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Cosmic Dreamer

Nexus Conference 2016

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Barry's ROT program from last week was with this couple who also presented at the conference:




July 22nd, 2016 by Barry Eaton

Current Program 602 Week Commencing July 22nd 2016

Narada Vantari – Gunung Padang A Civilization Far Older Than Egypt

Pratima Sephton – Pyramids, Lost Cities and more….

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From Mariana Flynn re Dr Salla's recent workshop:


Subject: Report on Dr Michael Salla Sunday workshop 7th August.

Hi Everyone,

We had an excellent attendance for the Dr Salla’s Saturday presentation and this has been filmed and will be posted on our U Tube channel in due course. However, the Sunday workshop was not filmed, which is why I will endeavour to give an overview of some of the main points Dr Salla made for those of you who asked me about it. Obviously, this report is not comprehensive. These are the opinions of Dr Salla, courtesy of whistleblowers Corey Goode and William Tompkins, plus his own research and does not reflect the opinions of myself or UFOR. The audience enjoyed Dr Salla’s ability to portray the bigger picture and who the star players in it are. As will become apparent, the Nazi Fourth Reich is a significant player.

Kind regards,


Admiral James Forrestal had a very strong connection to John F Kennedy. He invited Kennedy to Berlin in early 1945 to look at German programs that could be brought to the US. Forrestal became disenchanted with what was happening in MJ12 and started talking openly with Congress members about what he knew. He was dismissed from office because of it and ended up suffering a “breakdown”, for which he was taken to the 16th floor of Bethesda Naval hospital and he “fell” from the window to his death three days after being visited by the CIA. His death has always been suspicious. He invited JFK to Berlin during the Project Paperclip negotiations and so Kennedy was made aware of German technology and ET assistance.

William Tompkins set up a chapter of the Navy League in 1984, whose purpose was to acclimate the Navy personnel and their families to the presence of ETs. Dr Salla had long email interviews with Corey Goode to uncover much of the information in his book Insiders Reveal the Secret Space Program.

The origins of the Dark Fleet began with the Vril society in Germany. Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a book about it in 1871, available here:

http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/vril/This is a fictional book based on fact. Maria Orsic was the leader of this group, a beautiful woman with waist length hair. Apparently the VRIL was a force used by Nordics living in the Inner Earth and even their children could use the force to destroy cities. Maria Orsic communicated telepathically with a Nordic looking race from Aldebaran, near the Pleiades. She received technical information for a Vril craft. The Vril society’s Holy Grail was to eventually travel to Aldebaran to meet with that race. They were not interested in weapons or conquest. The language used for communication was ancient Sumerian and Maria used automatic writing during communications. She and her group were ethical and vegetarian and wore their hair long because they believed this was a form of cosmic antenna so they could tune into the galaxy.

Winfried Schumann was the scientist who became involved with Maria’s project to build a Vril craft. He was an expert in plasma technology. He was one of the scientists who went to America with Project Paperclip. By using space-time, they were able to travel quickly to other planets and by 1933, a prototype craft had been built. That same year, Hitler became chancellor of Germany. He was aware of what Maria Orsic was doing, but he wanted to weaponise the craft, which Maria was against.

So the Nazis developed their own parallel program. Some of the Nazi SS officers met in secret and formed the Black Sun Society. Occult practices were always part of the Nazi ideology and so the Black Sun society started channeling a Draco Reptilian race. Agreements were made with these Reptilians and the Germans were offered full UFO prototypes. Both groups wanted conquest and they formed an alliance which is reported to still be active today.

The Thule society is another German secret society which focused on claims of a superior Aryan race and members had to vouch for their lineage. Rudolph Hess was a member.

William Tompkins learnt from American spies about this German – Reptilian alliance. Together the Germans and Reps build an interstellar fleet for conquest beyond our solar system. The Nordic ETs knew about this and decided to support peaceful countries. Earth humanity is part of a Galactic Community, whether we know it or not. Recently, the Nordics have been helping the Russians.

Prior to World War II, the Nazis already wanted to remove as much capital out of Germany as possible because their aim was to restore the Fourth Reich whose aim was conquest..preferably beyond this planet but also a covert take-over of this planet.

Alan Dulles was sent to Germany to negotiate with Hitler the acquisition of Nazi scientists via Project Paperclip ( to prevent the Russians acquiring the technology). In exchange, the Nazis were given safe passage out of Europe. They moved to Argentina and to their base, Neuschwabenland in Antarctica ( the Dracos assisted them in establishing that base by revealing where the tunnels and caverns are).

Admiral Byrd was sent to Antarctica to find out what the Nazis were up to but he was told to get lost. The British also launched an attack on the Nazi base in 1945 / 46. Subsequently, the Nazis used their fleet in Antarctica to pressure the US on their terms, after the failed attempt by Admiral Byrd to destroy the Nazi base. The Nazis infiltrated the US military Industrial Complex. Alan Dulles became head of the CIA because he was used to negotiating with the Germans.

There was cooperation with the Nazis to create colonies on Mars and wars were waged against the Indigenous Martians - a Reptilian and an Insectoid race.

Randy Cramer, who had been stationed on Mars for close to 20 years, said he was part of a mercenary army whose function was to defend the Corporate Colonies on Mars. The Fourth Reich is prevalent in the EU and several pro Nazi people run the Bilderberg group ( eg Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands). This group comprises industrialists from America and Europe.

On Mars, slave labour was used to run the colonies. A brain drain was used to create the Mars labour force with promises of remuneration, which never eventuated. Mars became colonised in the 1960’s under the auspices of the Illuminati / Cabal and Nazis. They still operate by fusing occult principles with technology. The Secret Space Programs use Mayan and Ancient Sumerian languages plus telepathy to communicate. Maria Orsic went to Aldebaran from Antarctica. When she returned to earth, she was reported to have been seen by some contactees. She told them she came from another planet. Dr Salla suggested that Billy Meier’s Semjase visitations could have been from Maria Orsic.

