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The fireflies have been out in force lately here in Maryland, right outside of DC. They are still a marvel to me.

Also, makes me miss our Fly!

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Jim Marrs is Gravely ill

A sad news.

Jim is apparently so sick and lost all his eye sights, and his doctors were saying he may not make it to the end of this week......

On a FB page called "Caravan To Midnight", a post was made asking everyone to pray for healing of Jim.

It really sounds very serious.

If you could, please send healing thoughts towards Jim...... 



Peeps in the Conspiracy communities are bewildered by this awful news and suspecting dirty method used against Jim........

Jim made a healthy appearance in a vid made in Dec 2016, mere 6 months ago, then his latest book about I-.//llum. eeee. Nutty came out about 4 weeks ago.

Even Bill Ryan DID NOT KNOW about this and got totally surprised over this appalling news.

BUT someone else pointed out about brain aneurysm shows pretty quick demise of people with loss of eye sights.

So there are other explanations that may fit to Jim's situation---but there was no medical term expressed in the writing, so we just don't know.

Here's that vid from Dec 2016:

(c) Daniel Alan Jones 2016  (Thank you for your great effort, Daniel!)

By the way I don't endorse NOTHING of what Sarah says. I am still standing on the fence to learn more about what she has to say is the best I can say for now..... 

I share some incredible insights ONLY THE EXPERIENCORS can share with what she claimed in the past. The description came out of her really made a juxtaposition to what I went through. So I have some trust in what she says, but that may not be fitting to you at all.

Just to add, there are loads of haters existing against Sarah.....unfortunately, some major guys and lots and lots of women got issues about her, and lobbying against her. (And I can understand why from the past posts she made. But that's a fraction of knowledge about that issue as far as I consider, so please do your own research and come to your own conclusions about wth is going on.)


@kandescent Thanks for your above post! 

I love fireflies, too!! They added some of the most beautiful childhood memory to me.

There was someone doing the LIVE feed last night, and in the middle of it, he was trying to get to a river side to take the image of flying fireflies. 

Which made me to recall the type of stench comes with them (lol) when you have them close to you, how vibrant the dark night became a brilliant living art with the help of them flying around.

I appreciate the beauty and I wish the future generations to be able to learn to appreciate such natural and seasonal beauty. 

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Grenfell Tower Fire Victims: Vanished...?

Sorry if you can't watch this...it was off FB post. So heart wrenching to watch.

No 500 residents to be seen.....geez.....

Here is a page created on FB by Witness accounts: Video Testimonials of Eye Witnesses to The Grenfell Tower Fire

Some of the stories are really shocking like how people were shifted into some Aged Care facilities, not going to be relocated as you'd expect to be treated for. Maybe the "authority" is cutting corners of many issues since the residents were not rich peeps?(´Д`)


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A new Anti Biotic med against Drug-Resistant Bacteria:  PSEUDOURIDIMYCIN (PUM)

New antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria

First selective nucleoside-analog inhibitor of bacterial RNA polymerase


Italian Soil Yields a New Antibiotic That Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The new discovery shows promise in helping to treat the millions of Americans infected each year with antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


"“It turns out to be not only possible, but relatively easy to find new classes of relatively potent antibacterial agents that were missed before,” Ebright said."

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OMG Shouts thread gets hell a lot of important posts...! LOL

This is another one. 

Reverse Speech Issue

Currently a number of Conspiracy Theorists started to negatively look at RS. Time line wise, it was since Kerry Cassidy did the interview of David Oates not long ago. After all, I think the interview was a positive feed for RS but Kerry being Kerry, she pointed out some acute questions which sometime David had to stop to answer. That probably (unfortunately) added the negative fuel, while I thought David has been honest and for that, I had more hope for RS.

I have to admit I also found something didn't ring well with me for some analysis but I need to take that thoughts aside, considering I'm not even a native speaker of English.

David is the founder of RS technique, and RS took a bit of bashing against it, unfortunately. (Let's hope this self-cleansing action within the CT communities would do good to propel RS technique to refine itself further. I'm just hoping it is a positive move, rather than just taking down of a researcher.)  

