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today 1 pm eastern time, electoral votes approved or dis approved....drum roll........watch on c-span

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today 1 pm eastern time, electoral votes approved or dis approved....drum roll........watch on c-span

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so we DO retaliate against Russia for "supposedly hacking" the DNC, which is not a government entity, but we do NOT retaliate against China for hacking millions of government employees, etc.  amazing. 



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Malcom Turnbull: Stop Centrelinks Automated Debt recovery until it's fixed



Enough is Enough 

It has been so bad for everyone who are on enslavement.

Especially the ones who don't have enough!! I PERSONALLY COPPED THIS BS OF AUTO DEBT RECOVERY MYSELF. FFS.

I still appreciate the existence of Social Security measure, but it's aiding for mass to go for suicide.

Oz got rather high rate of elders committing suicide, but never forget students...!

One mistake coming from a student who made a mistake in calculating Tax gets severely treated by some large sum of penal rate applied, condemned publicly on media, then possible termination of their studies or for some...deportation. I have seen that happen before, for sure.


Stop penalising the poor public.

Stop ABUSING the system to whip us around.




<And I really hate the current Edit fields not having the choice to wipe out the Text rules applied in the original sources.

I can't even change the typo colour....(´Д`)> 

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I have not seen the actual debt letter so cannot comment on whether it was a notification of calculated debt and a request for more information, or just a demand for payment letter.

Having said that, from previous employment, I am fully aware of the Centrelink Fraud in this country and the overall cost of that fraud to the community purse.  We are not talking here about honest claims for assistance, we are talking MASSIVE fraud on all levels.  The system that Centrelink employed before this one actually found a number of Centrelink employees who had created up to 5 separate fake identity claims accounts and were being paid all those benefits fortnightly whilst still working for Centrelink.  On top of that there was a huge number of immigrants and Australians alike who had created multiple identities, or were claiming disability pensions whilst still working or women claiming for children they did not have, etc and all were intentionally and wilfully defrauding the Australian people of multiple millions of dollars annually - and those are just the ones that get caught. 

I could go on and on and I for one will not criticise the Government for trying to stop this massive theft from the Australian public purse.  These systems are designed to detect fraud, not punish the honest person truly in need of assistance.  I received a $3000 debt many years ago when I was on parenting payment even though I had fully reported my partners 6 week income during Uni break.  I got them to double check it was correct and paid it off because I was obviously not entitled to it.  Did I like it, no given that I had kept them fully informed but no-one should receive money they are not entitled to.

Australia has one of the largest welfare systems in the world, paying out over 60 million a month when I was involved and that was 15 years ago so God knows what we pay out now.  All good and well, but it is NOT designed for cheaters of the system and they need to be caught and others deterred.

Just sayin'

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For those who follow information from Kent Dunn.

Kent Dunn: In 7 Days To January 14, Choice of Choosing Ends! All Humans Divide to Light or Darkness! FREE WILL ENDS! PLEASE SHARE!! VIDEO

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 7-Jan-2017 21:03:01


For your contemplation and discernment

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=66100

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EPA Sends Over 1 Million Pounds of Toxic Metals Into Lake Powell

Inauguration 2017: Road Closures, Protests, Checkpoints and 90 Minute Parade Route


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Announcement of Queen Elizabeth's Death Retracted by Buckingham Palace

In Simon Parkes' site page( https://www.simonparkes.org/current-news ), he wrote: 

Monday 2nd January 2017


Information coming to me - suggesting that the Queen of England is suffering from mild dementia- as the new energies of 2017 take hold, so she is struggling.

Monday 2nd January 2017


Information coming to me - suggesting that the Queen of England is suffering from mild dementia- as the new energies of 2017 take hold, so she is struggling.

2nd Jan 2017 entry:

"Information coming to me - suggesting that the Queen of England is suffering from mild dementia- as the new energies of 2017 take hold, so she is struggling. "

5th Jan 2017 entry:

"Queen found wandering Buckingham palace grounds at 3 am - mistaken for intruder and nearly shot!

Classic late night dementia warning scenario."


Then this article...hmmmmmm....(⊙_⊙)

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A Japanese Politician speaking up of our CT knowledge in Public speech But..........

I just looked at the title of the vid, and thought who the hell is being a Mad Dog and watched it the first time...

