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9 hours ago, unity said:

Dragonfly Related Info

C.A.R.E.T.  paper pdf:

Q4-86 Research Report 1986


Pulsar Project paper pdf:

Alien Technical Research - 25A (...Err...who are "we" they mention, I'm not quite sure yet...sorry!)


Pics: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pattshelley/dragonfly/?autologin=true

Write up: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_flyingobjects11.htm

YES the letters appeared on Earthfile vids with Linda M Howe at later time being stated that the alphabets belong to the "extraterrestrial origin", do have very similar shapes and the type shared with some KATAKANA, one of the Japanese set of characters.

What you see from the Matrix movies of green writing strips coming down from the top are the REVERSED Japanese KATAKANA. Some characters were tilted 90 degrees, being in reverse.

So anyone finding the similarity with that Matrix film backdrop scene to the letters appearing on the dragonflys are basically connecting the similarity of Japanese KATAKANA to the alien alphabets.

Just show you some here: ワ ヲ フ ミ ツ シ


I smell distinctive "current feel of artistic style" and I suspect someone made up the patterns in this 20-30 years or so IMHO. Clever, though, if that was the case!

It must have been oh God 2009 when I saw my first dragonfly drone at a music festival...it was only slightly bigger than a real dragonfly- no guff. it was distinctly insect looking but I saw the metal and fake wings so I knew what it was...and btw I saw Hillary Clinton at that festival too - or a clone...anyway these drones are way bigger and more advanced than that one I saw....


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9 hours ago, breezy said:

Talk about synchronicity.   I viewed your post, and not 5 minutes later, ran across a couple videos I think could be elated. The writing is what makes me think that, plus the mention of Linda Moulton Howe.  So here goes, and you will find a site with info listed below the videos, calling it a hoax and why.   You decide.

2018 NEW Dulce Base Alien Top Secret Document Exposed- Part 1

A link to the site calling it all a hoax.


LOL breezy, I watched those vids myself, and because I couldn't agree with where the vid poster was going, I didn't post them.

I ran the study across the info of dragonfly myself, and basically ended up with my own conclusion.

The guy stating it was a hoax came from his own hard digging (awesoooome!!) and got to that conclusion.

I have the acute sense about artistic style applications (to do wity my autistic brain set I guess) and said those "characters" don't look anything ancient or alien in nature.

In fact my artistic nose is feeling that the characters were created by a WESTERNER who was not born in Japan at all.

From my knowledge, the characters reminded me of the Japanese characters depiction made by.....ok, just think of Ninja Turtles.

That sorta level of difference to the real Japanese art feel.

I don't think any Jpnse person got involved in making of those characters. But someone WANTED to look "alien-ish", done with Earth knowledge.

That's pretty ambiguous to everyone else maybe but I trust my nose on this one.

Please use your own gut feeling anyway. But I don't go with the vids. Good collection of the info, though! (≧▽≦)ノ I appreciated them for that reason. But nah, I just couldn't put them here myself, for feeling the direction was going astray from the truth within me, and didn't want to give false idea in any ways. I just thought people can get to the images from the links I tossed in, and if they really wanted to go further, they would have found the letters from LMH presentation at ease....lol


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Then tonight, lol, I ran across this video(almost  as though they're being posted for me to find).....Oh, and I wasn't saying it was a hoax, just that there's always two sides to any coin. The following video is way believable imo, and kind of reminded me a bit of things David Adair posited, years ago.  I just know that I had been told long ago that we are far more advanced in certain technologies, ie: space, teleportation, etc., than anyone knew or would believe, and that any technology seen in "Star Wars", had already been accomplished, many years before.

Interview w/ Classified Scientist Emery Smith - Deep Underground Bases & Examining ET Bodies



This guy is all over google, lotsa links/info available.

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Not a Document , but a site with a lot of pertinent, important info for Vaccine resistors. 

Some on site articles:

AFFIDAVIT: Dr. Len Horowitz Pandemic Charges Against Rockefellers, Rupert Murdoch, CDC & WHO

ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENT IN GERMANY - Hyperthermia kills cancer cells by the millions.

ALUMINUM IN VACCINES: 10 - 20 Times More Toxic Than Mercury By Ratio

ASPIRIN IMPAIRS THYROID FUNCTION - depletes the Vitamin C levels of the white bloods & lymphocytes in the lungs & suppresses the fever (a critical stage in getting well again)

BLACK LUNG INFECTION IN UKRAINE: 2009 - Mysterious component of flu bypasses trachea, targets lungs directl


BULLETIN #47: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – T Cell System Disrupter Virus Linked to Aids Part 1

BULLETIN #47: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – T Cell System Disrupter Virus Linked to Aids Part 2

I can't list them all, but on and on the articles go covering such things as my favorite one to hate Gardasil!


