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The Importance of Breaking the Chain of Abuse

Very Heavy Going Article from Austrian case: ----Father's abuse on his visits done on the child...

The translator was claiming she got traumatised translating this material into English. So brace yourselves if to read the lot. 

We somehow got to break the cycle of abuses that are already here on Earth. (I'm sure we all can agree on that, at least, methinks.)

The one who got tainted and learned to be a psychopath, the one who learned to be one and give birth to offspring that also proven (scary...;; but the British psychologist experiment with 5000 twins it was proven that 80% of the psychopathic traits get passed down firmly to the offsprings, REGARDLESS of the environmental factors....) to be psychopaths....

As the Humanity, we need to stop the spread of such broken memories in many souls, and only hope for everyone to settle with the win-win way (the abusers and abused in the past and future) is for all of us to become fully-awaken, full-powered humans as the reality benders, and change everything by wiping out such traits from our reality. (Which we can. When we remember our full power.)

But if we can't do that HERE, NOW, we must do something to protect our children for the future of Humanity.

So what do we do?

Chemically castrate those people so no children to be created by the psychopaths?

Do we feel right about doing so? (I suspect we are becoming to say YES for that after hearing what goes on with PizzaGate stuff came out and about for all of us to see...)

Regardless of how to go about it, a big decision moment coming near IMHO....


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1500+ Pedophiles Have Been Taken Down Since Trump Sworn In...Media Ignores

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Tuesday, 28-Feb-2017 20:26:39


[2/28/17] President Donald Trump is making good on his pledge to use the “full force and weight” of the U.S. government to break up child sex trafficking rings and lock up sexual predators.

Since Trump was sworn in, authorities have arrested more than 1,500 pedophiles in the United States.

“This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?” Liz Crokin wrote for Townhall.com on Feb. 25.

The numbers are “staggering” when compared to the less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests made in 2014 according to the FBI.

In a press conference from the White House on Feb. 23, Trump addressed how human trafficking is a “dire problem” domestically and internationally. “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time as you know – it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks,” he said.

The press conference “was barely a blip in the mainstream media and the massive arrests have been almost completely ignored by the MSM altogether,” Crokin wrote.

more: http://www.worldtribune.com/unreported-1500-pedophile-arrests-have-been-made-nationally-since-trump-took-office/

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=70091

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This compilation of the vids turned out to be handy for an overview.

I suspect some of the footage might had been taken down from YT.

This vid itself might be hunt down and gets taken down. 

The most disturbing stuff I came across were these publicly placed images in Brussels...bloody stupid level of awareness if they think us, the public, would say "Yey" over the show.....FFS...(I think many of us end up disregarding the hand that's trying to stop the hand holding the knife. The image of a boy getting ready to be slaughtered is so shocking that I think people would have hard time to even notice there was a hand that's trying to stop it happening. Geez. So this placement of the stopping hand could be a strategic placement, so the artists could say "we tried to show the public it's a no no", but in fact brainwashing the public by showing traumatic image....plus imagine what this could TRIGGER in the abused? A total mess....) 

To me their circle members are trying to support themselves, showing they are still very powerful.

Not anymore. The Humanity will hunt them down and cull them, in order to save our children and the future of Earth.

Brussel_public art BS_1.jpg

Brussels_public art BS_2.jpg

Details are in the vid......


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Thanks Unity, this is a disturbing but important video. 

Does anyone know the source video of that young boy talking about those horrific things?  My god, he's so young - I can't believe he's just imagining such horrors.  How does he even have the vocabulary to describe it?

I desperately hope we are closing in on the day when these bastards will hang.  

I wish a slow painful death to all who would harm another in such ways.  And yes I am aware of the hypocrisy of that statement but it's how I feel.

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Thank you for your positive and supportive post, Bryan....!

Every time I research stuff about the Satanic Ritual Abuse cases to the Missing People etc, I often encounter soul tearing horrific abuse cases.

And realising many abusers also can't get out of the ring because they are ALL facing prosecutions if the stories get out, so they themselves are chained into their horrid behaviours and also being abused in the past, even if they want to get out of it all.

Educating each one of us by learning what really is going on can help to stop these cycles.

We had began an important march against the abusers, the latest push being the PissaGate stuff coming out in the open.

There are so much more (to get to the bigger picture, we all end up needing to learn about aliens how they interacted with us, the Humanity, too...everything is connected....(´Д`) ) we need to learn but one thing we must do now is to stop these pedo-criminals and human traffickers to shut down, IMHO. So thankful for those who chipping in to do very dangerous street works, and everyone who are posting info re: child abuse cases etc, as well as those who are the brave witnesses coming out. All helps IMHO.


And yes I know where that footage of the boy came from.

It's from the Hampstead child abuse cases.

Here we are, just one of the footage...

But to balance all the info we get, I found a channel owner not so sure about the witness account....(The vid itself was originally posted by the Anons, but theirs isn't on YT anymore.)

I think we can understand people back off as they encounter such horrific stories and naturally not willing to believe in it. 

I personally don't doubt this girl's words, for her to be "imaginative" and create the story about how to slice up a baby hanging upside down and all would be a bit too hard to be achieved....

The way she describes the procedures going into killing a baby is quite surgical, sounds very much like she witnessed it happening and remembered what happened. (If anyone is in doubt about the babies getting killed and eaten up, please go check out Fiona Barnett's Royal Commission witness accounts. She talks about the "Breeder" heavily pregnant gets sliced up her belly on the stage while the abusers watch it, then her baby dragged out of her womb alive, then sliced up, and dished out on a Golden plate....according to Fiona, it was B_a_X_ pushed the baby's head against her telling her to bite onto the dead baby's disembodied head. Enough accounts I heard about this crazy stuff and I tend to think what the little girl said matches with what are going on.)

But I leave you with the final decision to judge....



And here's another witness account of UK Child Abuse case that links up with SRA as well...thus go into PizzaGate field of Human Trafficking story. Sobering that she only had managed to get out of the rats not long ago....and the abused people kinda seem to toss around between dessociative-mode and deeply dwelling in their horrific memory. That often can be seen on other witness accounts, too.

And would you think that anyone could keep their sanity after experiencing such stuff?? (ノД`)・゜・。 


Here's the people trying to bring "them" down, commenting re: how the Hospitals cover up the abuse case deaths etc etc etc...(´; ω ;`)



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One of Us Speaks Up...

