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Dani is a busy girl these days...............



Transpicuous News Jan 24 2018: Legalized Marijuana-Comprehending the Agendas

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The presence of a Coast Guard ship , which is as Dani says is under military jurisdiction has also been noted here in NZ , on its way to Antarctica.


Current ships near U.S. McMurdo base in Ross Sea.




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Facebook is stealing your data, warping your news feed to only show you content that they want you to see, selling your (social media) soul to the highest bidder, and filling your wall with troll posts by political players who've been allowed to infiltrate and spin-doctor the on going social rhetoric across Facebook......  So what else is new?

Folks, this isn't "News".  This has been a well established fact for YEARS..... so..... why NOW? ...


Published on Mar 26, 2018

Last night the UnFuckers and I got together to do something new: Watch a Movie!  The Movie we watched was "Solar Revolution" by Biophysicist Dieter Broers.

This movie is an amazing scientific discussion about Consciousness, the mind, our brains and the pineal gland, DMT, our bodies electrical and magnetic fields, the Earth's geomagnetic fields, Cosmic energy, and local and galactic solar particles/energy.  I cannot recommend this movie enough- it truly is a MUST WATCH video!!
Continue reading on RTS Earth: 


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Ooops I have been found... was keeping mum on this lol the other thing to pay attention to it was recorded  on April Fools day so that  is my get out of jail clause... lol


Have attached  the Can and Can not eat list from the Book The Plant Paradox for anyone interested


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