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Satanic Rings---the Sacrificial Rituals Against the Humanity

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This month's disgustingness.

64-year-old Stephen Paddock. Police said he fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino onto the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday night.Arsenal of 16 weapons found.

Paddock.. not an American term, but still in use here in NZ,as it's  English

1A small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised

  1. 1.1 An enclosure adjoining a racecourse or track where horses or cars are gathered and displayed before a race.
    ‘I went across the course to see the horses in the paddock’
    Basically, a field where horse are kept.

10/2 Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (Queensland, Australia)
10/5 Full Moon
10/5 Sukkot
10/5 Opening of Mundus Ceresis
10/9 Columbus Day – US (observed)
10/9 Dia de la Raza: Mexico
10/9 Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/12 Hitler’s half birthday
10/13 Backwards Halloween
10/13-10/30 Preparation for all Hallows Eve, Samhain (Halloween).  For some groups abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for human sacrifice
10/12-10/13 Simchat Torah
10/15 Death of Goering
10/16 Death of Rosenburg
10/19 New Moon
10/19 Diwali: Hindu: Festival of Lights: The end of Lord Rama’s exile, killing of a demon by Krishna’s wife
10/19 Kali Puja
10/22 Ashara (Kali’s victory over Mahishasura)
10/22-10/29 Preparation for all Hallow’s Eve
10/24 United Nations’ Day
10/28-10/30 Satanist High Holy Day related to Halloween (blood, human sacrifice each day)
10/31 Halloween/Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve/ Hallomas/ All Souls Day
10/31 Preparation for the Isia (ring of six: Isis, Hathor, Nepthys, Horus, Thoth, Anubis) Resurrection of Osiris
10/31 Start of the Celtic new year. Dark half of the year

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from a comment on the below post that was linked to another page


32nd Floor (Important number to them)
It was called a "Harvest" Festival (Just a side note, some "teachings" also call for a harvest like the Law of One, think twice who is the harvester and who/what is been harvested)
The sacrifices were in front of the pyramid, sphinx, and obelisk of the Luxor. Not a coincidence.


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thanks Foop.

I have a friend who has loved in Las Vegas for years-mentioned them a couple of timers on Chani, but haven't had contact since the early 2000's.

That city is sooo Occult!

Damn I lost a whole post by not keeping an eye on library time.

Being careful this time.

I posted Neil Young's Harvest Moon on Fakebook 20 minutes before the shootings started. Others picked it up too, on a subliminal level.



Harvest moon on October 5, northern hemisphere.

I've read the Ra Material years ago and my gut said No "Harvesting" "4 dimensional friends" " owls"" and even STO , and the later connection with LKJ were all quite off putting)

I'm making an extrapolation here;

in the latest Simon Parkes video, posted about a week ago, he said two things

A) he has changed address and is not revealing the new one to the public mainly because while he is ordinarily open to random visits by ordinary people he wishes to be off the radar for now.

B) an event has been registered in The Akashic Records, which  "has to happen, because humans are not waking up."sometime in October

I think this is the event noted.

I take this as being a False Flag, followed by a clampdown/declaration of martial law (which hasn't happened yet), Red Listers having to temporarily relocate into hiding, etc, and I think the soft Financial Reset, and the need for people to be stocked up on essential supplies covering a few weeks.. Probably I think October 8 for the financial reset.

Associatively, a friend and I had been asking "Where's hurricane Oswald.?"in regards to the storms around Texas.

(and there definitely is  a Texas/ Mafia /Others connection here-Paddocks father was a criminal on Texas in the 1960's, and Las Vegas was founded by Bugsy Siegel).

Then the Lone Gunman appears on cue.

2 October : Queens Birthday in Queensland , Australia (= the follow through to the recent Virgo/Leo alignment and "rebirth")// the shooting

Mandalay is also the most exclusive bunking at Bohemian Grove



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B) an event has been registered in The Akashic Records, which  "has to happen, because humans are not waking up."sometime in October

I think this is the event noted.

I take this as being a False Flag, followed by a clampdown/declaration of martial law (which hasn't happened yet), Red Listers having to temporarily relocate into hiding, etc, and I think the soft Financial Reset, and the need for people to be stocked up on essential supplies covering a few weeks.. Probably I think October 8 for the financial reset.

