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Preliminary Results of Wrapped Frequency Units on Water

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Good Day Folks,


Finally got around to doing some actual experiments using stage one of the Wrapped Freqs Units and I wanted to share the results...


Using at 1200X magnification microscope I found;

 Exhibit "A"Tap water: ( This water comes from the mountain stream above the lake and was considered very good water- but noting that logging up that way commenced last summer so I cannot vouch for it's initial state).

7:11 am. At first glance there appears to be no movement at all. Then a clear single stand of filament, I will cal it, came across lens ,moving very slowly " inching" its way across the field. It seemed wounded or compromised as it struggled across the field. It had two clear smaller filaments hanging off it- like tendrils -not touching each other. I saw very faint whisps of some kind of cloudy substance that resembled clouds in the wind. It was devoid of any other movement.


After leaving it for two hours;

9:11 am.  Decreased movement- background whisps still there but less conjoined - the particles have moved away from each other. Seeing now some particles that look like dots with a ring around them , the centre is clear and the rings are dark. The clear strand still present but the inching movement has ceased and only a mere twitching movement is present that makes me think it is trying to move but crippled somehow. It seems to be making an effort to join the smaller tendrils together but is unable to do so.


 After 2 hours of 432 Hrtz sitting on top of WFunit ( rose quatrz centre);

 11;11 am. Clear strand has grown other curly tendril strands like a vine, they are moving slowly and seem to be longer than this morning. There is increased activity in the background with hook like filaments and globulets which seem less dark and are moving around quickly.

1:11 pm. 

Large globulets of filaments and long strong looking hook like shaped filaments moving with constancy. Dot particles with a golden aruric ring around them. Clear strands showing inching movements with no trouble. Filaments joined with other filaments- looks healthy.

2:59 pm:( this is the water that was the previous sample left untouched with no further frequency )

Background particles have diminished, clear filament strand still present but curly extensions are gone 

3:04 pm

Clear strands growing tendrils and now exhibiting inching movement. Background activity picking up but still no substantial globulets or whisps or rapid filament movement, yet filaments showing signs of coagulating - getting stronger. Seeing rainbow light through one of the large  dot cell particles!

Changed frequency to 528 Hrtz:

5:00pm ;

 Clear strands are multiplying and conjoining with other strands- clear inching movement. Background filaments longer in some cases and some curled in on themselves forming a loop but these do not try to conjoin with each other. Rainbow light coming from medium sized dot particles clumped together with thick dark rings.

Changed frequency to 718 Hrtz;

6-7:00 pm;

Clear strands losing tendrils, large globulets with no rainbow light and no cohesive strands of background filaments.

Changed frequency to 518 Hrtz;

9:51 pm:

Clear strands have grown new tendrils and have inching quality to movement. Cohesive background tendrils moving quickly. Light in centre of dot particles.


After 6 days ( with a beta seed crystal sitting in the water @ 518 Hrtz);

This exhibit shows a fantastic array of filament movement, long streams of filament and fibres- a chain of a strand with tendril filaments moving rapidly to both left and right across the field. A cloud- like whisp in the background that moved around- appeared and disappeared here and there, and dot particles of various sizes that also appeared and disappeared randomly. It is a plethora of movement and colour!



The tap water we are drinking is nearly devoid of life. Clearly something is in it that is compromising it's vitality....( and we live in rural mountains). At 432 hertz the water did respond but not as well as I expected. after 4 hours only a minimal change and vitality barley affected. Further experiments should be done to conclusively ascertain this, but I will say that the Earth resonance is not enough to counteract whatever has taken the natural vitality out of the water.

At 528 Hertz I found many changes with especial tenancies for the water to assimilate light, however the filaments curling up like that suggests that essential aspects of the coagulating function of background filaments is hindered as they could not conjoin in that state or shape, therefore not fulfilling their natural function.

At 718 Hertz I found all cohesive aspects to be compromised and therefore conclude this frequency to not be beneficial to the water.

At 518 hertz I found the water responded well and activated all aspects of life and movement necessary to  revitalize the tap water.

I will also note here that I drank that water and my stomache ache felt better immediately.


More to come....







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 Further Results:

I finally got the Wrapped Freqs Mini- Vortex Unit working! Man, it took me two years to come up with the design using recycled  parts and another year to put it together and then some to actually hook it up so whoo hoo you guys! :drinks:

Results are as follows:

Start date : Nov 14/14

End Date: Nov 17/14


Experiment using a combination of both the Mini- vortex unit coupled with the industrial WR unit on tap water. The water is pumped through a copper pipe that is held in a new plastic bin which has some natural local crystals in it.

