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A Guy? A Woman? The Latest State of Confused Sex??

It's a serious situation with Japanese nation for the GHQ led with full on depopulation agenda as WW2 had ended.

Japanese guys became physically very non-macho oriented, and currently there have been numerous data gathered, and shockingly, a lot of their youth don't even BOTHER having sex with opposite sex or the same sex.

They are becoming Asexual.

But that doesn't mean all of very much of normal guy dismissed his male sexuality and gone totally asexual.

Here's the process of change literally happening to be seen right in front of your eyes, methinks.

First, for your experiment, please listen to the vid below. It's an opening credit song from a Japanese anime a few years back.


It's a girl singing this tune, yeah?

Check this PV out after the above animation opening credit vid.

This is a man. (And a bloody talented song writer IMHO.) 

He has his own family, even.

But his body does this incredible thing as he sings.......

In one of his docco, he explained that his Adam's Apple goes right into the throat cavity, making his voice to become that of WOMAN's voice. There's no effort in his part. It just happens as he decides to do so, and gets high soprano vocal out of his man's body!!

But he also produces normal guy-voice, too.

Because it was so phenomenal in the change, now he's writing tunes using BOTH vocal capacities in one tune, by himself.

IDK about the international cases of this sort of vocal changes in the past. But it hit me that the environmental depopulation tactics could have caused some change in Japanese DNA/RNA...what I can't figure it out is that if this case was a healthy expression of evolution, or just derived from the damage caused by chemical and radiation saturation in Japan.

But freaked me right out when I discovered it was a guy who was singing that tune......for I got into his song by watching that Japanese anime...never had a look at his face or body then. 

Here's an interview in English.


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GLOBE: Huma tesifies against Hillary at secret grand jury in return for immunity. Prosecutors would seek at least 10 year sentence

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Feb-2017 16:44:39


This is all from an article in the supermarket tabloid GLOBE, and I have seen no other corroboration (except as noted below), so skepticism is understandable.

There is no blurb for the story at the GLOBE website, just the cover:


The main points from the print article:

- Huma has testified against Hillary before a secret Federal grand jury in Brooklyn, in return for an immunity deal.

- GLOBE says it previously reported that Bill had likewise testified against Hillary under similar provisions.

- DHS officials prevented Hillary from boarding an EgyptAir flight from JFK, possibly bound for Bahrain which has no extradition treaty with the U.S. (That claim we have heard before.)

- Prosecutors are insisting that Hillary spend at least 10 years behind bars

Rush out and buy the Feb. 27 issue to read the whole article.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=69346

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OMG Elon Musk Has Done It!!!!!


So surreal that it looks as if a CGI...or.................(´Д`) 

(Being a CT head means to try to look from the other side about everything at first, hey....LOL)

The thing is that I know some factions use Blue Sky to create a separate space for whatever they wanted to do BEHIND it. When the blue sky just looks way too artificial in some way (I think you can notice it if you have been a sky watcher) , they ARE artificial. So my source said.

And the other factions use 2D Pretentious-Clouds with Blue Sky version of it, making it bloody obvious that that part of the sky IS artificial. ROFL

So on top of the Project Bluebeam stuff, we do have the aliens using such COVERS to do whatever the aerial activities. 

I caught the failure of their programming and shared with you that of 2D sky image....just not artistically properly controlled CGI pretending to look like a blue sky with lots of clouds.

It IS easier to fake plain Blue Sky without clouds. So they are trying to develop further level of faking for us so we don't see them there.

Having that in mind, what would you say about this footage??


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Honestly don't know Unity.  To be honest I am very sceptical of many of the vids around these days.  Far too much disinformation being circulated at an ever increasing level and I just can't be bothered trying to watch it all and discern the contents of the majority.  I am just dealing with stuff as it happens these days - living in the now as much as possible.

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BREAKING ... Russian Ambassador to UN DEAD in NY !

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 20-Feb-2017 13:36:42


It could be completely innocent but the timing is suspicious.

Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to UN, dies suddenly at 64

Moscow (CNN)The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, died suddenly in New York on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

He died at age 64, one day before his 65th birthday.
Churkin suffered from cardiac arrest while at the Russian Mission on East 67th Street, a law enforcement official said. He was taken to New York's Presbyterian Hospital, where he died.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said "the outstanding Russian diplomat died while he was in his current working role."
"We offer our condolences to the relatives of Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin," the ministry said.
Samantha Power, former US ambassador to the UN, said she was heartbroken by Churkin's death and credited him with trying to help Russian-US relations.

