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Fantastic posts above, especially by Unity. That gonna keep me up for a while LOL.

I thought the JFK files were supposed to be opened in 2017? Seems they have been RE sealed for another 25 years!! What the....

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coming soon to a theater near you.


According to folklore, one of the possible killers could have been Carlos Marcello. My first and late ex-husband did "business" with him and his nephew Joe Montigeno (or something like that) when we ran an oilfield supply business in Harvey LA.  I met Carlos once when he showed up at our business sitting in a convertible Cadillac between a red head and a brunette.  He scared the hell out of me on the spot.  Joe came by the office a lot.  They were pure evil.

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Thanks heaps for your encouraging post, JammerAAP!(・ω・)ノ

And here're screen shots of what we must never let go of to check them out for our researches....

These you cannot see on their site any longer. But few of us got to save the screen shots of the original post made on the royal.uk site.

Shortly after the post was made, it got taken down. It happened in late 2016, I thought.

Queen seen in different form_2016_British royal.jpg

Queen seen in different form_2016-2.jpg

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Crater Potentially Linked to the Biggest Mass Extinction Event in Earth’s History is Discovered


Near Falklands Islds...?

Maybe the bringer of that crater was what brought the Alien AI Goo here?

This Crater business might connect up few threads, so instead of posting to each threads, I leave it here to alert other researchers.

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1996 revelation Re: NAZI "UFO" ships...in Japan

Sorry peeps, no sobs, but hell a lot of images you can fast forward to see. (They have been available on Eng vids on YT anyway so no sweat! It also extends to MJ12 full members list to their facial photos and Ummo speaking-audio file at 1:13:43, focusing a lot on early '90's footages but heaps more......For more Ummo related info, go here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_ummites.htm)

I'm posting this vid not really for the materials to share with you peeps because these are famous stuff now and everyone has already seen them. But I still suggest you to poke your head in and check some bits out. However, more for the fact this software was available in Japan to play on then new but ancient now Playstation machine in 1996.

The point of this year is that I think it's waaaay before either NexEd or the Veterans released their take on this info, as the info being released to the mass in such details. (They were shown on earlier dates than that of 1996...that time, some images were used on MSM tv show! )

And this was done in Japan.

So I felt...geez this is only because of language issue, we have not been able to access what others have in other language based countries. I'm not only talking about Asia, but whole bunch of other regions on Earth.

Wouldn't it be nice if we can share more info by going beyond of the language barrier??ε=(・д・`*) sigh...

I think that if we could, then conspiracy theorists can start to have really strong opinion power that can aid in the speed of shift in paradigms. We will be far more efficient network of people to ditch TPWantsTB...

That's on top of making heaps many more dependable friends around the world.

But freely and easily available translation programs like Google one, for Japanese it turned out to be a horrid result every time. Not many can understand wtf it says in Japanese if there are more than 3 words in there to read....and this is from English...lol

Before diving into the transhumanism culture, isn't there more need to figure out how to translate world languages better than what we got now?


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JFK Assassination Related: Judyth Vary Baker, a formidable scientist and a lover of Lee Harvey Oswald Speaks Up

Every researcher on JFK assassination should listen to her revelations.

Incredible Cabal Craps were crossing over and around JFK, Judyth, and Oswald; it's incredible to learn from her side of the story.....

The vid (c) The Bases Project. Thanks heaps again for Miles doing what he does....!


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Anatoly Fomenko "History-Fiction or Science"---E-book Series

Sorry if the link was provided before. 

I wanted to read his materials before then only could find the hard copies which I couldn't afford....then today, suddenly I came across to this awesome link!!

This DL page of the complete set of Anatoly Fomenko's work was created by Crrow777. This guy gets right into full on detailed info, and so as his interviewees....I'm digging his vids, that's for sure! (IDK how long he'd stay there, though...)

His YT channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4k9vXjgOSDcYq6Ge9hWWg


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Guy Killed by Alien in 'Alien' Now Believes He's Seen Real Aliens

Interviewed/transcripted by: NOEL RANSOME 

Jul 27 2017


Mr. Yaphet Kotto, the man the Alien popped out of his stomach in the first Alien movie, gave his accounts of his Alien experiences that spans for 50 years. Incredible stories are included in this VICE article. 

"I always felt like I had a connection with them, it all related to seeing that alien when I was nine years old. I think it jumped to the back of me because it was startled because I had caught it. I went to a psychiatrist to ask what the hell I saw. I even saw a spirit healer who thought my family was into voodoo. For years after, I was scared to turn off the lights in my bedroom. On my mother's part, she even took me to a faith healer to say prayers and all this kinda stuff, and after that, I never saw it again."