Original Observations on Tap water straight out of the tap:

 Sample " A":Clear strand filament not moving on its' own much, few background filaments, a large coagulated green brown which has no light and does not move formation. Second look showing green  has neon quality and there is some  red strands there as well. I think it may be some kind of bacteria - but uncertain.

Sample " B" : This sample was take after ten minutes of MvWF generation:

Clear single strand with tendril present Barely any movement but some twitching  and forward action toward the left of the slide, but no actual inching. Background with some activity but very fine filaments and small dot particles There are some larger " vibrating" particles similar to the ones I saw earlier only these ones are vibrating very quickly seem to hover and them move away.

Sample " C" : Taken Nov 15 at 8:30 am:

Clear strands showing minor inching signs and growing more tendrils- background filaments are long and more substantial, there is definitely vibratory movement and ,many more background filaments.

Sample " D" : Taken Nov 16 at 9: 46 am:

Clear strands not much improved, but somewhat; a larger hump in the strand and some energy in the movement which showed me it was struggling. Background filaments are much larger stronger and thicker. They are moving cohesively and now seeing a thick band coming off of one ( of the background filaments) that has a rainbow hue.

Sample " E" : taken Nov 17 at 9:01 am:

Strands looking better, inching movement increased and looking healthy..many tendrils, but still I see only one strand- not many.Background filaments are conjoined albeit in a funny formation; a hook shaped filament joins a straight one along the curve of the hook. I see at first then a white line which looks like white light which crosses the entire slide about one eighth of the diameter of the slide. This white light diffuses before my very eyes and becomes rainbow light which covers now one quarter of the slide...I am utterly amazed!


Clearly the devices are affecting the water in a beneficial way- revitalizing it at the very least. One would have to have these samples tested by professional laboratory to get more conclusive results however I can say that I have determined that water treated in this manner has highlights that are activated which counteract chemical additives. Further speculations can be made but will not be referred to here.

The Wrapped Freqs Mini-vortex Unit ( WRMvU) in action:

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Hi everyone - I had a request to go over my Kombucha experiment for others to try. I note that kombucha has a tendency to make my candida condition better, candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the blood and body ( i read somewhere there are thousands of misdiagnosed people in mental institutions whose only problem is candida which has spread to the brain- so a highly worthy subject to study;. I have discovered tests have been done that show Kombucha slows down the spread of AIDS and cancers...and  other health issues:


Ok so we get some live active kombucha- the ones from the store should be ok IF they have not been pasteurized, other wise please get the real thing and raise it yourself.( Honestly I think it's a sentient consciousness as one time I threw out some waste parts of it and I was sure I heard it scream when I put it out in the cold.) It does not like plastic.or metal. Done at 1200X magnification:

Reading at 9:06 am

test exhibit has been cultured for 3 months.

Scattered cells across the screen, Background filament movement good. A clear strand inching it's way across the field with no tendrils. Cells are dark with golden aura around them. I count about 20-30 cells.

Left exhibit for two hours:

Now I see a group of clustered cells converging and there are close to 90 cells all looking the same. Background filaments still present.

Now I add a drop of plain water.

After 10 minutes:

I can see the Kombucha cells making the water into kombucha. It is really very interesting. The interior of the cell seems to extend itself into the water cell and pulls it back to the cell plasma- literally reaching out from the plasma like a contained field of liquid extending out and then sucking the plain water into the nucleus of the kombucha cell... I am seeing it transform the water into Kombucha and changing the cells.


moore to come as i try other types of water with it...

we will try : sugar water, salt water and contaminated water.








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Further results:

Dec 2/2014 @ 1200 X mag:

Exhibit " A" Plain tap water: Background filament movement, single cells with some light coming through them- clear strand with some tendrils.

Exhibit " B" Bottled water : Clear strands, inching movement but not long ( inching is stunted) or many tendrils- background quite strong- a long dominant black filament with a hook at one end ( moving back and forth across the slide), dark cells with very little light coming through- lots of movement- dark roundish globulets with no light in them at all.

Exhibit " C" Glacier Mineral water ( taken three years ago at the Alberta Ice Fields and kept in a steel canister) Background filaments, active clear strands with several tendrils and formative tendrils, cells dark surrounded by background light. Band of light rainbow hue across the slide, inching motion of strands present.

