The Phone Conversation of D.Wilcock and C.Goode: David says ALL OF HIS PAST WORKS ARE "BS", Wants Out of the Negative Association People Stating that Blue Avien Story Is BS... BUT STILL INTENDING TO CALL IT AN ENTERTAINMENT & Wants to make MONEY with Corey  It's a bombshell dropped by Tere Joyce today. Thank you for letting us know about the content. "I want OUT".....I think I can hear David's true cry out. As a business, yeah, it's smashing bad news, hey. .....Loads of us had learned C. Goode has been BStting about the "Blue Aviens. This is backed by someone they cannot argue what he said was a BS....because this guy was the real guy who went to interact with the Afghan Giant. And he said the Blue Avien story was a total BS because he did check the legitimacy of Corey's story, and he got the proofs that Corey didn't know about the true operations. The guy was working for the 33+ degree ops in real deal.  So there we go. On top of that, G〇IA where was releasing all those vids of David and Corey, was found as a Satanic Ring owned company. It came out of INTERNAL cry outs from lots of the workers at the G〇IA so you know this is true. So what do you say now about them? David is really trying to get away from the nasty images associated with them. And I think Kerry Cassidy is the only big cat somehow saying David is her friend, so David still has a chance to "recover" from such huge blow happened to his own image, if he wiggles out. But it sounded like he still wants to do business with Corey...... Regardless, I feel it's the end for Mr. G. (c)Tere Joyce 2019 Published on May 14, 2019   But saying all above......hey, how did the conversation got recorded, and got it being spread outside? that an offence? A journalist doing it is ok? I can't be sure where the lawfulness of the release of this "recorded material".... Where do we stand?? <Add to Edit: A SERIOUS WARNING ABOUT THE AIs The origin of Tere's vid is here. It has far clearer audio file to it...but still I hold the same question. Yeah we want any disinfo agents to be thrown out. But then again we stand on the laws we created, and in accordance with the democratic world, we shouldn't be breaking any laws, yeah?  I cannot be sure if what's been done is illegal at all, and I have no idea how the call was captured and what's the true motive. But this audio really shows some true colours of those guys, I feel.   (c)TruthBTold 2019           Posted on 2019/04/13 But saying that.......I want to use this opportunity to WARN EVERYONE. I had written about this incident I copped before somewhere on CHANI threads. I called my mother one day. I think it was in 2018. The phone conversation turned out to be LOOP OF EXACT LONG PHRASES repeated 7 times by the time I quit the call. The voice was absolutely my mother's.  And the phrases sounded like what she'd use. But there's no friggin way that someone without a demented brain to repeat the EXACT same phrases 7 times. No way. And it revealed to me that the AIs are threatening at me.....using my own beloved mother's voice. (I have my own reason why I get targeted.....unfortunately getting picked and pecked due to my blood line.) Can you feel how I felt threatened by my own family member's voice being cut and pasted, and repeated again and again? Remember that there's a software they had developed that they could do so? And realise ANY Presidential voices can be copied, pasted, doctored and then being spat out in MSM............... Can you understand the very VERY VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY serious situation is happening against the Humanity? We, as Humans, only got our gut feelings to check against such attacks on us. And I thought they could also use it to create shit load of BS phrases of ANYONE's voice, and......create stuff like what's been looking like D&C phone conversations. Because of my OWN EXPERIENCE that was something I felt as if icy cold water got thrown onto my back suddenly, I don't hesitate to dispatch the warning about this to anyone of us here. BE AWARE, PLEASE. We got to use our intuition to shift through the crap the TECHNOLOGY can do against us.>   <Edit to Add2: 17th May 2019 WoooHooo! I'm very glad to witness this whole thing happening...! As you can see above, Tere has removed the vid of that phone conversation. For anyone still wants to find out the audio, please check out the 2nd vid on this post.  Just a great record of how good the English based CT community is. Self-cleansing is a norm, and hope it's so for others, too, but not always happening. This attitude is respectful, honourable, wise choice, and as another human being, I'm appreciating her decision heaps. Love you for that, Tere! Here's the vid in her own words: (c)Tere Joyce 2019             Published on May 16, 2019   Funny hearing that according to her, whole lot of us said the same thing as I did. (I didn't read the comments on the page. So I wouldn't know. Since the vid isn't out for the public view, we can't trace them at the moment.) This is also assuring me that the CT community really is healthy in psyche and able to govern itself with decent self cleansing and moderating ourselves to be coherent.  Cooooool, everyone!! >
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