and purposes, only to have to find and read my posts every. single. day. That'd be like me clocking in to monitor and troll Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handlers twitter feeds for 40 hours a week. You'd have to pay me at least a million a year, full benefits with a 10% match on my 401k, vested day one. Like that's just what I'd need to get out of bed. 😏


10 points 1 hour ago

This is why I say what I say, lay out what I do, try to clearly explain, then you, as adults can take it or leave it. I don't pepper you with fake happenings, I don't scream (well, other than on a few people like AJ yesterday and before cause he's a paid op and copy/pasted my shit trying to tag me to him like he later did with Q and Zach) and it's why I don't tell YOU what to do, what you should do, etc. in fact, I tell y'all you did your jobs. You voted. You keep paying attention on your own. I don't even care that Q is a fucking larp. It's the internet and frankly, people should know better then to just buy in, exactly like all the Q people claim they do know, cause they're "woke".

What I DO mind is convincing people of shit like "disinfo is good and necessary, stay focused, ignore anything other than what I'm saying, but even though I'm confirming to you in my posts what's happening, I'm not even explaining it, let alone confirming the answers you're coming to as a group, are right. Instead, I drop codes no one even recognizes, let alone understands, I scream 10 days of darkness 3x, no lights out, or gov down, make you think he needs to be insulated and then as if it could get any more absolutely fucking insane, I scream DEFCON 1 then when EVERYONE REEEEE's, I try to backpeddle and explain I didn't really mean it that way", type of pure bullshit?!?!? COME ON!!!

Let me ask you this. Do YOU ANY OF YOU, actually think that if Trump wanted or intended to leave you fucking confused, he'd care SO MUCH, like he's PROVEN HE DOES, to establish and enable DIRECT CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION, to you?!? If Trump wanted to confuse you, leave you hanging, scare you, etc. HE'D LET CNN TELL YOU EVERYTHING, wouldn't he?! He'd NEVER, EVER allow or stand for this level of confusion without confirmation on tobthis extent, like "Q" claims to be doing on behalf of him!!!

And guess what else he'd never do?!? He'd NEVER ENCOURAGE YOU TO BECOME THE LITERAL "CITIZEN CNN", spreading fake shit about potus being insulated over Asia in AF1 at 40k ft. due to an EMP BLACKOUT THAT EVERYONE WHO WOULD KNOW, DID KNOWCWAS NEVER A FUCKING THREAT. EVER. He wouldn't encourage you to spread memes and educate everyone you fucking know on something that HE DIDNT 100%, clear as day, know and confirm to y'all himself, on behalf of him, his office or his administration. NEVER. These people should KNOW THIS!!! Yes Trump likes to leave little pokes, jabs and nuggets in his tweets but you know this. Has Trump ever scared any of you like this?! Has he or even Don Jr., the mouthpiece for ALL THE SHIT Trump really wants to say, EVER MADE YOU QUESTION WHETHER WE ARE REALLY AT DEFCON FUCKING 1, or not?! Has he ever apologized or walked back anything?! Has he ever made you REEEE?!


So sorry, but I can't just sit here and watch something RUIN THE CREDIBILITY AND CLEAR, HONEST TRANSPARENCY THAT TRUMP HAS ESTABLISHED AND GIVEN YOU DIRECTLY via his tweets and the direct paths of communication, so that some fucking anon Q people shitting up god damn message boards on the internet can exploit it and try to claim what TRUMP is doing, as theirs!!! they don't get to manipulate his tweets and hitch their wagons to his to get you blindly following.

If you follow Q and have from the beginning, great. You're an adult and you have the right to choose what you read, believe and act on or not, as a result. BUT I'M NOT CRAZY FOR SUGGESTING YOU DO WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS CLAIMED TO DO BEFORE!!! You "woke" people, tired of the MSM and FAKE NEWS, USED to demand vetting and validation before forming a confirmation or opinion! You USED to demand more than "unnamed" and "undisclosed" sources before . You USED to REQUIRE SAUCE, BEFORE ACTING AND SPREADING TO ENSURE YOU WEREN'T THE FAKE NEWS YOU HATED.