Check it out



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Tic Tac UFO Executive Report: Leaked by a Media

https://media.lasvegasnow.com/nxsglobal/lasvegasnow/document_dev/2018/05/18/TIC TAC UFO EXECUTIVE REPORT_1526682843046_42960218_ver1.0.pdf

Here's what Tylor talking about the case, and he is sharing the direct link (above) to everyone.

Thank you RenegadeSon, for giving the chance to Tylor to correct his behavior to be a better researcher...!

Your involvement with him actually is now affecting all those viewers Secureteam gets on YT, enabling everyone to be able to get the sources he gets.

You did amazing deed for the humanity, methinks.....!!  WoooooHooooooooooooo!!!!!! 

( ゜∇゜)Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y(。△。 )

Below is the vid from Secureteam on the document.

(c) secureteam10 2018            Published on May 31, 2018

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3 hours ago, unity said:

How Space Weather Affects Human Body

Screenshots from below vid:



(c) Suspicious0bservers 2018 Published on 8th June 2018

I think discernment would help a little bit here

The sun is a dimensional portal to Sirius

Such claims that the sun may cause stress to suicide I deem not trustworthy

Perhaps they don't want the sun to reign? idk.. but I trust the sun!

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I respect your view, fet, but the info is about the 3D world---it's a fact that people are still dying from SKIN CANCER caused by the strong Sun rays, for instance.

Especially right now, we are detecting UltraViolet C hitting the surface of Earth, which was NEVER picked up before arriving to the surface level. This could lead rise in many fields of problems, be it eye diseases to, as above, possible skin cancer. (Loss of food crops could follow, too.)

If we all can step into 4D upwards right now and change our physical structure's weight to move over there, then we can forget the space weather issues.

But not all of us are ready for it and slowly transiting for the big change still. Lots people still get affected by EQs and cry for deaths of family and friends. So for that sort of aspects, I personally feel it's very important that we get awareness about the Space Weather in general (meaning not only about Sun).

Just my 2 cents.(・ω<)☆

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People do die from cancer but I find it unlikely it being caused by the sun itself

Other scientists say that UltraViolet from the sun decontaminates, so who do we trust in this war over our minds?

I've heard about UltraViolet C from Clif High too

To me it sounds like disinfo when he tries to link the sun to earth disruptions such as volcanic activity and earthquakes (HAARP emissions)

He also said it's possible that we in the future will be growing large quantity of food indoors with electric lights (probable timeline?) which I find to be a vicious cycle because electricity today consumes earth resources plus I prefer my veggies from the sun because they have that UltraViolet!

Personally I would be more concerned about directed HAARP emissions rather than space weather because the entire solar system is moving us back to ancient paradigm while the draconian faction is using every card they have to maintain their dominion over us (HAARP, WW3 attempts, illegal immigration, criminal gangs and et cetera)

And I respect your view too, unity! Different perspectives make humanity diverse and we must apply true science to our consensual reality

Have faith in our sun! She rejuvenates!


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Ice Age Farmer:
Grand Solar Minimum Crop Loss Map


It's began.

We need to figure out how to stock up food that won't be available soon, and need to re-educate ourselves how to survive and manage the world when failing crop becomes norm to Earth.

Protective shields for planting crops required unless go underground to cultivate in different manner. Health implication from unnatural crops are unknown.

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Morgellons Test


Ben is thorough and I appreciate him gathering the info here re: Morgellons.

From 14:18~ Ben starts to tell how to go about the testing. But all stuff he said prior to the time were relevant and juicy info.

(c) Ben Thejrporter 2018

Published on Jun 30, 2018

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CUFON: Top Secret Documents Obrained By Freedom of Information Act

Fascinating the (part of) book that is included in the pdf is about US$500 for hard copy. So at least you can avoid paying that much to start with.

Then mention of Alien Love Bite back in the 50s......


Great work, CUFON! Thank you for your hard work!!

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Viktor Grebennikov-Anti-Gravity & Levitation

The first vid is a shortened version of full lecture but I couldn't find the full version.

(c) FranzVoltmayer 2013       Published on Aug 18, 2013

Then the idea of conical shape and movement of energy in spiral going out from the opened end of the cone, levitation was achieved?

Here's what had been discovered in South African ancient sites....

