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Are Humans Solar Powered

Posted on: Monday, February 20th 2017 at 6:15 am
Written By: Gina Bria

Are we, too, solar powered, like plants?  It’s no longer a question, it’s an answer.

Summary of TEDxtalk: Water, Cells, Life by Dr. Gerald Pollack, a water scientist at the University of Washington, tell us where the energy comes from that supplies our bodies with get up and go.  In it,  Dr. Pollack challenges the long-held explanation that the bulk of our energy comes from food, in the form of calories.  He provides an entirely new and very exciting paradigm, one that will open up new dimensions of body energy for accelerated healing and vitality.   And he shares his unexpected laboratory results to back his explanation up.  This will surely be a seminal TEDxtalk.   

In it Dr. Pollack makes two unexpected and paradigm-advancing points.  Hold onto your hat.  

The first point is that there is a new form of water, H3O2.  Just give yourself a sec to take that in.  The news of a new form or phase of water is really starting to circulate.  The old paradigm of vapor, liquid, ice has been facing theoretical challenges for at least a 100 years, but the three-phase paradigm remained a convenient knowledge package, given the complexities and doggedly unexplained mysteries of water behavior.  Don’t you love that water has unexplained behavior?   Water scientists always speculated that water exists on a spectrum, but where they drew the boundary lines was more arbitrary than we first understood, and they actually missed one elementally important phase.


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Australia calling back its envoys


Australia will temporarily bring back every ambassador from across the world to help shape the final components of its new foreign policy, it has been reported.

The Sydney Morning Herald, citing the Foreign Ministry, said 113 heads of missions, including the nation's ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general, will return for three days next month.

The ambassadors will meet in Canberra for a two-day meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Trade Minister Steven Ciobo to contribute to a long-awaited foreign policy white paper.

"This meeting will be important in strengthening Australia's influence and standing in the world," Bishop said in a statement to Reuters."



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Strange Indeed:

50 Mind Blowing Chilling Matrix Reality Glitches - Time Space Collapse. Strangest Events Ever

This was an interesting compilation of weird vids....not all are in one basket of stuff. Lots numerous jigsaw puzzle pieces are just gathered in one place.

But I imagine lots of us would go AHA! for some things captured in the vid.

Igor's stuff can be wildly ditched to the side because I suspect the channel is also pushing some kind of alien agenda, and "made to look like" footage are abundant. But in the end of those dodgy stuff that we can't really prove positively leads to the vid maker(s)' final opinion, which is interesting to say the least IMHO. 

So I got to leave you with the warning as above, but I still would love to share the weird footage appear in this vid. 

You be the judge in the end! (・ω<)☆


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CNN, RINOs, Washington Post, Obama, CIA, Soros Combined Coup Takes Shape

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 2-Mar-2017 15:44:29



The evidence of collusion is overwhelming, but it’s not of anything between those affiliated with the Trump campaign and Russia, it’s of a coordinated attack by Obama’s OFA, his allies in the Bezos-owned Washington Post and the Twiddle Dum RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

The supposed purpose of the two RINO Senators at the extended interview labeled as a town hall was to give the two establishment whores an opportunity to enlighten America through a discussion of foreign policy. Of course, most of us know that their idea of foreign policy is to find the quickest way to war with Russia. We also know that they are willing to bring down the Trump Presidency if it’s necessary, and even if it’s not, if he doesn’t go along with the desires of the establishment masters that they serve. After all, Trump wasn’t supposed to be there anyway. It was supposed to have been either Clinton or Bush, Cruz, Kasich or in a long-shot Graham. He has no legitimacy, they tell themselves and they’re within their rights to remove him.

The Washington Post is owned by leftist Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. When he purchased the paper in 2013, he accepted the first offer the owner made, $250 million and admitted to doing no due diligence. He claimed it was in part due to his sense of civic duty to be a watchdog for the public. Four months later, this supposed watchdog signed a $600 million contract through his Amazon business with the CIA for web hosting, over twice what he paid for his newspaper. Now Bezos is leaking information about these supposed Russia hacks of information which is sourced to our intelligence agencies and resulted in accusations based upon the “conclusions” reached by the Obama-owned directors of the CIA and DNI.

