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How to read into symbols used in Media


Want to find out how the Masons use their symbolism from a Mason?

Here's your chance.




Robert says in the radio interview that he wanted to learn what the Masons hidden. So he became a Freemason himself in order to study them.


Yes many of us would be cautious even hearing so---this guy may be out training the mass by sugar coating a doctrine that's provided by the Mason. (That's a proper behaviour of Conspiracy theorists, I'd say.  :wink: ) Especially the suspicion gets deeper when you realise he's a 32nd degree in Scottish Rite Mason, the level attained back in 1999. 


But then again, I can totally understand the thinking pattern of go direct to the point of question to get the answer---just like Joshua David Stone and many other die-hard researchers who jumped into the deepest end to find out what are hidden, some would decide to get involved in the organisations to study the mystery of the organisations. 


So I think there are good chance the guy means what he says, though he IS a Mason.


Yes he may only know partial truth, too.

There is one more higher level in the system above his level. 

There are restrictions for info for each levels in the Mason system, I take.

In that regards, the answer he reached for each symbolism can be still limited. :-


The point of this post is that here's a free bee education of how to investigate symbolism in various media. Now a Mason is telling how he find symbols out of:


(1) Commercial Advertises,

(2) Music Videos,

(3) Movies.


It's up to us to learn from what he is explaining how he found those symbols etc IMHO. 

We can learn, absorb and use the knowledge for ourselves. It's the Know-How bit that counts.


It's the second half of the program. (The 1st part was great to listen, too. All current stuff!)



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The reality of Conspiracy Theorists & others whom got involved in...


When you get too close to the truth, cause loss to "them" and make "them" angry, death occurs to the people who are trying hard to disclose stuff.

There are too many of us already hunted, families deaths/threatened, financial difficulties, court cases upon court cases,  lost reputation, you name it...just about to break your soul, "they" do anything and everything including killing you...

That's why we need to stick together, continue to release info, gain more number of heads so we have power against "them" as much as we can.

If left individually, we have almost no chance of winning, as far as I consider.

We still need time to establish the change.

Till "they" are really tamed in the dealing, be careful, and let's work together for the common aim---to preserve humanity.






...But saying that....(cryptic maybe but I leave this here...)

Whatever is meant to be is meant to be.

Always remember, we end up arriving to the same place regardless which way we go along.

After all the experiments are done, we all would go "ahhhhhhh, all good! Well done!"

Just follow your heart always. And it's ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them there.

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Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confirms 2013-2015: "Got a Special Op Group Watching over the Alien Residents in Russia"; "Hey President Obama, let's tell it all to everyone that we know about Aliens together" щ(゚д゚щ) ; "Oh so now you are not gonna do it? OK then, Russia will do so anyway. Bugger you." ಠ_ಠ ╭( ・ㅂ・)ノ⌒◎


Russian Prime Minister Confirms The Existence Of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life













Major disclosure maybe soon for real.

Just think of this; if it was only once, we may all well think that PM Medvedev was joking seriously.

Would anyone sane repeat it again?

This guy did.

At the World Economic Forum, in 2013 and in 2015.

He means it by the look of it.


BUT be ware that the info that'd go around would be contaminated by counter intel works and we need to be discerning from different angles when it happens, I feel... We really need to listen to our gut feelings more than ever. 

Anyway the main thing is the big paradigm shift of awareness to happen, so the unified consciousness of us settle down with some newly build, shared-reality among us.

All is well. 

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...And how interesting that they find this thread straight away after I posted the above post....

By this time, I must have collected several of these evidences peppered through CHANI threads.


But we are learning to watch the watchers, yeah?



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I think I can bet you you have seen some Super Humans before.

These girls are pretty famous.

I wonder how they are now...hope they are in peace anyway...






How much more proof do you want...(´▽`)


Hybrid Twin Alien human beings found on motorway in UK



Madness in the Fast Lane - Swedish Sisters (full)



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And more Hybrid news...


This is about the conflict between Anunnakine and Vlash factions.


The guy who was dead was said to be Anunnakine hybrid agent, according to DS. (Thank you!!)


