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Conspiracy Theory 101---The Biggest Picture: Aliens & Humans

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A Way to Observe the Cabal Plots: Time, Date, Month, Year for Consecutive/Recurring Numerological Numbers Line Up

Many times we have been seeing these weird INTEL news spilled out.

The ones with the matching number appearing in raw is an indication that the JOB WAS DONE WITH PLOT....


22 killed by 22 yo on 22nd May



4th of April 2017 at 4pm

And the intel messaging spreads around the "issue" they are talking about...

Here the post includes spilling messaging in the US:


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Covering all the basics: in less than 1 1/2 hours

As loads of us have been searching and researching about number of side branches of CT rabbit holes, we have been seeing all sorts of different aspects and phases are tied in in a very complex manner.

The vid below is a hefty and juicy material, IMHO. Rather than what lots of seasoned CT heads had done and spend hours and hours of researching in private time, here's a 1:17:07 length worth of compiled info, which actually give you very good view of a bigger picture we need to understand. I feel this sort of material is pretty important for the newbies in this field.

The cool thing about it is, though it's a long YT vid, still it's not that too long to watch it with friends and families.....(dunno about underage peeps, though...lol)...

Gives out starting point to talk among the peeps you watch with, maybe??

It's very handy that you don't need to explain the lot by yourself while people look at you in a funny way, but if casually sharing time and watching this vid, it can explain hell a lot with visual proofs presented there.....

For educational purpose for the Humanity.....

(c)End Times Productions via Jesus Truth channel (sorry I couldn't find the original on End Times Productions, so this link is a mirroring channel)----Big Thank You to both of you!


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To my surprise...: Oct 2017

I had never ever expected such match of the image of big picture ever to happen with what Kerry Cassidy said in this vid, confirming the info I was getting from my own sources.......

I imagined maybe 20~30% of the big map I got is shared by Kerry's view, if lucky.

But totally trashing my expectation....what she said matched almost in 100%---there is some variation occur as we perceive things differently as any humans would do individually.  

I just didn't expect this to happen at all.(´゚д゚`)

As I stated in other threads in CHANI, I have separate, and "direct" sources to hear these info, completely separate from Kerry. Yup, aliens from different factions.

I honestly ask you people to go seek aliens to be in touch with you for real, to stop wondering about it. I don't suggest you to go talk to the enemies, but there are benevolent ones out there.

I'm sure more questions will rise as we find more mysteries at deeper levels regardless, making it no end in digging into the rabbit holes, which is what we kinda like to do anyway. (≧▽≦) So great ride into our future assured. LOL

There are ways that are applied for the disclosures to be safely carried out, and one of such techniques is compartmentalisation of info. (We usually think about the compartmentalisation as something bad, but for the ones handling the info, it really becomes safety net for many....while we get furious not being told honestly about anything, and saying to everyone that "Hey you!!! We know how to handle the truth cuz we've grown up enough!! So give it to us liberally!".....(´・ω・`)

Are we really ready, many of us may wonder.

But I want to believe in ourselves.

I feel once the big disclosure happens, then loads of us would be naturally accepting the new "reality" and move on with it. Hey, by all means, if we don't like it, we will change it, for WE are the reality benders.).

But I couldn't be sure if what I got as the big picture from my alien friends was a grounded, proper, and shareable reality for everyone in the world for a long time. (This is also a kinda good way to grip even keeled view on the stuff, too.)

And I honestly never mean to be big headed in any ways by stating this point....but it was to my great surprise to find out that what Kerry said in this vid confirmed all the stuff I was told and made the dot connections of from the info I got given, ALL turning out to be the same as her views. (Not one differed, that's why I went 〣( ºΔº )〣Σ (  Д )ﻌﻌﻌﻌ⊙ ⊙Ψ(゚∀゚ )Ψ(゚∀゚)Ψ( ゚∀゚)Ψ.

Of course like Kerry pointed out, neither of her or I ever have the "complete" picture of what is, after all.

No matter how far we dig, I feel we always end up finding further truths, and we would be asked to keep on enlarging our horizons no matter what.

We can continue to learn and grow.....meaning none of us ever would have the complete picture while we are actively taking part in the Experiment.

Anyway....it is like suddenly discovering you actually won the biggest Lottery winning, when bumping into someone who actually arrived to the same sorta picture, despite using completely different sources......that really amazed me.

(In order to not to develop any biased ideas, I sternly avoided Kerry's interviews of Mark Richards, after I realised one day I could have the check up against his materials like I just did with her vid today.....so I didn't know what he said from the 2nd interview on wards at all. Yet still arrived to pretty much the same picture as I had in my head. The confirmation I needed to hear. Kerry, you made my day. Thank you!!)

(c)Project Camelot 2017



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An Overview about Who We Are, What is happening by Linda Moulton Howe: Oct 2017

Hard copy of Direct Provable Information to be sent to:

Linda Moulton Howe

P O Box 21843 ABQ, New Mexico, 87154

According to the Military file Linda was only allowed to read, but never allowed to take notes about, that the Humans were created from genetic experiment using already existing primate on Earth. There are 3 groups of aliens on Earth fighting for power stake on the planet for hell of long centuries.

25,000, 20,000,...down to 5000 years ago, these years were signified as the years that genetic experiments were carried out on Earth.

In 2017, it's proven via the genetic analysis done on the 8000 years old bones found in a Cave in Sth Korea, a Sth Korean geneticist declared that somehow...just somehow, Koreans appeared on Earth 5000 years ago....the claim matches to what the file stated......IDK if Linda knows about this fact. 

The file also stated about this "existence" was placed by an alien faction 2000 years ago to teach the Humanity love and all good stuff. You know who it means, yeah? But the point is.....someone love us, the Humanity. Whether that's a very self-centred action when it was planned originally, the end result to us, the Humanity, with the influence of the EVENT took, it turned out to be really groovy stuff IMHO. Nothing wrong about trying to be peaceful, loving and caring to all, yeah? What went wrong was that aspect was sugar coated by dogmas of "grouping" around the pure ideas, methinks. When people mingle together having some agenda other than the original pure thoughts, greed and division happen. Then on, the cool decent ideas were used as tools of negative influence.

(Still someone might say "Well, that alien faction might had a negative intention in the beginning anyway----they might had known it would create splits among us at later time, cause massive loss of lives over the religious wars, and knowing how other factions would use the religion against the Humanity, when there will be a chance at any given moment." IMHO, knowing love strengthen us. So whoever tried to teach us that, I feel that's cool. And yes, one of my sources confirmed it was them done it. So I back the story told via the military file, too.)


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Black Vault Guy Tells Us How To Get Papers Declassified & More

Decisions made among the military groups around the world, which info to be released to the Public, and it's formed to cut off the Presidents off the circuit from the info getting to her/him.

The classified Documents are GATHERED TO the Private companies, thus preventing people to get them declassified/public release.

Re: NORA lied---in this case of release re:UFO sightings reports made by the aircraft pilots were available in Canada, and the Canadian Gov gave out the "nil existence" service documents to the Black Vault guy.....

So there are different ways to approach the problems you encounter in fishing out the classified documents.


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Online Persona Management Services

Basically a controlled gang stalking on the net to create trends in our society by posting favorably directed contents to control us within the SNS world.

They can target ANY directions they choose. They also can start causing split/divided groups, too. 


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