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Happy Father's Day - Australia - New Zealand

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From CHANI to all Aussie and KIWI Fathers, we send you wishes for the best Father's Day ever, today, September 3, 2017!! Enjoy and celebrate the day set aside in your honor!!  

Happy-Fathers-Day (1).gif               :firecracker1:           :firecracker1:           :firecracker1:


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Father's Day caused a stir on social media yesterday because within a couple of weeks we may be voting on Same Sex Marriage and there were those pushing to change Fathers Day to Special Persons Day.  Woolworths (one of our supermarkets) had a cake in the Fathers Day display with Special Persons Day on it and it cause a huge backlash on social media. 

In Australia Social Engineering is being pushed through the recent Safe Schools Programme that the Lefts and Greens got through Parliament.  11 year old children are asked to close their eyes and visualise being in a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex so they can understand the LGBTI people better.  5 year olds are being told they can wear whatever clothes they like (boys wearing dresses for eg) and one teacher even had a boy and girl swap clothes in the classroom.  This is all being done in the name of reducing 'bullying' of LGBTI children in schools and is causing a lot of upset with people who are aware of what's going on.  Parents are in an uproar but apparently have no say in what their child is taught at school.

Everyone is waving rainbow coloured flags or lighting up buildings in support, but no-one is considering the implications.  It is not about marriage between two people, it is about social engineering, which has caused many problems in countries that have already adopted SSM and very few people actually see what's coming.

Hopefully yesterday was not our last Fathers Day....

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