"Devastated by passing of UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin," Power tweeted. "Diplomatic maestro & deeply caring man who did all he cld to bridge US-RUS differences."

Devastated by passing of Russian UN Amb Vitaly Churkin.Diplomatic maestro &deeply caring man who did all he cld to bridge US-RUS differences

— Samantha Power (@SamanthaJPower) February 20, 2017

Matthew Rycroft, the British ambassador to the UN, called Churkin's deah the loss of a "diplomatic giant."


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=69411

Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated Dec -- Russian Ambassador to India passes away Jan 26 (heart failure) -- Russian Ambassador to UN dies Feb 19 Hmmmm

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 20-Feb-2017 13:44:21

In Response To: BREAKING ... Russian Ambassador to UN DEAD in NY ! (RumorMail)


Remember these too

Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated Dec (assassination)

Russian Ambassador to India passes away Jan 26 (heart failure)

Russian Ambassador to UN dies Feb 19 (unknown)


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=69414

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Twitter Is Now ‘Ghost’ Deleting Offensive Tweets

William Hicks       Feb. 19, 2017

"Early this month Twitter unveiled a new plan to crack down on harassment. They laid out three new tools to start fighting against abusive accounts and comments. 

They neglected to mention, however, the real changes they would be making to punish users for using supposedly offensive language.

Last week we discovered Twitter was punishing accounts for using “offensive” language by removing account features for 12 hours. Now it appears they are “ghost” deleting Tweets they deem offensive.

When a Tweet is ghost deleted, the person who wrote the Tweet still sees it and does not know it is technically deleted. But everyone else trying to find the Tweet cannot see it, and even if you manually enter the Tweet’s URL, it will bring you to a page that says it was deleted.

This was first discovered by John Sweeney at SuperNerdLand whose offensive tweet was ghost deleted by Twitter.



Wonder how far that censorship goes?  I've noticed some strange things going on. 

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OH BOY Another one censoring.


Kit Daniels   Feb. 29, 2017

"Reddit joins Facebook to control public opinion on-line

Reddit is banning the vast majority of pro-Donald Trump posts from appearing on its “most popular” page frequented by new users.
The online discussion site announced it was clamping down on what would appear as “popular” by showing visitors only popular posts from handpicked categories, which would apparently exclude anything from pro-Trump subreddits.

In fact, a graph reveals that Reddit administrators are actively filtering out posts from The_Donald subreddit from appearing in /r/popular; if the filter represented just an algorithm based on what users filtered out themselves, one would expect more posts filtered from r/politics.

Reddit is banning the vast majority of pro-Donald Trump posts from appearing on its “most popular” page frequented by new users.


Instead, there’s a clear bias against anything pro-Trump, and there’s precedent to believe this is intentional censorship.
Back in Nov., Reddit CEO Steve Huffman vowed to suppress certain pro-Trump posts from appearing elsewhere on Reddit.

“Posts stickied on r/the_donald will no longer appear in r/all – r/all is not our frontpage, but is a popular listing that our most engaged users frequent, including myself,” he wrote. “The sticky feature was designed for moderators to make announcements or highlight specific posts.”






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If and when the arrests start happening in DC, and if and when Killary gets carted off to prison, there are going to be a lot of people eating their words about Trump. 

While it's obvious to anyone with a brain that the entire mainstream media is in bed with the Clinton faction, if they keep this up much longer eventually they will be seen for the whores they really are.  You can only spread lies and misinformation for so long before people wise up.  Even the stupid ones.

Take Trump's comments about Sweden.  The media lambasted him and tried to make him look like a fool; denying there is any immigrant problem in Sweden.  Then another riot in a largely immigrant area breaks out Monday night, and only one of many in the past years. The Swedes know there is a problem, and it is obvious to them, and they would tell you straight up if you asked them.  

So the way I see it, there will be a point where critical mass is reached, when enough people will see with their very own eyes that what the media is reporting is not what is happening on the ground.  When this starts happening in greater numbers the media won't be trusted anymore and the parasites in charge will have lost one of their greatest control mechanisms.

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3 hours ago, Bryan said:

The Swedes know there is a problem, and it is obvious to them, and they would tell you straight up if you asked them.  

