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Simon Parkes Special Edition: Warning on The US Situation

(ฅΦωΦ)ฅ))(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)ROFL!! Ragnarok making havoc at the back!!!

(c) Simon Parkes 2018

Published on Aug 26, 2018

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So a Master Mason, a Gnostic Priest and Crrow777 walk into a podcast…

It was interesting to check it out.

Probably loads of us got ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?moments when we listen to the stuff said closely, but anyhow, intriguing to listen to!

(c) Crrow777 2018

Published on Aug 23, 2018

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A Strange Cloud Stationary In One Location For Too Long?

I had just come across to the vid and really wondering why that storm cloud is not moving anywhere else for such a long duration.

Or is this a normal thing to happen??

If that's unusual, then I think we can say possibly something wanted to be wrapped by cloud is inside it....

(c) ONLY in JAPAN * GO 2018

Streamed live on Aug 26, 2018

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From an email a friend sent to me today....  please pass it on...


Dear all,

You getting this note is because you are my friends and I had friends who became victim of this madness to lose weight rapidly.

Just a quick note about some weight-loss supplement now currently promoted as the best way to lose weigh rapidly is the use of 2,4-Dinitrophenol. There are already several deaths in Australia recently and will be published as health warning when the legal proceedings are completed.

I decided to highlight this sooner privately so that if you know of someone promoting and taking 2,4-Dinitrophenol as a rapid weight loss, discourage the uses and if you are taking this. Stop immediately.

What is 2,4-Dinitrophenol?

2,4-Dinitrophenol is an organic compound with the formula HOC₆H₃(NO₂)₂. It is a yellow, crystalline solid that has a sweet, musty odor.


Molar mass184.106 g/mol

IUPAC ID2,4-dinitrophenol

Density1.68 g/cm³

Melting point108 °C

Soluble inAlcoholAcetoneEtherBenzeneChloroformTolueneEthyl acetatePyridineCarbon tetrachloride


DNP causes weight loss by making cellular respiration less efficient. The majority of ATP (molecules used for energy) is produced in the mitochondria. ... (When your body oxidizes sugar, fat, or proteins energy is produced. Your body is designed to use that energy to make ATP, while DNP turns that energy into heat).

DNP acts as a protonophore, allowing protons to leak across the inner mitochondrial membrane and thus bypass ATP synthase. This makes ATP energy production less efficient. In effect, part of the energy that is normally produced from cellular respiration is wasted as heat.

Why was DNP lethal?

DNP indeed causes weight loss — by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation and radically increasing metabolic rate. Energy usually stored as ATP molecules becomes dissipated as heat, potentially leading to clinically significant or even lethal hyperthermia.


That is to say you died a terrible death. If this doesn’t makes you think again, 2,4-Dinitrophenol is used and sold legally as a pesticide. You find this in your insects sprays or gardening products.

More to read about .. on this link


Be safe. And keep healthy


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CNN caught red-handed fabricating fake news, fake sources… Watergate legend Carl Bernstein complicit… refuses to retract news HOAX

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 by: Mike Adams



Additionally, Japanese Netizens are doing great job to get rid of the almighty FAKE news that their news source came up with----like picking up the content of Washington Post and just translated it and somehow stated that POTUS said "Remember Pearl Harbour" for the trade issue and Jpnse officials met Nth K officials about getting Abducted Jpnse citizens back home was something that POTUS side never heard of and got angry at for Jpn to do that without telling them about it.

 Fantastically total BS info, and some journo checked the fact with White House, and found out that POTUS side obviously knew about the meeting done, and have no issue about it. Also POTUS never said "Remember..." BS either. There was no mention of that phrase anywhere. 


So some Netizens went full force and reached to all journos who have ears to listen to, spread the news about the BS Fake info spread by the News Source called Kyodo Tsushin to stop the BS spreading further. Unfortunately this news source info gets relayed all over Jpn, and the people buying the local papers never know such BS background, and....they might believe such crap.

It's been done by the Communist infiltrated companies trying to split the good relationship the US and Jpn has at the moment.

Don't take netizens lightly is what I can say. We are monitoring closely.....and finally in Alternative Media scene, we have places to VOICE our concerns.

(Jpn didn't have such for a long time, and possibly the net was not as powerful back in 20 yrs ago or so. This change of trend is only a new thing. So glad. BUT at the same time..."they" can terminate the internet to stop us progressing.....it's time for us to create MORE internet systems around the world, away from ANY nasty infiltration, and the only way of doing that maybe just like springing up small scale internet circles around the world ALL THE TIME....)

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Officials detonate unexploded mine floating in Puget Sound

August 29, 2018          Peter Martinez

snip image

"Last Updated Aug 29, 2018 2:00 AM EDT

An unexploded ordnance was seen floating in the Puget Sound in Washington state Tuesday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. With assistant from the U.S. Navy, they carried out a controlled explosion of the object in the evening hours.