Bezos appears to have been in a real hurry to buy the paper and price really wasn’t that much of a concern. The election cycle was heating up and they needed control of the propaganda. He paid what was required to get the ability to disseminate information favorable to his comrades in the Democrat party, his fellow globalists, knowing government money would be flowing back his way.

Now, on the day of this ridiculous town hall farce, the Washington Post, who received and reported leaked intelligence info about General Flynn as well as the phony accusations of Russia and the Trump campaign, now reveals more secret information about then-Senator Sessions meeting with the same Russian ambassador. Sessions says it was an innocent meeting in his capacity as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee but when the leftists control the media, you’re guilty until begrudgingly declared innocent.

Attorney General Sessions is a top priority, high value target for the Obama insurgents, one that is set to upend much of his tyrannical actions. He, like President Trump, puts the American people first, a concept that runs counter to the goals of the elite establishment.

Also by being the ones who expose what they will describe as potential criminal or at a minimum “questionable” activity, any subsequent against the Washington Post for their espionage violations may be compromised out of concerns for appearing to be personally motivated reprisals. There’s also the matter of Hillary Clinton wanting to stay out of prison and not owning this Attorney General and how that could present real problems for her. We’re all waiting for that shoe to drop and she may not be willing to wait any longer.

Obama made all of this possible in an action that was finalized on January 3rd of this year by AG Loretta Lynch which expanded those receiving intelligence directly from only the NSA to an additional 13 other agencies. Now leaks are virtually impossible to trace.

Towards his objectives of dispatching President Trump from his rightful position, Obama has already announced that he and his OFA army of agitators are going to be engaged as an anti-American operatives working towards that end in a coup. This clearly is part of that operation and it is obviously under way.

Rick Wells: http://rickwells.us/cnn-rinos-washington-post-obama-cia-soros-combined-coup-takes-shape/

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=70249


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Interesting program of Nancy Hopkins on Wolf Spirit Radio telling her story from basically discovering the technology the USSR was using in the 70s to spy on the US, then being horrified to pick up on the military industrial complex situation in the US, went on to find out why cancer was happening at that time to people working with microwave/wi-fi equipment and has since promoted Shungite as a wonderful blocker of harmful frequencies.

I'm only halfway through the 2 hr interview, but wanted to post it in the public archive.  It was posted 26th Feb and will only be available for another few days.


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WHOA! RT, you've done it again! ( ✧Д✧)


American claims to be rightful heir to the throne, plans to overthrow Prince Charles

"An American man who claims to be a descendant of the last king of Wales has vowed to return to Britain and overthrow Prince Charles as heir to the throne.

Allan Verno Evans, 55, placed an ad in The Times of London on Tuesday claiming he is the rightful heir to the throne and will launch a bid for his “royal historical estate” in just 30 days.

The Colorado man says he has traced an unbroken line of primogeniture, the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, back to the third century."

<Add to Edit: 4th March 2017>

Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body


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Ghost In The Shell Tokyo Premiere 2017

The performance that the fans of the series from the world would envy....LOL

Loads of the netizens in Japan wailed out when they heard the main character Kusanagi would be played by a WHITE female, even though lots of them like Scarlet. But I felt that the peeps who said "This is another WHITE Supremacist act of Hollywood" actually were not Japanese netizens, but the American fans of the series. Usually Japanese peeps just go "oh well, as long as it didn't get trashed..." and don't get too bogged down on what happened for the casting. But yeah....I tend to agree with the American fans. 

It shouldn't.

But you know what........there wasn't any Japanese actresses who could handle English like a native speaker................shamefully, this is actually a true story.....(/ω\) Sheeeesh....revealing it only on CHANI.

Skip to 1:30. The song starts there.

Just in case if there are anyone wanted to see the full scale composition by the orchestra with loads of chorus women.


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We are Still Discovering new Primates

Before we even think about going to another planet and INVADE and leave crap on that planet, we really need to look into Earth first in order to learn the preservation of species, I feel......(´Д`)

New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola


A Plumpy little one. (≧ω≦)


Above image from : (c)https://news.mongabay.com/2017/02/this-new-primate-is-a-giant-among-tiny-bushbabies/

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WTF news of the day...


