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"Mind Control, MilAbs & Targeted Individuals (T.I.s)

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Targeted Individuals: T. I.s


This is a massive field to cover and I'd appreciate people chipping in to spread the news about there are peeps who are genuinely having very difficult time being suppressed badly.

It ends up connecting to surveillance scenes, Alien abduction cases, UFO scene, even to paranormal activities etc etc etc. Obviously the thread should be focused solidly on T.I.s.

But just like the Hybrids are becoming more spotlighted, T.I.s issue also seem to be spotlighted in unison.

So here we go...


When someone speaks up that "I'm watched for 24/7!", we are taught to basically back off and to think "OMG this person is delusional; this person may well be a megalomaniac; seeking attention for 5 minutes fame" etc etc etc.


But wait....

There are too many people coming up and showing us some proof that they are not mad, they are absolutely harassed by something/someone for some reason, preventing them to have the life of their choice and quality for a being with freewill to practice.


There are peeps coming out with their CT scans, X rays and MRI readings etc showing IMPLANTS embedded into their bodies.

They really do exist IMHO.


You may think they are alien origin.

Some are.

But not all.

Some are MILITARY origin, created by the Military Ops.

These cases are called MILAB cases. (MilAb=Military Laboratory Experiment--->easier to remember as Military Abduction) 


The people who are suffering from these go through abduction cases that made look like alien abduction cases but in fact they were carried out by the Military people.

So it gets really confusing to analyse if one case is a Milab case or genuine alien case when you are to discuss about any abduction cases....but we need to know about both cases.


T.I.s also include those who were killed by the Cabal after becoming targeted by them for disclosures, whistle blowing, and more...


And as you go look for the vids of T.I.s, you'd be facing to some peeps you might think they are literally "mad".

I understand your reaction, but I think it's best to be on the fence, not taking any sides, for what we'd be after is the real info.

Also it's best to hold the understanding that these peeps were copping full on mental and physical suppression since their childhood, so it's also understandable that they might copped secondary disabilities from the issue they suffer for prolonged period of time.

I personally try to surpass all those secondary attributions that were quite possibly derived from MILAB experiments done on them, and try to see the core issue that people are presenting.


I start with some links that may help you to reach T.I.s related sites and vids.


I was to get the link to a person's vid from Bases pile to introduce here, but those were removed from the list and can't access them. She was working at the UN, had massive number of implants all over her body which she could detect by RF checker, beeping everywhere....and the MRI images. They were really there...

So instead, I leave a link to another T.I. vid from the Bases.


(Mid way onwards the presentation is uploaded. This bit was a lot more juicier so you might would like to skip to 47:22~ or so.)


Here's a person the Bases peeps consider a victim from Targeting.

An awesome doctor.

So sad she's gone now...but then again, she might be laughing with joy now because she never thought the death was the end of the "being"...

And she went to explain that it's energy that are holding our physical bodies, and the energy itself doesn't have genders (thus LGBT, asexual to hermaphrodite issue happens, according to her)...etc etc etc, she really was an INSPIRATIONAL speaker IMHO. 






And here's an article about how the Cabal is trying to trash the movement of disclosure on T.I.s...


NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting its citizenry is a “mental illness;” ‘10,000-plus crazies banding together, paranoid


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Wow, That is for Real...no guff...so I will share a bit....I have been literally hunted by some very nasty people in my time, for years in fact... but that had to do with my ex-husband, who had friends who have some strange abilities ( dragon)  no guff...When one time I tried to take away our son as his Dad was hanging out with the wrong folks and took off to my Moms, the next morning there was a five foot across footprint ( well actually it was more like a dinosaur print) in the grass of the yard, and he showed up that day...truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I could have sworn I felt something like a chip in my temple some years later, as though it was seeing everything I could see....I shut it down by using my focused chi, and "they" didn't bother putting another one in. They would just waste their money....

But hey if you do not think that every time you turn on your computer or your phone, TV, everything "smart" that you are being watched , well , think again...it is really something in the culture now and privacy is practically a thing of the past. As for people they really mess with, I highly recommend getting one of my Primaries, which can help or use a frequency generator to help ground that awful shit...fight fire with fire.