It was nice listening to this guy's honest opinions---he shares lots of handy info, too.

But I think the content is looping the same stuff, so the first 6~7 minutes are the main info&opinion, methinks....it just became infomercial like after a while...LOL  



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Irish Cases:

Test excavation to take place at site of Mother and Baby Home in Tuam


From 2014 about the same Ring:

Mass Grave of Dead Babies in Ireland Used as Guinea Pigs for Pharmaceutical Company


So from Ireland, loads of dots connect to the child abuse cases with the Church, its branching organisations pretended to be the provider of safety net for the vulnerable people in the society, and the Big Pharma's tentacles reaching to using them for vaccine trials....(which I think they were getting injected with the Black Goo type of essences)

Why so much nasty stuff went on in Ireland? The degree/intensity of the mess is so horrible even right into their recent history.... 

I take it was because someone wanted to deny the blood line of the red haired, green eyed people....who had very close ties with the Fayes and magical powers................everything is connected.........


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Overview to date.

Reader: Pizzagate turned PedoGate Leads to Momentum Surge in Busting Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 5-Mar-2017 12:53:53

In Response To: #Pedogate and the “Sweater of Western Civilisation”: The true “Big Picture”... (RumorMail)


From former agent Maryhrt:

This article will examine the current status of the so called "Pizzagate" scandal. But from here on out this presentation will refer to it as PedoGate for several reasons. Pedogate involves global child sex trafficking networks that have been operating over a lengthy period of time, far beyond the WikiLeaks release of the John Podesta emails and his obsession over "pizza," and incriminating contents found on disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop leading up to last November's election. PedoGate also extends far beyond the so called Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor in Northwest DC that was last year's epicenter of alleged child sex crime activity resulting from an intensive online investigation linking Comet to the Podesta brothers, the Clintons, Obama and George Soros. And though virtually every business on that entire DC block located so close to the White House may well be (or have been) involved in a major Washington child trafficking sex ring based on substantive circumstantial evidence uncovered, PedoGate addresses the growing global epidemic of children being abducted from their hometowns and moved across both state and international borders for the purpose of sexual exploitation as victims of pedophilia, pornography, Satanic ritual abuse and even sacrificial murder.

With the internet age, 76% of pedophile sex with underage girls starts out as online contact. Of the estimated up to 800,000victims of human trafficking each year, 76% are women and girls and 27% are children. When internally trafficked victims are included, the numbers jump to 2-4 million annually raped, beaten and tortured. Half of the worldwide trafficked humans within a country are children. In the global commercial sex trade, 2 million children are being exploited. Worldwide human trafficking has skyrocketed since 2012 with over 20.9 million victims.

At $32 billion a year, profit from human trafficking has even surpassed the total global illegal arms sales. Up to 300,000 US children are lured annually into the commercial sex trade. Of those exploited children, 14,500 to 17,500 are trafficked into America from other countries. The average age is 11-14 and the average lifespan of child trafficking is only 7 years with death caused by attack, abuse, overdose, HIV/STD's, malnutrition and suicide. Clearly, sexually exploited children have reached the global crisis stage.

Just prior to the election last year psychiatrist and longtime intelligence operative within the state department Steve Pieczenik has stated publicly that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are pedophiles having made multiple trips on their buddy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express to his Caribbean sex slave island.

Epstein is the most infamous case in recent years that links the Clintons, Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, Hillary's longtime aide. Multi-billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was investigated in 2005 in Florida, arrested in 2006 and convicted in 2008 of pedophilia, having to register as a sex offender after being convicted of having sex with underage girls. His mansion on his private Caribbean island, Little St. James in the Virgin Islands, has been the Lolita Express getaway destination for a number of high profile pedophiles who "partied," engaging in sex with child slaves. One victim said the mansion was wired with secret cameras in a number of rooms where recorded orgies and sex with minors are filmed for blackmailing purposes of powerful invited guests. In addition to the Clintons and Weiners, retired Harvard law professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz who represented Epstein and got him off with a sweetheart deal along with English royalty Prince Andrew and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey are all known to have traveled on Epstein's private Boeing 727.

Veteran CIA case officer and US Marine Corps intelligence officer Robert David Steele maintains that Epstein has been a Mossad agent who was set up as a "made" financier to work on behalf of Israel to entice numerous high profile politicians both from America and abroad to his island, equipped with electronic monitoring in order to get the dirt on the world's major power players for potential blackmail and subsequent control. Department store tycoon and ultra-Zionist Leslie Wexler took a young Epstein under his wing as his mentor, and suddenly Jeffrey Epstein went from prep school math teacher and college dropout to owning Wexler's Manhattan East Side mansion and managing billionaire hedge funds. Epstein also employed media mogul-Mossad spy Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine Maxwell as his longtime girlfriend and closest assistant. As a Mossad agent Epstein was nearly overnight transformed mysteriously into a billionaire owning massive amounts of real estate properties in Palm Beach, NYC, his "Virgin" Island, New Mexico and a Paris apartment.

By capturing on video file the world's political elite in compromising positions as pedophiles, such pro-Israel senators as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer are forever controllable and beholding to the Greater Israel Project, committed haters of Russia and Trump, and traitors of America. That way Congress and presidents are easily bought, sold and completely owned by the powers-that-shouldn't-be.

Additionally, an anonymous Homeland Security Department insider explained that Israel, Mossad, the CIA and UK's MI6 are working together to manipulate their blackmailed puppets like the three aforementioned politicians to so vehemently oppose Putin and Trump's desire to forge a partnership to "eradicate ISIS off the face of the earth." It's in the interests of the globalists, US deep state, DC neocons, Israel and Saudi Arabia to keep ISIS alive in order keep their "endless war on terror" going, and continue provoking Russia, China and Iran as designated cold war enemies to trigger World War III. The destruction of the United States and the entire Western civilization is an integral part of their diabolical agenda to foist a one world crime cabal tyranny on every human inhabiting the earth. To this sinister end, blackmailing and controlling power puppets in the worldwide halls of government is an effective means to bringing their perversely demonic nightmare to full fruition.

Both the DHS source and Steele maintain that a large number of major players in Washington are pedophiles who have become tools for deep state and the puppet masters to own and control. The DHS operative claims that about one third of the Congress members in the two major parties are pedophiles and Steele estimates that the over 500 internal enemies operating within the US government are bona fide US traitors actively conspiring to overthrow Trump.

