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GALLERY: UFOs and Aliens in Art

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GALLERY: UFOs and Aliens in Art


Sources: unless otherwise stated next to the image differently,






People, please continue to add more images. Sculptures and engravings should be entered as well.

Unfortunately I don't think we can make it into chronological appearance, but let's do our best to present the year and the location when the art was said to be made so we can compare the images.





Sahara Desert, North Africa, c. 6,000 BC




Utah, U.S., 2000 BC~500AD 



Sigiburg Castle, France, 776AD      Source: http://www.gotmedieval.com/2009/08/fake-medieval-ufo-sighting-mmm-not-really-marginalia.html



Italy, 1486


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Italy, 15th Century



enlargement of the bit from different screen shot: (click to enlarge)



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Holland, 17th Century



England, 1783 (click to enlarge)

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=3jsUISgTG_Y



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Nice Unity , last picture as with many , 1479 the 1 ( one ) = I ( that is a capital i ) but it is actually a J ...Iehovah = Jehovah = Christ

So the real date is 479 AD

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Japanese case of UFOs and Aliens appear in Art


There are some very weird ones out there.

I've come across to this resourceful site about Utsuro-Bune/Utsubo-Bune, which is a weird UFO-like shaped "boat" arrives to the beach of Japan, in there was a Woman...


Lots images came from here:



Drawing by Bakin in 1825...but the actual incident happened is said as on 12th May, 1803.





Here's the metal rod inscription from Roswell incident....just for the hell of comparison...

And interesting there's that character looking like 王, which was also recognised on other UFOs as well.





The UFO's size below was written down as 14.5m (h) X 18.2m(W).









UFO was about 3.6m(h) X 5.4m(w).



↓There was a woman who was about 20 years old or so, white skin, long black hair with weird clothes on.

Her height was about 152cm.

She didn't understand any languages the locals knew. But kept on smiling.

She had a box (pls don't tell me it was An Arc of Covenant...LOL) of about 60cm (L), but never let anyone come close to it.

Inside the ship, there were 2 floor rugs that were soft. The locals had never seen such stuff before.

There were something looking like sweet dish, some kned food in a bowl, and some meat.

There was a strikingly beautiful cup there as well. (pls don't tell me that was the Holy Grail...LOL)


Ammmm...The locals got really afraid of the arrival of the woman and the weird gear.

So they pushed her and the UFO back to the sea....(´Д`)






A completely separate UFO incident much later in time but again in 1800s.



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