 The only way to stop it is to bring down all those towers they are a transmitting through and good luck with that.

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Suuzz, wow, sorry to hear what went on for you...!

And those happenings are really out-of-this-world-ly, isn't it!?

But I understand that those incredible stuff DO HAPPEN, and we get frightened crap out of us.

That's actually opening up a door for yet another nasty invasion from "them", so all planned happily for our oppositions.(´×ω×`)

But good on you standing up!! 


Re: transmitters...

Yeah we gotta do something about them.

And have you ever imagined that someone from our side decide to apply CANCELLING effect to the microwaves transmitted, by taking over the control of those towers?

We will win our safety back then, for the microwave emissions. (・ω<)☆

I'd love to see the same thing to happen for all HAARP based gears, too, when they get turned on.

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Miles Johnston talks about MilAbs and Super Soldiers


We will hear the lot from the guy who knows the field so well.

It's a great vid with full of concise info packed talk IMHO.


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Is this real life 'Inception'? Scientists use unnerving trick to plant false experiences into people's brains

  • Research looks at how to 'induce' knowledge through the visual cortex
  • In new study, the group were able to train volunteers into seeing colours
  • Participants thought they saw colour red when looking at vertical stripes
  • This technique could be used for education or therapeutic reasons





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Aug 12-14th 2016, the BASES is having the International Bases Conference, this time focused for T.I.s.


"Bases 2016 at Bouverie Hall,North Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire,SN9 5ES

Discounted Early Bird Ticket:- Valid until July 12th
Gives you access to all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, into the late evening, including Film Festival Screenings."


Not that I endorse any particular gathering so I can be equal for all, but this is possibly the only reliable resource of gathering for T.I.s at the moment in England.

If you are interested in to learn, or if you are one of the suffering T.I.s, here's an opportunity to share the knowledge and find supportive audience.



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Thanks Unity -


   Most of the topics out of my mouth, were about this. But have spent research time to no avail as it now starts to break open for all to see.

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R.I.P. Max Spiers



I'm lost for words.

Saw the confirmation on a closed forum where Max was hanging out a lot.

It was not long ago that we heard his latest take of vid.

Max was a respected person for the T.I.s and Supersoldier communities.




His existence was so unique and was a proof of Supersoldier programs happening...for him and James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince were training savagely with each other in astral status, as a part of programming, according to Max.


This is just my personal feeling about him, but I felt Max was honest and sharing the info he knows as much as possible with people.

Another "too young to die" case IMHO.

But then....he maybe feeling very happy being freed from physical body now.



So was this vid "saying too much" and led him to his death??

I dunno....


--------------<Add to Edit>---------

"Passed away after losing a great deal of BLACK FLUID from his body during the course of previous hours".....Black Goo's remnant maybe?

Just like parasites crawl out of a dead body craving for warmth....gawd.....

Sarah Adams said she also expelled the Black Goo from top and bottom and everywhere when she refused it and won over the take over.


Peeps, everything is connected....



Mind you, medically, black fluid could be dead blood, result of some internal bleeding of a sort.

We just dunno but I feel very suss about the whole ordeal....

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James Casbolt - MI6 Buried Alive (Full Book)


Since we got Max appearing on this thread, I may as well to continue with James Casbolt.

A famous supersoldier....


Well, peeps, he went into prison.

Serving time and doing a course of a sort right now.

According to his partner, he's still alive and doing ok, writing another book now on a different name.

Why different name?

Because that's his personality for now.


(And if you just look at him as a con man like MSM treated him as, you only see a rambling of a con man.

But I have my personal reason to believe in maybe not everything, but the essence of what he had spoken.

If you don't look through the coloured lenses, you may see a gem through his words.  

For researchers, these words are treasure box, IMHO.)


Loads of supersoldiers are treated in sadistic manner and the pain they go through physically and mentally fragment their characters, enabling them to switch from 1 channel to another to avoid pain or interrogations against them.

By switching the fragmented personalities when required, they can survive what they face to.


The fact of him serving time obviously put the public automatically into defensiveness just in case he harms you.

I can understand that.

But these people are also victims.

Subjected to massively horrible conditioning through out their lives.

