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5 hours ago, kandescent said:

I've also seen it written that it was dystopian, defiant, dark (alliteration unintended). I just didn't hear that in the speech. I thought it was forward looking, honest about current circumstances and what has been the trend for decades, and optimistic about what he thinks he can achieve.

kande, i listened to the speech and agree with you. i saw no anger and didn't perceive defiance. what i did note was his statement of destroying radical islam. a religious ideology of God's favor and duty in jihad or war.  listen as he invokes God into defending the u.s.a. inc. he mentioned the military defending us and then says that God defends us in battle. the mis-informed prick. i thought we would never defend a religious war invoking a god like he did. really? here in amurika what god does he invoke? The God of abraham ? can't be as long as he rules from the capitol...a temple..to isis...maybe since he invokes God, a Christian God (he says he's a christian), he will make policy to relieve the capitol plaza of the solar obelisk, the representation of the phallus of osiris consort to isis. he quoted scripture so i will refer to an old scripture I've spray painted on my truck    acts: chpt.  4 vs 20

kande , your post on the first lady was keen and right on.  i thought of jackie o the moment i saw melania. i confess i might have sinned in my heart for a moment...WOW ! lil mouse if you see this it was just a brain fart, i really liked the dress!

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Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New president signs papers to begin reversal of Obamacare as his first major act


With all these people contributing, the article is long, rambling, and contains all sorts of info about the day, festivities, but scrolling down, you will find a few words about this reversal of Obamacare.  

snip  snip  snip  etc.

"We now have some more information on President Trump’s executive orders.

His spokesman said the first will “direct agencies to ease the regulatory burdens associated with Obamacare as the U.S. Congress determines how to repeal and replace the health care law.”  <<not much, but hey 
Trump also signed the commissions for his Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who were confirmed by the Senate on Friday.
White House spokesman Sean Spicer also told reporters that Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Preibus is sending a memo to agencies directing an immediate regulatory freeze."

snip   etc.

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/donald-trump-inauguration-live-president-9656316#rlabs=6 rt$sitewide p$3

@kandescent who asked   "But what causes mass dementia that only seems to affect certain people?"

I too have wondered this, but we must all remember that mind control is very real, cell phones and towers are very real, frequencies sent through cell phones, is real tested and proven, surveillance is real, as is all sorts of influencing people either outwardly or behind the scenes.  By the voting/ballots, "they" know which people live where, and since every phone call is recorded, how hard would it be, to get only certain people to act, react, the way "they" want them too. AI is real, and media = msm and all aspects of it are used to sell propaganda.  Jade Helm, and UWEX 2016 were AI programs being used to learn how people would react to certain situations, this was not done for no reason. People are bombarded with frequencies, WiFi, day in/day out, every day of their lives, and it would seem to me, with all the knowledge they have of each and every person's life, from birth on, IQ, friends, medical history, schooling, work, interests, "they" could and would have the technology to select a few million for special projects, and the selectees would be totally oblivious to what is going on, or what they were really involved in.  It almost makes me think of a form of hypnotism, as trying to talk to them or reason with them, is not possible, it's like speaking into a black hole.  jmo fwiw 

As for Melania, Jackie Kennedy came to mind. Classic and classy, hand's down beautiful.   Gave Michele a gift from Tiffany & Co. also classy. 

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On 2017/1/21 at 10:06 AM, kandescent said:

First Family walking in the inaugural parade.


I know this is fluffy, but I loved Melania's dress and coat - custom made by Ralph Lauren. The color is beautiful on her. What I don't know is how she walked around in those stilettos all day!! 


Yes!! My eyes were STUCK on her clothes when she appeared through the doors.....

Please be proud of the fashion statements coming out of the US!

I really think the US got the taste in this sort of situations, and love it...!(∩´∀`)∩

And I agree with you, Kandy, re: speech itself.

I thought it was done in darn honest words.

One particular point I picked up as an Asian was that he was STILL talking about retracting off shore US military peeps.

Sth Koreans would be shitting in their pants hearing that. They actually refused to let go of the US troops from their ground, when the US gave the choice! They want the US troops to be there, for they won't be able to do nothing to protect themselves by themselves. Sth Korean military is known by the US that THEY RAN AWAY FROM THE ENEMY AGAIN AND AGAIN, ALSO LEFT ALL THE AMMOS given by the US to them ON THE GROUND TO RUN FASTER, leaving ALL gears for the enemy to pick up and use against the US. The US had learned over time, how Sth Korean military is absolutely useless piece of shit.... No wonder President wants to retract the US troops....honestly, "WHAT FOR!?" he must be thinking, and I agree with him.

Only that there's existence of North Korea there, and knowing what they are doing with the NUKEs, the World population cannot have the peaceful world.