So true. And it's not like it's a new problem. MSM has not been reporting it for years. The problem with immigration in Sweden has been building for years. I don't listen anymore, but Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio has been talking about the problems for years. And also about so many social benefits being thrown to refugees to the exclusion of native citizens.

That is part of the point I think Trump is subtly making-- that people aren't getting their information from the right places. Unfortunately, most people won't do additional research. But there may be a few who dig deeper when they say he's lying. I imagine at least a few were surprised to see the riots break out in Sweden after claiming Trump was lying. So much cognitive dissonance for these folks.

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This story is from a school in my county,  this teacher instead of praise gets fined 


An Ontario high school teacher who disrupted an immunization clinic and discouraged students from getting vaccinated has been found guilty of professional misconduct, the Ontario College of Teachers has ruled.

Timothy Sullivan, a veteran science teacher with the Grand Erie District School Board, described the immunization clinic as "assault and battery," while under oath at his disciplinary hearing.

The teacher said he felt "obligated to go do something about it."

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MCCAIN IS OVER! What Leaked About John McCain And Russia Has Trump Grinning From Cheek To Cheek!


The story can be found on many sites including this one

WOW! Wikileaks Document Shows John McCain Requested Donations from Russians

From the very Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitali Churkin, who died, this past Sunday in NYC.



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It wasnt long ago february here in southern Ontario Canada was pretty cold -20 or even -30 isnt uncommon , but plus 18C today and for the past week 14 s and 15s just seems odd, I saw a honey bee flying around today and ive heard theres trout in the small streams already 8 weeks early? Its nice just strange 

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                                      Medical marijuana is now legal in Australia


All i can see is     $  $   $  $   $  $        and the usual 

                                                                                gubmit control.



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41 minutes ago, landdownunder said:

Medical marijuana is now legal in Australia

at least it is a start to recognize the value of this great plant and undo some of the ignorant vilification that has been going on for years. prison populations should go down. amount of people on parole, probation, community service, fines, rehab, social services , child protection etc...will all decrease...criminalizing and finding "no known medical benefit" in the plants use should appear as foolish ignorance from this point on...should...but it won't. the capitalism and commercial approach will appear,  but mom and pop gardeners will rise on the sidelines. it will be up to patients who they would buy from. ldu, maybe the good common sense of the aussies will prevail...

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Yes i agree Slayer, it is a start.

gubmit control, tga, licensed growers.

Will it be organic, non gmo?  Pesticides?  And will all that info be available to those who will be permitted to use it.

Lets hope that there are good people involved in the process, that produces real change, and benefit for those who need it.

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I agree with both of you, landdy and slayer.

Oz REALLY need money for the gov. Shocking state of lack of understanding how to manage medical sector, whole heap of people here are suffering badly---like I personally faced to the waiting list of 3 years to get into the Pain Clinic in our state. Totally disgraceful, for all of us are suffering with suicidal level of pain every single moment of life. (Or the gov won't call us as DISABLED.... )

And this move is made for Chronically affected people with disability/-ies.

I thought the consensus was driven by the Mexican case of little girl with multiple epilepsy (on going every day for her) got a big benefit out of the usage.

Yeah why not, if it's already proven!! Give more chance to the Aussie kids (and other chronically battling people)!! 

There's another important side to this move, methinks.

It's to become independent from Chinese influence in Oz.

By creating another big Taxable revenue, many benefits could rise among other fields in Oz.....(For medical field, it could help shortening of the waiting list by the gov able to inject more $s for the specific sector.) 

And in a long run, current "Red" Oz situation may be able to change and get away from the Chinese money-grip.

It could aid the Aussies to live better in general, I felt. (Though I gotta admit I have noooo idea what the revenue capacity is...sorry!) 

Rather than trying to get lots tax $s out of creating more Casinos/gambling facilities that causes hell of people getting addicted and create mega mess in Aussie families, I'd rather see the gov making revenue with medical herbal usage IMHO.


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Spicer Says Feds to Step Up War Against Marijuana on the Same Day Sessions Reverses Plan to Phase Out Private, For-Profit Prisons

Posted By: Swami [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 25-Feb-2017 01:09:32

In Response To: link: "Court Sentences 77-Year-Old Disabled Veteran To Die In Prison For Treating Illness With Marijuana" (hobie)


Spicer Says Feds to Step Up War Against Marijuana on the Same Day Sessions Reverses Plan to Phase Out Private, For-Profit Prisons | The Daily Sheeple


February 24, 2017 | Truthstream Media | TruthstreamMedia.com |

How authoritarian.

