The Mystery Military Code Sent To A Tweeter: Update Ty had since deleted the post and deactivated himself for feeling uncomfy from getting too many attention. More are happening. I personally believe IT WAS sent out to the RIGHT place. It was done to ATTRACT THE PUBLIC widely. You gotta realise the intel peeps started to use ALL OF US more actively to achieve what they need to achieve. They are making ALL OF US WORKING AS "INTEL WORKERS" wide. The Humanity is UNITED this way. You see, the good guys decided it's time to involve everyone from the world to the secretive world so we all can chip in and hunt down the bastards. Of course we will win. Sheer number of population difference against the bastards, despite technological level difference, we will win. Meeks we are maybe, but we have hell a lot of us. And we got super special power to recreate the reality around us. I believe that the message was aimed to be sent to A PUBLIC member, and they even picked up someone who we wouldn't consider faking it (an Anti-Trumper Ty is, apparently. Check this out: was done to RESURRECT an EVENT....of MH370. Why? To take down the nasty faction involved in the vanishing of the airplane. Something pretty important stuff was involved in that mess by the look of it. (c) secureteam10 2018
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