In mean while, for Japan, it means a go ahead of militalisation.

They got to protect themselves. The GHQ did not allow Japan to have its own military power before.

Peeps, brace yourselves. 

This could be the go ahead indicated for the Nth Korean NUKE HEADS to spread wildly in the world, especially to Asia AND Middle East, and Japan will develop its own in "over night" (well within one week or so, it's absolutely possible, according to the Head of Crisis Management in Japan).....

UNLESS....the US and Sth Korean military formed assassins to friggin kill off Kim JongOn NOW, then the card can change. I think their declared date of later this year would be scrapped and they would go full force for having that assassins be ready asap now, because of the Nth Korean stupid ICBM scare happened on 20th.


We will see what President Trump does the next.


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I checked the other threads but I didn't find this info posted.

So here we are...2 days prior to the inauguration. Simply wonder why that timimg and why both. 

Former President Bush moved to intensive care as wife Barbara also hospitalized



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@unity on the shout thread.  Been ill for almost a week, so not thinking too clearly at times, and couldn't decide where to put it, as I did think it was a significant act on their part. Thanks for cross posting it. Made me wonder if they knew/know something and were taking precautions to protect their own hides, and because of taking that precaution, how much influence does he still have with the agency he was head of in 1963.  

Another little tidbit. When Hillary lost the election, there was a big flap about how this and that famous dress designer outright refused to dress the incoming first lady, in protest over Hillary's loss.  In that regard, I found it interesting to note that both Melania and Hillary were wearing Ralph Lauren creations yesterday. 

Donald Trump: There Will Be A Major Border Tax On Companies Leaving 


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US announces withdrawal from TPP

Jan. 21, 2017    NAOYA YOSHINO, Nikkei staff writer

Trump sworn in as 45th president, promises 'America First'


"WASHINGTON -- Soon after President Donald Trump was sworn in, his administration announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact championed by former President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The White House on Friday also wasted no time in declaring a renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. Trump is expected to take a more isolationist, protectionist stance, and the international community is concerned that the U.S. will continue to draw inward.

Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the U.S. on Friday, repeating his campaign pledges of putting American interests first and restoring national glory to a deeply polarized public."



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6-min video, Paul Joseph Watson: "IDIOTS REACT TO TRUMP INAUGURATION"

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 21-Jan-2017 16:00:19


Hi, Folks -

This is actually a bit more judgmental and derisive than I'd care for - I'm more than ready for us to return to more graciousness than we've seen in recent months - but as always Watson's take on things is fairly astute.



Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67138

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Reader, link: "Bust of Winston Churchill removed by Obama is back in the Oval Office hours after Donald Trump takes charge"

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 21-Jan-2017 15:45:10


(Thanks, D. :)

Reader D. writes:


President Trump:

I was tossing and turning last night about this: Don't Forget to Request The Return of the Winston Churchill Bust from England!

Oh I just did a search for the article from 8 years ago when Obama made this very insulting and very childlike temper tantrum gesture, and I see you did it already!

God Bless YOU President Trump!!!

I knew the White House was back in safe hands, but this is frosting on the cake!

Bust of Winston Churchill removed by Obama is back in the Oval Office hours after Donald Trump takes charge

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67137

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Psychic Focus

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day is Upon Us... Misc Questions..

Q. You did a reading on Trump's presidency and that he is a positive change, but when you look at his administration - I do not see any change. They are the same elites who run big corporation. Mixed signals⁉️
A. I did see Trump as being better than the alternative, but there will be struggles (like with any administration).  I do see him addressing those issues rather quickly, and he also looks to be "unconventional" and feels to use creativity to accomplish goals (very different from any other president).  Initially, i see him working on mending foreign and domestic relationships (I hear you it is difficult to negotiate with someone that has little respect for you or what you stand for).  Even if he doesn't agree with the apologies given (sometimes life forces you to take the higher road to get the desired result, which does have sort of a manipulative feel), he sees them as necessary to be able to work compromises.  I also hear that he will have to "choke on some of his words" as he expresses them in attempts to undo some of the damage that has been done.

I also hear that Trump sees the "long game" in things.  His ego is a huge driving force and motivator (which looks like a good thing now as long as things and people go along with his vision). Many of the people he has chosen are "elites" but I hear they are "elites with a good resume."  Trump has thought this through and put people in position that will ultimately help to propel him.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I just saw an undercover investigation that gave evidence of groups planning to sabotage the inauguration and festivities. Do you see any of these schemes playing out? Is there any danger to be in D.C.?
A.  I cannot see the inauguration being sabotaged, but I do see LOTS of protests (some violent) breaking out.  The protests make DC feel like an unpleasant place to be for the next few days.  I get the media will instigate fear and put ideas in people (which keeps the anxiety energy flowing).   I also see the media honing in on protests to keep the country stirred up (and people divided).  