Man spends $50,000 on over 100 procedures to transform into a 'genderless' ALIEN (and he plans to have his genitals, nipples and bellybutton removed next)

  • Vinny Ohh, 22, from Los Angeles in California, has had over 110 procedures
  • He wants to transform into a 'genderless' extra-terrestrial
  • The make-up artists believes he's neither male nor female 
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Children are Wise

A Deep poem from an 8th grader...


Read it from the bottom to make sense out of the true feeling!? It's kind of some reverse speech aspect used IMHO and if he thought to achieve it artificially then yeah, he's a great artist...an HONEST one, too, methinks. (・ω<)☆



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Army scientists successfully 'teleport' Soldiers

This may well be a Sorcha Faaliolio sourced story, so be aware of that aspect, pls.

And here's one about Lake Vostok... Hmmmm.......

↓I like this channel.

He leaves lots of links at the end of the vid for us to get back to the source of info he used from.

But I warn you...he includes FAKE NEWS in his "story telling".

When you do your own research about the stuff on his vids, you will come to your own conclusion, which probably is not so sensational as what were claimed in the vid....

But I really liked the DRIVE of his "story telling"!

As long as you are aware of that aspect, enjoy dipping into some weird and wonderful info he gathered.


"Is 14-legged killer squid found TWO MILES beneath Antarctica being weaponised by Putin?

A KILLER giant squid that can hypnotise its prey and paralyse humans at a distance of 150 feet using poisonous venom is being developed as a secret weapon by Vladimir Putin, a scientist has claimed."

MIMICKING TO BE A DIVER TO LURE OTHER HUMANS SO IT CAN KILL..... and I heard from my source that Octopus and squids are also Alien HYBRIDS. They contain the genes of the opponents-who-are-against-Humanity faction in them.

"The 33 foot-long man-eater also boasts extraordinary camouflage that helped it stalk the researchers - including shape-shifting.

Dr Padalka said: “The shapeshifting capabilities of organism 46-B sound almost diabolical. It shaped itself into the form of a human diver. "


Err....I used to like eating Octopuses. They are chunky and "meaty". And I still like salt and pepper squid, hey....(´Д`)

Greeks, Spanish and Japanese have hard time to let go of them from diets, methinks. Would that help prevent the wrath against humanity?? Lots of Asians eat jellyfish, too, you know. LOL 

"After five days battling the animal, the remaining scientists finally trapped Organism 46-B in a tank. They brought it to the surface but were shocked when it was seized by Russian officials, who told the waiting international press nothing had been found. 

Dr Padalka fled the country and raised the alarm this week after he claimed to have discovered Mr Putin’s plans to use the animal as a military weapon."


As for our research, this is also important that this news about the squid appeared back in 2012. NOT a new info to us.


However, this MUST be considered that it's probably someone AGAINST Russia instigating to recirculate this story for some legit reason.

Because even Sputnik was on it, telling the people that it was a FAKE NEWS, about the same time of the resurface of this news among MSM. 

"What do you do when you’re a British tabloid, you want to blame the Russians, but you’ve got nothing to go on? Easy – just invent a fake Russian scientist, a fake giant sea monster and, for the cherry on top, claim it’s been weaponized (!) by President Putin himself. Because none of that sounds made up at all."


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4Chan Conspiracy over the Aledged Real Selfie of A Reptoid Alien

Thread taken down: "24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C."


Above post on Reddit: (c)Leaky Trump https://www.reddit.com/user/LeakyTrump 

Thank you for your thorough post, Leaky Trump!

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Conspiracy over Chiwan Tribe's "Dog Eating Fest"

This may well be the first time ever anyone pointed out about this possibility, being written in English....Because it's a shocking story, I hesitated to post at first, but then, this is a conspiracy forum, so I trust your nose and follow up to research if you have any doubts. You be the judge in the end.


The CURRENT Dog Eating cultures in Chinese regions are basically in Chiwan region AND in Korea.

The Chiwan Tribe has been under full on suppression under Chinese INVASION.


In Chiwan Tribe people's reality, the tribal land was INVADED by China, and they copped really bad treatments during the infamous Chinese Cultural Revolution....50 years ago.