Good Lord, how much more can we take until we do wake up? IMHO the only way we will go forward is via spirituality.  The other ways only hinder our soul's progress. 

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ADD; Black Friday 13 here soon. Image to follow of local event if I can find it online.

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It's 5th Oct 2017 and here we go.

Ted Heath 'abused boys young as 11': Bombshell police report details 42 assault claims and one 'rape of underage male' with two cases linked to ex-premier's interest in sailing

  • The controversial report into paedophile allegations against Sir Edward Heath includes claims he sexually assaulted boys as young as 11 
  • Some of the more serious allegations are linked to the sailing world 
  • The report will say that seven of the allegations are sufficiently credible to justify questioning Sir Edward under caution were he alive today


UPDATE: British Police Chief Releases Report Confirming That Ex Prime-Minister Edward Heath Was a Serial Child Rapist.



Mr. Heath is already dead. Conveniently.

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A serious ritual.

I take this as an intel surface msg of a sort.

Jpnse Yahoo having this old news as one of the top story of the day today.

National Geographic is RESURRECTING the "Cursed Ship" MARS in 3D image.


The original article appeared on National Geographic 3 days ago is here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/10/mars-3D-reconstruction-shipwreck-baltic-sweden-archaeology/

Alarm bell ringing.

A bit of reading on Mars below:


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thanks for that breezy!. I've been meaning to make a comment about Astana for age but kept thinking Istavan  and variants.

Astana.. ST..Satana.

(Things here are extremely weird..as usual)



The Octopus Genome: Not “Alien” but Still a Big Problem for Darwinism


And odd Add.In the Victor Hugo book, Toilers of the Sea, there is a description of a man being attacked by an octopus.

At that time (set in 1820's) the octopus had a very bad reputation, being named The Devil Fish by English mariners etc.

I've noticed the octopus meme being used a lot here, including one very well painted one in one of Their places (along with the obligatory skull) :is the octopus in fact an introduced species? Personally I don't know, but it would fit.

(Long excerpt.. I'd like to read it in the original French somtime, as Hugo is a very good writer)

II. The Monster.

IT is difficult for those who have not seen it to believe in the existence of the devil-fish.

Compared to this creature, the ancient hydras are insignificant. At times we are tempted to imagine that the vague forms which float in our dreams may encounter in the realm of the Possible attractive forces, having power to fix their lineaments, and shape living beings, out of these creatures of our slumbers. The Unknown has power over these strange visions, and out of them composes monsters. Orpheus, Homer, and Hesiod imagined only the Chimera: Providence has created this terrible creature of the sea.

Creation abounds in monstrous forms of life. The wherefore of this perplexes and affrights the religious thinker.

If terror were the object of its creation, nothing could be imagined more perfect than the devil-fish.

The whale has enormous bulk, the devil-fish is comparatively small, the jararaca makes a hissing noise, the devil-fish is mute; the rhinoceros has a horn, the devil fish has none, the scorpion has a dart, the devil-fish has no dart; the shark has sharp fins, the devil-fish has no fins, the vespertiliobat has wings with claws, the devil-fish has no wings; the porcupine has his spines, the devil-fish has no spines; the sword-fish has his sword, the devil-fish has none; the torpedo has its electric spark, the devil-fish has none; the toad has its poison, the devil-fish has none; the viper has its venom, the devil-fish has no venom; the lion has its talons, the devil-fish has no talons; the griffon has its beak, the devil-fish has no beak; the crocodile has its jaws, the devil-fish has no teeth.

The devil-fish has no muscular organisation, no menacing cry, no breastplate, no horn, no dart, no claw, no tail with which to hold or bruise; no cutting fins, or wings with nails, no prickles, no sword, no electric discharge, no poison, no talons, no beak, no teeth. Yet he is of all creatures the most formidably armed.

What, then, is the devil-fish? It is the sea vampire.

The swimmer who, attracted by the beauty of the spot, ventures among breakers in the open sea, where the still waters hide the splendours of the deep, or in the hollows of unfrequented rocks, in unknown caverns abounding in sea plants, Testacea, and Crustacea, under the deep portals of the ocean, runs the risk of meeting it. If that fate should be yours, be not curious, but fly. The intruder enters there dazzled, but quits the spot in terror.