896421f8d860df92cfa12418628e5205.jpgThen I hear "this division is the long game being played by the Powers That once Were (PTW)"  Rather than giving Trump a chance (it is like the the PTW are afraid he will do well), the PTW and media are going to do what they can to keep tensions high.  Then I hear a phrase about "accepting the things we cannot change, courage to do what we can, and wisdom to know the difference."  I hear that no one is going to stop the wheels that are set in motion, and Trump was elected.  Unifying and moving forward makes us stronger, whereas, the constant division makes us look weak and divided.

Q. I don't know if you want to address this issue again, Lynn...but why the heck is Pres. Obama moving so many troops and military equipment into Poland and Germany in just the last 4-5 days? Some point to the Crimea annexation by Russia/Putin putting some of the smaller countries in NATO at risk, but that annexation happened in March 2014 and Russia has done nothing further. Particularly, Obama leaves in just a few more days...why the massive NATO offensive deployment? I have considerable confidence in Putin's coolness under pressure, but I do worry about "a mistake"--a provocation by the U.S.--occurring which triggers actual military hostilities on the Western Border. Someone wants war and the subsequent instability in the U.S. while one hundred quazillion people worldwide do not.
A.  I get that Obama only has a few days left, and he is trying to leave a lasting impression.  Clinton would have started a war, and now that is not going to happen, so the pressure is on Obama to get it going.  I see the PTW putting some serious pressure on him while they still have some influence.  They are hoping that enough instigation will occur that a war will be inevitable.  The PTW want the US overseas to stake out some oil producing land.  The PTW are scared the the US will lose that type of control.

I then hear a voice (sounds like Trump) saying "We have so much to undo.  So, so, much." and then I see him shake his head back and forth in disgust.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
Source http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au/
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Asian Nations Send Both Optimistic, Chilling Messages to Trump on Inauguration Day

January 20, 2017   |   James Holbrooks

Source:  http://theantimedia.org/asian-nations-trump-inauguration/


As Barack Obama left office on Friday, some Asian nations took the opportunity to voice their position on key issues as incoming U.S. President Donald Trump prepared to give his inaugural address.

Japan, for instance, will seek to strengthen its alliance with the U.S. and work hand in hand with the Trump administration.

“The Japan-U.S. alliance has been, is and will be the cornerstone of our country’s diplomatic and security policies,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a speech before parliament. “This is an immutable principle.”

Going further, he stated: “I am aiming to visit the United States as soon as possible to further fortify the bond of alliance together with new President Trump.”
Many in Tokyo were concerned that Trump, as his comments have indicated, will begin demanding higher prices from other nations for security services provided by the U.S. Friday’s remarks from Prime Minister Abe seem to suggest Japan is willing to negotiate on this topic.

One significant barrier remains in the way of smooth U.S.-Japan relations, however, and that’s the two nations’ position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trump wants out of the trade agreement and Japan, as reiterated by Abe on Friday, fully supports it. Only time will tell if the U.S. and its formerly staunch Asian ally can truly cooperate on this front.

Meanwhile, Taiwan — a nation that’s having contentious relations with regional superpower China on the issue of sovereignty — made it known it seeks peaceful cooperation with China in the coming days.

From Reuters:

“Taiwan aspires to create a ‘new era’ of peace with China as military action cannot resolve problems, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said in a letter to Pope Francis, lauding Taipei’s peaceful intentions at a time of tension with Beijing.”

The Vatican has always maintained diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and Tsai wrote the Pope, she says, because she aspires to “live up to [his] words” in her term as the first female president in her ethnic part of the world.

“I urge the governing party across the strait, along with the governing party in Taiwan, to set aside the baggage of history and engage in positive dialogue,” Tsai wrote.
Taiwan will not, however, back away from its desire to remain autonomous:

“Taiwan and mainland China were once embroiled in a zero-sum conflict that caused tension in the region and anxiety among our peoples. In contrast, today people on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait enjoy stable lives and normal exchanges under peaceful separate governance.”

China also went on the record Friday by way of a state-run newspaper editorial, which struck a far more conciliatory tone than in previous articles.

The Global Times editorial called on incoming President Trump to “show a sense of responsibility that matches his power and clearly acknowledge the obligation of a US president for world peace and stability” and suggested a primary goal should be to make the U.S. ‘more prosperous and the world more peaceful and stable.’”
The editorial also noted Trump’s “strategic wisdom” and his “ambitious plan to revive the US economy in constructive ways.” Describing Trump’s team of advisers as a “solid foundation,” the piece suggested the incoming president’s administration should “project an aura of humility” as it works toward its goals.