As if this place wasn’t already a ‘papers please’ police state enough, now White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has announced that Trump’s Administration is about to ramp up the failed drug war against cannabis on the same day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions (referred to as a “drug war dinosaur” for his stance on marijuana) reversed the plan to phase out the human rights horrors that are private prisons… all on the same day.

Jerry David @BostonJerry

So today is the day Jeff Sessions officially started running the Justice Dept. Marijuana legalization is out, private prisons are back in. https://twitter.com/ABC/status/834882877007482881

The intent being that the feds are going to crack down on states which have legalized recreational use of marijuana… so they can fill up the private prisons with more people convicted of smoking a harmless plant?

marijuana and the Trump administration Sean Spicer Press Briefing - YouTube


So far, eight states have completely legalized marijuana, including the entire West Coast. Colorado and Washington have seen tax profits of over $200 million and $250 million respectively just last year alone. California stands to pull in $1 billion in its first year as a totally legal state.


Currently, 17 more states have introduced measures to do the same thing… which only makes sense, considering 59% of Americans support marijuana legalization and 71% say the federal government shouldn’t interfere with the states according to Drug Policy Alliance.

Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson have already responded to Spicer’s announcement by vowing to defend their state’s recreational marijuana law, with Ferguson telling the Seattle Times, “I will resist any efforts by the Trump administration to undermine the will of the voters in Washington state.”

The jig is up but they’re still trying to dance. With eight fully legal states and another 17 headed that way, we’re long past the days of Refer Madness, aren’t we?

We should be long past the days of arresting people for the use of plant that isn’t just harmless, but found again and again in studies to have great medicinal value. If anyone in government was honest, the only reason we aren’t is because it hurts corporate bottom lines and the criminal justice prison-industrial economy built specifically around the drug war. The biggest lobbyists against marijuana legalization are alcohol producers and the pharmaceutical drug companies run by these guys who Trump met with at the White House a few weeks ago:

[go to link to see pics and get other links]

President Trump


Today I met with pharmaceutical executives at the @WhiteHouse...https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10158578663600725:0 …

They know each time marijuana is legalized in a state, reliance on prescription pain medications and overdose deaths due to opioid misuse decrease substantially in that state.

Bad for business.

As I’ve written before, the DEA’s drug schedule appears to be arranged based on how much financial damage the drugs on it might do to Big Pharma and not how much physical harm they might do to the American public. It’s the only thing that even remotely begins to explain why marijuana is Schedule 1 while meth remains at Schedule 2. But I digress…

On the same day that the Trump Administration announced it was stepping up the ridiculous, losing war on pot, AG Jeff Sessions — a huge fan of the DEA and avid if not rabid supporter of the drug war — announced he was reversing a plan which began near the end of Obama’s last term to phase out private for-profit prisons in a move described to some as a nice little gift to President Trump’s financial donors.

Bernie Sanders


Private prison companies invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and today they got their reward. https://twitter.com/johnson_carrie/status/834877150595514368

The reason the Justice Department announced they were doing away with private prisons is because a DOJ audit found they had many more safety and security issues than their federal counterparts. Turns out, for-profit prisons were found to be much more violent and much less humane than federal prisons, and dramatically so.

It’s also been noted that private prisons donated handsomely to the Trump campaign, including a $125,000 donation to a pro-Trump super PAC from a subsidiary of The Geo Group, one of the largest private prison companies in the country, prompting outcry from watchdog groups because government contractors are supposed to be barred from making such political donations.

That, and AG Sessions has been very pro private prisons for, oh, about 20 years now. He green-lighted them in his home state of Alabama when he was attorney general there, and even reportedly helped one outfit receive lucrative federal contracts to house undocumented immigrants.

Conflicts of interest and human rights abuses aside, as Death and Taxes sums up so eloquently, “The problem with the private prison industry is that corporations profit when they build more prisons, so the industry is incentivized to lock up as many people as possible.”

This point probably doesn’t even need to be made by now, but Senator Bernie Sanders went ahead and made it anyway:

Bernie Sanders


Trump just opened the floodgates for private prisons to make huge profits by building more prisons and keeping even more Americans in jail.