Snippets of the article was read out by Secureteam10 if anyone wants to grasp the rough accounts:



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The Circlemakers: Humans Making Crop Circles



Sorry if I already introduced about them before somewhere.......

And please pause a moment to read on, before you ditch the content of this post! LOL

These are the peeps making crop circles (illegally/legally as paid job) on someone's grain crop fields.

The thing that's really intriguing is that these circlemakers had very weird experiences while they were doing their stuff on the field.

According to Miles Johnson of the Bases, either of alien made/human made crop circles creates PORTAL above the design....!!!

When I heard about it, at first, I went wtf but after seeing the real deal weird phenomena happening right in the centre of the crop circle these circlemakers were making had the shadow people moving about in the centre of it, while it was still being made.....WHOA! Those shadow beings looked like as if they were investigating the crop circle the humans were making...

Err....my bad; I can't recall where that vid was... 

The actual footage of that weird shadow beings appearing and moving inside of the circle was included somewhere in the depth of the Bases videos and I cannot recall which # it was(´Д`).

Below is NOT that footage, but it shows us how the circlemakers actually manage to make out very complex designs so beautifully.

To me that's a legitimate form of art, and unlike some others who trash man-made circles as plain garbage, I appreciate their works.

The vid shows a fairly old footage, but imagine how far detailed and far more complex patterns humans would be making NOW? 

Applying what was shown to us in the movie the "Arrival"....these beautiful symbols can communicate visually and energetically to others who are watching us.

Man made? No worries. They are still wonders on the grain fields IMHO. LOL

...I'd like to know who made them for each circles, though!(´・ω・`)


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Music: Interventions Made by the Aliens

As a music writer myself, I was noticing the trend, and also a couple of my alien sources told me about this....

And then I came across to this concise vid talking about the exact thing I was pondering about.

I think many music writers can share the weird experiences of PASSING ON the music that is meant to be published, if it doesn't get out through you (the original downloader)---it gets passed onto SOMEONE ELSE who can bring it out into the public; using the same melody/parts of lyrics, without any physical contacts ever made between the musicians.

It happened to myself, and I went WTF back then (like 25 years ago), thinking that was just an almighty synchronicity happened, but now I feel that was more than a synchronicity, but a planned situation.

It depends on how much the alien factions want that particular melody/phrases used for the lyrics to be out in the public to gain their influence among the Humanity.

...Led Zep's Kashimir was one of my favourite tune of my life, and walla........enjoy your discovery through this vid. 

How this works is not only in the Western society.

I know a famous case of a Pleiadean download of a mega hit tune as a solo artist in Japan, sold 600,000 records.

The song title is called the "Pleiades".

Back in 1980, Shinji Tanimura wrote the tune all by himself.

For long decades he never disclosed how he came to the creation, but later, he disclosed it finally in 2014 (apparently he was afraid of being picked on as some crazy idiot...ROFL) that he received this tune in his head suddenly and walla......it became a huge hit in Japan. http://www.excite.co.jp/News/column_g/20140830/Litera_414.html

Apparently the first line popped up in his head as "Good bye Pleiades" while he was moving a house. (LOL) He wrote down all the lyrics on a piece of cardboard, while a pile of peeps are running around packing his house up to move to a new one.

He went wtf but went on researching about Pleiades later. 2 years later, he got another message in his head telling him, "it'll be direct from now on". So he became a contactee firmly then.

One day, Tanimura asked the Pleiadians, "Did you write the song?" and the Pleiadian told him "It was you who wrote the song." Yeah of course it was him who jot down the song in physicality. But I believe it was a download, and Tanimura manifested it physically for the Pleiadeans, using his talent.

He continued on stating that they were probably telling him that he got the task to give out some new ideas and ways to think for those who are suffering in the world.

Just to get the essence of the tune, jump to 3:24. For those who resonate with Pleiadean energy WILL resonate with that bit, I feel.