All of this sounds great on the surface, but it doesn’t negate the fact that Trump has, thus far, proven himself to be devoutly anti-China or that the Southeast Asian nation has no intention of backing away from its One China policy — not to mention the fact that Japan, which has just voiced its desire to strengthen its alliance with the U.S., is currently locked in a South China Sea-style dispute with the superpower that could easily turn violent.

The Global Times was certain to make note of such possibilities and advised Trump and his team to “avoid the mistake of going too far.” And to avoid any misunderstandings, the editorial made clear precisely what it was referring to:

"America First’ can be a loud slogan, but it cannot serve as a real strategy. Intensifying conflicts with the outside world can hardly win the US any interests, and Trump should realize the value of cooperation.”

This article (Asian Nations Send Both Optimistic, Chilling Messages to Trump on Inauguration Day) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to James Holbrooks and theAntiMedia.org.

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Let's Find Out His Double Talk, Shall We?

---REVERSE SPEECH ANALYSIS on Donald Trump's Inauguration


Just found this vid!!! Done by David Oates. Thank you for the effort, David. Sincerely appreciating it.

The thing is I can read into deeper meanings in different manner from the results presented, and they become not exactly so rosy contents. I'd rather wanting to believe in the rosy readings for I just want to believe we can make future together, Humans and all hybrids and aliens.....but we will see.

I leave you to ponder...


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FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement


He goes to the cee i eh first.  Hear what he's saying right to them, and they do understand.  Must get rid of ISIS, uh huh.  Who's been accused of supporting, arming, training ISIS?  uh huh    If we have too, we will build you a bigger room with no columns, you do understand, right?  I will be back.  uh huh, again.  Points were definitely made, and the messages were received, loud and clear.

Then this one from one of their own, he and what's written under the video is pretty much self explanatory, and quite possibly another reason why Trump went there first.

Legendary US Intelligence Agent Helped Stop Overthrow Of America By Hillary Clinton


That's all for now folks!  

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The White Hats Report - A NEW ERA BEGINS

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2017 03:27:38



The White Hats Report - A NEW ERA BEGINS

January 20, 2017 – White Hats Report #59

Posted: 20 Jan 2017 07:56 AM PST


When going through a major transformation, one that has potential to be life changing and a pivotal point in history, one gets humbled by the very idea of the privilege to witness such a time. We have all been informed, in one way or another, about historic events that impacted the direction of our planet and the generations that followed. Pivotal events when a particular path that was chosen led to a series of events that brings us to today. We are aware some would refer to these particular paths as timelines, with the understanding that, had events occurred differently, the world would be considerably different now.

At noon EST today, a new era begins.

The last eighteen months have been transformational and the next 4 years and perhaps 8 years will make the past year look like an appetizer.

Despite all the noise and chatter created by the MOP at the urging, prodding and orders of their dark cabal controllers, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Despite the posturing, vitriol and theater of politicians on both sides of the aisle, the beginning of the end for them and their puppet masters will commence with vigor on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Politicians have sold the US to a dark, foreign cabal decades ago. Most are attorneys who continue to practice their trade in Congress, only now their clients are the bankers, pharmaceutical companies, media conglomerates, lobbyists and foreign interests who line their pockets and fatten their bank accounts rather than the voters who elected them to office. The same ones who spend like drunken sailors using the unlimited credit line provided them by the banksters at the Federal Reserve, only to stick their constituents and their constituent’s children and their constituent’s grandchildren with the bill and a life of indebtedness. They don’t represent their constituents, they rape, pillage and plunder them while they’re in office, hiding behind the elusive, flowery oratory they’ve practiced in a court room or a board room.

So if you expect President Trump to spin, lie and obfuscate when he speaks and tweets, you’re going to be disappointed. If you expect him to speak or act differently when he is in front of the camera or making a speech, you will be disappointed. If you expect him to go back on his word, to favor one party over the other, you’re going to be disappointed.

Donald Trump is neither a Republican nor Democrat, he’s a Patriot. Elected Republicans and Democrats are simply subcontractors who represent the corporation that is the United States. They enrich themselves while passing laws which appear partisan but are, in fact, designed to hand over the last free country of the world to the globalists. They care not for their fellow Americans but only for their own bank accounts and enrichment at the expense of the American dream.

So if you expect President Trump to leave the borders wide open to continue to turn the US into a third world country, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to continue to make agreements with foreign countries to decimate the US economy, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to be a puppet of the European bloodline families, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to put the rest of the world’s interests before those of the United States, you WILL be disappointed.

It’s time to get up to speed about what is taking place. If you continue to buy into the cabal controlled media’s attack on our freedoms and President Trump then you will miss the significance of this new era. If you get caught up in the intel community’s desperate attempt to continue their stranglehold of our nation through lies, deceit and disinformation, you will miss the significance of President Trump’s plan to SAVE America.