Chiwan people were beaten, raped, tortured in insanely sadistic and horrific manner like being sliced off of meat a bit by bit while the captured are still alive, and then got eaten by the Chinese mobs....(I recall the Chinese scholar who published the documents was saying that he thinks that the cannibalism would have been far more spread than what were reported in that particular pile of Chinese government's documents he studied.)

Here's an article from India about that: http://www.hindustantimes.com/world/china-suppresses-horrific-history-of-cannibalism/story-6hbxXBtvWf9LSIS0yaYlIM.html

And an AFP report: http://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/1943581/how-political-hatred-during-cultural-revolution-led

Even "Anti-Japan" Japan Times published this AFP-Jiji article on it with a scary line right at the end....: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/05/15/asia-pacific/50-years-on-talk-of-cultural-revolutions-flesh-banquets-remains-taboo/#.WLsRMDvyjX0

You might not want to believe such claims because they are so horrific, but these proofs were gathered by a Chinese scholar who took the real Chinese governmental documents about what really happened during the Cultural Revolution....


Now, the conspiracy I'm talking about...

Because Chiwan people never forgotten how badly they were treated by China, they are aligning with people from such as Tibet and Inner Mongol where are also copping continuous bad oppression from China, and always trying to get away from the Chinese grip.  

China doesn't like that at all.

And I told you numerous times in older posts about how huge lobbying actions being done continuously by China against Japan in the last 4 decades or so?

The same thing is happening to Chiwan people, I suspect.

Why all of sudden Chiwan's Dog Meat eating festival got picked up by MSM in recent years?

.....I highly suspect it was planned by Chinese lobbyists, nudging the welfare people who care for animals....and via MSM and the bad image about "eating dogs" got well smeared into Chiwan people's name, only trying to make the whole world to go against Chiwan Tribal people....tying to make sure when China really wants to crack in and claim Chiwan Tribal land as theirs, no one fusses over at the Chinese gov......

Noting the region of Chiwan Tribal land was where those 38 people were eaten.

Maybe the Chinese gov is trying to mask what really happened in the Cultural Revolution there, by applying another full-on image of dog eating festival on the same place... 

(How dare Chinese could say such crap against anyone...when you study what they eat, you'd realise they are no way in the right place to piffle on against Chiwan Tribe people.)


So this sudden take up on the angle trying to make Chiwan people looking so bad in the Western society may well be created by Chinese intel acts, trying to stop the smoldering possibility of Chiwans uprising against China. (You might think why bother such thing, because now the people around the world are saying "Chinese people love eating dogs", not "Chiwan Tribe love eating dogs", so wouldn't that be a boomerang onto themselves? Well, to Chinese gov, it looks like it's far more important to screw up Chiwan people to continuously oppress them, even making the world citizens to say Chinese eats dogs. Chinese ate dogs since ancient time. Ancient mound filled with dog bones were dug up by archaeologists. I guess they are immune to the idea...(´Д`))

Now we know how bad Chinese economy is...their bubble could burst up in any moment....so China is also desperate trying to not to sink themselves down. The reason for their rather hasty and abrupt tactics, maybe?

.......Here's an AFP article in Japan. If you see the picture of the cooked dog with a guy smiling behind the shop front, I'm sure loads of dog-lovers/animal lovers would spew in anger. How conveniently the image and the story are used.....

<Warning: Graphic image on the linked page>


And this IS the Chinese tactic.

...All of the so called "photographic evidences" about Nanjing "massacre" in China brought out by China were totally DEBUNKED---it was a FAKE NEWS. The Japanese researchers pulled out every single original sources of those photos, and NONE were the real images from NanJing "massacre"...they took the images from the past Japanese publications, and used them to develop COGNITIVE BIAS against Japan by wrapping the images up with FAKE context.  Mao Zedong himself had NEVER mentioned about "Nanjing massacre" what so ever, not once, while he was alive. That already tells you the Chinese claim re:Nanjing "massacre" done by Japanese is a total BS. (More and more debunking researches are coming out of Japan, for finally people there are waking up, and started to defend themselves, after slowly waking up from the Mind Control of the GHQ called the "War Guilt Information Programming". And YOU are also under it in some ways. Did you know that?)


The Chinese gov uses lies liberally, strategically, and use the tactic of what Geppers stated in WW2 Germany; If you lie out loud so many times, in the end, people start to believe in it.