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3172296/It-s-worse-Twilight-Zone-movie-Decomposing-body-car-hidden-5M-gun-arsenal-missing-mother-two-believed-dead-man-alien-secret-agent-sent-save-human-race.html


Mysterious LA loner with $5m gun arsenal was 'a human-alien hybrid secret agent sent to save the human race' claims his fiancee

  • Man identified as 60-year-old Jeffrey Alan Lash, of LA County, died July 4 but wasn't found until July 17 
  • Body was discovered badly decomposed inside a car in Pacific Palisades
  • Lash's fiancee Catherine Nebron and her employee Dawn VadBunker dumped the body 
  • Police linked the car to Lash's fiancee's house nearby and found 1,200 guns and 6.5 tons of ammunition 
  • Fiancee's attorney said Nebron and VadBunker believed Lash was half-alien savior
  • VadBunker and Nebron fled for Oregon without telling police about Lash's death because they thought CIA would come to collect his body
  • VadBunker's mother reported her missing last week after failing to reach her  


DS said the guy's real name was Jeffrey Alan, without Lash. Lash was attached there as a sort of "mark of trophy", and the news was reported through Vlash side paper.


Just read on the most weird story on the article...whoa...



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Karen Hudes: Her Bridging view of Cabal World Order to Alien Habitation of Earth and more


For some people, it's hard to see why conspiracy theory of New World Order and the Bankers etc directly connect to Alien and UFO related conspiracy theory.


Here's Karen's recent vid published on 5th Feb 2015.



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I dunno how it's exclusive....LOL

The peeps who published this particular vid has nothing to do with the exclusiveness.

It's one of Linda Moulton Howe's Coast to Coast appearance.

I just cannot pin point when it really was, so I cannot trace the original segment of C2C. Sorry!




""....these Extraterrestrial biological entities manipulated DNA of already evolving primates to create homo sapience, all questions on mysteries about the evolution of homo sapience on this planet had been answered."...and this project is closed."


"...over this document. It was essentially saying that our government knew that humans were concocted by extraterrestrials, had been terraformed and interacting with earth life..."


"More than 270 million years" of history on Earth behind, it's about the time for us to give up thinking we are alone. LOL

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Cross posting on European Royals and Child Hunting thread.


<Possible Structure to ponder about>

The Anunnakine faction--->TPWantsTB--->Infiltrated Entertainment field for gripping power from MSM as well--->Famous peeps in the Entertainment fields are said to be recruited/born in the blood line/chosen to be sacrificed when needed kinda stuff--->Easy to see children/women/men, all humans are used for someone's entertainment parties, and the call for such gross gatherings grow in number, as the population of the involved people/hybrids in this crap....so we start to hear more, and the info starts to slip out from those who are not so well "trained" by the handlers....


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Monarch Programming & Beta Programming: Handlers and the Slaves


Great vid that shows such as what symbolism to watch out for and how to interpret visual presentations etc. 




Great explanations on what are involved in with the mind controlled victims.


Still don't believe mind control exists?

CIA / MK-ULTRA Hearings - Survivor Testimony 1996

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"What they found was that conspiracist commenters were more likely to argue against the opposing interpretation and less likely to argue in favor of their own interpretation, while the opposite was true of conventionalist commenters.


In other words, the anti-conspiracy commenters we’re pushing on their own interpretations of the situation rather than focusing on what really happened.

The conspiracists were more likely to express mistrust and made more positive and fewer negative references."

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For those who wants to learn how to research:

Please don't get board of it at first...it gets very interesting and it shows you what you gotta do to do your research work individually.

Saying that, I haven't reversed his research and checked on his answers so can't back up what he says.


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Please make sure to check the reasoning of symbols used:

Gotta be taken in the context of what were presented, as far as I can see....please be careful for grasping one still shot off the scene and call the artists "they belong to them!"...IT IS NOT SO.