And Alfred Webre wrote in a forum (Shared here only for the educational purpose only. (c)Alfred Webre 2017): 

"Thank Source Jon Kelly my co Editor at NewsInsideOut.comexposed David Oates RS reverse speech MO discrepancies as one of Oates acolytes now wants to credit Oates-based RS as fueling our Goode-GAIA Expose, as if our Expose of GAIA and Goode does not go back to 1971 and our own personal experiences with the real Secret Space Program

Fortunately, CIA-DARPA secret time travel program in 1971 created a meeting with me that could serve as probable cause corroboration of US chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago's first hand testimony of the US government's time travel program"

(Alfred has this article back in Jan 2012 btw.


...So it links up the mess Corey Goode and the associates are facing right now. Ummmmm the image of Corey now is pretty bad, so David copped the negative impression from that easily, too, methinks. 

Alfred is very trusted by many CTs, so his opinion openly expressed does shake RS image.


Well, considering this is a field that's still progressing, perhaps we can be more nurturing towards this method than judge it bad and ditch it straight away?? I feel it has a good potential.

It may not be acute like scientific, litmus paper testing and results are from subjective observations, for all results are depending on interpretation of what you hear, and that in itself could present a screening issues, such as a superficial issue about "oh I'm not a native speaker and trying to figure out what's been said" to far deeper issue about archetypal analysis done by individuals doing RS. Also I realised that if the person focused by the RS research might be truly believing in what s/he speaks of, but in fact the person can be deeply altered from some past mind controls, and acting as a SLEEPER agent without her/his surface consciousness. How that would present as result of RS, for I'm thinking there could be different layers of expressions made through RS.... So those become the current "limitation" (because we don't have a clear cut measuring tools) over the RS I guess. Another pondering was, what happens if the RS researcher him/herself is mind controlled.....how would that affect the result? Would it ever change anything??( ・ὢ・ )?

(I haven't acutely studied the RS yet, so please be aware that my views could be off the rails. Please do your own research.)

Honestly I hope this field to go bigger and deeper, become a stable aid for us to determine who is making lies and who is speaking the truths anyway.

But anyway, this is what David wrote in his email that was addressed to the subscribers TODAY (Shared here only for the educational purpose only. (c)David Oates 2017):

"Very exciting news. The CIA has published the theory of Reverse Speech, quoting my seccond book, Hidden Messages in Human Communication. It appears it has recently been declassified. This totally vindicates 34 years of my life's work! Go here for the link - https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp96-00792r000500380002-0

As I have always stated, they attended a 5 day workshop I gave in Washington DC in 1991. The book they have now added to their library was published in 1991. It appears they had it and have been using it all this time, as I have consistnetly heard and stated publically.

Not much more i can say. WOW!"


I could predict that if few of us starts to settle down with the negative view on RS, the next would be them to attack David, saying "running expensive workshops" to teach how to do it, and calling that as "fraud".(´Д`)

I friggin hope NOT.

I wish peeps to take the payments (yeah not cheap, that's for sure) for helping the research to go further by supporting David, while those workshops can teach ways to analyze RS. 

It's a developing field IMHO.

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Live  Finsbury Park mosque attack: One dead and 10 injured in latest London terror incident


Yes, 600 people lived in that building, so where are they?

REPORT: Acting FBI Director McCabe ‘The Key’ Behind Mueller and Comey Scheme Against POTUS


BREAKING: Multiple Sources reporting Bob Mueller is leaking information (Documents) to associate of Adam Schiff! 



RS is interesting to me like remote viewing is. The following video is for May of 2017, but what is interesting, is that about 45 in, the guy talks about metal structures, in the water close to a coast, colliding.  Could he have been picking up on the recent collision of the USS Fitzgerald just off the coast of Japan?  Supposedly a Philippines crew on a Japanese operated freighter,  I find this interesting because that particular destroyer was in Subic Bay for work/repairs of some sort in the recent past.  I wonder if that was right about the time ISIS showed up in the Philippines?  This was no accident, imo.   All the maps I've seen, showed that freighter doing a U-turn  in order to get in position.  I know that on a 1.5 Billion $ ship, there is NO way for the Fitzgerald to have not had sirens/alerts going off all over the place, in plenty of time to get out of the way, unless their electronic equipment was jammed, or rendered useless somehow.

Remote Viewing May 2017: Farsight Predictions



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IMO these guys have escaped alright - escaped living.  There is no way grown men crawled through a 40cm tunnel for 12 metres or whatever - it didn't and couldn't happen.  Kids size people wouldn't be able to do it.  These guys are obviously dead and the prison authorities don't want to explain the deaths, so a fake escape it is.  And why would the Australian escape when he gets out in August?  Nope, they are dead.