This frightful apparition, which is always possible among the rocks in the open sea, is a grayish form which undulates in the water. It is of the thickness of a man's arm, and in length nearly five feet. Its outline is ragged. Its form resembles an umbrella closed, and without handle. This irregular mass advances slowly towards you. Suddenly it opens, and eight radii issue abruptly from around a face with two eyes. These radii are alive; their undulation is like lambent flames; they resemble, when opened, the spokes of a wheel, of four or five feet in diameter. A terrible expansion! It springs upon its prey.

The devil-fish harpoons its victim.

It winds around the sufferer, covering and entangling him in its longs folds. Underneath it is yellow; above, a dull earthy hue: nothing could render that inexplicable shade dust-coloured. Its form is spider-like, but its tints are like those of the chameleon. When irritated it becomes violet. Its most horrible characteristic is its softness.

Its folds strangle, its contact paralyses

It has an aspect like gangrened or scabrous flesh. It is a monstrous embodiment of disease.

It adheres closely to its prey, and cannot be torn away-a fact which is due to its power of exhausting air. The eight antennae, large at their roots, diminish gradually, and end in needle-like points. Underneath each of these feelers range two rows of pustules, decreasing in size-the largest ones near the head, the smaller at the extremities. Each row contains twenty-five of these. There are, therefore, fifty pustules to each feeler and the creature possesses in the whole four hundred These pustules are capable of acting like cupping-glasses They are cartilaginous substances, cylindrical, horny and livid. Upon the large species they diminish gradually from the diameter of a five-franc piece to the size of a split pea. These small tubes can be thrust out and withdrawn by the animal at will. They are capable of piercing to a depth of more than an inch.

This sucking apparatus has all the regularity and delicacy of a keyboard. It stands forth at one moment and disappears the next. The most perfect sensitiveness cannot equal the contractibility of these suckers, always proportioned to the internal movement of the animal and its exterior circumstances. The monster is endowed with the qualities of the sensitive plant.

This animal is the same as those which mariners call Poulps, which science designates Cephalopteræ, and which ancient legends call Krakens. It is the English sailors who call them "Devil-fish," and sometimes Bloodsuckers. In the Channel Islands they are called pieuvres.

They are rare at Guernsey, very small at Jersey; but near the island of Sark are numerous as well as very large.

An engraving in Somnini's edition of Buffon represents a Cephaloptera crushing a frigate. Denis Montfort, in fact, considers the Poulp, or Octopod, of high latitudes, strong enough to destroy a ship. Bory Saint Vincent doubts this; but he shows that in our regions they will attack men. Near Brecq-Hou, in Sark, they show a cave where a devil-fish a few years since seized and drowned a lobster-fisher. Peron and Lamarck are in error in their belief that the "poulp" having no fins cannot swim. He who writes these lines has seen with his own eyes, at Sark, in the cavern called the Boutiques, a pieuvre swimming and pursuing a bather. When captured and killed, this specimen was found to be four English feet broad, and it was possible to count its four hundred suckers. The monster thrust them out convulsively in the agony of death.

According to Denis Montfort, one of those observers whose marvellous intuition sinks or raises them to the level of magicians, the poulp is almost endowed with the passions of man; it has its hatreds. In fact, in the Absolute, to be hideous is to hate.

Hideousness struggles under the natural law of elimination, which necessarily renders it hostile.

When swimming, the devil-fish rests, so to speak, in its sheath. It swims with all its parts drawn close. It may be likened to a sleeve sewn up with a closed fist within. The protuberance, which is the head, pushes the water aside and advances with a vague undulatory movement. Its two eyes, though large are indistinct, being of the colour of the water.

When in ambush, or seeking its prey, it retires into itself, grows smaller and condeness itself. It is then scarcely distinguishable in the submarine twilight.

At such times it looks like a mere ripple in the water. It resembles anything except a living creature.

The devil-fish is crafty. When its victim is unsuspicious, it opens suddenly.

A glutinous mass, endowed with a malignant will, what can be more horrible?

It is in the most beautiful azure depths of the limpid water that this hideous, voracious polyp delights. It always conceals itself-a fact which increases its terrible associations. When they are seen, it is almost after they have been captured.

At night, however, and particularly in the hot season, it becomes phosphorescent. These horrible creatures have their passions, their submarine nuptials. Then it adorns itself, burns and illumines; and from the height of some rock it may be seen in the deep obscurity of the waves below, expanding with a pale irradiation-a spectral sun.

