Satanic Rings---the Sacrificial Rituals Against the Humanity <<Trigger Warning>> This thread is all for global cases of Satanic Ritual issues. WARNING-Reader Discretion It's SICK. It is really....REALLY...SICK.   Please visit the thread European Royals and Child Hunting thread:   The above thread started the info gathering about Satanic Rituals. Just because the thread title is focused onto EU region, after a consideration, I decided to start the thread peeps can post of any cases from around the world.   I start with this mess....   Australian Satanic Ring       This is a possibly dodgy site for info sake for no obvious traceable person listed to argue on the page content....but anyhow, it's the most recent write up about it:   This is the Anon page KMRIA found out about the case:     Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan is an anti-paedophile crusader.Source:News Corp Australia