President Trump's first choice for Labor Secretary, fast food mogul Andy Puzder, after realizing his confirmation was highly unlikely based on the prehearing backlash, decided to withdraw his nomination. Chief amongst a number of personal issues is his ex-wife disclosing on Oprah Winfrey years ago how her husband abused her. So Trump's next choice to fill the post announced last week also comes with a load of controversial past baggage. Alexander Acosta happened to be the southern Florida district US attorney from 2005 to 2009 who oversaw and agreed to the sweetheart deal given to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And in so doing, Acosta violated the Crimes Victims Act, never bothering to inform Epstein's victims about letting the billionaire off so easy. Epstein pleaded guilty to one felony count of soliciting prostitution and another felony for procuring sex with a minor, serving 13 months of an 18 month sentence. Sex with teenage girls under 18 is a federal crime that normally carries a minimum sentence of ten up to fifteen years in prison. But once again, if you're an elitist 1%-er, you either get off completely or receive a mere slap on the hand issued with a standard get-out-of-jail card.

Subsequently when the then two underage minors learned of Epstein's ridiculously light sentence many months later, they took Epstein to federal court charging that their rights had been violated under the Crimes Victims Act requiring prosecutors to inform victims of the convicted perpetrator's plea bargained sentence. Undoubtedly had they lawfully been looped in, they never would have agreed to Epstein's sweetheart deal. The pedo-billionaire was allowed a private wing at the West Palm Beach jail that permitted him to be a free man all day long six days a week for "work" purposes and only report back to confinement to sleep overnight. To not have to serve time in state or federal prison for those felony sex charges but at a local jailhouse is equally unheard of. Signing off on such a sweet arrangement for a convicted pedophile, then reacting to the flak once word got out, attorney Alexander Acosta defensively wrote in a 2011 letter:

Our judgment in this case, based on the evidence known at the time, was that it was better to have a billionaire serve time in jail, register as a sex offender and pay his victims restitution than risk a trial with a reduced likelihood of success.

So rather than risk Epstein walking after a potential yet unlikely not guilty verdict in a federal court, Acosta opted to accept the plea bargain deal at the state court level that was personally authored by Epstein's famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Aside from coming up with the details in a joke of a sentence, the Epstein defense team led by Dershowitz also told Acosta to break the law by not notifying the victimized plaintiffs about their secret deal, so a compromised Acosta went along with his instruction from the criminal's "dream team" and it was months afterwards that the two girls finally did learn of the gross travesty of justice. Acosta himself described the many months of negotiations prior to the September 2007 non-prosecution agreement as "a year-long assault" "more aggressive" than he and his prosecutors ever encountered by the pit-bullish Dershowitz team that included Kenneth Starr (investigator of Clinton-Lewinsky fame), hotshot Florida trial lawyer Roy Black and star attorney Gerald Lefcourt.

Another underage accuser filing suit against Epstein, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, later also accused Dershowitz of having sex with her on board Epstein's plane as well as on Epstein's sex slave island among the sex offender's other stateside owned estates. With his wife, Dershowitz admittedly has vacationed at Epstein's Florida mansion and Dershowitz's name did also appear numerous times on the infamous air flight log of the Lolita Express to the Virgin Island mansion. In recent years the famous 78-year old powerhouse attorney has scrambled to defend both his reputation and legacy despite a defamation suit against him being dropped last year. But his accuser and her lawyer dispute Dershowitz's repeated denials, so a cloud of controversial doubt still hangs over the lawyer famous for his aggressive courtroom tactics.

Uncovering letters between Acosta's office and Epstein's legal defense team, the victims' lawyers contend that a conspiracy to conceal vital information not to prosecute took place between the government and Epstein attorneys. And the two victims' subsequent civil suit that awards no financial damages to them nor reopens the case for meting out any further punishment, filed way back in 2008 has ever since been stalled in federal court, remarkably still pending after all these years. At a hearing last summer a federal district court judge ruled that Epstein would be required to testify and answer questions under oath from his victims' attorneys. Additionally last month a new civil case was filed against Epstein and his fellow child sex traffickers scheduled for a pretrial conference on March 9th, 2017. Court records show that Epstein has had sex with at least 30 or more girls under age 18 and has been allowed to simply pay dozens of them off with confidential financial out-of-court settlements. Estimates including Epstein's teenage victims who chose to avoid legal action number in the hundreds. But the insular systemic protection that Epstein and his high powered friends like the Clintons have enjoyed for decades may just be coming to an end now.

As the world recognizes pedophilia as an out of control, heinous act of the worst kind, perhaps some form of legal justice may prevail in holding the monsters accountable... though the injustice perpetrated on the millions of child victims worldwide may never be resolved. Having worked as a therapist with sexually abused youth and adolescents for many years, the emotional scars and damage can be permanent, depending on the age and severity of abuse. What's even more disturbing is the fact that child protective services (CPS) in America are a growing part of the problem. From 2008-12 the number of referrals for child protective services have spiked by 8.3% while overall rates of actual child abuse have dropped by 3.3%. This statistic indicates that CPS is overstepping its bounds, too often intervening when it's not warranted.

The one government agency designed from the outset to protect children seems to be increasingly guilty of literally snatching children from their biological families where no abuse is occurring and criminally funneling and selling children for profit to a highly organized, well-funded black market of worldwide child sex trafficking rings. An extremely brave Georgia state legislator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were likely murdered in 2010 because she was exposing this diabolical system. These worldwide networks abducting and trafficking kids are covertly financed, supported and protected by national governments and their court systems, European royalty, various deep pocketed non-government organizations and very prominent pedophiles lurking and embedded at the highest echelons of global power and control.

As one example, UK entertainer Jimmy Savile got away with raping and pimping small children for a half century, protected by the likes of the BBC, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the royal family. Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath was also a pedophile.

Over the near decade since Epstein's conviction, the truth has slowly trickled out, exposing a dark, twisted and perverse sex slave trafficking network that Epstein and his bevy of co-conspirators, allegedly recruiting child victims as sex slaves from poorer Florida neighborhoods. Incredibly, his trio of female procurers were all granted immunity as the victims' handlers trafficking them as directed by Epstein to the sex slave island and his other residential locations serving the pedophilia crowd from the billionaire's black book containing names of many high powered CEO's, entertainers, presidents, prime ministers, royalty, judges as well as politicians, for blackmailing purposes so that US deep state and Israel can continue unchallenged controlling the global geopolitics chessboard.