The title of the vid is "Kamikaze attack on I. /lu-// .mean. a T" uploaded on 12th Jan 2017.

ROFL What was he thinking? 


This politician's name is Mr. Yoshiyuki Yokuni. The vid was taken on the street of Shibuya in Tokyo.

8:58~ He starts to mention about Seki, who has been leaking Siri related info in the MSM in Japan, saying that Seki has been mentioning the name of I../lu mean_ a .T. on those tv shows. His speech title is actually flabbergasting if you consider that this guy is actually a political party member...the name of the party is called "The Happiness Realization Party", which leaves nasty taste in Japanese peeps mouths....because this party is considered by many as a cult.

But since I had never listened to him being a poli before, I gave a shot to listen to it.  

The story he's telling is about the Cabal slave system and how Japanese tax payer's money was just used up by the request coming from the US....anyway, he starts to openly inform the public with what he knows of all Conspiracy Theories, and I don't have any dispute for the contents. He smoothly explained how we ended up as slaves for money system etc. 

But remember the twist?

It's been talked about presenting a common target IMHO....a political strategy. 

Rather than them getting poked around, they are directing the target away from them, by pointing it out to the I. /lu.. mean-a.. T as a major target for everyone.

I'm surprised that he's still alive.

The last time when a guy called Mr. Ishii (member of Ex DLP) tried to disclose the crap in the Parliament, just before he was to do so, he got killed. He was killed in a very cruel manner, done so by Yakuza guys. 

Mr. Ishii's death still is shrouded in mystery.

Though this vid has no subs, I leave it here for archiving reason.

Oh BTW side tracking from the post, before I completely forget about it, I jot this fact down.

Simon Parkes cleared the big picture for us a bit.

He says Benjamin Fulford is a CIA asset on his latest vid from 11th Jan 2017 (sorry will put the link up here later).

Both guys deal with the White Dragon society. And Simon got told only to believe in the WDS, not Red Dragon Society, where the Ambassador of Gold Fish Report deals with.....(´Д`) But when Simon talks with the Ambassador, he's very welcoming him visa versa. Maybe it was just Simon's diplomatic manner? IDK.

For a long time I wasn't sure where Simon Parks would stand with BF...but it's now clear.

Simon is separating what he says to what BF says, and he is careful to take in the info BF is spreading.... 

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100 Percent of Dutch Electric Trains Now Run on Wind Energy


I really wonder actually how much it's costing to pool the Wind Energy to transport the energy itself to where the trains are...

Is that really being an "affordable" alternative?? Well I guess such rich country can afford anything fancy that they want, so for them, I guess all affordable for everyone there.

...I went stunned mallet face when I heard the case of total useless point in recycling in Japan just recently, and beaten down to the ground after hearing that trying to divide our garbage in Japan actually is far worse for the environment in the end, if the surrounding costs were calculated into the consideration.(´゚д゚`) I kinda went "but...but...but..." for the truth of it. The goodness labeling of recycling has been stuck in my mind for so long, I was having difficulty to accept the logical view then....interesting.


Norway becomes world's first country to switch off FM radio

Oslo will roll out a digital-only service over the course of the year in a bid to save 200 million krone (£19 million) a year







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Brexit, Then Trump, And Now Frexit? France's future president spotted in Trump Tower

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 13-Jan-2017 15:51:46


The leader of France's National Front and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen paid a visit to the Trump Tower, where she was to have a meeting with Donald Trump, Reuters reports.

Marine Le Pen is paying an unofficial visit to New York less than four months before the elections in the country, Bloomberg reports.

However, the head of her election headquarters, David Rachline, specified that Marine Le Pen was paying a private visit to the United States and did not intend to have a meeting with US President-elect Donald Trump.

"It is not on the agenda, we do not discuss private visits," Rachline said.

The US President-elect has never met with Le Pen before, but there are people in his team, who support her. In particular, Trump's Senior Advisor and Breitbart's former chief editor Steve Bannon would often make flatteringly remarks about Marine Le Pen.

Some suggest that Marine Le Pen may request a loan from Donald Trump for her election campaign. She currently has fundraising problems, while French banks refuse to finance "such a radical politician."

According to recent polls, Marine Le Pen's rating is now higher than that of her rival, former prime minister and center-right activist Francois Fillon.

more: http://www.pravdareport.com/news/world/europe/13-01-2017/136617-france_le_pen-0/

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=66532

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Found this background of Kellyanne Conway interesting.  I really like her.