(c) Michael Tellinger 2017

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Harald Kautz-Vella on Morgellons and the Borg-ing of Humanity 1

This was a very good info condensed vid from Harald interviewed by James Bartley.

For those who are not following Harald before would probably find it too funky.

But for those who had been researching around the Black Goo and surrounding stuff and Morgellons disease would probably have "aha" moments with what Harald goes on in this vid.

Spider/Snake consciousness beings in Kundalini system that invade your sub-level consciousness to affect your behaviour and the negative effect of circumcisions to men etc in the vid.

In mean while, from the info of Miles from the Bases about the manifested, physical crocodile like thing that grows on human spine is freaky as, and that scope of matter need to be integrated into the thinking of what Harald is explaining to us. 

Harald's page for the public: http://www.timeloopsolution.com/english/index_e.html

James' page: https://www.thecosmicswitchboard.com/2018/07/22/harald-kautz-vella-interview/

(c)James Bartley 2018

Published on Jul 22, 2018

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I ran across the following link a week or so ago.  Now i read you mention spider/snake beings in relation to negativity and figure now this information all begins to make more sense.  http://positivethoughtshypnosis.com/qanon-follow-the-spider-sculptures-called-mamans-around-the-world/

I have some links I'm going to park here for now regarding JFK.  I have been too busy to put the whole thing together yet, but hope to, in the meantime, maybe others will give it some thought.

Commencement Address June 10, 1963


Mossad and the JFK Assassination


A Handbill Circulated on Nov. 21, 1963 in Dallas


CIA Hiding JFK Garrison Files, Emmy Award Winning Journalist John Barbour


"JFK Truth will Unravel It All" Part 2 with John Barbour


Tx to Landdownunder for video links

We know that JFK intended to break the agency in the US into a thousand pieces and spread it on the four winds.  "They" prevented it.  Pres. Trump has targeted them too, and Q has intimated that they were the ones running NK.  "They've" also been alleged to have run drugs, guns, people for decades in Cuba, VietNam, Honduras, Afghanistan, etc., in fact they seem to be known all over the world, for being involved in all sorts of not very nice things. Then I ran into the following site, and found it very interesting.  Sure would explain how an agency, seemingly belonging to only the US, has such a worldly involvement in all things questionable.  



Then this got my attention

CERN identified as secret entrance to underground CIA Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland


Well, I just find lots of things interesting and possible.


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Thank you for the links, breezy! I'll look into them.

Though this thread is only for posting links, and for now I can't recall the vid I got from, but still on the same line about Spiders and Snakes images, I wanted to let people know a fact. It was from one of early Bases vid, I think.

Miles from the Bases used to work in a media station. Out of experimenting, he asked the towns people to paint whatever they wanted to paint to contribute a wall of the building.

Whole bunch of children to elders, a wide range of ages, contributed and Miles went dumbfounded with the result.

Main motifs people used to paint are such as:

  • Spiders
  • Spider's web
  • Octopus (we know they are loaded with extraterrestrial genes, as scientists discovered after DNA matching done)
  • Sun with tentacles like motif coming out from it
  • Snake referencing with winding lines
  • Rainbows (now we know the Cs used it for mind control, connection to LGBT+ as well)

...The people who contributed had never known what they were to paint. Yet hell a lot out of general population are presenting these coming out of their subconscious level. 

Thus to me.....it's proving what Harald mentioned in the vid I posted above breezy's post.

The spider beings are associated deeply with ARC../-/H. ..ONS and they had been messing with the Universe for ages. Please note it's not only about the Humans. It's also about the crazed ones that we are trying to get rid of from the power stake holding on Earth. They were INFECTED, too. That's what Simon Parkes had been saying all these time, with loads of other people had been talking about it, be it like Gnosticism.........

And that's the reason why I want Eartheans to never go out our way to other planets to Invade, Rape the resources, and Rob.

We haven't even grasped how to keep peace on Earth itself yet.

If WE spread to other planets in current state, we are only spreading the INFECTIONs.

Let's clean them out here. Then we probably realise that we don't even need to go to other planets to dig. We have plenty here, and we will have the ability to create everything out of thin air. No need to go and rape and rob. The idea got sprouted because of the slavery we are enduring, and once we ditch the fear based society format, we would cleanly realise we don't need to do it, methinks.

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Buzz Said "We DIDN'T" Go To The Moon...?

The story on this has been resurfacing from...3 years ago's post....

And I seriously wondered the direction the CT community is going for is a bit of a wishful thinking...

Here's the latest of refurbishing the oldest post:

(c) ODD Reality 2018

Published on Jul 25, 2018

And here's the original footage from 15th Sept 2015:

(c) theroarbots 2015

Published on Sep 15, 2015

Err...please confirm this if I'm correct on the understanding about the pitch of what he said. 