The devil-fish not only swims, it walks. It is partly fish, partly reptile. It crawls upon the bed of the sea. At these times it makes use of its eight fuelers, and creeps along in the fashion of a species of swift-moving caterpillar.

It has no blood, no bones, no flesh. It is soft and flabby-a skin with nothing inside. Its eight tentacles may be turned inside out like the fingers of a glove.

It has a single orifice in the centre of its radii, which appears at first to be neither the vent nor the mouth. It is, in fact, both one and the other. The orifice performs double function. The entire creature is cold.

The jelly-fish of the Mediterranean is repulsive. Contact with that animated gelatinous substance which envelops the bather, in which the hands sink, and the nail scratch ineffectively; which can be torn without killing it and which can be plucked off without entirely removing it-that fluid and yet tenacious creature which slips throng the fingers-is disgusting; but no horror can equal the sudden apparition of the devil-fish, that Medusa with its eight serpents.

No grasp is like the sudden strain of the cephaloptera. It is with the sucking apparatus that it attacks. The victim is oppressed by a vacuum drawing at numberless points; it is not a clawing or a biting, but an indescribable scarification. A tearing of the flesh is terrible, but less terrible than a sucking of the blood. Claws are harmless compared with the horrible action of these natural air-cups. The talons of the wild beast enter into your flesh; but with the cephaloptera it is you who enter into the creature. The muscles swell, the fibres of the body are contorted, the skin cracks under the loathsome oppression, the blood spurts out and mingles horribly with the lymph of the monster, which clings to its victim by innumerable hideous mouths. The hydra incorporates itself with the man; the man becomes one with the hydra. The spectre lies upon you: the tiger can only devour you; the devil-fish, horrible, sucks your life-blood away. He draws you to him, and into himself; while bound down, glued to the ground, powerless, you feel yourself gradually emptied into this horrible pouch, which is the monster itself.

These strange animals, Science, in accordance with its habit of excessive caution even in the face of facts, at first rejects as fabulous; then she decides to observe them; then she dissects, classifies, catalogues, and labels; then procures specimens, and exhibits them in glass cases in museums. They enter then into her nomenclature; are designated molluscs, invertebrate, radiate: she determines their position in the animal world a little above the calamaries, a little below the cuttle-fish; she finds for these hydras of the sea an analogous creature in fresh water called the argyronecte: she divides them into great, medium, and small kinds; she admits more readily the existence of the small than of the large species, which is, however, the tendency of science in all countries, for she is by nature more microscopic than telescopic. She regards them from the point view of their construction, and calls them Cephaloptera; counts their antennae, and calls them Octopedes. This fine, she leaves them. Where science drops them philosophy takes them up.

Philosophy in her turn studies these creatures. She goes both less far and further. She does not dissect, but meditate. Where the scalpel has laboured she plunges the hypothesis. She seeks the final cause. Eternal perplexity of the thinker. These creatures disturb his ideas of the Creator. They are hideous surprises. They are the death's-head at the feast of contemplation. The philosopher determines their characteristics in dread. They are the concrete forms of evil. What attitude can he take towards this treason of creation against herself? To whom can he look for the solution of these riddles? The Possible is a terrible matrix. Monsters are mysteries in their concrete form. Portions of shade issue from the mass, and something within detaches itself, rolls, floats, condenses, borrows elements from the ambient darkness, becomes subject to unknown polarisations, assumes a kind of life, furnishes itself with some unimagined form from the obscurity, and with some terrible spirit from the miasma, and wanders ghost-like among living things. It is as if night itself assumed the forms of animals. But for what good? with what object? Thus we come again to the eternal questioning

These animals are indeed phantoms as much as monsters. They are proved and yet improbable. Their fate is to exist in spite of a priori reasonings. They are the amphibia of the shore which separates life from death. Their unreality makes their existence puzzling. They touch the frontier of man's domain and people the region of chimeras. We deny the possibility of the vampire, and the cephaloptera appears. Their swarming is a certainty which disconcerts our confidence. Optimism, which is nevertheless in the right, becomes silenced in their presence. They form the visible extremity of the dark circles. They mark the transition of our reality into another. They seem to belong to that commencement of terrible life which the dreamer sees confusedly through the loophole of the night.