Four inmates including Australian man Shaun Davidson escape from Bali’s Kerobokan jail

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So much is happening....!!

"KADO: The Right Answer" series---Love from Japan to All the Humanity


I was in tears watching the latest episode of this incredible anime series that's been aired in this season as a new released anime from Japan.

I tried hard to look for Eng Subbed vid for you people but not available (yet) on YT yet. Sorry!

I dispatch a Spoiler Alert. If you are keen, please check out the whole episodes in your time and skip my post.(・ω<)☆


It turned out to be the answer given from the Humanity side to all the alien factions mingling out there NOW; the answer from Japan to all the Universes and dimensions and its creators.

The story is about the Humanity facing to the CREATORS of the Universes/dimensions.

Not even "aliens". Straight to the creators of the Universes/dimensions.

The series looks into the evolutionary step the Humanity will take when we are given brand new technologies which make us no need to sleep, no need to use any of toxic fuels to move objects despite its mass presented in 3D world, get anti-gravity power with no mechanical parts required at all, by just "get it"..... You need to grip it by not learning through words, but by experiencing it and expressing it.


The first contact by one of the creators was made to Japan, because the first appearance took place involving an aircraft in its flight, which contained Japanese governmental agents, and Zashnena (it has a far longer name but I cut it in half for the convenience for now), a part of the creators from different world, starts to approach the Humanity, using the Japanese agent as a bridge to communicate with the Humanity.

Zashnena appear to the 3D Earth reality bringing a huge CUBE (a sacred geometry idea of contacting 3D world from OUTSIDE 3D world) that contains the bridging world that can exist in 3D world as well as containing the passage to the OUTSIDE of the Universes.

While powerful countries on Earth try to "steal" the "hidden and powerful" knowledge of Zashnina shortly after the first contact with the Humanity, thinking "wow, if we get the free energy and immortality, we will be the top of the world for sure!", but Japanese gov decides to release the whole lot openly for FREE, making the entire secret plots of powerful countries nullified instantly.

So the world gets free energy, leading to a vast alteration of awareness. A new step of evolution begins.

While Zashnena presents very gentleman like manner, in fact, he is pretty inconsiderate towards the Humanity.

In Ep 10, he shows his real colour. 

Against him is another part of creators who came from the same world as Zashnina came from, who was so intrigued by our presence, wanting to learn what was going on and came to be born as a Human to experience the lot, now appreciates us and wanting to protect us, cuts in Zashnena's plot. She believes the Humanity will choose what to do the next, not Zashnena, as the Humanity makes the contact to the unknown world where these creators exist.

Zashnena doesn't care for the whole Humanity in fact.

He only wants to succeed to take some, or...if that's not achievable after forcing all to shift (immigrate) to the outside world, then even just mere one human (if ends up to be so) with him to the other side, he's ok as long as that specimen can hold the spark of love and light the Humanity possesses. For him, it's just an experiment....

And we, the Humanity, choose to evolve away from the creator's idea..........we are sovereign beings.

In other words, the answer from Japan to all the crappy alien factions out there...."F_CK OFF. Don't smother your agendas to the Humanity. We will make it happen by ourselves. We will retain the love and hope we always carried within us. We will NOT belong to you the way you want us to. NO MORE SLAVERY."

I am proud of this answer. I am proud to be a part of Humans. 

And I think there's been awesome Renaissance revisiting us...like the movie "Arrival", something is happening within artistic field right now under our nose, nudging us to go further in our evolution. 

Here's just a part of the Ep 10, depicting how the creator Goddess decided to experience our world, despite her power would be degraded by doing so. (BTW genders are used just for the convenience to write. I don't think they have genders like humans do.)


The Opening and Ending credit:

IMHO "KADO: the Right Answer" series has surpassed in the quality of the message compared to that of "Attack of Titans" series, for the "Titans" is still about the alien faction and the Humanity's interaction....not with the creators. I think the Op lyrics tell a lot about the view held in KADO series.

OP song translation: 

旅詩 "The Journey Song"   (c) Rightful owners, All Rights Reserved; Translated by unity@CHANI

sang by M・A・O (CV for Saraka Haruka); Lyrics by Sumiyo Mutsumi; Music by Taro Iwashiro; Arranged by UQIYO-A Movement

新たな彼方へ ここから行けるのだろうか?Can We Go to the Brand New Faraway Place From Here? 