I don't give a single fuck who Q is it what they're doing. I care that too many people BLINDY do! They have been FOLLOEING AND ACTING on shit Q hasn't even actually confirmed whether they're right or not on ALL of it, for months!!! MONTHS!! SINCE WHEN, is it too much to DEMAND these BASIC THINGS, especially from someone telling you they are posting on behalf of POTUS on a board on the internet (who factually, no one knows who it is from a fucking hole in the wall, BTW), where we all know larps and paid shills are a dime a dozen, BEFORE YOU GO spreading shit you can't even factually confirm IS CONNECTED, or IS TIED, EXACTLY THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, other than simply because Q posted it so it must be the case.

I hate to tell y'all this, but I posted that pic of the Oval Office couch on here TO PROVE A POINT. When someone wanted to prove it, they proved me statements in that thread, RIGHT. If anyone just even half capable went back and dug through all of those pics, even like the sword or Camp David pens in desk pics, you'd see they're no different than the Oval Office couch pic I planted. PLANTED. As in ON PURPOSE. TO PROVE A POINT.

Sorry if this just seems like "MegaAnon acts/sounds like a teenager". Sorry I just AM A PERSON WHO ACTUALLY FUCKING CARES and uses caps for emphasis and curses out of emotion, but whether you believe me, like me, think I'm legit or a larp, who cares?!? Nothing I'm saying right here is crazy, these are things you should all demand and expect from anyone. I don't ask y'all to tweet me, spread me, YouTube about me, meme me, etc! I post just like you! I don't need my own board, maps, rabbits, etc. I don't need you to be scared or demoralized over false happenings. I don't need to break news to you. I'm not dangerous. You're not some army for ME OR ANYONE. Remember that. If you want to be Q's army, great. But you should respect yourselves enough, to demand validation and confirmation, via more than just a few cryptic social media stack and queue short codes/comms, that anyone could recreate. Demand more than meta stripped and filtered pics you could find the originals with meta on, if you just dug hard enough. Demand more for your months of dedication and time. Q can see your commitment. They can validate and confirm your efforts because they see it all over fucking InfoWars, A few smaller MSM sites, twitter and YouTube. They can follow your rabbits. MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU NOW.

Do you really believe someone covertly posting on 8ch on behalf of the same potus who scrubbed and entire Trump tower and WH for bugs, would communicate with y'all through a "secure trip" or even a "super secret and secure trip" that could be and was, hacked like 4x already, total?!

Do you really think that boards flooded with literal shill orgs we factually know exist, who target and manipulate these boards, their mods and execs, just like they do the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. would engage directly in a super secret tripcide creation and the creation of a new, Q-only accessible/post board now, for some anon?!

Do you not think the same corrupt board execs, who we know are now factually installing tracking malware on the Chan users devices via ads, wouldn't go to these lengths for Q the minute ShareBlue told them to?!

I give up on this conversation. I'm sorry to rant but this is just insane. I hope as we progress, especially through the next few weeks and months, everyone will take a minute to remind themselves of exactly how we all got here in the first place and why it's so important we never go back to where we came from, again. It's not about whether you think or believe I'm wrong or right about Q. It's about whether or not you can factually confirm either and sadly (and factually) no one can. Don't hate me because you think I'm attacking your Q stuff. As yourselves whether you can honestly or factually answer any of the logical, rational questions I've posed. That's not attacking. I'm not competing with anyone. I don't ask anyone to do shit on behalf of myself or anyone else. I just post. It's not ridiculous to demand more for yourselves so YOU can feel confident in what you're spreading and asking others to believe. That's fair. That should be expected. It should be status quo and your own president, would expect and demand that you require exactly the same for yourselves! In fact, he'd expect and demand it SO MUCH, that he'd ensure that if he communicated with you, directly or indirectly, he'd be clear and concise. Right?!