That multiplication of monsters, first in the Invisible, then in the Possible, has been suspected, perhaps perceived, by magi and philosophers in their austere ecstasies

and profound contemplations. Hence the conjecture of a material hell. The demon is simply the invisible tiger. The wild beast which devours souls has been presented to the eyes of human beings by St. John, and by Dante in his vision of Hell.

If, in truth, the invisible circles of creation continue indefinitely, if after one there is yet another, and so forth in illimitable progression; if that chain, which for our part we are resolved to doubt, really exist, the cephaloptera at one extremity proves Satan at the other. It is certain that the wrongdoer at one end proves the existence of wrong at the other.

Every malignant creature, like every perverted intelligence, is a sphinx. A terrible sphinx propounding a terrible riddle-the riddle of the existence of Evil.

It is this perfection of evil which has sometimes sufficed to incline powerful intellects to a faith in the duality of the Deity, towards that terrible bifrons of the Manichaeans.

A piece of silk stolen during the last war from the palace of the Emperor of China represents a shark eating a crocodile, who is eating a serpent, who is devouring an eagle, who is preying on a swallow, who in his turn is eating a caterpillar.

All nature which is under our observation is thus alternately devouring and devoured. The prey prey on each other.

Learned men, however, who are also philosophers, and therefore optimists in their view of creation, find, or believe they find, an explanation. Among others, Bonnet of Geneva, that mysterious exact thinker, who was opposed to Buffon, as in later times Geoffroy St. Hilaire has been to Cuvier, was struck with the idea of the final object. His notions may be summed up thus: universal death necessitates universal sepulture; the devourers are the sextons of the system of nature. All created things enter into and form the elements of other. To decay is to nourish. Such is the terrible law from which not even man himself escapes.

In our world of twilight this fatal order of things produces monsters. You ask for what purpose. We find the solution here.

But is this the solution? Is this the answer to questionings? And if so, why not some different ordeal of things? Thus the question returns.

Let us live: be it so.

But let us endeavour that death shall be progress. Let us aspire to an existence in which these mysteries shall be made clear. Let us follow that conscience which leads us thither.

For let us never forget that the highest is only attained through the high.

Literature Network » Victor Hugo » Toilers of the Sea » II. The Monster.

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Astana on the House of Europe grid.

I take Astana as being Set/Saturn etc

There is a Bird motif to go with this : Samroc (?) and the Phoenix as astrological marker ,and a Golden Egg.

I'm going to do a more in depth analysis later today.

Very High Stangeness here (fully activated  Hive Mind with some here,)

... I'll probably talk about what Purple Goo soon.




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Oct 28-30     Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)     blood     human sacrifice each day     any age (male orfemale)
Oct 30-31     All Hallows Eve and Halloween Night     blood and sexual     sexual climax, association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrifice     any age (male or female and/or animal)
Nov 1     Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)     blood     human sacrifice     any age (male or female)
Nov 4     Satanic Revels     sexual     oral, anal, vaginal     7-17 (female)

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MOCA Gala---In Your Face...:

The "Ritual Gatherings" Done Under The Name Of....

Skip to 1:30~ to see the Weird show which the contemporary art museum put up for the guests....disturbing.....


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Add: with antifa demonstrations / drill scheduled for November 4-6 I think there's a probable tie in with the anniversary of the Bolshevik October Revolution, which is in November in the eastern calendar.

Thanks for that vid unity... you do great research!

Another possibility comes from a recent Taylor Swift video -it's claimed that one faction sends Messages via her songs.


"Whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine / You've ruined my life by not being mine."
Read more at https://www.popsugar.com.au/celebrity/Taylor-Swift-Gorgeous-Lyrics-44170646#TvVWQ50266sJVu7L.99
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Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions


To add understanding to what KMRIA has been sharing with us with calendar dates....

"I’m going to attempt to convey the symbolism found in virtually all of the holidays and the occult importance they each have. When you take a step back and try to look at the purpose for the odd symbolism found in our holidays (e.g. why would a rabbit lay eggs??), you’ll begin to understand the manipulation that happens on all levels around us. You’ll see that the holidays each have their own part to play in the occult worship of the ancient pagan god Nimrod and goddess Semiramis. Most of the holidays and symbolism attached have ties to human sacrifice and magic as well. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible, but newcomers to this territory might have a difficult time navigating through the material. If it gets overwhelming feel free to skip to the section about the specific holidays and come back again to read through it."