And suffering.


If the court/the public decided he was delusional and caused harm to the society, and he served it, then it's time for us, the researchers, to stop being defensive, and open our eyes to really closely look into his case with cold headed manner.


First of all...I do believe there are good judges out there. For sure.

But I really dunno if the system was there to support the guy.

The decision was possibly made to stop him in some way...I could easily imagine that someone tried to stop him spilling further beans, because he was letting out a lot....A LOT.


If the conviction was the result of that in the end, well, we got to sift through and get important bits of info out of what he pointed out, so we understand core issues to prevent shite happening to our children.


And what really makes me feel sick is that the Khazarian Mafia blood line LOVES TO DO DISGUSTING STUFF TO THEIR OWN BLOOD LINE KIDS. Totally sicko. Absolutely not Human as far as I consider.

...Mind you, I say so because I believe that them and us are equal in the weight of life. 

But they don't think about us as equal.

They think of us like how we think towards ants and ticks and cute small dogs and rats.


...We often stomp onto ants and flattening them without noticing we are doing so.

We use lab rats for experiments, saying it's justifiable thing to do to save human lives.

We adore cute little puppies and kittens as long as they learn what we teach such as the toilet training.

...And there are loads of us who don't give a damn about tossing pets out of the life, if they themselves face to some difficulties, saying "Let's get rid of them."


Did you see my point?

We do the same sorta thing as the "nasty aliens" do.


We also need to really analyze our own behaviour and learn from what those aliens do to us, and grow beyond of current state, for we now know that plants to fish to other land animals do feel pain and fear as they are dealt by us.

So it's our time to figure out how we can avoid causing such pain and fear to them as we harvest them. (1stly, we got to THANK them for being there, ask permission at least, even though probably most cases we ignore how the animals and plants feel as we catch them alive/harvest them. Gratitude and Love vibes, peeps!! Like Dr. Emoto found out!)


And more and more I feel the urgency of us, the Humanity, in making sure to never to GENERATE any more psychopaths on Earth.

This is so damaging to our souls and genes, it becomes no turning back once a person was forced to be one.

Then the genetic passing of psychopaths starts, and that's unstoppable....according to a famous study done on 10,000 British kids.

This is a hard core scientific result and that's why I feel that we got to stop creating any further seedlings of problems in the Humanity.

We must protect our children. Full stop.

Oh well, you'd understand why I'm writing so, if you listen to James' audio book.


I really wish all the best for James....


It's a long vid of 3 hours. But for those who want to learn about what he had to say earlier on, here's your chance. 


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Thank you Unity ..


Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop - Max Spiers


Published on May 30, 2016

You can comment on


  • design of the Oak Tree
  • What is the Milab
  • memories from Mars
  • or the Anunnaki and the Elohim are still living among us
  • eye of Horus
  • who are the Anunnaki today
  • the fight between the Arias and the Jews
  • The solar system is different than the US show
  • maintaining the duality
  • Police in 4 d
  • now is the final battle
  • the continuation of the war from Mars
  • negative sexuality
  • undoing old age
  • do not go through the tunnel to light
  • We were stuck in a time loop
  • How to move objects mentally
  • How to deal with voodoo
  • schizophrenia, addiction and mind control are related


Second interview with Max: Porozmawiajmy.tv/iv-Reich-dulce-and-moonlit-machine-devices-souls-max-spiers
Facebook: Facebook.com/max.spiers.3

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Thank You Unity..


The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine - Max Spiers


Published on Jul 2, 2016

You can comment on:





Threads of conversation:

  • why we talk to such traumatic topics
  • IV Reich
  • compound words of Zion and Nazism
  • the underground base of CLC-1
  • as it looks like Pindar
  • Why are sprayed chemical streaks
  • Trivia hotels Hilton
  • Dulce base
  • Satanic rituals in the Vatican
  • What is the Moon
  • machine to capture souls on the Moon
  • Moon and Saturn
  • What is Nibiru
  • the magic of the symbolic
  • pathologic gender
  • parasitic consciousness must give up and walk away

Facebook: Facebook.com/max.spiers.3

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I'll be cross posting this info filled vid to the Black Goo and Sigilia-Crop Circle threads (geeeeez these threads all tie together, but also each is focused on specific important info as well...sorry Mods spreading the same link to multiple threads, but for the sake of peeps reading any of those threads not needing to switch threads to tie the info up, I felt this would be the better solution for now)....spiders, tentacles, eyes, the paintings people just painted show how much we are under the programming unknowingly etc etc etc, spoken by Miles Johnston.