Even President Trump apparently was a longtime close friend of Jeffrey Epstein. In a 2002 New York Magazine issue, Trump gave this glowing report on his pedo-pal:

I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy... he's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it - Jeffrey enjoys his social life.

From this brief but rather revealing account, it sounds as though the Donald knew back in 2002 that his longtime bud was in fact a pedophile three whole years before he got caught.

Another bizarre twist hit Trump last April and June when yet another alleged underage victim who went by the pseudonym Katie Johnson first filed an April lawsuit in California that was thrown out. But then she filed another suit a few months later in New York against both Epstein and then presidential candidate Trump. Johnson accused Trump of raping her repeatedly when she was only 13. One of Epstein's recruiters of underage girls calling herself Tiffany Doe apparently claimed that there exists corroborating evidence that Tiffany not only furnished Katie Johnson as a barely teen aspiring model-Oklahoma runaway fetched fresh from Port Authority to an Epstein party where Katie allegedly was raped in violent sex roleplays by Trump at several of Epstein's New York sex parties in 1994. Of course when this latest bombshell surfaced last summer, Trump denied raping any girl and claimed that he barely knew Jeffrey Epstein. Then just four days before Election Day, Johnson's sex suit was suddenly dropped, allegedly because she had made up the story. Among the doubters of course were Hillary supporters who immediately suspected that Johnson had been secretly paid off or that her life was threatened. At this point we may never know the real truth.

Comment: Yes, we may never know the real truth - but given the incredibly high number of big lies that have been propagated about Trump in recent months, it would seem prudent to take Trump's "association" to Epstein with some skepticism and given Trump's social circles.

But what we do know from both media and police records, Epstein's infamous black book contains 14 personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including his ex-wife Ivana and daughter Ivanka as well as his then future wife Malania. Also records demonstrate that Trump has made phone calls to Epstein, dined and partied at the pedophile's Florida and Manhattan mansions, that Epstein has been a visitor at Trump's Mar-a-Lago and that Trump has flown on Epstein's infamous plane (though unlike Bill and Hillary, Trump's name has not surfaced yet on any known flight logs).

Trump promised at the second presidential debate that when president, he'd put Hillary Clinton behind bars, receiving high marks from millions of debate scorekeepers. On another occasion, Trump alluded to "a lot of legal problems coming up" for Bill Clinton over his past Epstein liaisons. Yet once winning the election, the president Trump has backed off considerably, claiming that Hillary "has been through enough" to not bother going after her.

There can be no dispute that Donald Trump and the Clintons were both in tight socially with the same convicted pedophile friend, and clearly ran with the same highbrow New York crowd. Trump is also on record having financially donated to the Clinton cause as well as taken a series of photos together, one on a boys club golf outing with Bill Clinton that included former "Big Apple" mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, as well as other family album pics with the Trumps and Bill Clinton arm and arm and the Donald yukking it up with the Clintons looking like they're best of friends together. So if President Trump suddenly becomes overwhelmed with compassion and pity towards Hillary that "prevents" him from further investigating the Clintons' shady, murderously treasonous, pedophile past, of course that only will raise more suspicions that "birds of a feather flock together." Also perhaps his most popular and appealing campaign promise, to "drain the swamp," will be completely shot to pieces if he lets the Clinton crime cabal off the hook, becoming more than convincing evidence that he too is cut from the same criminal cabal cloth. Trump loyalists will be hard put to defend their president if he fails to hold the Clintons accountable.

And now in a very much related matter, Trump is apparently rewarding the former US attorney who let the Clintons' and Trump's longtime pedo-friend off the hook as Trump's latest choice for US Labor Secretary. This move certainly will not help Trump's cause, at either draining the swamp or distancing himself from that same global pedophile sex ring cabal.

Always insightful investigative journalist Wayne Madsen offers a great idea on how Trump can begin draining that swamp:

Trump should start his anti-trafficking campaign by seizing Jeffrey Epstein's planes and Little St James Island. But then, Jeff may release the pics, audio & video of the Wexner mansion from 1994.

The following fact speaks volumes: just hours after National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's forced resignation, a gloating Hillary tweeted a Happy Valentine's Day message revealing that Flynn got canned for getting too close to the Pizzagate "fake news" scandal. It was her coup de grace on Trump for his apparently feeble attempt to normalize relations with Putin as Trump that same day waved his white flag also on Twitter demanding that Putin get out of Crimea. Does this mean Trump's vow to drain the Clinton-owned swamp and avoid World War III against nuclear powered Russia were mere empty word campaign promises simply to get himself elected? Similar to Obama's false promise to be the most open and transparent president in US history? Only time will tell.

Then when added to this mix the highly credible, former CIA source Robert David Steele's recent disclosure that Flynn had acquired an FBI pedophile list of top DC politicians, immediately Flynn's firing makes much more sense. Steele maintains that one of the names on that pedo-list happens to be Vice President Mike Pence's "best friend." It was falsely reported in fake-stream press that Flynn withheld information from Pence about Russian sanctions, but instead he withheld info about PedoGate and an FBI list Flynn had in his possession targeting high profile offenders from both the Republican and Democratic parties that includes Pence's best friend. Deep state CIA/NSA sources sympathetic to Clinton and Obama had illegally recorded and leaked Flynn's late December ambassador conversation(s) to the Washington Post. But Pence grew upset when he found out that Flynn had failed to mention to him that the security advisor had shared with the Russian diplomat his and the FBI's plan to take down top name Capitol Hill pedophiles.

Robert David Steele also revealed that in certain select restaurants in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia that a member of the elite pedophile club "can order children off the menu," implicating a high powered international child sex trafficking ring operating between major players in both the US and Saudi governments. Movement of trafficked children from the US and around the globe suddenly become child victims in a system where the US State Department is complicit in a steady flow of abducted children bought and flown in to be used as sex slaves by powerful sick high-end rollers that are oil-rich sheiks and princes. Saudi princes are the worst culprits due to the wide acceptance of sex with young children as their privileged right. Under diplomatic immunity many foreign based trafficking rings operating in the US remain off limits to both parents and law enforcement.