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FBI conducts raid on major ‘body broker’ headquarters

DML     Nov, 7, 2017  

"The headquarters of MedCure, one of the nation’s largest body brokers, was raided in Portland, Oregon last week. After executing their search warrant, the building was sealed, and federal agents have now seized their records in relation to an inquiry about the how MedCure distributes the body parts it has acquired from donors.

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele confirmed the agency’s search of the huge MedCure facility. Citing a source “familiar with the matter,” Reuters says the FBI took records from the facility, but did not remove human remains.

The search warrant at MedCure is sealed, but it is a sign that an FBI investigation of the company is advancing. In order to obtain a search warrant to seize records, agents must provide a detailed affidavit to a U.S. magistrate with evidence to support probable cause that crimes have been committed and that related records may be on the premises, according to Reuters.

Companies that are known as “body brokers” trade in body parts. While organ donation is heavily regulated, and tissue banking is policed by the FDA, whole body donation is not monitored by any government agency. States have differing rules, which are enforced at varying levels of attention.

Due to the loophole, whole body donations may not go where donors think they will go. There are only six whole body donation businesses which are accredited in the U.S. At Anatomical Gift Association, a non-profit, all donations go to medical schools to be used for student and doctor education."


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AI uses bitcoin trail to find and help sex-trafficking victims


" “The internet has facilitated a lot of methods that traffickers can take advantage of. They can easily reach big audiences and generate a lot of content without having to reveal themselves,” says Rebecca Portnoff at the University of California, Berkeley.

But a new tool developed by Portnoff and her colleagues can ferret traffickers out. It uses machine learning to spot common patterns in suspicious ads, and then uses publicly available information from the payment method used to pay for them – bitcoin – to help identify who placed them."

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A little late and not all month

12/3 Full Moon
12/6 St. Nicholas’ Day
12/13 – 12/20 Hanukkah
12/18 New Moon

(12/13 Old English start of Christmas countdown)
12/17-12/22 Saturnalia
12/21 St. Thomas Day- Fire Festival, feast day, orgies
12/21 Yule/ Winter Solstice
12/22 Ritual of the Elements and Feast of the Times
12/24 Christmas Eve/ Satanic Demons Revels/Da Meur/Grand High Climax, rituals may include receiving body parts as Christmas gifts
12/25 Christmas Day
12/26 Boxing Day ( UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
12/26 St. Stephen’s Day
12/31 New Year’s Eve/Hogmanay
1/1/18 Full Moon

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KMRIA, do you think Kubrick was referencing Saturnalia in Eyes Wide Shut?  Almost every scene contains Christmas lights. 

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Bryan, it's a long time since I watched it: at the time (as an arty) I had the sense parts were missing. It's recently been claimed, credibly I think, that a lot was chopped out of the film.Possibly Jay Weidner?

...basically yes....

MO.The Lights symbolism is a bit obscure in conjunction with the Saturn cult.

This come from a doenmeh site which I looked at about a decade ago (so relying on memory): the Soul of God -their God of the Space/Time /Money Continuum has a female counterpart Shekinah. The object of life is to enact a ceremonial marriage on a day to day, year by year , decade by decade basis in order to reunite the two,

Unfortunately the world is broken and full of kllppoths/"empty shells" ie anyone who isn't of the Chosen.

The task of the Chosen is to repair the world,but the individual Points Of Light that make up the whole have been dispersed and have forgotten who they are. This can be directly related to the discovery that one's mother or grandmother, has perhaps a remnant of J-ish practice that her family has been carrying on for generations without being aware of what it means becuase somewhere along the line an ancestor went under  cover and "passed" for Christian or Moslem.

So the ultimate object is to have all the Points of Light reunite, Moschiah will return, the Temple will be rebuilt etc.

It's sort of reincarnation (I think) but not the individual returning so much as the ancestral Spark.

My take on it is that it isn't a religion per se, but a set of rituals that bring down "God" into the Material realm

2 mins durn


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Cross posted from the Shouts thread.

Billionaire Apotex founder Barry Sherman and wife found dead in Toronto home


"The bodies of Barry Sherman, the billionaire founder of global generic drug giant Apotex Inc. http://www1.apotex.com/global, and his wife, Honey, were found in the basement of the Shermans' Toronto mansion on Friday, but mystery surrounds the cause of their deaths."