Exactly… but of course the people making these decisions already know that.

Guess it’s a good call for Sessions start all that private prison use back up, considering they are going to need a lot more jail cells to house all those awful plant users for non-violent crimes!

Because she stated it so well, please read my friend Lily Dane’s summary of Jeff Sessions and his stance on marijuana in particular so you can truly understand where (who) all of this is coming from:

One of the most controversial things Sessions has said was about the Ku Klux Klan. He said he thought they were “okay, until he learned that they smoked marijuana.”

That comment was made years ago, but Sessions is still a very vocal opponent of legalizing cannabis – for both recreational and medicinal use.

I guess he’s an opponent of science too, because to date, there are over 22,000 published studies in the scientific literature that reference the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

So far, scientific study of cannabis has identified more than 80 unique, biologically active cannabinoids. A recent meta-analysis of these compounds shows well over a dozen therapeutic properties attributable to cannabinoids, including neuroprotective, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-diabetic properties. (source)

Not only is Sessions apparently anti-science and anti-health freedom, he totally digs one of the most dangerous and hated government agencies:

“I’m a big fan of the DEA”, he said during a hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

At that hearing, Sessions said of marijuana – and I am not making this up – “Lady Gaga says she’s addicted to it and it is not harmless.”

Right, because Lady Gaga’s opinion is far more credible than, oh, decades of scientific research.

In April of this year, the Senate held a drug hearing.

Sessions attended, and said a few more ridiculous things:

“We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger.”

Right, because humans haven’t been using cannabis for, oh – decades – without government permission.

He spoke of the need to foster “knowledge that this drug is dangerous, you cannot play with it, it is not funny, it’s not something to laugh about… and to send that message with clarity that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

No, Mr. Sessions – you have that wrong. You see, “good people” do not tell other people what to do with their bodies. “Good people” do not deny people of their right to make their own decisions about what to do in the privacy of their own homes. “Good people” do not use the force of government to deprive people of their access to a plant that shows incredible promise in the treatment and management of chronic health problems and devastating diseases.

But apparently in Trump’s America, “bad people” who smoke marijuana get to go to for-profit prisons… even when it has already been made 100% legal for recreational use in their state and 16% of the country.

Because… money.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).

Contributed by Truthstream Media of TruthstreamMedia.com.

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=69812

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Former IMF Chief and Dozens of Former Bank Execs Just Got Sentenced to Jail

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 26-Feb-2017 16:46:15


Former IMF Chief and Dozens of Former Bank Execs Just Got Sentenced to Jail

BY IWB · FEBRUARY 24, 2017

But will they actually warm a bench in a Spanish prison?

By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET.

The unimaginable just happened in Spain: two former bank CEOs, Miguel Blesa (CEO of Caja Madrid) and Rodrigo Rato (CEO of Bankia) were just awarded prison sentences of six years and four-and-a-half years, respectively, for misappropriation of company funds.

Rato was also Managing Director of the IMF from 2003 to 2007. He was succeeded by another luminary, Dominique Strauss Kahn.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is will Blesa and Rato actually serve the sentence (more on that later).

Dozens more former Caja Madrid senior executives, most of whom are closely connected to either, or both, of the country’s two main political parties and/or unions also face three to six years in prison. They were found guilty by Spain’s National High Court of misusing company credit cards. Those cards drained money directly from the scarce funds of Caja Madrid, which at the height of Spain’s banking crisis was merged with six other failed savings banks into Bankia, which shortly thereafter collapsed and ended up receiving the biggest bail out in Spanish history, costing taxpayers over €20 billion, to date.

Between 2003 and 2012 Caja Madrid (and its later incarnation, Bankia) paid out over €15 million to its senior management and executive directors through its “tarjeta negra” (black card) scheme. According to accounts released by Spain’s bad bank, FROB, much of that money went on restaurants, cash withdrawals, travel and holidays, and the like.

The amounts – which did not show up on any bank documents, job contracts, or tax returns – may be small, given the magnitude of the misdeeds that led to the Spanish bank fiasco, but it’s the principle that counts.

Only 4 out of 90 Caja Madrid senior managers, executives, and board members had the basic decency to turn down the offer of undeclared expenses. For the rest, it was an offer they could not refuse.