Hundreds if not thousands of innocent American kids in recent years have been lured abroad by modeling or acting opportunities. Most children are snatched up by stateside child trafficking procurers, often drugged and rapidly transported and forced into a life of sexual slavery inside terrorist supporting Gulf State monarchies that not only include the House of Saud but also United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait, all having direct links to the Clintons. Hillary accepted Clinton Foundation money from them knowing the Gulf States were the chief financiers of ISIS that she and Obama created. In fact, 20% of Hillary's pay-to-buy-her presidency was supplied by Saudi Arabian money alone. Her notorious pay-to-play arms trade deals while Obama's Secretary of State are well documented. So are international drug trafficking and money laundering by the Bush-Clinton crime cartel.

But the Bush and Clintons' lesser known illicit enterprises continue to be human trafficking of children as sex slaves. Recall George senior's tainted White House with "midnight tours" for young boys from Nebraska's Boys Town in the horrific Franklin scandal of the late 1980's, excellently documented in the film "Conspiracy of Silence" that was suddenly pulled from viewing on the Discovery Channel. It's also important to mention in recent years that the US has supported ISIS in both its human sex trafficking, arms trafficking as well as human organ trafficking with prime suspect Israel as the controlling hub.

Though Middle Eastern Gulf States may be a primary perpetrator destination for the child sex trafficking trade, the guilty parties amongst Gulf State royalty and wealthy families are still a relative minority. It's also important to note that they are not alone in the heinous human trafficking industry. For example, the Eastern European nation Romania made up 40% of the exported human trafficking victims in Europe tracked by Europol from 2009 to 2013. Additionally, the US led NATO-UN peacekeeping forces deployed during the balkanizing aftermath of war in the former Yugoslavian Republic, overnight created organized crime that profited from trafficking women and underage girls for the commercial sex trade. In 2015 the UK saw a 40% increase in human trafficking from the year prior with nearly 20% coming from Albania.

Also the tiny oil-rich Asian nation of Brunei (5th richest in the world) is also infamous for importing enslaved female child sex victims from the United States. The younger brother of a Brunei sultan, Prince Jefri Bolkiah, has made it his harem habit plucking up young beauties from America and Europe. Former Miss USA Shannon Marketic was fortunate enough to escape from her Brunei prince's enslavement comprised mostly of underage girls, but lost her $10 million lawsuit to diplomatic immunity.

Again, sex trafficking is a global problem with the most active movement of abducted victims from poor and violent Third World countries to more affluent Western destinations. For example, war torn Syria and Yemen possess large preyed upon source populations. Algeria and Libya are slave transit countries and Sub Saharan Africa are also exploited for slaves. Thailand is among the worst nations for human trafficking as a sex trade source, destination and transit location. The Marshall Islands are a source for sex slaves servicing the fishing trade. The poor "hermit" nation North Korea also acts as a source for human trafficking, some sold to China and Siberia by their own government. As geographic gateways to Western Europe, sex trafficking in Moldova and Ukraine are source nations and Belarus and Russia are prone to serving as both source and transit nations. Per capita, Europe has the dubious distinction of having the highest level of sexual slavery in the world, although in pure numbers Asia does.

Perpetrators and accomplices including both US federal government agencies as well as their US private contractors are both notorious for their criminal involvement, with DynCorp and Halliburton amongst the worst contractor offenders operating overseas. Protected by management, DynCorp employees in Bosnia bought and sold underage girls as sex slaves. Raping of underage victims with impunity by both US military as well as US civilian personnel in foreign nations is commonplace. With equal impunity, UN peacekeeping forces also regularly engage in sexual misconduct with young girls, in 21 different nations in 2015 alone. Even Wall Street's largest bank Goldman Sachs was caught investing in a media company running a sex trafficking forum.

Since Pizzagate broke late last fall, a couple of the more noteworthy developments involving individuals connected to PedoGate are the recent search warrants issued for New Hampshire Democrat Alderman and State Representative Thomas Katsiontonis' home and two of his pizza businesses. Not surprisingly Katsiontonis has ties to both Hillary and Obama. Also infamous pedophile and former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky's adopted and no doubt sexually abused son was arrested on pedo-charges. Currently America's law enforcement is deploying a strategy of arresting the little fish that feed at the swampy bottom of the predator pond acting as recruiters of child victims supplied to the bigger fish predators at the top of the food chain like the Clintons. As the little fish squeal the beans for lighter sentences, the bigger fish will fry. Ultimately the best means of most rapidly arriving at the full truth is through setting up truth and reconciliation commissions.

Perhaps rounding up the little fish explains multiple international police actions recently making an unprecedented number of busts of large trafficking rings just since Pizzagate broke late last year. A recent ZeroHedge article details the chronology of major arrests involving various sex trafficking networks across America just since Trump took office, which already has doubled the total for the entire year in 2014. With the Epstein case a rare exception, until just recently police officers who've devoted their entire careers investigating and cracking pedophile cases have consistently been stopped short of making arrests beyond the lowest levels before their higher-ups in metropolitan, state and federal law enforcement agencies prohibited further pursuit of predators at the top rungs of the pedophile power pyramid.

So far those who are part of the elite that have engaged regularly in pedophilia for literally centuries have been protected by police, high courts and governments, immune from prosecution with very few exceptions. Aside from Epstein, another rare exception is the longest running GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert who to this day is still friends with the Podesta brothers. Though due to expired statute of limitations, since April last year Hastert is doing 15 months in prison for violating banking laws, withdrawing $1.7 million as attempted hush money to pay off a pedophile victim and then lying to the FBI. Since then a number of Hastert's victims have come forth. Fortunately for humanity, it appears that the age-old protection of sexual predators acting out their evil pathology at the very top levels of power may finally be coming to a close we hope.

Three weeks ago an alleged FBI insider implicated such household names as Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tim Kaine, Chuck Schumer and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi as suspected pedophiles soon to be arrested after Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed their arrest warrants. 30 highly known politicians and 40 other suspects involved in the Washington-Virginia-New York City areas that are part of the child trafficking pedo ring will allegedly be arrested.

As public awareness of the growing pedophilia networks increases as an international epidemic, movement by the mainstream media, deranged head shrinks and its controllers have quietly been pushing to acclimate, normalize and ultimately legalize pedophilia. An example is a New York Times article that makes the twisted argument that pedophilia is a mere illness and not a crime. Mass media through the entertainment and mass advertising industries satanically handled by infested Hollywood pedophiles in high places, have sought to brainwash the global population into accepting pedophilia as a mere life choice or sexual orientation. This demented push in mainstream mass media is a well-organized, well-funded, insidiously unfolding propaganda scheme to destroy our values and morality as well as an overt assault on families, religions and national sovereignty, the same centuries held objectives of powerful evil secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons.