The Coast Guard said a 1,500-yard safety zone was put into effect as the ordnance drifted south between Brownsville Marina and Bainbridge Island. They also implemented a 5,000-foot flight restriction zone. The sighting was first reported around 2 p.m. local time.

The Associated Press says that the Navy inspected the moored mine and it showed decades of marine growth. Around 5 p.m., Navy divers secured a long line to the device and began towing it with a small boat. By 8:15 p.m., officials said it detonated without incident.

A reporter from CBS affiliate KIRO-TV posted a video showing the detonation:"


High strangeness abounds here in the waters, islands and airports of Wash. State.   Subs/missiles,   stolen planes/crashes  now unexploded mines in the water?  Here I thought all it did is rain!

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Truly Weird "Angular" Corner Appeared In Nebula

BTW There have been good few explosion news happening all around the world lately and very suspicious news are out like what breezy posted above. 

The pay back jobs done behind the scenes. Too many cases in such short time frame (boom boom boom like Q said before)....talk about dark and hidden places away from people's eyes. .....And the planned stock piling of nasty chemicals that was to be used against us, the Humans....?

Anyway, people on our side are working hard. Thank you for those who risked their lives in helping the Humanity's future. We are winning.

And here's the view of a nebula taken by Hubble telescope, according to S0's vid below.


Neat angular shape....Looks as if someone used a ruler....ROFL Reminded me of the cloud anomaly we got on Earth of those rectangular shaped clouds!


↑Both images are screenshotted from the S0 vid below. (c) ESA/Hubble, R. Sahai and NASA

Here's the link to the article and the beautiful image of the nebula "IRAS 05437+2502" via NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard/2018/hubbles-lucky-observation-of-an-enigmatic-cloud

(c) Suspicious0bservers 2018

Published on Sep 1, 2018

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'Ghost ship' runs aground on Myanmar coast

  • 1 September 2018


" "There were no sailors or goods on the vessel," the Yangon police said."

"The ship's location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, and this is the first reported instance of an abandoned ship appearing in Myanmar's waters, according to the AFP news agency."

"He said he suspected that the ship was only recently abandoned"

................IT DOESN'T ADD UP.(´゚д゚`) 

<Add to Edit on 2-9-2018: I haven't really checked the initial location of this Indonesian tanker ship when it got lost but.....wasn't that in the infamous DRAGON'S TRIANGLE....?? Whole bunch of ships go missing in there, and in some cases, just like Bermuda Triangle's cases, the Ghost ships re-appear at much later time without any crew on board, strangely ships somehow look in good condition to be abandoned, in some cases cabin looked as if people had JUST LEFT with cups and plates present on the table.....>

Mysterious ‘ghost ship’ reappears after 9yrs lost at sea (PHOTOS)

Published time: 31 Aug, 2018 16:38Edited time: 1 Sep, 2018 09:06


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Ggl Search Illustration on 2nd Sept 2018


  • "6 Digit" Imprints
  • 6 Reptiles with Glowing or Dark/Black eyes
  • 6 Coloured (1 Hybrid Leading the rest+5 Races)

A Prayer for the Happiness from their perspective....?

WELL.... NO YOU CAN'T RULE US ANYMORE. We refuse that plan. 

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission & Etsy Crack Down on Scalar Energy


"I was shocked to open an email from Etsy the other day, informing me that some of the items in my shop had been deactivated. The reason given was "These items were removed in accordance with a notice that we received from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as Etsy’s Prohibited Items policy. Etsy prohibits items that present an unreasonable risk of harm or that violate safety regulations. This includes (but is not limited to) radioactive items and nuclear materials. " What?? Pyramids made of nothing but resin, metal and crystals were getting lumped in with "nuclear" and "radioactive" materials? Etsy provided me a list of Prohibited Items and my pyramids did not seem to fit. "

"Recently, Etsy was contacted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission requesting the removal of items presented as being made from or containing nuclear/radioactive materials, as well as items presented with qualities associated with nuclear/radioactive materials. 

 Examples include negative ion energy items, scalar energy items, and EMF protection items." "

....Kate Bush's song about Wilhelm Reich & son Peter:

Published on Dec 10, 2006

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Thanks for the link, Shawn!

IF what Ted released as info are true (honestly we wouldn't know because of his past track but I wouldn't just brush his info away either!), then........possibly the "testing" of the remote turn on of The KILL SWITCH of Nano particles they internally carry might be happening in small scale.

Remember that thing present typical symptoms of FLU?---Fever, cough, and get flattened by body aches etc...

The testing may be done in the flight altitude where full on frequency might had been spread in particular air zone.