Dec 10/2014 Rainwater

Exhibit "D" @ 100 X mag: Seeing thousands of super tiny brilliant cells ( neon green ,orange and brown) some vibrating very quickly, some not seeming to move at all- it was like looking at a galaxy of stars- I have never seen anything like it. I went away to get something and looked again and the whole thing was gone- I could not see it anymore- at any range , just something that looked like scratches on the slide  but upon further examination I could not find any scratches. 

@ 1200 X mag: Moving background filaments, many cells seeing rainbow hue in some , clear strands inching across slide with more curly tendrils but not much better than tap water.

Dec 11/2014 Rainwater @ 518 hrtz overnight: Whisps present, but not overly, somewhat; tendrils clearly showing inching movement with good control- more tendrils, very little background filaments- no hook like shapes- dot cells in background. Somewhat rainbow hue coming through one of them.

@ 100 X mag: The water looks really dark and devoid of movement, except there are some whisps.

Note:The tendrils are interesting, I can see particles ( some perfect circles, some curly) clustering together which are forming the curly tendrils hanging off the clear strands and they seem to just manifest out of the water- like plasma making matter out of itself by magnetic activation.

Exhibit "E" Kombucha tea with sugar ( left for three days): Not really much change the tea presents mainly like the water samples with the clear inching strand and background movement. I am,seeing more cells in the background than before but not exponentially.

Exhibit " B" Kombucha tea with sea salt added( left for three days) : Much the same as the other sample only a noticeable change in the background  which was much lighter and crystalline, yet there were less cells than Exhibit 'E".


Tap water is at best just making it and really is not the most beneficial to optimal health, features like the light coming through the cell was not really a rainbow hue but more just light suggests that the natural ability of water to do this is being hindered.

The bottled water showed a clear degenerated state, stunted filaments/ strand movement and some dominant regions which seemed to affect the ability of the water to assimilate light negatively.

There is definitely something not good in that rainwater- I got a sense of a radioactive quality to it- which I did not see after I used the frequency  but since I have never seen it before at all-  does not mean for sure it is gone- I need a more powerful microscope.

The Kombucha test was  really a no go- you have to wait for months for a good sample- over and out 8)  

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Further studies and observational results:

So I tried testing the water right in front of the smart meter at my home. Holy Mother of GOD!....

Here are the first testing results:

Experiment 1- Smart Meter Feb 7/2015 @ 10:00 am

Day1: After 24 hours in front of a smart meter- microscopic results of 1200x magnification, same water source - tap water.

Observations: Clear strands present, some tendrils also. There are two such strands visible on the slide. they are moving slightly with weak jerking movements. Background at first seems devoid of life or movement- But then I observe something I have not observed in any other specimen in my experiemnts with water- Large black filaments which bundle with each other. the ends of which whip out like tentacles - literally look and act like tentacles(!) and are moving with a strong motion back and forth horizontally across the slide ( they are placed vertically). When it bundled together it exuded a greyish- black pulse as though it was being empowered.


Wow. Scary.


Regular tap water from same source, same day:

Observations: Clear strand present. Tendril seeds clearly visible in the cavity of clear strand, some grown tendrils visible. Slow movement and no real inching motion however some thrusting motion across the slide. Background filaments dominate. Long black straight filaments that appear to the left of the slide similar to an octopus's tentacles and curving ( in towards each other) somewhat at the ends, then in the upper body of the formation, criss-crossing each other forming a grid with each other.

Note: This type of formation is alien to me and has not been found in any sample taken by this researcher except the one taken earlier today in smart meter test.


Conclusions: This water I have tested is drinking water that appears to have a dominating factor element that has been added to it. The new element is reminiscent of " black goo" ( which Chanites should recall about) to this researcher and certainly appears to be growing as it bundles with itself into a grid formation and exudes when bundled a greyish- black pulse  which went through the entire bundles suggesting a cohesion throughout the entire bundle which clearly made it stronger.

I submit that the water we are drinking has been altered ( infiltrated) with an alien virus that is empowered by the frequencies put out by smart meters.


Soon the results of that same water using the Wrapped Freqs Coils...