「正しいものは何?」 "What is the Right thing?"

星空に問うけれど 暗闇は微かな光放つだけ I Ask it to the Starry Night Sky But the Darkness Responds Only By Shining Ghostly Twinkles

名もなき風の中 答えは見つかるだろうか? Can We Find the Answer in the Nameless Wind?

希望に続く轍(わだち) それでも探しながら 紡いでく旅詩  Even If Not, We Will Look For the Rout to Reach Our Hope, We Will Continue to Write Our Journey Song

「どうして生まれたか?」 疑問に思うより"Why We Are Born?" Rather Than Questioning About It,

どう生きてゆくのか 大切にしたい Want to Treasure HOW to LIVE

あの頃描いてた 願いに届くのだろうか?Can We Reach to the Wish We Used to Have?

未来がもしわかれば もう誰も夢さえ見ぬ 迷い人 If We Know the Future, No one Will Even Bother to Dream, The Wonderers

運命(さだめ)導くその糸は どこか遠くへ続いているThe String Leading Us to the Fate Is Continuing To Somewhere Far Away

もう知らないままでいられないかな Can We Not to Learn About It?

この場所で始まる 心の地図に 足跡刻むよう Curving Our Footsteps on the Map of Heart Starts Right Here

明日を分かち合う 誰かに出会えるだろうか?Can We Meet Someone Whom We Share Our Tomorrow?

一時咲いては散る 花にも負けぬ強さ 伝えてゆく旅詩 Journey Song, Continues to Be Passed On, the Power We Have Is Strong, (Something) Comparable to The Blossoms That Bloom for a While Then Fall (Again and Again)


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What a......Why Them, Why There, Why Now, and The Sea to Become a DEAD ZONE??

Ok ok, this is from Secureteam.

But I really think awesome peeps around the world taught Taylor to be very astutely careful not to make up BS, just to introduce the info out there, and a bit of pondering of his own, stating we need to check the info and use our head to think about it.

Oh well, you might rather say that's to avoid finger pointing at him....rightly so, too. LOL

Anyway, I still check on Secureteam stuff time to time, because I know the actual intel info release happens via Secureteam vids without Taylor ever knowing which one of those what he's handling of are the intel info.

And this one was giving off a "PING" for me, thinking about the effect of Black GooS, effect of the arrival of them etc. 


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The Killer of Diana Confessed on His Death Bed

(´Д`)"Ordered by the Royals themselves"....

Just so sad no matter how many times we hear it. 


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Another Democrat Shoots Himself In The Mouth...Loses His Job

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 23-Jun-2017 19:09:04


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - A Nebraska Democratic Party official is now in hot water. An audio recording was posted on YouTube Thursday with Phil Montag, a technology chairman, voicing how glad he was Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise got shot last week at a baseball practice. Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb confirmed to FOX 42 News Thursday it was really his voice.

"His whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to (expletive) kick people off (expletive) health care. I'm glad he got shot," said Montag in the audio recording.

Montag is now looking for a new job. Kleeb let him go after the recording became public.

"I wish he was (expletive) dead," said Montag in the recording.

"We obviously condemn any kind of violence, whether it's comments on Facebook or comments in a meeting," said Kleeb when reached by phone Thursday.

FOX 42 News tried several times to reach out to Montag Thursday. We e-mailed, sent text messages and called. We also tried to see him in person, but we could not reach him.

"Our country is better than the political rhetoric that is out there from both the far right and the far left," said Kleeb.

The audio that was released Thursday comes about one week after a Nebraska state Democratic leader was asked to resign. Chelsey Gentry-Tipton was involved in a controversy over a Facebook post about Congressman Scalise.


Hey...I Heard Walmart Is Hiring...

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=77919

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Inter-dimensional Vortex Briefly Appears Above Sacramento, California? (Explained) 2017

According to GabeHash, it was a CGI created using the Blender software.

Excellent gathering of info to debunk the FB post being a FAKE.

The great point out of all this is that we can go and hunt the images generated by the same software, OUR EYES CAN LEARN the typical look of images after being treated through the software, making it easier for us to notice in future so we don't get fooled easily.