He is NOT a politician, he’s a Patriot and as a Patriot he will dismantle the lie and fiction that has pervaded this country for over 50 years. For the first time in America’s history, we will witness the pushback and unveiling of the powers that rule this planet and a rebuilding of the idea the Founding Fathers had when they formed this nation over 250 years ago.

The next four years will be a rough ride as the globalists and cabalists and controllers of this planet will pull out everything in their trick bag to demean, debunk and deflect the truth that will be forthcoming. They will use all their resources, all their influence and all their power to undermine President Trump’s efforts to save the US before it is too late. Media, politicians and business leaders who are traitors to this country will reveal themselves in the next few months as they have been for the past few weeks.

The intel community who are desperate to keep their control of the Shadow Government will continue their battle with President Trump. The politicians on both sides of the aisle will continue to reveal themselves for the traitors they are to this country. The media (MOP) will continue to reveal themselves as the controlled prostitutes they are, affecting their power to continue to influence the public with their lies and deceit and “fake news.” It is incumbent upon us all to pay close attention to this as the traitors and liars are exposed by their own actions and words.

To deny this and cast a blind eye to what is occurring is to miss the historic significance of what we are experiencing. It’s time to put partisanship aside and support President Trump because for the first time since 1960, we’ve elected a President FOR the people, not the hidden controllers of the planet.

President Trump will need our support, prayers and patience while he works to restore America to the distinguished place as the leaders of the free world.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and as the worst President in the history of the US fades into the darkness, a new era begins.



The White Hats Report


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67177

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Just In Case You Follow Prophecy, Be Aware That As Of NOW, The U.S.Is in 'beginning stages' of talks on mowing It's Embassy To Jerusalem...

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2017 14:35:0


U.S. in 'beginning stages' of talks on Jerusalem embassy move: spokesman
By Warren Strobel and Matt Spetalnick
ReutersJanuary 22, 2017
Press Secretary Sean Spicer deliver an statement at the press briefing room at the White House in Washington U.S.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer deliver an statement at the press briefing room at the White House in Washington U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

By Warren Strobel and Matt Spetalnick

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Sunday that it is only in the early stages of talks to fulfill President Donald Trump's pledge to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an action that would likely spark anger in the Arab world.

"We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing this subject," White House spokesman Sean Spicer said in a statement. Aides said no announcement of an embassy move was imminent.

Washington's embassy is in Tel Aviv, as are most foreign diplomatic posts. Israel calls Jerusalem its eternal capital, but Palestinians also lay claim to the city as part of an eventual Palestinian state. Both sides cite biblical, historical and political claims.

Trump, who vowed during the 2016 presidential campaign to move the embassy, was due to speak by phone on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, their first call since the U.S. businessman-turned-politician took office on Friday.

Any decision to break with the status quo is likely to prompt protests from U.S. allies in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Washington relies on those countries for help in fighting the Islamic State militant group, which the new U.S. president has said is a priority.

The U.S. Congress passed a law in 1995 describing Jerusalem as capital of Israel and saying it should not be divided, but successive Republican and Democratic presidents have used their foreign policy powers to maintain the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and to back negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on the status of Jerusalem.

In early December, then-President Barack Obama renewed the presidential waiver until the beginning of June. It is unclear whether Trump would be able to legally override that waiver and go ahead with relocation of the embassy.

U.S. diplomats say that, despite the U.S. legislation, Washington's foreign policy is in practice broadly aligned with that of the United Nations and other major powers, which do not view Jerusalem as Israel's capital and do not recognize Israel's annexation of Arab East Jerusalem after its capture in the 1967 Middle East war.

Israel approved building permits on Sunday for hundreds of homes in three East Jerusalem settlements in expectation that Trump will row back on the previous administration's criticism of such projects.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67203

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Some interesting points and theories.

It All Actually Began Two Years Ago And The Only Remaining Question To Be Answered Is Who will Prevail.....The "Masters" Or The Deep State ?

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2017 13:49:57


The Trump era starts now – with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent, unpredictable cliffhangers.

I have argued that Trump’s foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger’s strategy to deal with the formidable Eurasia integration trio – Russia, China and Iran – is a remixed Divide and Rule; seduce Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while keep harassing the weakest link, Iran.

In fact that’s how it’s already playing out – as in the outbursts of selected members of Trump’s cabinet during their US Senate hearings. Factions of US Think Tankland, referring to Nixon’s China policy, which was designed by Kissinger, are also excited with the possibilities of containment regarding at least one of those powers “potentially arrayed against America”.