The Apollo Program - The Nazi SS intimidated the Apollo Program. There were 4 stages in the Apollo Program. Stage 2 - 10,000 navy personnel were placed on the Moon. Stage 3 - Bases were placed on Mars and other planets and moons in our solar system. Stage 4 - Navy bases were placed in 12 adjoining solar systems.

We are part of a cluster of 12 star systems who share a common history. Navy battle groups would patrol these other star systems.

When Apollo astronauts arrived on the Moon, they saw a line-up of very large cruiser star ships which looked menacing ( believed to be Nazi ships). This put an end to the Nova program ( of building moon bases). They had to wait for Navy battleships to be built, to improve their defence against those advanced ships. Eight enormous starships were built, with four operating at any one time. In the late 1980’s, The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate was established. Lang Hancock was involved in this, according to Stan Deyo, since it involved mining on other planets and moons. The ICC is involved in Antarctica and Mars…the two are linked. There are multiple bases on the moon belonging to different ET races as well as earth groups. They are used in a peaceful diplomatic manner and for earth surveillance.

MJ 12 has been running all ET related projects. They have made agreements with the Dark Fleet and Corporations.

Solar Warden operates a parallel program and in 1990’s it broke free from those other agendas. Nine hundred ET civilizations trade with our colonies on Mars. Our scientists and engineers are prized for their highly creative ideas and it seems humans have an amazing capacity for creativity and emotional expression, which the ETs envy.

Some of the colonies on Mars have tyrannical managers ( psychopaths) who treat their workers like slaves. The latter have no freedom and cannot leave.MI6 sanctioned a meeting in Britain to try to work out what to do with these managers. There is a vast Galactic Slave Trade operating throughout the Galaxy. We are a hybrid race and therefore in high demand due to the variety of ETs who have interbred with us. Obama protects corporate crime in Space until 2022 and Luxembourg has also legalised Space mining until 2022. ( Reminds me of the movie Avatar).

In the 1990’s a UN Space Program was established. Ronald Reagan was told of an Alien threat and formed a Global Galactic League of Nations in deep space, which was not under one nation’s control. According to Dr Salla, the ancient Egyptians, Atlanteans and Mayans all had Space programs. The Mayans are still around today living in the Pleiades. They are helping to rescue galactic slaves and to deprogram them. They are also preparing our civilization for disclosure.

The Sphere Being Alliance are a Type Three civilization. Sixty four families control this planet. There are 7 Inner Earth civilizations. There is an Earth Alliance and BRICS which also has its own Secret Space Program.

A hundred Jupiter sized spheres have arrived in the Kuiper Belt from the sun. They are filtering cosmic energies and these spheres are buffering these energies to help humanity choose its own future. In 2015 there was a meeting with the Sphere Being Alliance comprising 200 delegates. Corey Goode allegedly represented Earth and he received telepathic communications from a Blue Avian called Raw Teir Eir. He then translated this for the gathering.

The Sphere Being Alliance has been helping the Russians. The white royal Draco Reptilians requested to be allowed to move beyond the quarantine placed around the Earth, but were refused. As a result, they threatened they would start a third world war if not allowed to leave.. Henry Kissinger was seen at a Draco meeting. He is an asset of the Dark Fleet whose aim is to influence global politics.

Over the next two years there will be a massive document dump as a planned Big Disclosure Event. Tom de Longe has been privately sanctioned to release some of the information in his books. His first one has been published under the title – Sekret Machines – Chasing shadows. Ten high level people from the Military Industrial Complex are behind him. Edward Snowdon is also a vehicle through whom documents are released.

There are good ETs helping Mother Earth. A Super Federation has 22 genetic programs and earth humans contain these genetics. We are hybrids. In contrast, the Inner Earth civilizations comprise pure human bloodlines. The genetic program has been occurring for 500,000 years. There are 22 body types on earth connected to ET races.

The Inner Earth will play a significant role in assisting us in future. The oldest civilization is 17 – 18 million years old and they wear Saturn-like pendants, which enable teleportation and levitation of objects. In the past they have helped surface civilizations after cataclysms. It is possible that the Anunnaki live in the Inner Earth but did not reveal this to surface humans, pretending to come from another planet and appearing to humans as gods. The Inner Earth species wants to teach us our true history and to reveal their presence.

A Lower Level Space Program abducted Corey three times and medically tested him. He was drugged so they could get him to reveal what he knew about higher level programs. The different Space Programs are compartmentalised and do not share information. He says he has also been taken to Antarctica, where he saw city sized bases. Members of Secret Space Programs are required to read The Seth Material and the Law of One series.

BRICS will have an important role in disclosure .

In the End Times, Damascus will be destroyed….this has appeared in occult predictions and in Biblical Prophecy. Putin has propped up the Assad regime (While US bombs it). BRICS will establish a new financial economic world order - a kinder, gentler form of capitalism. Money would not be siphoned off for Secret Space Programs any more. ( we hope)

The Vatican wants to get involved in disclosure by accepting that alien life exists and announcing they would be happy to “baptise aliens”. The book Exo Vaticana suggests that the Catholic Church has set up ground work for an Alien Saviour. It’s a rebranding exercise to increase the popularity and power of the church.


(Thanks, Cosmic Dreamer.)

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I was scrolling through U tubes that have mysteriously appeared on my tablet and stumbled across Alec's 2011 talk.  Some of you were there and it's as current as ever.  It's the first 60 min of his 90 min talk and he's since updated his book, to be released soon.



Alec Newald New Zealand Extraterrestrial Contactee Nexus Talk 2011


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