Yet another disturbing facet of the PedoGate story and its related scandals is the horrific fate of journalists and whistleblowers who have boldly attempted to expose the sinister truth. A long list of these courageous heroes have paid the ultimate price in America and around the world for simply telling the truth. The "suicided" murder of journalist Gary Webb for uncovering the Iran Contra affair that pumped tons of cocaine into America's ghettos and barrios in the 1980's was run by VP daddy Bush using his CIA foot soldiers in their war on drugs and minorities for black ops profit. To further decimate the African American community, his successor Bill Clinton and his 1994 Crime Bill needlessly filled up prisons with nonviolent drug offending persons of color, and allocating near $10 billion for private prison construction and keeping the feds' drug war flourishing. After all as governor, the Clintons had profiteered generously and politically from running HW's operations out of the Mena airport as the US cocaine distributor during the 1980's.

Investigative reporter Danny Casolaro stumbled upon the Clintons Mena drug connection under the first Bush regime and while writing a book exposing the Bush-Clinton crime cartel, he was suddenly found dead in a West Virginia hotel room in August 1991 with both his wrists deeply slashed. The evidence he'd compiled in his writing was missing from the crime scene and the fatal cuts made it impossible for his second wrist to be self-inflicted. As two truth telling journalists Webb and Casolaro lost their lives from efforts to expose the Bush-Clinton cabal that with CIA involvement controlled illegal drug and arms running that in turn contributed to the enormous covert black ops budget. Since the Vietnam War the CIA has remained as much or more in control over our planet's drug smuggling operations than so called organized crime cartels.

Thirty-three tear old journalist Michael Hastings died in June 2012 after his late model Mercedes Benz was more than likely electronically remote controlled to speed up to 100 MPH in the streets of Los Angeles prior to it exploding, its engine thrown 100 feet away from where the charred blackened vehicle remains ended up having nothing to do with impact collision with any object or tree. That same day Hastings had told friends his car was behaving strangely and he felt he was being investigated by the FBI, which was true on both accounts. The Rolling Stone reporter had written articles that boldly exposed and ruined one general's career in Stanley McChrystal and slammed another in a David Petraeus critique of his failed Afghanistan surge. Hastings was very likely targeted by CIA director John Brennan who according to the intel site Stratfor had an axe to grind against journalists, especially ones like Michael Hastings who was working on an expose to uncover deep state's rampant criminality operating with total impunity around the world.

Less than a year after Hastings' death, Andrew Breitbart, founder of his own news agency, was most likely murdered after calling John Podesta a pedophile and exposing the Clinton child trafficking ring. Then last year while in Warsaw to speak at a conspiracy theory conference, 39-year old British Ufologist Max Spiers died mysteriously after vomiting two liters of black fluid. Several days earlier, from Poland he texted his mother saying, "If anything happens to me, investigate." After searching for answers, his mother suspects he was murdered by a satanic cult that had pumped lethal drugs into him.

Within a few days after Hillary lost her election, young journalist Monica Petersen was mysteriously found dead in Haiti. Monica had been working on unraveling the Clinton Foundation's raping of Haiti for billions of dollars' worth, focusing on the goldmining operation given to Hillary's brother and its nexus with Haitian child trafficking. The journalist's family and friends in the US were kept completely in the dark regarding the bizarre circumstances and cause of her death. What immediately comes to mind is the long trail of fallen corpses over the past many decades left in the wake of the Clintons' rise and fall. Another fatality was Democratic Party insider Seth Rich who was murdered last June for likely leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Less than a month after lead attorney Shawn Lucas served notice to the DNC for fraud on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters, he wound up mysteriously dead in early August last year.

On January 17th television news journalist Ben Swann had the balls to run a 7-minute segment featuring the Pizzagate story on his Atlanta CBS affiliate station succinctly capsulizing the strange circumstantial evidence. At the end Swann asks other than internet media why isn't there a thorough, much needed police investigation as a follow-up. As the first and likely only mainstream media news anchor to date to at least seriously cover Pizzagate without the typical fake news condescension, Swann then disappeared from his CBS job along with his suddenly closed Twitter and Facebook accounts (that had near a half million followers) with only his cryptic message "going dark" on February 1st as his last post. With even his Truth in Media website down, Swann is raising speculation that deep state is silencing yet another media truth teller.

Award winning author and journalist Liz Crokin has resorted to posting a YouTube video to let the world know she is not suicidal in case something foul comes her way after being bruised and roughed up for likely writing a story about how Hillary Clinton swindled thousands from some of her poorest donors by continually charging them for funds they never authorized. As an advocate for sexual assault victims and a victim herself, she is among the few journalists with the courage to take on PedoGate having recently connected with two government whistleblowers.

Clearly heavy risks abound in exposing the dark truth about the planetary controllers. Those of us who seek the truth that will help bring down the evildoers in charge have welcomed Donald Trump's promise to "drain the swamp." Now that he occupies a turbulent White House being attacked from all sides by formidable opposition forces bent on destroying his presidency, it remains to be seen if he will survive much less follow through on his campaign promise to purge the scourge that's long been embedded in the Washington machine. Though we have only just begun to see the earliest results of what appears to be a concerted worldwide law enforcement effort to rid the global child sex trafficking rings that have reached epidemic proportions, humanity's best chance of saving our children is to clean house by bringing to justice the elite's grip that's controlled the pedophile networks for so long. Spreading awareness of what's at stake here is a must if we are ever to remove the powers-that-shouldn't-be from destroying our world, beginning with eradicating pedophilia off the face of the earth.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=70432

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Feds Drop Charges in Child Porn Case to Protect Secrets

March 9, 2017

Written by James Holbrooks

Source Link:  http://theantimedia.org/fbi-drop-child-porn-charges/


(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, D.C. — In a case that’s drawn criticism from multiple angles, last week federal prosecutors in Washington state dropped all charges against a man who allegedly downloaded child pornography from a website that was infiltrated, taken over, and allegedly even improved by the FBI.