Replicated images of them can mean these:

1) to imprint the image onto our subconscious

2) to imprint the message fast to our subconscious by using symbols (as in the vid on the link below)

3) out there totally to confuse us who is saying what and diffuse the clarity of our targets


In the following vid, it's clear the artist's intention is the same as ours here.

He's trying to do what he can to bring them down.

(BTW DS also mentioned about the population in the Rappers are against the system and "them".)



Take our music back in our hands!╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ 

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The Rules


This is the pdf of the rules for how to use THE Card Game:




The card for the nuclear war in 2015 is indicated as the start of WW3.

And the famous prediction about 911 became true.

How many more plots are indicated within, not sure, but most urgently required one is perhaps ELIZA; the AI that gains EMOTION and rebel against the Humanity.


↓Not necessarily I agree with what's been said but the images are nice to look at at least...


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As on 21 Nov 2015:


Well, the situation is changing fast and I might even need to adjust my first, top post, depending on the info I get.


We always thought it's Anunnakine being bad. 

There's a new light shed into the situation and....and the picture we had all these time maybe need to be ADJUSTED.


Now a new "story" has given to us.

Some important points to look out for:


1) According to the "story", Vlash race were on Earth before the Anunnakine came here.


2) The Human race was somehow gone into stagnancy in growth. The creator Goddess of this Galaxy basically told the Anunnakine to straighten up the situation, untangle the problem, so that the Humans can evolve further.


3) Vlash is nasty. It's a race that is ANTI-Goddess.


4) The Anunnakine faction and their Hybrids are the Goddess believers.


5) The Anunnakine faction were dying in order to save the Humanity, because our Goddess wants to protect the Humanity, as it's one of her favourite race that she has created---She also included Vlash....



This is becoming all confusing to take the story as is, because for a long long long time, we, the CTs understood the Anunnakine factions are the bad one (so as Vlash and Mitre but anyway, put them aside for now) that's skimming all rights from us and using the LOOSH.


....It doesn't make sense in the first place how the hell you can say the Anunnakine faction is doing good for us, after all the cruel stuff happened to us, the Humanity.


So I tried to look for the reason why we saw the controlling as negative issue for the Humanity, trying to find some way to encompass what the faction side is trying to say to us:


         1) They had to do whatever they had to do to deal with the complex situation and involved loads of people as well as the faction-members' death. In the course of "taking care of", they might resorted in blatant decision makings in order to protect the rest of the Humanity.


         2) They don't share the emotion and logic the Humanity developed.


Would you go along with that?

I think most of the people would still don't appreciate what the Anunnakine faction installed on us.


The only understanding that I personally have and able to crack in to see it any way positive is that I know that the winged beings I had dealt with in the past just didn't have the understanding about how the Human emotions worked in full depth.

Because they lacked understanding of our sensitive emotions, it was difficult for them to work for me, unless I gave clear indications of what I wanted, how I wanted for the things to be done.


So from that personal experiences, which resulted to me my total acceptance that they DO exist (because I asked them to show me the proof and I got it...hats off to them...), and realised that not everyone can FEEL the way we feel...


Thus what they did to try to help the Humanity might ended up looking like horrible doings.


Well, can you say to them "Oh I see...No worries, then! We are brothers and sisters anyway!"?

One thing I must stress is that the faction members die for the cause, too, in order to save us, the Humanity...according to the "story".

If so, does that mean we also should help them so that Vlash and Mitre would be out of Earth?


I leave this ambiguous post for now. 

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Anatomy Expert Believes Enigmatic Skeleton Of Peru Is Not Human


Great to hear more expert opinions.





DNA analysis:



"Interestingly, the mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from the mother, showed mutations that were unknown to any man, primate or animal found on planet Earth. The mutations present in the samples of the Paracas skulls suggest that researchers were dealing with a completely new ‘human-like being’, very different from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans."

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"We're Seeing A Lot of....A Lot of 'Mir's..."


Start watching from 10:00 would give you more action.

At 12:00 you will hear the guy speaking stunned mallet-like, saying "We're seeing a lot of....a lot of mirs..."


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Oh geez really!?? I gotta check it again...woooops peeps, LOL, if so, I have to edit the title. Sorry! 