Mind you, I also need to point out this fact for you peeps so even keeled views can be achieved; Han people of China were also the experiencors of continuous invasions from outside forces for a long long looooong time, and learned the grudge and sadistic traits from those experiences of oppression for thousands of years.

Also, because they had such a long history of being threatened by the foreign invasion themselves, as they got their own country now, they want to protect their own reign-power, and then somehow it clicked into them invading others....that invasion in Sth China Sea is exactly that sorta trait. The US may go into the War against China very soon because of their security threat in the Asian region, too. The mess expands when someone decides to deal with life with GREED.... 

(But this is CHANI so I insert another sourced info from some aliens........apparently, Chinese Hans copped hybridization done by a very nasty alien faction which is AGAINST HUMANITY. The alien genes MADE people very violent and sadistic.....so I want to believe.....) 

So, the point is; The Dog Eating Festibal story in Chiwan Tribal region may well be set up by Chinese Lobbyists.


Please be aware of those possibilities, and please do your own research into wth is really happening underneath such sensational claims somehow popped up suddenly for Chiwan people. China is feeling the threat of uprising in all western regions because people there don't want to be a part of China. 

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"The Rape of Nanjing"? Not true events? Wow...even here in the States it is discussed in schools....interesting.....

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Yeah mate, that is what we discovered after done Japanese side of research.

The so-called "Comfort Women" story coming out of South Korea is also BS.

The stupid Japanese idiot Yoshida, who claimed "Japanese military forced women to be the sex-slaves" as non-fiction documentary got debunked as a TOTAL LIE!!!!

So China and Korea only took up the opportunity to crack in from that (told you that Japanese were under mind control full on, still lots people are! The stupid term of "sex slave" came out of friggin Japanese idiot popping up in the UN all the time.(´×ω×`)The effect of WGIP is incredible!!)....and the friggin Anti-Japan (mind controlled) newspaper ASAHI-SHINBUN that released the stupid lie-info doesn't even want to make apology about what they caused against Japanese people and its historical value.

We are very angry at them, and we never trust them ever again.

That Comfort women BS looks like China went supporting Sth K from behind to make Japan looking very bad in the World.....the exact tactic China is using against Chiwan people.  

Chinese people are very clever. And they use tactical span of time as 100 years bracket. Not 10 years. Expanding to 3 generations, they try to achieve what they want....amazing patience and love for their own country.

Slowly but surely, their toxin is released continuously behind gorgeous smiles and huge pay outs, and by the time you realise, all important infrastructures, resources, and energy sources are owned by Chinese gov related companies.

It's happening in Australia, Africa, and many other places. We just didn't study well about their lobbying capability.

Chinese peeps know when to splurge money. It's others' fault to fall for it from now on wards, because NOW WE KNOW THEIR TACTICS.

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Lost your Cat/keys/anything small?

No Worries! Wistiki can find it!


The item was created by 3 French brothers who love their cat that goes hiding just before the visits to the vet.....

This product uses Bluetooth function and tingles out to you so you can find the location easier.

They considered for their cat so much that they used the frequency that's not irritable for the cats (unsure for any other animals, though) and tried to achieve the best solutions like water proofing the product; apparently, the 1st time dinner for the cat after they put the device around the cat's neck, the friggin thing got drenched by the food as it got right into the dish when the cat lowered its head into the bowl.

Also they tried to make the look stylish for their loving cat.

Apparently loads of peeps with free ranging cows to ferrets are using the device now.


And the brothers went further. Now it can be used for stuff like House Keys and other items you keep on missing, and the GPS solution to find the item is also there. This might be a wonderful help for the older people starting to get dementia, yet wishing to sustain their independent life!!

What I wondered is.....would that really piss off Fays whom likes to fiddle with our small items and hide them. ROFL

This is the cat the brothers love so much <the pics>:



And the image of the product Wistiki:


But after all, I gotta ask.

Isn't that also no good for cats and other animals dangling that on their bodies? I just wonder if that ends up health issue to them.....(´Д`)

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how to identify trolls and paid agents on social media sites


It's written by someone I really like some of the posts, yet very disappointed by other dealings with someone in a closed forum.

I won't judge the info but can be cognitively biased in some ways from the observation of interactions with "someone" I saw with my own eyes.