It's pretty mind boggling to see the real data right in front of us.


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©rightful owner


As many of you already know, due to Max Spiers' sudden death, whole lot of line up and the theme of the Bases 2016 International Conference have been changed.

Sarah will be there only to talk about Max.

No T.I.s to be focused.

It looks like the consensus of people involved in felt it's way too soon to go full steam about the issue after sudden loss of Max.


For the new line up, please visit the Bases page: http://thebasesproject.org/


....Well, peeps, Valerie Uvarov is going to appear on Skype session there!!

You can hear his LATEST stuff....geez I'd love to hear for sure...!!

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I don't particularly agree with what's been written up here, but introducing it here as an example of how the view on the community around the Super Soldiers and T.I. revolves. 


Why I don't agree with what's written down?


"The CIA, and other intelligence agencies, like to plant “mimics” into the field. Mimics are people who copy others in their field, try to imitate their work, articles, posts, books, interviews, etc. They try to gain a following, or share an existing following of a targeted individual."


...Well, it doesn't have to be any CIA involvement to see such action happening. It can happen in Junior High schools to possibly in your home in different degrees. (Like someone stole your birthday present idea and you feel betrayed about it. LOL)


See David Wilcock, older peeps may add Dan Winter, and Corey Goode has been laughed at by the Ruiner.

NexEd was clearly telling us before to watch out for those who have been regurgitating other people's opinion and stewing secondary and thirdly infusion of mixed info.

So we need to be mindful of those aspects and be independent to arrive to your own opinion. 


Super Soldiers are being used as FALSE FLAGS in the “Awake” community



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Good Asset of Knowledge of How To Manage T.I. environment


Ahhhmmm...I'm not sure if this is REALLY good or not for I had just started to watch it.

The guy claims that he was the 1st generation of MK Ultra victim. He was showing his medical data of scans of his brain and apparently you can see the chips on those.


WE NEVER KNOW if that is true unless we really see them I guess but anyhow, he got materials to show.


(I want to learn how to get the real hospital/surgery digital data because they gotta use the facility-OS to run. How do we ask our docs so we can get the info in our hands?? There must be some way you can do that. I faced exactly the same situation in Oz, unable to get the images. Pls tell us if you know what the phrases you used/how you asked them, to succeed getting such info out of health care system.

Another T.I. said you must choose how docs understand and act upon, and don't say you feel you are targeted, or need to see chips in the images etc etc before. But that vids were taken down by her. It's a bit dumb to openly asking such stuff for the Cabal and others can see and find out how to Stop us getting those images, but then otherwise we never know how to go about it, I felt. Catch 22...)


But I think he is covering generally decent ideas how to cover your own ass as a T.I., or PREPARE NOT TO BE ONE, maybe would be one of the ultimate info we should be sharing.


My way of chipping in for the protection is about leaving footsteps on the internet communications.


1) Not much you can do, except setting up accounts with pseudo-names & pseudo addresses where you are allowed to be obscure about.

Line up different patches/groups of places to hang out with, where you don't feel too bad if that line of communication gets trashed then to move on. (Always ask private email addresses if you don't want lose tie with that particular person.)

So having multiple accesses that are separated individually for what you would be posting about certain things are probably decent screening protection we can create by ourselves.


2)Do NOT leave your external HDD connected directly to your pc when you are not using them. I was in awe to discover some of my important files went missing over night. They were related about the US, Royals and you know who....


3)IF you can choose to totally stop using WiFi, it's better.


4) You know what....I think we CAN live without computers and mobile phones if we really have to....just the life becomes not convenient, but I think we gain something else when we are away from those devices....(・ω<)☆


5) When you do activities on the net, include pretty stupid ones, too. Liking absolutely garbage crap like some damn singer you don't even bother to pay any attention to, cute animals doing stupid things, talk about the great food you ate.....that sorta stuff actually makes diffusing mask to the metadata collectors.

