Rudy Giuliani Tweet FAKE/REAL? Incident: Further Details & Are We Experiencing A New Break Through? So far, 7000+ conspiracy theorists' are divided over whether the statement came from the real man's account. Many seem to agree with the idea this was a fake. However, something very interesting is developing among those people as a trend right now: A number of people are showing they started to feel that even though the statement would have been a fake one, STILL WHAT WAS SAID IN THE STATEMENT WAS SO TRUE. It's not about who issued the statement, anymore. People really thought what was written down was true.  I think this is a BREAK THROUGH for us, the Humanity. With the in coming flood of Gamma Ray waves to Earth (=>vid link provided on the bottom of this post), we might have really gone through some major break through for our unified consciousness field, methinks.  That's because just a short while ago, we still retained more hard ass view that without concrete proofs, we don't believe anything. That was so regardless of whether what the contents turned out to be very truthful and meaningful. So we are starting to stop being so extreme in arriving into complete opposite end of extreme answer to the issue, I feel. From here, the next step is that that flexibility starts to become a firm trend and transferred to majority of CTs. Then after that, many ordinary people start to learn that view. I maybe wrong, but I got excited for this change, because to me that's a huge progress in our grasp of "reality". We truly are becoming the Reality Benders. We used to just obey what we were told before. Not anymore. We are truly waking up. And we won't shut up or turn our thoughts back to our old way. Something really brilliant and brave is happening to us all, so I want to believe...! The Gamma Ray Waves hitting us right now: I know it's Secureteam but just for the hell of the info, it's a one stop shop about this current Waves of Gamma Ray happening.  
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