Kissinger and Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski are the two foremost, self-described Western dalangs – puppet masters – in the geopolitical arena. In opposition to Kissinger, Obama’s foreign policy mentor Brzezinski, true to his Russophobia, proposes a Divide and Rule centered on seducing China.

Yet an influential New York business source, very close to the real, discreet Masters of the Universe, who correctly predicted Trump’s victory weeks before the fact, after examining my argument offered not only a scathing appraisal of those cherished dalangs; he volunteered to detail how the new normal was laid out by the Masters directly to Trump. Let’s call him “X”.

The non-stop China watch

“X” starts by doing something US deep state-connected regulars, who revere their idols, never dare to, at least in public; “It is important not to attribute too much importance to either Kissinger or Brzezinski as they are merely fronts for those who make the decisions and it is their job to cloak the decisions with a patina of intellectuality. Their input means relatively nothing. I use their names on occasion as I cannot use the names of those who actually make the decisions.”

That’s the cue for “X” to detail the new normal; “Trump was elected with the support of the Masters to tilt towards Russia. The Masters have their tools in the media and Congress maintaining a vilification campaign against Russia, and have their puppet Brzezinski also come out against Russia, stating ‘America’s global influence depends on cooperation with China’. The purpose is to threaten Russia to cooperate and place these chips on the negotiating table for Trump. In a traditional good cop-bad cop approach, Donald is portrayed as the good cop wanting good relations with Russia, and Congress, media, Brzezinski are the bad cops. This is to aid Trump in the negotiations with Russia as Putin sees the ‘precarious’ position of his friend and should be willing to make major concessions as the line goes.”

And that brings us to how Taiwan – and Japan – got into the mix;

“Donald shows the Russian tilt by talking to the Taiwanese, demonstrating that the shift is serious. But it was decided to throw Japan into the mix as a predator against US industry, with an attack on Toyota, thoroughly deserved. That moderated the position as the Masters became afraid that the perception of our building up Japan against China would be too much of a provocation.”

So expect China – as “not too much importance” Kissinger prescribed – to be under non-stop scrutiny; “The Masters have decided to reindustrialize the United States and want to take jobs back from China. This is advisable from the Chinese viewpoint; for why should they sell their work to the US for a dollar that has no intrinsic value and get really nothing back for the work. China should have a car in every Chinese worker’s garage and they will become a larger producer of cars than the EU, US and Japan combined, and their own nation will keep their wealth in their own country.”

And why China over Russia? “Russia in this sense being a natural resource country with a gigantic military industrial complex (the latter being the only reason she is secretly respected) is exempt from any tough trade talk as they hardly export anything but natural resources and military equipment. The Masters want jobs back from Mexico and Asia including Japan, Taiwan, etc., and you see this in Trump’s attack on Japan. The main underlying reason is that the US has lost control of the seas and cannot secure its military components during a major war. This is all that matters now and this is the giant story behind the scenes.”

In only a few words “X” details the reversal of an economic cycle; “The Masters made money out of transfer of industry to Asia (Bain Capital specialized in this), and Wall Street made money from the lower interest rates on the recycled dollars from the trade deficits. But now, the issue is strategic; and they will make money on the return of industries scaling down their investments in Asia and returning them to the United States as we rebuild production here.”

“X” remains quite fond of Henry Ford’s business strategy; and that is the cue for him to address the crucial theme: national defense. According to “X”, “Ford doubled the wages he paid and made more money than any other manufacturer. The reason was that a living wage where the mother can have many children on her husband’s wage was psychologically good for productivity in his car plants, and that his workers could then afford his cars. He thus recognized that in a society there must be a just distribution of wealth that his admirer Steve Jobs could not. Henry’s mass productivity was the wonder of the world and that was what won World War Two for the United States. Amazon does not contribute anything to national defense, being merely an internet marketing service based on computer programs, nor Google which merely organizes data better. None of this builds a better missile or submarine except in a marginal way.”

It’s the Pentagon, stupid

So yes; this all has to do with reorganizing the US military. “X” made a point to refer to a CNAS report I quoted in my initial column; “It is very important for what is visible between the lines. And that is we are in deep trouble being technologically behind Russia by generations in weapons, which is a follow-up on the Brzezinski quote that we are no longer a global power.”

This is a thorough, wide-ranging analysis of how Russia has managed to organize the best armed forces in the world. And that does not even take into account the S-500 missile defense system, which is now being rolled out and arguably seals the entirety of Russian airspace. And the next generation – S-600? – will be even more powerful.

“X” does venture into deep state taboo territory, as in how Russia, over the past decade, has managed to leap far ahead of the US, “eclipsing it as the strongest military power”. But the game may be far from over – wishful thinking or otherwise; “We hope Secretary of Defense James Mattis will understand this and that the Deputy Secretary of Defense has advanced technological skills, organizational ability and the foresight to understand that the weapons of World War Three are offensive and defensive missiles, and submarines, and not air power, tanks and aircraft carriers.”