And if they apply that, they can stop particular incoming planes by quarantine law, upheld people for longer hours by detaining them. That can be used for certain individuals "they" want to take away at the border, for "their" advantage, be it political or else. They wouldn't want deaths to occur straight away, though, because that also creates us to run amok in fear, and lots of us will stand up questioning, causing to ruffle feathers.

The official docco's statement "Infection Rate by 2014--98%" is daunting.

I think it only means the rate is like 99.99% by today as in 2018............ (´Д`)

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Intel Guys Revelations With the Naming the Names As Well: 

How the Intel system was used AGAINST America Within America, and beyond

I always back off and try to study the supportive info when that comes from the alphabet group side.

This vid was of that.

But closely monitoring what's been shared, I tend to think the guys mean well. However saying that, I will still retain stance to be ready to totally back off. We never know, and we copped betrayals hell of time before and now. But I try not to dismiss good bits. We should utilise whatever the good bits we can use, I felt.

IDK what your judgement would be, so I highly recommend you all to watch and decide it yourself. 

(c) Bill Mitchell 2018

Published on Sep 4, 2018

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Under the Surveillance Heavily: R. //.Targ's name and the TED vid

I was writing up about the banned TED talk of R. Targ re: Psy. -/SRI to somewhere.

Holy moly...

I did something pretty stupid, I got to say.

I listed the title of the vid of the talk with the full title, with the guy's full name all in one place together.

Shortly after while I was still writing the material.....suddenly the browser went crushing.

I was using Chrome for it's for mass oriented place with high traffic rate. I didn't touch any sensitive keys, nor using hell a lot of CPU to do the job I was doing. I went (´゚д゚`)!!.....

...A warning given, basically. Algorithm specifically linked to the guy and TED vid? The alphabet group is really wanting to know who are interested in the subject, I take....yeah, you know what? Because they can't stop us seeing through the TRUTHS if we use the RViewing skill. And Russel was telling us exactly that on the vid. 

Quickly went back to the material, re-written the name of the guy, title of the vid, the vid address and uploaded it quickly.

Lucky the site got "auto-save" function.

But I went...WOOOOOW...... 

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29 minutes ago, breezy said:

Interesting, planes coming into US with sick passengers. Also happened in New Zealand.

Passengers screened and cleared by authorities after health scare on flight from Melbourne - Sept. 10, 2018


Yes yes yes, all seemed to present the pattern....of coughs and Flu like symptoms.

I thought that it also might be the Remote Turn On Testing of the Nano particles' Kill Switch in MID AIR.

This is not the only case...South Korea with MERS again, presented by a guy who visited Kuwait.


I was about to post this to the Human Diseases thread. But since all flights info are on this thread recently, I just post the link here for now.

I kind of feel grave weight on those who were released from the quarantine state, and all other passengers who refused treatments and the rest who didn't present anything then....

The pandemic might had just started, and this time.....maybe not to do with virus but the NANO PARTICLES...

I'm sure the nasty bunch are taking notes and how many people became sick how fast, how many didn't, etc etc....seeing the precise effectiveness of their creation....

For the base info, please go visit Sister Keri thread. She HAS scientific and medical proofs that stand all strong in judicial system about the Nano Particles, fighting for the Targeted Individuals and standing up against Vatican's wrong doings as a sexually molested ex-NUN:


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Fukushima in America? Twelve nuclear power plants are in the path of Hurricane Florence… flooding, storm surge threaten cooling operations

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 by: Mike Adams


Dropping this news here for it's for a heads-up.

Fukushima plants were the WORST, already proven as absolutely unreliable structure engineered by GE, BEFORE the Cs made Japanese stupid politicians to accept it to be built there as exact copy of the facility in the US, with the entire building process even left to the US builders to build, and most stupidly placed all important power controlling places underground, which are doomed to be covered by water when tsunami hits there. The Cs were planning to sink Japan anyway.

(By the way, ALL OTHER NUKE PLANTS HAD NO ISSUES. The buildings didn't budge in at all, no matter tsunami and/or full on EQ hit them. Please don't go ape shit over the safety. They actually are built to stand bad news, and they are safe. Auto shut down of the processing is just a norm thing to happen for precaution. .....Just I'm not trusting that bad engineered GE built ones.) 

I have fear for the US to cop the same if the same bad engineering GE plants are in front of the Florence.

At least what we can do, is to really focus to Florence and DISSIPATE IT dramatically, so no matter where it goes, it won't be able to cause any issues to the American people and the land.

Yes it's known that we can wipe away clouds to typhoons alike----dissipated by lots of us actively focusing SUCCESSFULLY. 

So please don't give up on doing it.

It doesn't cost anyone no money to intend Florence to dissipate, yeah?

Only using your bit of time and concentration. What about if we, in CHANI, to do that? Let's see how weaker Florence becomes? Let's "experiment" at least, shall we?

Please do send out your intention to dissipate it, so the US will be safe.


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