To satisfy your curiosity, here's the Lyrics of "Pleiades" song: (translated by unity)

Lyrics/music written by Shinji Tanimura谷村新司

目を閉じて 何も見えず 哀しくて目を開ければ Closing eyes I can't see anything Feeling so sad and Open my eyes

荒野に向かう道より 他に見えるものはなし There is nothing else I can see Other than the Road to lead to the Barren 

嗚呼 砕け散る宿命の星たちよ Oh the Stars with the Fate to Shutter

せめてひそやかに この身を照らせよ Please Send your Light on me Quietly, At least 


我は行く 蒼白き頬のままで I am going, While My cheeks are Still pale

我は行く さらば昴よ I am going, Good Bye Pleiades


呼吸をすれば胸の中 こがらしは吹き続ける When I breath, Withering Continues on In my Heart

されどわが胸は熱く 夢を追い続けるなり But My Heart is Hot, I Continue to Follow my Dreams

嗚呼 さんざめく 名もなき星たちよ Oh Those bustling(-ly shining) Nameless Stars

せめて鮮やかに その身を終われよ Wishing you to Finish your Life Vividly, At Least


我も行く 心の命ずるままに I am going Just as how my Heart tells me to

我も行く さらば昴よ I am going, Good bye Pleiades

嗚呼 いつの日か誰かがこの道を Oh Someday Someone (Who Will Walk on) This Road

嗚呼 いつの日か誰かがこの道を Oh Someday Someone (Who Will Walk on) This Road

我は行く 蒼白き頬のままで I am going While My cheeks are Still pale

我は行く さらば昴よ I am going, Good bye Pleiades

我は行く さらば昴よ I am going, Good bye Pleiades

And many got so moved by this tune, many cried with this tune.....you know what that means....


The V Music: You'd probably NEVER wished to, but Maybe You Are Hooked by...

I'm sure most (if not all) of the people at CHANI know that Hollywood movies are strategically pushed out to influence the Humanity's consciousness to "their" liking.

Widely listened pop music pieces are exactly the same.

Unfortunately, a really horrible alien faction that doesn't really give a damn about us had won over the market, now taking control over the industry, making hell a lot of money to themselves to control us, and doing so in multiple ways via well-distributed tunes out there.

The previous power holders were doing the same but still wanted to nurture us in some bits.

The current power holder doesn't even do that.

Of course the ex-power holders are trying to get back but it's been very difficult.

Well, this is an unfortunate reality to the Humanity.....the music industry really is governed fully by what the alien factions want to do with us. I feel that's why loads of music writers are not interested in making it to the big public views any longer.....many of them say they don't want to be "famous" but to create what they want to create. I share the exact feeling.

I feel that's a pure cry out from the Humanity against the oppression.

And we are going for much purified way of developing music for the Humanity by the Humanity.

The packaging of having "Fame-Big Money-Recognition as an Artist" had finally broken down. Great. So be it. We will choose to go without such controls. Our music belongs to us.


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How Marijuana Became Illegal

Kathleen Murphy   June 3, 2009    

(I found this in my travels, and thought others might be interested too.   I have checked all the links, they are good, except the Jack Heher one, so followed to here...  http://jackherer.com/?s=The+Emperor+Wears+No+Clothes  and if you scroll down the page, all the chapters are listed to the book, and can be read on line.)

"W.R. Hearst pulled a fast one on the American Medical Association"


"Unraveling the story of marijuana (a.k.a. cannabis, hemp) is easier to do with a few little known facts in mind. For instance, hemp is the number one biomass source on earth and could easily provide the US with all its oil and gas needs, thus ending America’s dependence on fossil fuels. That’s probably one of the main reasons it’s still illegal today. But the story of how it became treated like an herbal pariah is yet more interesting.

It’s often told to us Americans, throughout grade school and high school, that marijuana is bad for our health and that the government has to put all this effort into putting so many people in jail for smoking it. But I no longer believe that the laws against marijuana have anything to do with concerns for health.

According to Ronald Reagan, “the most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the uses of marijuana” (LA Times). He based his statement on the Heath/Tulane University Study of 1974. For six years, it was withheld from public knowledge that this study was actually measuring carbon monoxide poisoning, not the effects of marijuana. In 1980 Playboy magazine and the pro-legalization group NORML--after suing the government--finally received an accurate account of what the research procedures really were.

There are also the reports about how marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco. I’d say that the two are pretty hard to compare, given that one is illegal and the other legal. (By the way, NORML has posted counterevidence to these health claims at  http://norml.org/index,cfm?Group_ID=6891 and http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=7503.)

It’s horrible ironic that marijuana is branded as “unhealthy.” In fact, it is the only safe and effective medicine for cancer patients suffering pain and nausea.