4 points 1 hour ago

Hi Germany! Got lots of German friends, so good to see you, too! Bottom line... your swamp is just as deep, corrupt and fucked up, if not worse, than the US. The UK and Germany created the US to be their proxy, no differently than they created our twin sister Israel all the sudden, after the WWII they literally and factually funded. This isn't anti-semitic. This isn't xenophobic, racist, whatever other terms you could throw at this. This is just the truth and yes, it's still ok to tell the truth.

Y'all need to fall in line quick. Even Macron realizes he can't keep going the way he is and he's been drastically shifting initiatives to remain relevant. You're literally watching everyone I said you would watch, drain their swamps in front of your eyes, on live TV. China, S. Korea, Saudi, Iran, France, Zimbabwe, etc. I told you Israel, and Pakistan would literally be next weeks ago and today, you're watching them call for dirty Benji and his dirty wife to resign. Remember how much shit I took when I explained why Israel/Jerusalem abd the airbase we got were good things?! Remember the position I told everyone we were forcing Benji into?! It's literally abd factually happening, right now. We smoked him out and called him to task on shitvhe couldn't refuse or denounce because he abd the rest of the swamp have leaped to us for decades of why it was needed, right?! We made them eat shit by giving them what they wanted while still securing the holy land via the embassy move and airbase Obama nor Bush could ever get, Which forced them to git their own swamp because their regional terror problems they've exploited and funded, isn't out problem anymore.

I told y'all the Zionists of everyone and everything are crippling us and that includes you, German brah. Didn't y'all see it with the public water shit they pulled on you, a few years back?! Merkle is your literal Hillary Clinton, but with a whole lot less firepower and a whole lot more to lose. She is still making Germans pay for Hitler and through the guilt y'all allow them to perpetuate and exploit to the world, she's justified the huge refugee influx, the violence, sex assaults, etc. she's spent years breaking y'all down to increase your dependency on the UN she, like all of our leaders, thought they were going to get to increase their control through. This was exactly the same plan for all of us. I like to think of it as they only cared about every country with internet, the rest were expendable, to include 80% of Africa and 1/3 of the Middle East.

Did you notice the legislation passed stating we'd directly hold Europe, including Germany, accountable for the reparations, restoration and restitution, they claim is "owed to the Jews"?! Why did we do this?! Because if THEY have to pay for it and we are no longer helping to find it, then exploiting it for their own benefit and profit, doesn't really work anymore. It becomes a moot point they'd rather not perpetuate or propagandize anymore because if they do, it will just cost THEM money. See how that works?

Brexit is fantastic. That needs to keep moving.". That was the first real movement - MBGA! Then it was MAGA. Macron has no choice but to MFGA. He saw the writing on the wall after the Paris accord funding stopped and then we started hinting we'd pull our UN funding, then actually stuck it up their asses and did. You German brah's need to MGGA, and that doesn't include Merkle. She's filthy and she's desperate because she knows it's coming. She can't ignore it, either. The Benji shit is hitting WAY too close to home and she's neck deep in it. Even Teresa May.

I'm hoping it happens sooner than later for y'all but to be fair, I don't think you'll have a choice, either. You never thought you'd see 6 days of Benji protests, right?! It's coming for everyone whether they wanna be great again, or not.

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hmmm, interesting Jessica.   I recall once when I was involved in something, "noise" was called for, in order to cover up the intel being dropped.  I can't get a handle on mega. One time she/he supports Q, next time, the opposite.  Strange to me. Unless someone/s are playing a game.  Good cop/bad cop?   Puts me off.  It sure would be interesting to know exactly who/what are behind both of them.  Could it be the same entity?

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I felt EXACTLY the same when reading this one Breezy.  Suspicious hairs stood up all over my body. I like Q's stuff and Mega seemed fine up until this post.  Something not right, but posted anyway for the opinion of others.

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