"Police were tight-lipped about the case. They would not confirm that the two bodies were the Shermans but say they are treating the deaths as "suspicious." As of late Friday, however, the homicide squad was not in charge of the probe and the investigation was being conducted by detectives with the local 33 Division."

"Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at 11:44 a.m., Constable Hopkinson said. But he would not say who made the call. He said the pair were pronounced dead at the scene."


BTW, I had never come across to a site with "www1." before...

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@unity... Ive come across www1 quite often...  when mistyping a URL it pops up.

The morning paper here says it is though he killed her before killing himself.

A recent drawing done by a five year old girl of the Squid. It has a human body,: animals and children don't like being around it. Understandably.


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When Something Goes Wrong With The Rituals


JFYI......when a National Ritual cycle gets messed up in ANY ways, you can be assured that a mega shit will hit the fan to the country. Destabilising energy force becomes bigger, and the country has to fight the instability within and in international situation.

And I'm seeing a huge mess happening in Japan right now.

Japan has many ritual cycles of hell a lot of things, since the country has been around for 2672 years since it called itself as a country.

Shinto being Japan's original belief, they got super strenuously structured Guji families who rule shrines blood line by blood line.

Just the other day, Japanese nation encountered a horrific situation.

A younger brother of a Guji, the highest priest to run one of the main shrine, killed his elder sister who was the head of the shrine, also attacked her car driver who tried to stop the slashing of the woman but the driver copped bad injury, the killer's wife's dead body was flat on the ground on the spot, and then the killer committed suicide so he can be with his wife in after life, after killed his own sister with vicious blows (but that was a part of the plan so the couple could die together, to be together after life....).

He wrote about 2000 letters of hate-filled complaints about the positioning of his sister, sent it to everyone in Shinto Shrine National Group.

He planned the kill with his wife, brought a sward, cooking knives etc to kill his sister.

He "successfully" attacked his sister, dragged her out of the car, chopped off one of her arm, few fingers, and stubbed her numerous times like 37 times into the skull---you can tell how much he hated his sister.


This is obviously VERY disturbing for Japan.

The killed woman being the head of one of Japanese major shrine does show something really bad is happening within the Shinto community. Guji families are respected highly as the deliverers of shamanic works. And someone from those blood liners becoming so bent being immersed in human grudge, meaning they turned not worthy of being a bridge between gods and humans. These shamans are supposed to be living closer to gods, and they are supposed to be "clean" energetically all the time. That's a part of their duty as shamans. 

When the shamans are not clean, the gods react full on against them.

Because they think it's disrespectful of Humans to send such impure being to be a bridge for the gods to hear Humans' cry. (This is how Japanese people would think.) Then you cop hell of natural disasters, bad things keep on happening, people die and crops fail, and the country could be broken up.(´Д`)


The disturbance is spreading and Sumo Athletes are now picked up badly for their disturbing manner as Sumo athletes. 

Sumo is the National Sport of Japan, and it is the SACRED ACTs, because all Sumo wrestlings are dedicated to Japanese GODS. Their yearly fighting tours are one of the seasonal/cyclic ritual to bring luck, security and prosperity to the country.

Current top Sumo wrestlers are actually born in Mongolia. Not Japan.

Those guys are forming their own little group of Mongolian "nationalists", and separating away from being Japanese.

And they had a nasty bashing up abuse case came out publicly recently. It is a massive no-no, for Sumo is supposed to be done in absolute purity.

It is far from that now, for sure.

I sincerely call for the stupid system to be changed, and let only pure Japanese blood people to take the top wrestler's status, and to give foreign origin wrestlers (Russians, Mongolians and there are others from overseas learning Sumo and practicing it in Japan as professionals) a separate status of being the top would be a far better way than today's system that allow all stronger foreigners to take the only existing top seat of Sumo wrestling.

I take Gods in Japan got angry over these disturbances.............loads of natural disasters and cleansing of businesses are happening right now.......

These are the reasons why the Ritual Cycles are to be followed strictly, and why the factions are using the coordination of dates and places. Every step used in the formula needs to be taken seriously and use the exact process they used in the first place to do the ritual again and again on the same date and time, because doing so is powerful, and to keep it stable and powerful is important for the formula to actualise. 

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