The site, Playpen, operated on a platform designed to mask the real identities of its users, as Gizmodoexplained Monday:


“The site in question operated on the Tor network, a system used to anonymize web activity. The network makes use of a special web browser that conceals people’s identities and location by routing their internet connections through a complex series of computers and encrypting data in the process.”

The feds first targeted Playpen back in February of 2015. About a year later, the Washington Post ran a piece outlining the FBI’s methods in going after pedophiles. Using suspect “Pewter” as an example, the paper described how the feds’ operation worked:

“The agency, with a warrant, surreptitiously placed computer code, or malware, on all computers that logged into the Playpen site. When Pewter connected, the malware exploited a flaw in his browser, forcing his computer to reveal its true Internet protocol address. From there, a subpoena to Comcast revealed his real name and address.”


The case, United States v. Jay Michaud, is one of around 200 that resulted from the FBI’s Playpen operation. Regardless of the manner in which the evidence against Michaud was collected — which drew staunch criticism — a lack of it wasn’t the reason the charges were dropped.

The reason, as was made clear in a court filing last Friday, is that the FBI would rather let Michaud walk free than reveal its tactics in open court.

“The government must now choose between the disclosure of classified information and dismissal of its indictment,” federal prosecutor Annette Hayes explained in the filing. “Disclosure is not currently an option. Dismissal without prejudice leaves open the possibility that the government could bring new charges should there come a time within the statute of limitations when and (if) the government (should) be in a position to provide the requested discovery.”

That’s right. The federal government is letting a potential child predator back out onto the streets so it doesn’t have to reveal its law enforcement methods.

Some, such as Zachary Goldman, executive director of the Center on Law and Security, argue that the FBI supplying the court with its techniques would ostensibly weaken its ability to enforce the law.

The adjunct NYU professor told Gizmodo the fact the charges against Michaud are being dropped “doesn’t mean that the F.B.I.’s investigation was unjust or unjustified,” and that it actually proves the agency is “placing paramount importance on preserving the ability to use this technique in the future.”

Attorney Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma, who has represented some of the defendants in the Playpen investigation, disagrees. He says the FBI’s dragnet-style approach violated citizens’ Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure.

“In law enforcement situations, some people have the mentality that ends justify the means,” Margulis-Ohnuma said, referring to the news about Michaud. “I do not think they would have done this in a drug case. They wouldn’t mail out drugs to hundreds of people. I think because child pornography is so heinous, they bend the rules.”

Many feel the government should have shut Playpen down the second it took it over. The feds, however, went in another direction. Once the FBI was in control, a federal attorney in North Carolina says, it made the site run better.

In a motion to have charges against a Playpen client thrown out, assistant defender Peter Adolf claimed the government improved the Playpen service in order to draw in more customers — in other words, people they were planning to arrest:

“Indeed, government agents worked hard to upgrade the website’s capability to distribute large amounts of child pornography quickly and efficiently, resulting in more users receiving more child pornography faster than they ever did when the website was running ‘illegally.’”

Adolf claimed Playpen membership grew by 30 percent during the two weeks under FBI control and that average weekly visitors rose from around 11,000 to somewhere closer to 50,000. He also claims in the motion that during that two-week period, “approximately 200 videos, 9,000 images, and 13,000 links to child pornography were posted on the site.”


Creative Commons / Anti-Media 

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PizzaGate Explodes: Anthony Weiner To Sink The Clintons!:

As to WHY the big named names are still not jailed

I don't want AW to be off the hook at all, even if he spills the bean. No way to leave another Pedo-criminal to lurk around the society anymore! Geeeeez....

Navy SEAL Insider Reveals Secret Behind Pedophile Roundup

I was taken back with the view but they are also trying to be even keeled perhaps? I have no doubts about some peeps do have great heart and trying to do their best. But I feel it'd be Almighty difficult for any CT heads to happily take back the alphabet groups as if they regained trust from us all. We have learned.

You be the judge...


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#PEDOGATE Investigation Slowly Moving Up The Food Chain: Ex Ohio Mayor Admits Rape Of 4 Year Old Girl....

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Monday, 20-Mar-2017 11:18:11


A former Ohio mayor indicted on rape charges reportedly confessed that he had sex with a child — a young girl, who, the man claimed, was a willing participant.

Court records filed Monday describe conversations in which Richard Keenan — who briefly served as the mayor of Hubbard — talked to several people, including his wife and a pastor, about alleged assaults that occurred over the course of two years, beginning in 2013, when the girl was 4.
Richard Keenan (Trumbull County Sheriff's Office) Richard Keenan, a former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio. (Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office)

The 65-year-old Keenan, who once described himself as a man of faith, was indicted last month on eight counts of gross sexual imposition, eight counts of rape and four counts of attempted rape.

According to court documents filed by Trumbull County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Gabriel Wildman, Keenan’s wife confronted him after the girl talked about the alleged abuse.

“I did it,” Keenan told his wife, according to court records.

more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/09/14/ex-mayor-charged-in-4-year-olds-rape-said-the-girl-was-a-willing-participant-records-say/?utm_term=.77e1c6494e3a

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=71543

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Why the Comet Ping Pong Shooter Was Just Given a Secret Plea Deal [VIDEO]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Monday, 20-Mar-2017 16:05:53

In Response To: #PEDOGATE Investigation Slowly Moving Up The Food Chain: Ex Ohio Mayor Admits Rape Of 4 Year Old Girl.... (Watchman)


Why the Comet Ping Pong Shooter Was Just Given a Secret Plea Deal
Voice of Reason | The Last Great Stand
Mar 20, 2017
Click here

Despite the fact that during the short time Donald Trump has been President, over 1,500 child sex offenders have been apprehended as part of the president's promise to crack down on the child pedophilia rings engulfing the nation's capital, #PizzaGate is still somehow regarded by allegedly well-educated individuals in the mainstream media and the far-left as some type of a myth, or a joke.

It's as if the mainstream media and the far-left equate anyone who asks questions about #PizzaGate with those who believe in the “flat earth theory.” Either that, or they refer to #PizzaGate as “fake news.” How many Americans know that on Friday, the former Democrat mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, Richard Keenan, plead guilty to 20 counts of sex crimes, including eight counts of rape on a 4 year-old child? After all, she was a "willing participant" he said.