Is Kelleyanne Conway's Faith In Jesus The Main Reason The Liberals Hate Her And Trump?...

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Saturday, 14-Jan-2017 13:03:23


Yes, and much more than just probably... Darkness Cannot Abide In The Light...It never has and it never will.

Evil always cringes when good manifests itself. Everyone of the dark side is aware that Trump's victory was a "miracle" from the start. Evil and malice has had the light of truth shined on it, but "you ain't seen nothing yet".. stay tuned, and watch the worms squirm.

Hab 1
3 Why dost Thou make me see iniquity, and cause {me} to look on wickedness? Yes, destruction and violence are before me; strife exists and contention arises.
4 Therefore, the law is ignored and justice is never upheld. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore, justice comes out perverted.
5 "Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because {I} am doing something in your days-- you would not believe if you were told. (NAS)


Just weeks after Donald John Trump was elected 45th president of the United States of America, his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway speaks out about the real reason why he won.

In a landslide election, Donald J. Trump shocked liberals and republicans alike when he defeated Hillary Clinton in a historic, unprecedented win. And to say that people were astonished at Donald Trump’s victory would be the understatement of the century.

But behind Donald Trump’s victory, stood one woman. So who is this unique lady responsible for helping Trump secure the highest office in the land? Who is Kellyanne Conway?

Throughout his campaign, liberals tried to portray Trump as a he-man-woman-hater (if you don’t recall the term from Little Rascals, please disregard and keep reading.) But it is simply incomprehensible to think that a man “with no respect for women” would hire one. It’s a fact that the media has certainly overlooked and attempted to bury.

In the biggest and most critical “job opportunity” of his life, Donald J. Trump entrusted his political campaign– and ultimately, his fate– to a woman. And now that she’s been appointed counselor to the president, Conway will be the highest-ranking woman in the White House.

When asked how she felt about being the first woman to “break the glass ceiling,” Conway responded, “I want everybody to remember, that it was Donald J. Trump who elevated a woman to the highest position in his campaign, much like he has done in the Trump Corporation for a number of decades– it is he who gave women responsibilities.”

he traveled with Trump throughout his campaign in its last months and advised him, as well as appeared frequently on TV to speak on his behalf.

Conway considers herself blessed to be given the opportunity. She shared, “I’m not a big gender-identity person, and I wasn’t hired for my gender, but it’s . . . a pretty cool thing to say to my three daughters and my son. Many women work really hard and never get their shot. I feel blessed to have gotten my shot.”

I must admit that after learning a bit more about this unique woman, my admiration for Mrs. Kellyanne Conway has only grown all the more. It’s no wonder why she’s the first female campaign manager in the history of America to win a presidential campaign.

As a Republican campaign manager, strategist, and pollster, Conway is a the queen of wearing many hats– and she wears them quite well.

Aside from her influence in politics, Conway is also the president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend. Her company has consulted and conducted market research for some of the leading companies in America such as Major League Baseball, The Federalist Society, Martha Stewart, American Express, and ABC News.

Additionally, Kellyanne has been a guest and political commentator on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Real Time with Bill Maher, Meet the Press, Hannity, and more.

Today, Kellyanne Conway is quite successful. But unlike most prominent women in politics, she wasn’t born into a successful family, and her childhood was almost anything but glamourous.

Kellyanne Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick) Conway was born on January 20, 1967, in an impoverished little neighborhood just outside of Camden, New Jersey. Conway’s parents led a very simple lifestyle; her Irish father owned a small trucking company while her Italian mother worked at a bank.

When she was only three years old, Conway’s parents divorced. And from an early age, Kellyanne witnessed first-hand what hard working women looked like. Young Conway was raised by her single mother, Diane Fitzpatrick, as well as her grandmother and two aunts– who all worked tirelessly to help make ends meet.

Conway traces her conservative world-view to growing up in a household, “where family and faith and self-reliance were premier. We were not encouraged or allowed to complain or talk about what we didn’t have.”

It wasn’t long before Kellyanne acquired a job herself. For eight summers throughout her schooling years, the bright-eyed and blonde young Kellyanne worked grueling hours of manual labor as a blueberry picker on a farm in Hammonton, New Jersey. And to this day, she credits her fighter spirit and strong work ethic to that farm.