(But honestly I'm not good at keeping this one up...for I really hate wasting my time.(´×ω×`))


6) OK, this gets a bit full on but it really is important...treat your computers as disposable info stash box. And it's better to have multiple computers to do separate things. Another suggestion is to have a computer that's totally not connected to the net at any moment, apart from the one you often use for the net...

Go and use Internet Cafes' computers time to time. (Both edge sword this one I feel but I cannot say don't. It's a good way to confuse the watchers.)


7) Use Linux as OS. TOR has got cracked in already, apparently. Windows got massive back doors. 


8 ) It's something I was told and had to wake up to.

Just realise there's nothing you can really do to protect your own privacy in today's net set up....so stop bothering about it as a major problem. It's already there and happening. So tackle onto the steps you can do now, a bit by bit, in reality. Be wise in how to and where to present your views. We just gotta be proactive in order to protect ourselves.


Anyway, let's find out what he's got to say....


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First: Celtic word of honour I'm not making anything up

This is an image of one of the fake teeth that was part of bridgework that was put in about nine years ago.

I was put onto the dentist by an ex Oz Army/ Navy person who had had Top Secret cleanace as an office worker, been used as practice by an Army stalking unit and after a severe nervous breakdown, discharged.

The fake tooth has a very flexible wire that went into my (damaged ) jaw and I had a constant sharp pain there for years.

It looks copper but it's not: someone with very sharp eyes coluld see a clear wire at it's tip.

I was told by the Boy several months ago that I'd been through SRA between ages 3 and 9.

Initially very sceptical about that. I only clicked recently when I had an unusual physical symptom.

I had no memories at all of anything like this... but then I have no memories of anything unusual re "imaginary friends",ETs, angels or whatever until I woke up at age 21 ("ball of light" experience).

(Ouch. This is going to hurt . Talking to self).

BUT.I've supported someone else through their Re Membering so I don't expect it to be an insurmountable problem.

I don't know who gave me the nametitle The Boy Who Was KNown To Defy Everything or under what circumstances but it fits.

I'm going to give 'experience from the inside' as it unravels.

The first thing is I don't bother with "privacy" not really except for some personal conversations in which a Cone Of Silence can be effectively raised.

Not since NexEd pointed out that nano dust had been added to chemtrails in the mid 1990's.unavoidably ingested by humans and orther beings,and used as a conduit to networked supercomputers capable of downloading false thoughts by wifi, etc. and even then probably AI controlled.

Enough :angry2::santa-mooning::gun:   for now.

Message to Them





Added later: by "Coincidence" someone I knew on Gllop who hasn't been in touch for several yeras emailed me at account I hardly ever look at recently They're a friend of Eve Lorgen and James Bartley. I was a littel reticent about posting this, but thought a) knowledge, out there b) how many other have been through this and have no inkling?

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Great insight into the reality through you about what are involved in re: T.I.!

Thanks heaps for your revelations!╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  Can't wait to hear from you for the next revelations, mate....!


Some Helpful stuff to do to ourselves, even if you feel you are not a T.I. yourself:


1) Some info in how to re-program ourselves to break away from any conditioning: TEAR APART your CONTRACT you made before.

It really doesn't matter if you know what was the exact content in the contract. It still works, because it's our INTENTION making our realities this way. So INTENT your break away. Completely.

It's OK to say ENOUGH, and say "I choose to create a fresh, far more productive contract."

They can't be us. That's why they want to use us, under tight control so they can do what they like to do to us.

Say NO. Enough is enough.


2) JFYI, these criteria seem to prep ones for the status of T.I....(´Д`)


  • Born in the Blood line
  • Military background to your family/yourself
  • Born at the Jesuit related hospitals, world wide
  • Born with prominent psychic abilities
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  • Born in the Blood line
  • Military background to your family/yourself
  • Born at the Jesuit related hospitals, world wide
  • Born with prominent psychic abilities

Yes to all of those: it's good to have a checklist.

I've just watched a large part of a recent  Eve Lorgen and James Bartley video.