My question to those who think #PizzaGate is a myth, or a joke, is where do they think Keenan will be serving his life sentence with the eligibility of parole after ten years? Is that being done in a “fake prison?” What is wrong with these people? Over 1,500 apprehensions is HARDLY “fake news.” Furthermore, how many children were harmed if over 1,500 people were apprehended?

In the following video, Right Wing News follows the latest development in the case of Edgar Welch, who is perhaps better known as the man who shot up the inside of Comet Pizza several months ago, aka the alleged #PizzaGate headquarters. It has just been learned that Welch accepted a secret plea deal in order to avoid trial.

The simple and/or official explanation being offered by the prosecution, is that the plea deal is “to avoid the hassle of a trial,” but could there be something far more sinister going on that we aren’t being told? Consider the fact that between the dates of February 26th and March 8th of 2017, someone named Jonathan Tran uploaded three video diary entries on his YouTube channel (Jonathan), which any causal observer would certainly say seemed “unsettling” in their nature.

In the video, Jonathan appears very nervous, and deeply troubled by an experience he had where he claims multiple individuals tried to gang up on him to partake in sexually abusing him. Apparently, Tran learned that several of the people involved in trying to sexually abuse him were very high ranking DNC officials from the previous administration (#Pizzagate), the FBI got involved to some degree, and a dossier that Tran had put together on his assailants and turned over to the FBI somehow got twisted up to the point that it involved Donald Trump and the Russians.

Why the Comet Ping Pong Shooter Was Just Given a Secret Plea Deal
Right Wing News!
Mar 20, 2017

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=71588

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The Mother of Abused Speaks Up: Hampstead Pedo-Criminals Case

On a disturbing side but someone compiled this vid for us to compare and see how sickening attitude "they" have...

BTW I liked the name of the channel:”50 Shades of Pissed Off”...


Cross posting this from Satanic Ring thread:

Pedo-Criminal Ring Victim on Dr. Phil Show 21st March 2017

This episode will help more of general public to become aware about PedoGate crap that's happening, getting rid of "it must be a fake story" BS attitude. Great to see it happening...

<Add to Edit on 23-3-2017: the original post I made here became un-accessible. Here's another link but I have no idea for how long it can stay up there on YT. If interested, pls watch it asap. IF this link also becomes unavailable, pls go to YouTube and search Dr Phil March 21 2017 to get to the available links! >


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FKTV: Breaking: "The File Has Enough Names to Leave DC a Ghost Town or a Supermax Prison" - New Weiner Leaks Have Begun

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 23-Mar-2017 18:55:08



From what I've seen over several
months, YouTuber, Victurus Libertas
(VL) posts good information.

VL is now claiming that he's received
information from "A very reliable
source" about the NYPD. The New
York Police Department are said to
have cloned a copy of Anthony

Weiner's computer, prior to handing
it over the the FBI last fall.

VL continues, "NYPD detectives,
along with select FBI agents who
are sick of the stonewalling of [FBI
Director] Comey and the brass at
FBI and CIA have started leaking
information on their investigation
into Anthony Weiner's laptop...

"Among other things, we have
learned from our insider that the
Clintons and other politicians were
engaged in money-laundering, child
exploitation, sex crimes with minors,
perjury, pay-to-play through the
Clinton Foundation, obstruction of
justice and other felony crimes."

Now many of us (myself, included)
with access to people who have
inside knowledge of this situation
have been hearing this story about
the "fed-up" NYPD for months and
nothing has happened.

This video contains an alleged
prurient leak of a lewd and disgusting
Twitter Direct Message that Weiner
made to a 14 year old girl. In all
likelihood, this deranged tweet will
never be confirmed on any MSM
outlet, if for no other reason than
that it is too sick for family

VL continues, "Weiner has also
contacted young boys and also still
keeps in close contact with Chuck
Schumer. A file marked 'Life Insurance',
which we've talked about here may
be leaked by the NYPD detectives
because they are done sitting around
while the politicians rape children
and lie to the public.

"'Nobody is above the law,' said
one source. 'The file has enough
names to leave DC a ghost town
or a Supermax prison,' according
to one detective. 'You literally
have a third of the politicians dirty
or worse,' said one detective.

"Our source is a reporter in New
York City and from what we know
so far, four detectives have begun
leaking the information and there
will be clear connections made
between Schumer, Weiner, Epstein,
Dershowitz, Williams and Hillary
Clinton and more.

"The NYPD has had it with Comey
and his brass. Expect a flood of
leaks immediately...our source
said it's already begun.

"After Comey went up to Congress
and the hearing in Congress a
couple of days ago...people are
just outraged at Comey right now.
From what I understand, NYPD
was promised that this stuff was
going to get leaked by the FBI.
You cannot trust Comey.
Everybody sees that right now.
The white hats at the NYPD and
at the FBI, they've had it. They've
had it, Folks...

"The FBI cannot trust Comey
anymore...he's not going to do
the right thing. He's protecting
the Clintons."

(5 mins):

Breaking: "The File Has Enough Names to Leave DC a Ghost Town or a Supermax Prison" - New Weiner Leaks Have Begun


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=71852

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Horrible...But At Least They Got Caught

(ノД`)・゜・。(´; ω ;`) Jan 2017 report. It's just so bent.......

Prosecutor: Men in animal costumes raped child repeatedly


But Foster Care.....

We have heard of horrific stories about the States Care and Foster Care....geez we really need to get rid of all twisted rings out of any systems!!

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Jeff Session tells Pelosi Pizzagate investigations to begin - Now, 'Jeff Sessions has to go'!

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 27-Mar-2017 13:28:48

In Response To: Pedophilia: Is It The Currency And Kinship Of Elites In Business And Governments? (RumorMail)


Another covered article (here on RMN) but this is so important for those who have not connected the dots to see. If you come out against it, you are demonized and taken down.




Can that be a reason why Attorney General Jeff Sessions has got to go, according to liberals?

But here’s an even more profound and deep question, I think: Why won’t Congress investigate the rumblings overtaking Washington, DC, regarding pedophiles in government and other high places of employment, including Congress? Don’t voters have a right to know what’s going on in the government we have elected?

A similar question can be torpedoed at Congress regarding the fraud and pseudoscience, especially about neurotoxic vaccines, that’s been ongoing at the CDC/FDA for decades. Or is it a question of “Who’s covering whose back(s)”?

Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=72096

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I can find nothing that says Sessions says he's going after pedophilia other than what others say he said.  Is there a video with him actually saying this?

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