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Satanic Rings---the Sacrificial Rituals Against the Humanity

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The above video covers an event on 29June at around 11.11 when the sun seems to stuttered to a halt for a brief period.

It's theorised that the magnetic current between the earth and sun has now reversed with the EM energy coming from the earth , going to the sun.Below is the SRA dates.

Counter this is July 2 /4 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Jul 1 Demons Revel blood Druid sexual association with demons any age (female)
Jul 20-26 Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax      
Jul 25 St. James Day   gathering of herbs  
Jul 27 Grand Climax (5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice) Da Meur

oral, anal, vaginal
human sacrifice


female (child or adult)



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Total solar eclipse, black moon, double meteor shower and more July 2019 astronomy events

July 2: Total solar eclipse Right off the bat, there will be a total solar eclipse on July 2. It will be visible from South America.


July 16: Thunder Moon partial eclipse: The full moon for the month of July is known as the Thunder Moon, Buck Moon, the Ripe Corn Moon, the Hay Moon and the Old Moon. It falls on July 16 this year, the same time as a partial lunar eclipse (that will unfortunately not be visible from North America)


July 31: Black Moon What is a black moon? It's the opposite of a blue moon, AccuWeather explains. Instead of two full moons in a month, a black moon refers to two new moons in a month


Sun to align directly over Islam's holy Kaaba Monday (May 27)

Sun, May. 26, 2019 (last qanon post before the recent one)

Sun to be directly overhead Kaaba on Friday (July 5)

Such phenomenon happens twice a year over Kaaba on May 27 and July 15, making it easy for Muslims worldwide to find Qibla (the direction Muslims must face when praying) by simply facing the sun.

40 days difference .


More to come on this.

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I had a bit of hesitation posting this vid here (thought of Child abuse thread initially) but it's talking about how ORGANISED RELIGIONS ARE NO GOOD FOR HUMANS.

The original ideas about good thinking and decent and caring opinions formed spiritual awareness throughout our past.

But when ugly greediness and demand for CONVENIENCE to get happiness made everything but the original ideas to ROT.

It means any organisations made out of organised religions are at stake of dodgy-ness.

To understand that it's NOT ONLY J-Xchianity doing the nasty, so much so that I felt this analysis on the Kuru-Angela Merkel-Tibettan Buddhism and all are something we all need to see to be aware of it.

Nasty aliens really twisted what the goodness given to us and made it into the hub of all sorts of cruelty against Humanity instead. How clever, and how cruel that move has been. Enough is enough.

Angela "KURU" Merkel :coded:

(c)TRUreporting  2019         Published on Jun 30, 2019
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Tyler Skaggs Pitcher for the Los Angeles ANGELS,  number 45,  died today  1st day 7th month  in Dallas.  Was supposed to pitch last game of the series on July 4th.  Only 27yrs old.   Seems to be a lot of strange coincidences with this one.      RIP Tyler, you left way to soon.


Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs dead at 27

"Police ruled out foul play and said and suicide is not suspected in the death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who was found in his Texas hotel room."


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At Vatican, empty tombs add new twist to missing girl mystery

JULY 11, 2019 / 9:36 PM / UPDATED 10 HOURS AGO



THE mystery alright.

OK, as Truthers views, what needs to be pointed out is that someone suggested them strongly to go dig up that particular tomb as the lead to the missing girl.

But what if "someone" wanted the tomb to be dug up to find nothing is there was what they wanted to let the public to be aware of, not about  the girl who went missing....?

The volatile situation involving Vatican happened about bones dug up in Vatican. This in itself is telling us "The Skeltons Are Out In The Open"....meaning something else big?

Missing the body of a 19th C PRINCESS....missing blood liner...who is the family member present now from that blood line?

Why did the body go missing? (Straight away I thought of off planetary reason's involvement....)


Older report etc:

Vatican to open tombs after tip in 36-year-old case of missing girl

Philip Pullella JULY 3, 2019 / 12:23 AM


Here's everything we know about the 1983 disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi — the cold case that is being revived after bones were found beneath a Vatican building

Nov. 4, 2018, 5:59 PM


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Wikileaks exposes secret list of 65 mainstream media reporters who are part of the Clinton mafia

OCTOBER 28, 2016



Not a new info, but for the record, I will post this here.

If anyone is still saying WikiLeaks is doing the damage to the people, they should realise that WikiLeaks is only damaging the nasty bunch of people/hybrids/alien factions. Go figure.

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2013 NBC Reported: HRC "COVERED UP" Pedo Ring

Robbin Videos              Published on Nov 16, 2017
I just found a weird situation.
I remember this report very clearly. It added huge fuel over us chasing HRC.
But I had stumbled upon someone saying they had never seen this report before!!!!!!! Not just one person......which baffled me.
We the researchers who go into looking through pedo crap stuff won't miss such big report. No way.
So did those people JUMPED TIMELINE sometime RECENTLY than I did??
Yes time lines are merging faster because loads of us decided to do so. So I can understand that time line jumpers would accordingly shifting themselves through to a main time line in their vicinity. 
Especially since 2008, the speed of amalgamation seems to be speeding up. So yeah, it may well be a natural thing to have some people who had never seen this report before.....
But anyway, I thought that's a notable thing since the community sifting through the crap out of pedo related stuff tend to be deep researchers, I'm sorta surprised over this revelation coming from other researchers. 
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You Might Want To Call Him "A Deadly Disease-In-A-Human-Look-A-Like Body"...

Because what he does with Human Trafficking does exactly that. How many people and their families were sickened to the chore, how easily the disease spread by having massive funding behind him.....urgh......trail of Human MISERY follows the guy.

As for the QAnon thread and Child Abuse thread, this guy won't go away from our research.

Sits in the researchers' head weighing a lot of disgusting stuff accumulated on the image....

Here I found a 5 minutes cover on the guy. For people who need to chase up with the background of the guy.....an enemy against Humanity.

Premiered Jul 18, 2019
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