Cancer patients have a hard enough time with treatment. They lose a lot of weight due to the nausea that commonly results from chemotherapy. Dr George Wagoner, in Manistee, Michigan, a practicing physician of 29 years, recently wrote in the Lansing State Journal (19 Oct 2008) that his wife of over 50 years--after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year--couldn’t keep anything down. She was losing considerable weight and was wasting away. She could not tolerate the synthetic THC pill, Marinol, because the hallucinations were too distressing for her.

He procured some natural marijuana and after taking the smallest amount her nausea was gone, which he felt was miraculous. In arguing for legalizing medical marijuana for seriously ill patients, he said that the debate should be about science and compassion for seriously ill patients suffering debilitating pain. To keep the only safe and effective medicine away from sick people is inhumane.

Scott Paplowski, another example, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer when he was 16. After eight months of treatment his weight dropped from 220 pounds to 86 pounds. Medical marijuana saved his life by easing his nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain enough to restore his appetite. He currently weighs 193 pounds and at 39 he is believed to be the oldest living survivor of rhabdomysocarma, the form of cancer that he has.

So how did this good medicine become illegal? Jack Herer’s book The Emperor Wears No Clothes (readable for free online at www.jackherer.com/chapters.html) is a comprehensive source of information about marijuana and its long history.   (I gave link to access above)

When powerful businesses don’t like something, they can usually get something done about it. The 1937 criminalization of marijuana is a case where this manipulation is obvious, according to Herer. Hemp threatens certain powerful businesses today, just as it did in 1937."





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Though this MSM publisher is a questionable source of info for the Humanity, still, they are doing lots of some sort of disclosure aids.....so having that aspect of understanding in the back of our mind, here we go....


Iraq's transport minister declares country's new airport will be built on the site of a 7,000-year-old alien interplanetary spaceship launcher 

  • Kazem Finjan said 'ancient aliens' built earth's first airport 7,000 years ago
  • He said ancient spaceships had visited Pluto and mythical planet Nibiru
  • Mr Finjan claimed historians had documented the existence of the airport

By Hannah Al-Othman For Mailoline

PUBLISHED: 20:21 AEDT, 7 October 2016 | UPDATED: 11:31 AEDT, 8 October 2016

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The Real Vampires Association(LIRV): A Hybrid Group from Italy

Story of Real Vampires Residing in Italy and 'Cooperating With Police'


"Vampires exist and there are at least 2,000 of them living in Italy alone. They live among us and drink blood, as described in ancient legends. They even have an association, called the Italian Vampire League, which unites them from all the regions of Italy. Sputnik Italia spoke with a vampire, the head of the association."

More at the source.


"The Real Vampires Association (LIRV) was founded in 2013 on the initiative of Horus Sat (which is the main founder and current president) and is today the legal association recognized by the Italian State that brings together Real Vampires, Werewolves, Terriers, Goth, Dark, Metal, Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, gay, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual, etc. The National Association is in fact a Social Promotion and Social Volunteer Federation that brings together clubs and clans (in the form of sections and local communities) affiliated in different cities and regions of Italy. There are several national activities organized by the Association, including the Vampyre Pride (Vampire Pride Party), The Italian Vampire Masquerade Ball (Vampire Dance and Costume Events) National Vocations, Courses of Information, Prevention and Fight Against AIDS and Sexual and Transmissible Diseases, Civil Rights Protection of Social Minorities (Real Vampires, Werewolves, Dark, Goth, Witch, Wiccan, Pagani, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender etc.) study and research on vampirism in general. The Association publishes the quarterly magazine "Inside Real Vampires", which is the main information body of the Association. Every three years, the National Association organizes the National Congress for the Election of National Governing Bodies (National Council, National President, Guarantee Bodies, etc ...) and each year organizes the National Assembly of the members enrolled to approve the financial statements economic and budget estimates as required by the Italian Law. The National Association and its affiliated clubs and clans are not for profit, any income and income that comes from associative activities is reinvested in the activities of the Association for the Vampire, Werewolves and Terian Communities in Italy and can not be scaled among the adherents (in accordance with the Law on Association of Associations). By supporting the Association Italian Real Vampires League actually support a community made up of multiple expressions of social diversity. Even if you are not a Real Vampire or you do not recognize in any of the adherent categories you can still apply for membership in the Association as a supporter of the civil rights of diversity, so that these social differences can see one day acknowledging their basic rights,

The National Board of Directors

of the Italian Real Vampires League"

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Initial Research Data Summary of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell
FREE Experiencer Research Study
December 1, 2016

I know there are some very weary people about this group, but the number of people they gather to show some data is better than not having any results out to show to the MSM and the rest of the population who are not into CTs, I guess.