I'm not all sure where I belong -or was supposed to belong in the scheme of things.

My sister one asked my elderly uncle who was into genealogy "Which side of the family do we get the Fuck You gene from?" in a very serious way.

Equally seriously he replied :Oh that would be F...y" (His mother, banned from every church she ever attended and even from a daughter in law's home).

Facetious but sums up the attitude to have.

One part that fitted on the radio show was that They have set up bases in other etheric realms. This fits very well with a recent very vivid and extended Dream "" I had.

This thread can be a knowledge base on how to deal with this stuff I think. Anything I feel I can talk about without putting others at risk I'll drop here.

ADD. I don't want to be clutter up this thread with my personal experiences-I'm quite isolated and like to talk, a lot, to sort things out whicvh I can rarely get here.

This is one core "techhique" I've worked out.

When I was being seriously stalked here (one psychic picked up three planned ambushes that would have resulted in death: he/or she has since picked up about the same number planned in the near future) it used to be that I'd be sitting having an innocent conversation with my Heart Friend, and literally with seconds a Bozo would appear, walking or driving past.

I thought.

Free Will and Sovereignty. It's impossible to do in the fully legal sense, at least here: revocation of citizenship involves Outlaw status essentially, and there's no Sherwood Forest to be found in NZ, that I know of.

BUT it can be done on an as needed basis on a small scale.

Whenever I saw one of thse creatures I would say "You do not have permmision to do that " (eg look at me or register the conversation I was having or even register my presence).

It worked:they would walk/drive past me or us obliviously.

My statements, said from Centre created a field on intent which flicked off unwanted attention.

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GoldFish Report No 58, One on One with Duncan O'Finioan Part 1


I'm wondering if I should set up a thread for Super soldiers but T.I.s and Supersoldiers are so closely interacting in today's CT community, so I continue to post stuff about Supersoldiers here just for now.


This was a good intro for Duncan's background and more.

Looking at his DNA analysis, apparently a doctor described him as "I don't know WHAT you are"..... 


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T.I. case of Miles Johnston


I am so appreciative of his vids explaining in detail as of what was the process of getting unwell.

BECAUSE LOTS OF US GO THROUGH THIS....whether you know it's the case of "targeting" or not....


How fast, how "meaningless-looking things" etc etc might cause mega problem to us later is so important to keep documented, so all researchers can look into it at later time.

He is awesome as director, producer and story teller, methinks.



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I think Julian Assange deserves to be declared as a T.I. safely...

Pamela's been taken pic with her friend wearing the Cabal insignia print Tshirt....


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Implants Detection Process


We are very lucky to be able to see Miles' videos capturing all important info re:how to go about T.I.s issues.

Please allow me to express my deepest thank you to Miles here, for his awesome contribution to working out wth is going on.


These are the vids directly dealing with the use of gadgets to find out the locations and markings left by the implants insertions.

Probably, what separates the FAKERS to the real T.I.s are whether these implants could get detected or not.

The T.I.s usually able to get some MRI results then wonder wth they are, so they seek more info, and find out their state of Targeting they are copping.


What gets confusing is that there are ETHERIC IMPLANTS that won't show on no allied health related gadgets.


For those, aliens could be the source, but also human thoughts can do that, too!!!!! (Where cursing exists....)


Worst stance people get is to cry wolf about the implants that what they are doing to oneself, or believe so just because they want to believe someone else is at work and don't want to look into themselves to work their own life.

It's very hard for the T.I.s to be coherent and clear headed sometimes. And that could be due to the implants but also exhaustion and anxiety derived end results.

It's very difficult to make sure you are not fibbing yourself when your heart just want to find some way to release anger, some way to get someone's attention, in general, start from very selfish low level of WANTing something.

Then it's also up to us, around that person, to make sure the person is not fibbing, and give appropriate support.

Different approach for different aid to be picked.


By the way, Miles is intending to make his research videos as Pay-Per-View soon. (He deserves that for sure!)

Watch them free while they are there on YT, if you are not intending to pay to watch his stuff....


Marie K Implant scan Phoenix 2013 1of3


Marie k Implant Scan Phoenix 2013 2 of 3

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