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I have been watching these for some time, Dani is very good news blood hound and has some great opinionated comments that make a lot of sense... I will try to put her vids up every week for anyone interested...




Her blog spot is well worth keeping an eye on as well ;



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K, firstly, when I started making Pads For Real Women everybody laughed ( I make cotton pads for women )- nobody was interested, I told them you are going to eat your words and sure enough... am going to put them up on my site again - what the heck, some people must be smart enough to figure it out that chemicals put into cotton go into you...hello?

Secondly, I showed that using my E-coils can revive bees and help keep them healthy...we do not need robot bees- we need to stop poisoning them! Just use the coils- eh?

Thirdly, and I am just getting started here, I clearly showed in my microscopic tests that the " organism" as in black goo organism feeds off radiation...so how much do you want to bet that "creature" swimming around in the Fukishima reactor is a hybrid or a direct manifestation of that organism feeding off the radiation. Jeeezuz- how stupid can they be? ( or more likely it was on purpose)...

And we saw what can happen when people put their minds together - Hurricane Patricia.

Again the Earthquakes are clearly deliberate and I posted in the Arctic anomaly thread about that connection to THAT phenomena with the man made earthquakes.

Justin clearly has their attention though...so hollywood. But has a mind and a heart too....you'll see.

Poor Chewy... and in Odessa, my great grandfathers homeland...he would turn over in his grave.

And Holy flying sheep shit batman- Portugal is one corrupt country...how IS this tolerated??!!

Crossing my fingers about the pope...I did send them a letter saying reforms are essential which they probably ignore...but the jury is still out on that.

So sorry about the bankers jail sentence...but who knows what they will meet in the showers...eh?

Netanyou saying the Palestinians are to blame for Hitlers' slaughter is really not that far from the truth- Hitler was in bed with all Corporate leaders including head Zionists- he didn't want to kill the Zionists ( as we can clearly see that now with German full cooperation with Zionist Isreal) he just wanted to kill the people who live there and their descendants- most likely to wipe out the " Bloodline"...

And you know considering the Obama disappointments; Jeez we were so overjoyed when he got into office but honestly, I thought he was great. I am of the opinion that Obama is likely dead or being held somewhere underground and the A-hole in his place is most likely a programmed clone...what I could do if I could override that AI...

and Holy Mother Of God- deleting pedophile ring reports???!!! Ya I should have expected it...fracking elitists. Won't make that mistake again.

And I did not realize so many drones were employed/.deployed to kill civilians- thanks for that update.

What I am not understanding about Syria is what the heck is there that they want so bad...oil?...I don't think so- or is it the underground passages that go through to hollow Earth we have heard about?

I think that by Putin standing in the way of the New World Order ( the way THEY want it), he should win the Nobel Peace prize- ya? Who else has the balls?

TTIP...looks like global mafia to me. I always say, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

 Central Intelligence Agency- a contradiction of terms...so Caligula. yuck.  :gun:

The floating city...holographic projection or spacetime shift...my call: holographic projection.

The second Sun- seems friendly enough to me... :wink:

I like this woman- but she needs a bit more education- someone should invite her to Chani...

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T will be interested in this China launches Quantum satellite and it will facilitate a new "Private" Quantum network between a ground set of quantum computer sites.... SKYNET here we go


Transpicuous News 9 March 2016


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Thanks Phillip. It currently says this page cannot be displayed. I even went to Dani's website and the vid is not available there at the moment either. Maybe she has hit a nerve with someone?

Edit to add - its OK apparently Youtube is down at the moment cause I am getting the same on other sites and Youtube itself.

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Thank you for all the work you did, phillipbbg to post all of these. I find, what I have seen so far, quite interesting.

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