A realist, “X” admits that the warmongering neocon/neoliberalcon status quo – represented by most US deep state factions – will never abandon the default posture of unremitting hostility towards Russia. But he prefers to focus on change; “Let Tillerson reorganize the State Department along Exxon efficiencies. He may be worth something in that. He and Mattis may be gutless but if you tell the truth to the Senate you may not be confirmed. So what they say means nothing. But notice this about Libya. The CIA had a goal of driving China out of Africa and so does AFRICOM. That was one of the secrets to our Libyan intervention.”

Not that it worked; NATO/AFRICOM turned Libya into a wasteland run by militias, and still China was not driven away from the rest of Africa.

“X” also admits, “Syria and Iran are red lines for Russia. So is the eastern Ukraine from the Dnieper.” He is fully aware Moscow will not allow any regime change gambit on Tehran. And he’s also aware that “China’s investments in Iranian oil and gas imply that China also will not permit Washington’s overthrow of the Iranian government.”

The going really gets tough when it comes to NATO; “X” is convinced Russia “will invade Romania and Poland if those missiles are not taken out of Romania and the missile commitment to Poland rescinded. The issue is not the worthless defensive missiles of the United States but the substitutability of offensive nuclear missiles in these silos. Russia will not tolerate this risk. These are not subject to negotiation.”

In contrast to the “perpetual threat” perpetual propaganda by the US War Party, Moscow focuses on actual facts on the ground since the 1990s; the break up of historic Slavic ally Serbia; Warsaw Pact nations and even former USSR republics annexed by NATO, not to mention attempts to also include Georgia and Ukraine; US deployment of color revolutions; the “Assad must go “ fiasco, as in regime change forced on Syria even including the weaponizing of Salafi-jihadis; economic sanctions, an oil price war and raids on the ruble; and non-stop NATO harassment.

“X”, fully aware of the facts, adds, “Russia has always wanted peace. But they are not going to play a game with the Masters of the Universe that has Trump as the good guy and the Congress, CIA, etc. as the bad guy as a negotiating ploy. That is how they see it. They do not regard this circus as real.”

The circus may be just an illusion. Or wayang – Balinese puppet theatre – as I suggested. “X” advances a crisp interpretation of the shadow play ahead from Moscow’s point of view, allowing “several months to see if Putin can work out a detente with Trump that essentially creates an autonomous eastern Ukraine, a peace treaty in Syria with Assad in place, and a withdrawal of NATO forces back to their line of defense under Ronald Reagan.”

Who will prevail; the Masters, or the deep state? Brace for


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67197

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Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2017 16:59:06



(Thanks, D. :)

Reader D. alerts us to Jim Stone's comments on the possibility or likelihood of a planned assassination attempt at the inauguration.

There are two items here, in the order in which they currently appear on Stone's embedded updating page (newest first):



Trump's attempted attendance was probably the largest in history, but out of necessity security stifled it to stop an umbrella gun shooter

Many many people showed up, but were prevented from entering due to an umbrella gun threat.
Anonymous sent:
"I left at 4 am to beat the protest today and arrived home about three hours ago. I am exhausted.

I was awake and left my hotel around 7am. Walked about 20 blocks. There were 10's of thousands of people on the non ticket line, and the line was incredibly slow.\

Everyone behind me for about 7 blocks, 5-7 wide on the sidewalks did not get in either.
I was three blocks away when the inauguration started. I followed many others and many stayed.

I tried to make my way to the parade route, and that was a cluster fuck as well. Slow lines, searching everything, taking everyones umbrellas.

Ok, so there you have it. Many showed, and few entered. They were not allowed. AND THE UMBRELLA COMMENT: There is a report here about an assassination attempt on Trump that was reported by the BBC, just like the BBC did with building 7. It was obviously supposed to happen but someone stopped it.

MY GUESS: There was a credible threat about Trump getting assassinated with an umbrella gun. It was raining, probably due to weather modification to get the umbrella gun in. But they were confiscating umbrellas to thwart the umbrella shooter threat.

There is a report on this page about the BBC reporting Trump had been shot. So my guess is it was planned and stopped via rigorous umbrella confiscation and very zealous security that was attempting to stop a known about assassin that stifled Trump's attendance crowd but kept him safe. They were successful.

I will happily accept a significantly smaller attendance if it means he's still alive.


assassination.gifWhy do I not think it was hackers? Because it is not the first time the BBC screwed up like this, they also did with building 7, and because there is a live mic accident 4:25:50 as Trump left the podium after his speech, with someone saying "it never went down" and "umbrella crew", which was supposedly there to "hand out umbrellas" got up twice, in a way that was obviously not practiced, and stood behind Trump. Logic has it then that somebody was behind the glass behind Trump with a concealed weapon that was hidden in something mundane, someone knew about it but did not find the weapon, and an assassination attempt was stopped. BBC's gaffe with building 7 forever pegs them as an organization that is deeply involved in scripting huge black ops.