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Experiment 1(b): Day 2 ( 432 Hz)

Subsequent test on same sample water from yesterday yielded,

This sample was placed on top of my stacked three-phase 12 point wave conjoined coil unit, which is made with homemade orgonite. One is made with a poxy-resin, one normal ceramic plaster and glue and the other with the ceramic plaster and the orgonite materials, which turned green when I mixed the materials together, clearly showing a chemical reaction had taken place, then I placed a beta seed crystal  in one, a salt crystal in another and an octagon cut crystal with a magnet attached to it in another. These coils are wired together and I consider this to be my most powerful WF unit. I  had set the frequency at 432 Hertz at which it sat for approximately 24 hours.This is the reading;

The clear strands are visible with growing tendrils, inching and thrusting with much more vigor than yesterday! Clearly they are stronger and more prolific- a noticeable difference.The background filaments  that were quite black yesterday have a noticeable lighter shade of black and faded in hue.I did notice a pulse that appeared as a greyish- black cloud momentarily and some threads still in a bundling formation which curled outward, and the grid formation had much more space in between the loose grid pattern showing than our previous specimen. I observe no tentacles however the sideways motion of the one present bundle is still present. 

Please note that this is the same sample that had been put in front of the smart meter and the same one where I witnessed thrashing tentacles which in retrospect I recall the appearance of what looked like suction cups on the tentacles. It was quite uncanny. 

Clearly the WF Unit  and the frequency is making effects on this " viral entity" to our benefit.


You are never given a task without also being given the solution...



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Suuzz --  those are really interesting results, I wonder what would be the effects if they were isolated from all RF energy (vis-a-vis .. a Faraday cage....this idea comes from the supposed fact, that the "black goo" responds to directed RF energy) The smart meter (random RF source that has a specific range of frequencies) seems to have quite an effect.....  really interesting if the strands were frequency specific.

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Well I am way ahead of ya Rab and do in fact have a Faraday box equipt with spinning magnetic vortex, I ahd to take the whole thing apart to fix something and will have it up and running again very soon, and of course will do some experimenting with that , but for now- conclusive evidence:


Experiment 1 © Day 3 ( @1200x mag)

This sample is the same sample taken and put in front of smart meter tow days ago. This ample was put onto 3 phase coil and put on 518 Hertz.

Observations: Healthy clear strands present.Many tendrils present. Clear inching motion of strands, tendril seeds in cavity of strands that are growing out of them however it appears as though they are made up of plasma as they are ghost-like visible unattached to clear strands that are attracting the nodules from what appears to be in an invisible state moving into a visible state. NO sign of black filaments. Dot particles in background look normal.

( @ 600x mag)

Black straight filaments present. I observe one such bundle ( lays vertically) which is attached to a horizontal bundle at one juncture, they rest are not cohesive with each other. They appear inert and/or dormant and ineffectual.


Conclusions to Experiment 1 Smart Meter:

Frequency does affect the healthy and detrimental aspects of our water and therefore us as well. Microwave frequency not only breaks down healthy tissue - it empowers potentially dangerous and possibly alien organisms./virus!

 Clearly, @ 432 hertz the unhealthy " virus" is affected by weakening and healthy normal filaments empowered.

And @ 518 Hertz the unhealthy "virus" showed serious signs of dissipation and disassociation with it's counterparts present in sample and were unable to enter into a higher vibratory field and were only able to maintain their presence in a denser field in a dormant state and the healthy filaments empowered and prolific.


Whoo hoo!

I think there is a cause to celebrate!

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HI all. I went to check on the rainwater for further indications and to substantiate my theory and so here are the results of rainwater here in Canada:

Feb 13/2015 @ 1200 mag:

​Clear strands present, inching motion of them prevalent but not invigorated. Background dot particles present . Then a streak  or line of stark black. Then several streaks which are laying vertical and horizontal. These filaments converge and form a grid . It is loose and conjunctive only at one juncture. Every few seconds it seems to stop and curl outward at the ends, displaying the same mannerisms  of the "organism" in  the tap water.


These filaments must be a less-evolved formation of the" organism". It is similar to what I saw in the tap water, although not as advanced. I am not sure why, yet.

​This is a strong indication that the " organism" is in the water and air- most likely being sprayed into the air via-chem-trail spraying, which can only mean that it is deliberately being introduced into our environment, which is then empowered by microwave frequency. 

Clearly we need to stop using microwaves for ANYTHING and we need to find out who is putting that stuff into our air and put an end to that immediately.


The writing is on the wall here and we need to do something now! BEFORE it's too late...