In the context of the whole thing, to me, it sounded like Buzz just said "we didn't go to the moon---for a long time."

I thought he wasn't negating the business in totality.

But I'm not a native speaker of English.(´Д`) Someone, please help me and others who are not natives to figure this out....

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A Neuroscientist Explores the "Sanskrit Effect"

MRI scans show that memorizing ancient mantras increases the size of brain regions associated with cognitive function 


I'd love to find out if other so called sacred languages have the same or similar effects. Apparently not the same with Tibetan, English or Hindi.

1 JUN 2018 - 9:59AM

Could chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras increase the size of your brain?


" "We don't know yet, the answer to the question, whether the difference in the brain could be because of memorizing such a large text or because memorising a text in the Sanskrit language is having an impact. 

"One is that the Sanskrit tradition itself says that the sound of the Sanskrit language, the mantras, the meaning and the sound all of this has a very specific effect different from other languages, different than Hindi, English, Tibetan or Pali and so on, so the tradition makes that claim and that's a very well worked out idea in the tradition." "


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New audio reveals spooky new details of the day in 1966 when 300 school pupils witnessed saucer-shaped UFO flying over their playing fields in Australia's largest mass sighting

  • At least one 'flying saucer' was seen near Westall High School in Clayton
  • It was described as a 'round humped' grey or silver-grey object with a flat base 
  • A teacher at that time spoke with American physicist, Dr James E. McDonald


PUBLISHED: 08:34 AEST, 8 August 2018 | UPDATED: 20:05 AEST, 8 August 201


(c) QUFOSR 2018

Published on Aug 5, 2018

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you have to wonder why the local pilots from the aero club were not questioned by anyone, or if they were I guess we know what would have happened to their testimony (rubbish bin)  This was the same education system I had to endure during my schooling. I alway considered my terrestrial schooling a complete waist of time, and from the headmasters stance in that video clip you can see why there was little chance to grow up with an open mind when idiots like that run the schools of the time!

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Pentyrch Incident: A very hard core info on the Incident

Both Caz and Gari did thorough investigations for the incident as the experiensers.

No bogus, no fibbing, getting into the proof of what really had happened on the night is gathered, and very interesting footage they had shown in this presentation.

From the Poster's Note:

"On Tuesday 14th August 2018 Caz Clarke (Primary Witness) & Gari Jones (SUFON Investigator) presented to an audience at Swansea UFO Network a full and detailed presentation into a fascinating UFO case called the Pentyrch Incident.

It happened on Friday February 26th 2016 in the small area of Pentyrch two witnesses saw a massive triangular pyramid shaped craft appear in the field behind them.

The Military and NATO had been present for a couple of days in the skies and in the early hours a large force awaited the arrival of this craft which in turn had multiple smaller craft emerge from within itself.

What followed is like a scene from a SCI-FI movie or something seen in the X-Files but unlike science fiction this actually happened.

Witnesses were scanned by smaller craft, the military gave chase to another later followed by sounds of explosions so powerful they shook nearby homes and a hospital. It was officially dubbed a military exercise but thanks to SUFON with Caz Clarke, Neighbours & Friends we've all been able to work together and find out a great amount of detail which is in this video.

Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot have interested in this case and many more as well. This is in my mind one of the biggest UFO cases of modern times."

(c) Swansea UFO Network 2018

Published on Aug 20, 2018

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Early life had evolutionary power to survive radical changes in environment

March 26, 2018 by Charles Q. Choi, Astrobio.net


*Please note that this content may go back some years and as more researches to follow up, may lead us to different conclusions.

"Life on Earth could have originated in cold conditions near the surface, before spreading to warmer environments, according to research that analyzes the possible gene sequences belonging to the earliest life."


地球上の全生命の祖先、発生時期を解明     <Earth's LUCA Emerged Period Is Clarified>

© Fotolia / Photokanok_1984
2018年08月21日 22:38


=> Proven by fossils; earliest life existed on Earth goes back at least 3.4 billion years ago.

=>Some scientists think it goes back to about 4.5 billion years ago.


Translation by unity:

"The scientists worked out re: the question about when LUCA appeared by using the data of when the earliest ancient microbes emerged, and the info through archaeological dig data. From the calculation, it became evident that there was no way life forms appeared after 3.9 billion years ago, and LUCA SUDDENLY APPEARED on very early Earth history. This means that our planet was able to harbour life forms through out its existing history from the beginning."

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