In his last few months at Caja Madrid – just before the whole edifice came crumbling down – Blesa went on a mad spending binge. In one month alone he made purchases on his black card worth €19,000 – more than many Spaniards’ annual salary.

This is a man who pocketed over €20 million in salaries and bonuses while at the helm of the bank that he helped destroy. On his departure in 2010, he was awarded a €2.5 million golden parachute. Yet even after his ouster he, like many other Caja Madrid executives, continued making liberal use of his tarjeta negra.

For Blesa, this will not be his first time behind bars (assuming he is actually sent to prison). He was jailed twice in 2013 and both times was promptly sprung from his cell by Spain’s prosecution service. In fact, the only person upon whom justice was served in the initial case against Blesa was the presiding judge, Elpidio Silva, who was barred from the bench for 17 years for overstepping his limits.

Blesa’s successor as CEO of Caja Madrid/Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, could see his sentence grow in the coming months. He also faces charges of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Allegedly he even laundered funds while serving as IMF Managing Director.

While Rato is not solely responsible for the myriad disasters that occurred on his watch, he does seem to have an incredible knack at being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and making lots of money in the process. He was Spain’s economy minister during the nascent years of Spain’s property bubble; IMF chief during the run up to the subprime crisis years; and Bankia CEO just before its collapse and subsequent heist of the life savings of hundreds of thousands of its own retail customers, who were persuaded by branch sales staff to invest their funds in the bank’s high-risk subordinate bonds.

Now, he faces the prospect of hard time behind bars. But will the sentence be served? That is the question people are asking in Spain.

Just last week Iñaki Urdangarín, the husband of the King’s sister, Infanta Cristina, was sentenced to six years in prison for fraudulently obtaining (and spending) millions of euros in public funds in the Nóos case. Today he was told that he can go back to his home in Switzerland where he can stay until all possible appeals are exhausted, which, this being Spain, could take years. He did not even have to post bail.

Will Rato, Blesa and the rest of the Bankia 65 also be able to prepare their appeals from the comfort of their own home? Many of them are so intimately connected to the political and business establishment that it’s almost impossible to imagine them warming a bench in a jail cell. If they are given similar treatment, expect public anger to reach new heights. If, by some miracle, they are sent down, things could be about to get very interesting in the Eurozone’s fourth largest economy, especially with six senior central bankers waiting in the wings to testify about the Bank of Spain’s role in the collapse and subsequent bailout of Bankia. By Don Quijones.


Former IMF Chief and Dozens of Former Bank Execs Just Got Sentenced to Jail – InvestmentWatch



(related story)

Six central bankers and a financial regulator get dragged to court. Read… The Unthinkable Just Happened in Spain

The Unthinkable Just Happened in Spain | Wolf Street


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=69937

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Tiny cosmic particles can cause planes to free-fall, freeze computers and can even change the outcome of elections, scientists say

CECILE BORKHATARIA  from Feb. 17, 2017

"Tiny cosmic particles can have serious impacts on Earth, causing election votes to be miscounted, planes to free-fall and computers to reboot, scientists say.

These cosmic particles can hit electronic devices on Earth, which can cause components to burn out and cause malfunctions.  
Cosmic particles come from cosmic rays from outside our solar system. They crash into the Earth's atmosphere creating a range of particles, including protons, electrons, X-rays and gamma-rays that can penetrate aircraft.

These cosmic particles constantly hit Earth, and can cause bits of information in electronics to change.
When a machine malfunctions in this way, it's called a Single Event Upset (SEU).

These changes can be enough to cause a computer to freeze and reboot, affecting the outcome of computerized elections.

They can also cause other problems such as causing planes to suddenly come out of autopilot mode.

 Professor Bharat Bhuva, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Vanderbilt University, gave a talk about this problem at the annual meeting for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston. 

During his presentation, he said: 'This is a really big problem, but it is mostly invisible to the public.




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" Harald Kauz Vella has been imprisoned "

We heard of this 17 hours ago.

He copped the warrant in his own country for the "Fake News" before, and apparently now he got caught. " Sedition " ?? He had been posting on FB etc till mid Feb. Not since.

But this is 2nd hand info to me.

We are waiting for the confirmation....  (´Д`)

Here's his latest version of the pdf to download, the update dated as 30th Jan 2017: http://www.aquarius-technologies.de/veroeffentlichungen.html

Source of Harald's own comment re: Fake News stuff here:


And he was going for anti-Mercury stuff....:


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