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Spin me out??? H*** NO, it totally freaked me out!!!  I figured this was either the work of a literary genius, or the scariest piece of work I'd ever read.  We chatted today and you wondered if it might just be creative writing on someone's part, so after reading it, I did some digging and will add what I found.  


The return of an intelligence code word with a storied history


In the annals of intelligence, no word is more associated with secret government intelligence reports, especially those produced for policy-makers based on raw intelligence. UFO reports in the 1950s. The most brittle reporting on Soviet leadership intentions. Intercepted phone calls between Chinese and Pakistani nuclear officials.

Way back when — at least since middle of the 1950s — the intelligence community used the UMBRA code word to inform the reader of a certain report that the original source for the intelligence was of the most sensitive category. At the NSA, back then, there were three levels of source sensitivity. UMBRA was the five-letter code word used for Category III sources. (Other words: MORAY and SPOKE)."



Blueprint for a Certain Future 1965-2015


This is the original secret document — written by a research analyst for a covert organization deep inside the CIA — from which Karelia (who had skilfully obtained it undercover) read to a meeting of the Baltic States section of the Reluctant Angels Group [RAGS] in a disused quarry near Šaltiškių in Lithuania. It is an extract from my forthcoming book, "Reluctant Angels". The document itself plots out, in advance, the mind-control and social control activities to be manipulated by the covert organization and its successors through agents and assets for the ensuing half-century, 1965-2015.
Copyright: © All Rights Reserved"


Alan Morrison is a writer, so is he the author of this document?  OR ???is it a brilliant work of deception, by said author, OR fact ?? Whichever the case, it's a scary read!

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Democracy Hijacked: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down


I posted this video here, because in that PDF phillipbbg posted, our "elections" and how it's just a game "they" let us play or something akin to that was said.  Again I wonder who are "they", exactly who wrote it, is someone trying to tell us something, and what?

The following link is to a fb group called  "Wake Up America".  There is a list of documents on it, including that pdf above. I will post the link for now and try to find time to download and post all the pdf's, and articles on it for everyone.


c/p the url and it will take you to the info      Tx w

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The world’s top UFO experts ‘are being murdered, one by one’, conspiracy theorists claim

By Rob Waugh for Metro.co.uk      2 Oct 2017


As an additional piece of supportive evidence when you are going to write a book... 

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The UFO spotter

Navy pilots used Raytheon tech to track a strange UFO



"Three F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets practicing dogfight maneuvers were interrupted and revectored mid-mission to investigate an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon; military parlance for a UFO. They engaged the craft, but were quickly outmaneuvered and lost visual contact. It had simply vanished.

The pilots were clearly baffled by the object. “Look at that thing, dude,” said one in a video credited to the U.S. Department of Defense by the New York Times.

Fast forward 13 years to Dec. 16, when the New York Times published a report on the 2004 incident and a little-known Pentagon program that tracked such reports from 2007 until at least 2012. Included was the video of the incident, which was captured by a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared sensor, mounted under one of the fighter jets.

Called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the government program analyzed UAP imagery and data such as the images from the Raytheon-made ATFLIR.

“We might be the system that caught the first evidence of E.T. out there,” said Aaron Maestas, director of engineering and chief engineer for Surveillance and Targeting Systems at Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems business. “But I’m not surprised we were able to see it. ATFLIR is designed to operate on targets that are traveling in excess of Mach 1. It’s a very agile optical system with a sensitive detector that can distinguish between the cold sky and the hot moving target quite easily.” " More at the source.

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The Declaration of Human Sovereignty

Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces


Prettier to Look At version of the Declaration in pdf: http://humansovereignty.org/pdf/declaration-of-HS-english-v6.0.pdf

"Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces

We, the People of Earth, extend greetings to all races in the Greater Community of the Universe. We acknowledge our common heritage before the Creator of all the Universe, both visible and invisible. We declare the planet Earth as humanity’s Planet of Genesis, our Homeworld, and our sacred inheritance. We pledge henceforth to sustain and preserve the Earth for all generations to come. We call upon all humanity to treat all races everywhere with wisdom and justice, here on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Fundamental Rights

We, the People of Earth, regard the need for freedom to be universal. Therefore, we hold that all individuals in all worlds are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with sacred and inalienable rights. Fundamental among these are the right to live as a free race on their Planet of Genesis, their Homeworld; the right of self-determination, self-sufficiency, and creative expression; the right to life without oppression; and the right to pursue in life a higher purpose and a higher calling that the Creator has provided to all."


More at the source.

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