However, usually logistic point of view he presents are pretty agreeable I found.

You be the judge.

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Doctor ‘Pharma Drug Caused Transgender’
By Paul Webber - March 7, 2017

DES (diethylstilbestrol) is a synthetic version of estrogen that was given to pregnant women from 1940 to the 1970’s. It was marketed by pharma as a medication which would alleviated morning sickness and prevent miscarriages. It was a load of 50,000 times the normal amounts of estrogen. Women were told they were taking “super vitamins.”

Decades later, it was shown that DES was a contributing cause to cancer in the women who took the synthetic estrogen and the children who were in utero at the time

But one of the most interesting effects of the drug might well be in boys of mothers who took the drug. There seems to be a large occurence of transgender, transexual and intersex men who were subjected to the DES in utero.

Last year, a report by 10 News out of Tampa, Florida, examined the links between DES and sexual identity occurrences.




The reference source Dictionary of Organic Compounds, 6th edition (1996) lists diethylstilbestrol (pp. 2175–76) as a non-steroidal estrogen with carcinogenic properties that "causes male impotence and transsexual changes, especially in offspring exposed in utero".[30]

There is some evidence linking prenatal hormonal influences on sexual orientation, gender identity and transsexual development, but this is an area of behavioral research that remains controversial.[31][32][33][34] Several published studies in the medical literature on psychoneuroendocrinology have examined the hypothesis that prenatal exposure to estrogens (including DES) may cause significant developmental impact on sexual differentiation of the brain, and on subsequent behavioral and gender identity development in exposed males and females. One of the leading investigators of this area of research is June Reinisch, former director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.[35][36] Reinisch cited several cases of "male feminization" among prenatally DES-exposed males.

Dr. Scott Kerlin, a major DES research scientist and founder of the DES Sons International Research Network in 1996, has documented for the past 20 years a high prevalence of individuals with confirmed prenatal DES exposure who self-identify as male-to-female transsexual, transgender, or have intersex conditions, and many individuals who report a history of experiencing difficulties with gender dysphoria.[37][38][39][40]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diethylstilbestrol


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AuthaGraph: Far more Accurate World Map Available Now!

A Japanese scientist Hajime Nakamura, came up with it. It received the government endorsed "Good Design Award".

Downloads available for those who want to create 3D versions in the page. Scroll down a bit and find the DL links on left. All in English at least. The creator did TED talk about his mapping program but that was all in Japanese so far...(´Д`)


Posted on Tweet by TSSFL, actual image of the map extracted in 2D form as a sheet can be seen below.


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Haha, Kandi's pic on the front page reminds me of a personal story I would like to share.

Back when we first started our home based business, and things were very tight, I bought a desk from Ikea, that had a white board on the side, which I thought would be handy for quick updates on timelines and the like. Having (3) kids around, I told them, "ONLY use these three markers (red, green, blue) on the board, as they are white board markers. The other thick black markers Dad has are permanent, and cant be rubbed off".

We got it Dad...

So I go off and make a cup of coffee, and return to see out the corner of my eye, my daughter pushing the cap onto a fat, black, permanent marker, and can see some scribble on the board....

I grab the marker out of her hand and yell at my daughter "You know that wont rub off! What did I tell you"?!! [she runs off in tears]

My wife looks at me and say "Wow... Father of the year" - and gestures at the white board.

On it is written "I love you Dad".

I've been making it up to her for the last 16 years.

True story, and a good life lesson.



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This news might be needed to go to the Trump thread but anyhow, for a quick attention I post it here.

WikiLeaks Has Joined the Trump Administration


Err..sorry folks, this page doesn't like people from "anywhere" to access the content to read unless you register. From the link I shared here, at least I think you can get to see the page with far less obstacle, but JFYI it's a hard one to read smoothly...LOL

But you can get their gist from the title itself, hey.

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And another wow news, but this is an older news back in Sept 2016.

I wasn't sure if this particular news was posted on CHANI. Sorry if it was already posted somewhere....(๑•﹏•)

A Black Op $s ripped away from the alphabet groups and the nasty Cabal!

CIA Jet Crashes With 4 TONS of Cocaine on Board

(c)  Jeremiah Jones




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