I am giving this a 90 - 100 percent probability: They tried to take out Trump and failed, and it goes all the way up to the highest reaches of British government and global elite.

This would also mean that the white hats have more power than the black hats. There is a high probability that Trump really will be able to "Make America Great Again".


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67221

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Simon Parkes posted this on his site the other day... www.simonparkes.org


Washington DC Radiation Signatures Detected


January 20, 2017


Two radiation signatures detected by NRO satellites in Washington DC - 5 and 10 blocks from the capitol building.

Potential bombs designed to disrupt inauguration day


Specialist teams are dealing with the threat. 

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The following link shows the actual tweet by the BBC regarding Trump being injured.


This is a link to the audio clip of the hot mic incident


This shows videos of the military men approaching, then leaving from behind trump while he was giving his address.


This is pictures of when they were walking, and one of his bodyguards very obviously had fake arms, yes fake arms, and the why is explained.

Could Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Have Fake Arms For This Reason?


Tx w for this one

All high strangeness, indeed!


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An interesting start for President Trump ….. Bill before Congress – “The bill requires: (1) the President to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations (U.N.), including any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body; and (2) closure of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.”

Source http://www.transients.info/2017/01/unspun-news-170123/

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12 hours ago, breezy said:

This is a link to the audio clip of the hot mic incident


This shows videos of the military men approaching, then leaving from behind trump while he was giving his address.


This is pictures of when they were walking, and one of his bodyguards very obviously had fake arms, yes fake arms, and the why is explained.

Could Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Have Fake Arms For This Reason?


What is being said in the hot mic incident? I can't understand it and maybe missed a previous post about it.

With the military coming down the steps behind Trump, I noticed it, but also noticed a few bringing rain gear and umbrellas since it had just started raining. Here's a comment from that article and it sounds like what probably was happening. 

It had started to rain. As the escorts for the dignitaries on the dais, they presented rain gear and stood by to escort any of them to cover should it have been requested. As this did not occur, and the rain subsided, they retired until further required. Not a mystery at all.

In any event, Trump didn't seem to be concerned or bothered by it. I gather that he knew what was going on.

Finally, I like that fake arm thing. Brilliant!

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Published on Jan 22, 2017

» Liberal Hag Gets Her Comeuppance

Trump supporter Scott Koteskey was boarding a plane back to Seattle after the Trump Inauguration this weekend.

When he boarded the plane he was immediately insulted and harassed by the old liberal hag sitting next to him.

She told Scott she was going to get drunk and throw up on him because he supported Donald Trump.

The flight attendants finally told the angry hag she would have to leave the plane.

The passengers started chanting “USA! USA!” as she kicked off the flight.

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I would agree that it is not unreasonable to expect that everybody immigrating to an English speaking country will learn to speak, read and write English. 

White House Takes Down ALL Spanish-language Content from its Website

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 23-Jan-2017 16:16:22


Oh My... :-)


Shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, the White House introduced several changes to its website – among them: it is now an “English only” site.

"Sorry, the page you're looking for cannot be found," is the message Internet users get when trying to access http://www.whitehouse.gov/espanol.

The Spanish version of the White House page was created in the months following President Barack Obama’s swearing in in 2009. Up until Jan. 20, the site also had a blog dedicated to issues considered of interest for the Hispanic community.

The majority of the Spanish content, however, can still be found at ObamaWhiteHouse.gov, a site with an archive of Obama-era materials and resources.

According to EFE, the new Trump administration also has ordered the shutdown of other communication resources in Spanish such as @LaCasaBlanca account on Twitter and La Casa Blanca Facebook page.

The move is consistent with President Trump’s criticism of the widespread use of Spanish in the United States.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67293

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I thought it might be something like this, however surely they could come up with a more real looking appendage.


Date: Monday, 23-Jan-2017 10:04:35


Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Has Fake Arms For This Reason

By Fatlum -
January 21, 2017






Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67257

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I thought the gun with a finger already on, ready to shoot at anyone, had to be covered from the public eye...

I suspect they REALLY were ready for someone to try to kill Mr. Trump....AT ANY TIME.

Saw that weird locomotion of the guards at the back on his inauguration day?

That was sobering....

A Military Coup stood down on the spot?? They could be separately moving to protect the country.

(But we know, the heads were changed but the direction the gov is holding HAS NOT CHANGED....like breezy was mentioning somewhere else..................let's be on our guard.)

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