Conway shared, “The faster you went, the more money you’d make. Everything I learned about life and business started on that farm.”

At age 16 Kellyanne won the New Jersey Blueberry Princess pageant. And at 20, her hard work and determination helped her win the World Champion Blueberry Packing competition– which is no easy feat!

But Kellyanne was not only a beautiful hard-worker, she was also quite brilliant. After graduating from St. Joseph High School in 1985, Conway graduated magna cum laude from Trinity College in Washington, D.C., earning a degree in political science.

Conway went on to study at Oxford University and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, a prestigious honors society, and later earned a law degree with honors from George Washington University Law Center. (She now describes herself as a “fully recovered” attorney.)

Early on in her career, Conway appeared on TV frequently throughout the ’90s to take a stand against the Clintons. Since then, the brilliant and outspoken republican has provided commentary on more than 1,500 TV shows.

Throughout her schooling, Kellyanne planned to establish herself as a lawyer, but God had other plans for her life. The half-Irish, half-Italian young lawyer soon found her professional niche in 1988, while working for Ronald Reagan’s pollster, Dick Wirthlin, in the summer before she graduated from George Washington University Law School. Her first assignment was to demystify the gender voting gap: “How could the GOP attract more women?”

Kellyanne had discovered her purpose. Seven years after that life-changing assignment, Conway founded The Polling Company/WomanTrend, a consulting firm that specializes in market research. A decade later, she co-authored a book titled “What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political, Racial, Class, and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live.”

Raised by four women, ironically, Conway chose to work in what she calls a man’s world — especially as a Republican political pollster.

Conway told CNN, “Republican politics can sometimes feel like you’re walking into, you know, an Elks Club or bachelor party.” She recalled a potential client — a man — asking how she’d balance kids and work. “It’s like, ‘I just hope you ask all the male consultants. Are you going to give up your weekly golf game and your mistresses?’ Because they seem really, really busy too,’” recalled Conway.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=66591

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Geez, I can feel tears coming to the corner of my eyes. can't you - NOT.

Thousands Of Clinton Staffers Forced To Go Home And Roost In Their Mama's Basement...

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Saturday, 14-Jan-2017 21:18:20


by Baxter Dmitry

Thousands of Clinton aides and campaign staffers are being forced to leave Washington D.C., move back in with their parents and go on welfare, according to counselors working with the recently unemployed staff.

“There’s anger, there’s frustration, there’s anxiety, there’s burnout,” said Russ Finkelstein, a managing director at Clearly Next who has been counseling Clinton campaign staffers.

“People are in shock,” said Anastasia Kessler-Dellaccio, 35, who quit her job at Sister Cities International to run Foreign Policy Professionals for Hillary. Some Clinton campaign workers say they’ve lost their bearings, so rattled by the reality they are facing in 2016 compared to the positions they expected to find themselves in.

The job market is about to get even more crowded for Washington Democrats, as thousands of Obama appointees join the thousands of Clinton campaign staffers looking for employment.

As Politico reports, there has rarely been less demand for their services, with employers shunning CVs that mention working on the disastrous Clinton campaign.

Kessler-Dellaccio added, “I think people, myself included, are trying to figure out, ‘How do I recalibrate my dreams?’”

Not everyone has the financial flexibility to take time to figure that out, forcing some to contemplate leaving Washington and politics behind right as they feel a renewed sense of urgency.

It’s no longer about finding the “perfect fit,” said Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide. “A lot of us are looking for any fit.”

Toxic brand

Clinton campaign staffers are still struggling with how to talk about their work.

“Some of them are thinking, ‘Oh, am I going to be judged for having lost?” said Finkelstein. Others worry about sounding tone deaf when they try to highlight their individual accomplishments within the broader operation – though career advisers say that’s exactly what they should do.

“I have two sets of resumes,” said Kessler-Dellaccio. One highlights all her work fundraising and recruiting volunteers for Clinton. But after repeatedly seeing job postings looking for Republican connections, Kessler-Dellaccio says she “quite literally stripped out all of the Hillary stuff” out of her alternate C.V.

She added, “I have friends who even on LinkedIn have removed any Democratic Party alignment because they’re afraid if employers see too much Hillary stuff they’re not going to get a job.”