The software like After Effects also need to be studied. Let's educate ourselves. Or they would keep on fooling us, if we keep on falling for the CGIs.


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The Way We Catch Criminals is About to Change...

Ummm.....ummmmmmmmmm..........IDK if the trend is really helping us or not(´゚д゚`)....maybe I'm just also too skeptic but I'm sure you can also see that if someone decides to make CHOICE over some of the case determining facts, then they can CONTROL the outcome as well.

I want to believe, but I hate to be caught naive. What do you think?


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How very interesting, unity  predicting where a crime will happen, and actually stopping it?  OK then.   Surprised about Target, but kudos to them for their crime solving!

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On 25/06/2017 at 3:02 AM, breezy said:

How very interesting, unity  predicting where a crime will happen, and actually stopping it?  OK then.   Surprised about Target, but kudos to them for their crime solving!

I knew a police Sergeant years ago who got into trouble as his arrest rate was too low, but he had a very low crime rate in his town.

I was visiting his home one night, when a couple of constables came in. In part, he said that they should drive past XX's home, stop, and let the blue light flash so he saw it. Explaining, he said it had been 6 weeks since XX had tried to do something, and he would be starting to think of being silly again.

On the other hand, this Sergeant (and his wife) would always talk to anyone, and try to help, this way, tis way, they helped many avoid the need for crime.


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Who is the Owner of the "Official" Illuminati Website : Exposed



Published on Jun 25, 2017

Who owns the Illuminati website? Is this the real official site of the Illuminati where you can join or is this fake? This video is exposing the owner of the alleged website.

? Join my Patreon page here http://patreon.com/lionsground if you want to support my work and get a reward and gain access to exclusive content.

For in-depth information read the full publication on my official website : http://lions.ws/2sAm9us

Thank you for supporting me on Patreon:
Paul Mabbott
Jack Dale
Ron Richardson
Leonard Mott
Keith Schortzmann
Ricky Singh



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Insane Global Conflicts, Unknown Projectiles, Shadow Funding, and Bernie Sanders

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 26-Jun-2017 17:45:13


From Reader George:


Published on Jun 25, 2017

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you a weekly wrap up on the latest breaking news. We go over the Donald Trumps latest controversial comments, Bernie Sanders under FBI investigation, global events, more CIA WikiLeaks revelations and a lot more.

Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news http://wearechange.org/

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=78101

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New Device Allows Cops to Download All of Your Smartphone Activity in Seconds

June 26, 2017 

Written by Anti-Media Team

Source Link:  http://theantimedia.org/textalyzer-cops-download-smartphone-activity/


New York  — “Any person who operates a motor vehicle in the state shall be deemed to have given consent to field testing of his or her mobile telephone and/or personal electronic device for the purpose of determining the use thereof while operating a motor vehicle, provided that such testing is conducted by or at the direction of a police officer.”

That’s language from the text of a bill currently working its way through the New York state legislature. The legislation would allow cops to search through drivers’ cell phones following traffic incidents — even minor fender-benders — to determine if the person was using their phone while behind the wheel.

Most states have laws banning the use of mobile devices while driving, though such laws are rarely enforced. This is largely because it’s nearly impossible to catch someone in the act. What person would admit to an officer that they broke the law, the argument goes, particularly when it’s after the fact? After all, cops don’t show up until after the accident occurs.

Now, technology exists that would give police the power to plug drivers’ phones into tablet-like devices — being called “textalyzers” in the media — that tell officers exactly what they were doing on their phone and exactly when they were doing it. And if the readout shows a driver was texting while driving, for instance, the legal system will have an additional way to fine them.

“Recording your every click, tap or swipe, it would even know what apps you were using. Police officers could download the data, right on the spot,” Jeff Rossen of NBC News said in a video report on the technology.

Proponents of the legislation point to the rise in traffic fatalities associated with using mobile devices while driving. But rights activists, such as Rashida Richardson of the New York Civil Liberties Union, says it’s a societal issue and no excuse to violate an individual’s privacy:

“This is a concern because our phones have some of our most personal and private information — so we’re certain that if this law is enforced as it is proposed, it will not only violate people’s privacy rights, but also civil liberties.”

New York state isn’t alone. Currently, similar legislation is being considered in Tennessee and New Jersey.

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Lot of people are rating this recent interview with Cliff... have not had time to listen..

Clif High: Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs.The Bluebirds



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