HAHAHAHAHA ROFL yes Jess you might be right there....still it sounds like Mir to me, because I thought he was saying about heaps of moving objects which shouldn't be like so, because the expectation was that Russian Mir station approaching and moving, but other areas to be quiet.

So seeing lots of moving objects in the area, I thought he funnily commented that as "a lot of Mirs"...

Reading too deep after mishearing it...? (≧▽≦) I had a good laugh at myself.


Because it's funny, I may as well to leave that title as it was...

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Unity, you made a legitimate mistake LOL


This is easy to do, specially if the speaker's base language and/or accent is different to yours.


But this just shows how easy it is for either false or downplayed reports.....   How many people miss-hear or miss-understand something, and either report it as true, or just as easy, don't report it...


But then, in this case, one also has to think - where they all space rocks, or a few other 'things' using the rocks as cover?



Finally, another thought - since NASA has it's much-touted 'Space-Watch' for all things flying around us, why were they so surprised by this swarm?  And by the size and number of rocks?

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Yes, totally agree, EagleWings!


I wanted others to know that "mishearing" does occur, and that was one of the reason to leave the silly title as it was (defo funny though! I can still laugh at myself over that (´∀`)), so people can follow just what happened with me and how Jess let me know about the correction.


It gets lost in the action often, but I really think these superficial problem is worthy to be noted, too.

The most scary situation is that 2 non-native speakers fighting using English......it goes nowhere....LOL

But sometimes it happens.

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Aliens V Humanity


So what or who is the Alien? Have we ever stopped to think about it or are we all tied up with Holy Wood if she could stories? 


Lets remove the sorry telling fantasy for a moment and take a hard look at the world we live on and look at our creations and how they are growing and maturing .

Think about all the recent trade agreements that are being signed and enacted by the corporate world. 


Now think about a company structure - when you create a company , you create an "entity" that lives and functions indefinitely or until it is wound up and made insolvent.


Now think about this following statement I wrote in a comment to someone earlier today.


Do any of you see it the way I see it? Just curious..


I am beginning to see AI (artificial intelligence ) as more CEI (Corporate Entity Intelligence) 



The NWO is in fact the Corporate Entity itself and we as shareholders or customers or even staff/ management have lost our representation,
and in the NWO progression the Corporate entities are becoming fewer as they are merged,
so ultimately there will be ONE company running it all and it will only function for itself not for humans at any level.
And remember a corporate entity has in theory an eternal life span,
it is not governed by physical laws,
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What are "Crisis Actors?" | Stuff They Don't Want You to Know


First of all, I actually do like the channel "Stuff they don't want you to know" .


Channel Page on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrrOic-og4HzhleZqOq4L-A


Not always I agree with what's been said, but most of the time I feel I can just watch what's been presented in front of me without thinking "these mobs are trying to deceive us".


Unfortunately it's becoming a wide consensus among some of the big name peeps in CT world that a lot of alternative media are now infiltrated by TPWantsTB side by the faction paying them $s to continue their works...meaning there'd be some filters in info release as required all the time, regardless how quality works the publishers are offering...this filtering is the same stuff how MSM gets used, so in the end, we really gotta be watching out the info sources.


The way others are saying the above is the case for our alternative medias by looking at the SYMBOLS employed by the publishers.

Logos to the background images, what you see is basically indicating the factions, according to them.


One thing I'd like to just add is; YES that's how you look into the info behind the stuff we are viewing, but also we can't forget there are others who are trying to SHOW what're BAD to us so we can learn.

That's an honest and important education outreach done by our friends, and we should not discard those....but it is wise to still SCAN the whole lot and ask your gut feeling how it sits with you.


Also don't expect the filtering may be present not only one layer but as multiple layers...gets kinda complicated to see through who is doing what in the end, but if you get confused, back off from the whole info a bit.

Then think about where YOU stand in this whole info.

Rebuild your analysis how you'd get affected and how your loved one get affected by the info.

See where your thoughts go from there, and decide by yourself whether to take up on the info as truth or not.


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