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=66625

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The SNOW that does NOT melt, Burns without drips, and Smells like Plastic as it's Burned...AGAIN

It's "AGAIN" because for a few years we have been seeing the reports made on the net from netizens around the world talking about the Snow that doesn't Melt...

Well, it's just difficult to judge whether those are good or bad for us, IMHO.

Someone might had sprayed full on shite in the air, and then someone else who wanted to make it as harmless for the Humans as much as possible sprayed other stuff to absorb the shite stuff (I don't just think it's chemicals...it can be bio-weapons and/or AIs as well...and the FORCEFUL vaccinations now can be added, yeah? ) and get rid of them from the air so Earth can break them down safely...

Who knows...(´Д`) But it's really there, and it's happening.

Hope you can see this person's post ok. (Just in case someone cannot access to FB link, he went outside of house to grub fresh snow, came back inside home and shown us burning the ball of snow with a match and by a lighter. The ball of snow never drips water....and the stench of plastic burning, apparently.)


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Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted

There are no more options for the NWO ruling cabal!


Though I cannot be sure if all is said are all back-able.

But I think it's very good to hear positive views about us turning the corner in this reality in general.

I also have the strong feeling that we, the Humanity, won this game already, regardless of what others tries to do.

Nothing can stop our awareness blooming, and we will go for the real freedom of choice, not partially restricted choice to be enslaved by some.



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This was posted yesterday on Harald's FB page.

In case there are someone who could help him financially, I pass on the content here in CHANI.

(Because it's a Public post, I take it's ok for us to share it.)


He's in trouble in a bad way by the sound of it.............(´Д`)

Typical oppression against the researchers who get close to the truths...


The Dropbox links Harald provided himself on his post are all alive.

He had just made an update a bit and it's fixed up by now for all to DL the doccos.

He asks you to check for the updates as the research is on going.


(c) to Harald Kautz-Vella, shared only for educational purpose. No money is made out of this post.

Harald Kautz-Vella in Trouble in Germany over His Researches (Maybe Black Goo Related Researches??)

Dear friends,
The offensive against the so-called "fake news" seems to have reached Germany, and I have a complaint yesterday for sedition in the mail, about anything that I said in the summer of 2015. I don't know what exactly the way it was meant to be, but with the prosecution is the theoretical possibility that the me for a maximum of 5 years in prison. The authorities are moving in this case, extremely fast, what me for Germany.
There's a whole lot of research in the near future. I wanted to publish. A lot of it is still being created, but under the circumstances it feels better to send it directly.
Can you do me a favor and download these files, secure and pass on those for which the contents may be of interest? And if it is possible for you, you could help in a timely manner the copyright fees for the images to share the article about the morg ellon ' sche disease. I've been trying to get this years research "Public Domain" to make it but I could never afford the copyright for the pay but you need to have a clear visual evidence.
The material is online on dropbox under:
In connection with the discovery that the intestinal parasites with autism just like morgellons extremely advanced biotechnology are the production of demon worship, and therefore closely related to the trans humanist / Black Magic related agenda, there is still a lot of practical experience that have not yet In the texts.
We have found that these snakes demons around the kundalini and tummoschlangen, Asian tradition. After it was clear that these entities each person from birth onwards already has in part of the dark agenda, we have started finding ways to get rid of this. With some success. While we did this, we have discovered that these snakes are the one to create what we in the matrix. The kundalinischlange occupied the third eye, filters the charms out we don't recognize (cognitive dissonance) and illusions (Magic). This is how you create the fake reality we call the matrix. In the moment where the snakes are removed, slips of the mental identifikationspunkt back into the brain stem and the third eye directly connects with the heart. It's such a beautiful feeling, the truth directly with the heart to see ;-)-simply divine. Also the blockade of the posterior leg goes away, and the vertebrae are to be mobilised lowest intervertebral disc. Painful but liberating.
It may be that this is our chance to get rid of the pack, just by making this room of the snakes. The first step is via affirmation of the kundalini and the tummo-snake to dei denti fizi eren to pull them later. This is still a risky proposition, and can lead to madness and physical damage. During the procedure, I was for about 30 seconds completely taken over by tummo until the present shaman grab him and was able to pull out. If you believe in yourself and you want to experiment and make sure you sit on the floor and no hard and grits objects in the vicinity.
Good luck, I'll keep you posted....
In Love,
PS :: Facebook shows here just a link, there are a total of 4 items for download.

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