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You guys gotta see this...Why, he asks, are these meters so important? Because they have found a way to create a habitable place for the ones who designed them in the first place- this agenda is transparent to me now;

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Results are in for 1st day of testing new Mini-Vortex C-Coil & Water C-Coil Unit:

12:30 P.M. March 16- tap water from same source; @ 1200 mag.

Grid formation of dark filaments present but loosely conjoined, on end was curled at its end. Clear inching strand with a few tendrils present.{C-Coil freq units set to 432hz}

7:30 P.M.: Darker and more substantial filaments of grid formation- globulets on ends of filament strands which are deeper in hue than earlier Clear inching strand with less tendrils and less movement than earlier.{ changed frequency now to 518 hz}

9:30 A.M. March 17/2015

Dark filaments have now become curved with the ends curving inward and swishing to and fro. A large cell with activity in the nucleus- light brown or yellowish- plasmatic at nucleus- Dark curved filaments appear to curve in around cell and can see swishing motion a tip of one of the dark strands in its' direction. Clear strand hardly noticeable, there was no inching movement and no tendrils.

Conclusions: It appears that we are seeing either an adaption modus occurring and/ or system  may need some tweaking...

It appears to be working right however.

I shall make some further observations and report any changes as soon as possible.



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OK well I have learned this:

That since I have configured the frequency going through the coils, so far the exponents of the " organism " have not been able to configure. as of two days ago I checked and formation under frequency and mini- vortex unit showed no sign of any growth of "organism- dark filament" however the filament and its' grid formation formations are still present.

Now however, my microscope has died and is broken and I must needs acquire another to further document my findings - Gods Be Praised that I acquire the scientific  tools that i shall need...until then ...good luck to you all...

My instinctual conclusions reside:

The instrument of the initiation of the black goo came from a dark planet wishing to expand and entered this plane via space traveling  nano bites sent throughout the cosmos- literally as a poison to biological beings who came in contact with it..and it seeded here , which can to be re-introduced in the last ten years as a virus which is evolved by microwaves- indicating that this was engineered and set up deliberately...MOG!

I'd like to know WHO THE F*** set us up for that! :angry2:

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Well the good news first- I got the mini-vortex machine working fairly well...but just as I am about to do the results- my microscope went on the fritz. From tikity-boo to dead in the water....anyone know of a cheap microscope or donations?

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Hey folks Just an update...I had to put thi sup even though not seriously scientific, just circumstantial, but moving along the lines of biophysical regeneration. The coil I used here was not plugged into anything, but I did have one going in the same room. The bee looked like it was dead. I can't say for sure if it was or not but I thought it was, no movement, warm spring day and all when I found it. Put it in my bag and brought it home to put in my medicine bag- you see old Hopi teaching- when you move into a new place you are supposed to look for a dead bee- it is a sign that the neighbourhood or community accepts and you are supposed to honour the bee and the community by putting it in your medicine bag and wearing it...but this is what happened...

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Amazing stuff Suuzzaannee! Thanks for sharing this with us, it is very interesting and informative, on matters we don't get to see very often! Please keep us updated on your future endeavors.

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Just thought I would mention that I did repeat the experiment. I took that bee  after it had been revived and put it in a cup and left it in the cup overnight, thinking I should let it be free if it wanted to be(e)...but when I came back to it in the morning it was all curled up and again I thought it was dead for sure this time, but again after being put on the same coil- not plugged in but one going in the room, it was revived again within a few hours. it was trying to get out so I let it go where it wanted to but did die for sure later that day...

I am reminded of those supersoldiers who claim that after parts of their body gets blown off that they go to command centre and get the part re-grown. I am quite convinced now that this is true and that they must be using a similar technology. I am convinced that I am on the right track and cymatic coils (c-coils) are worthy of further study in a purely scientific field...I am still waiting to hear from those scientists on Chani who said they would try to validate some of my findings... hey guys..what up?

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OKey Dokey...well Mother Fortune has smiled upon me and I take my first pictures with my new digital microscope. I wish it were the 1200 mags however $4000.00 is a bit out of my range presently.... 

These are my first observations:May 2/2015

* Note that I was able to see some of the microbes with my eye which did not pic up on the screen- I am still learning how to use it and with some diligence I may be able to decipher the instruction manual- which does not even tell you what the parts are or how to use them...( shaking my head)...

So visual observations as such.

I took the water from basin which has been sitting for about a month with a water C-coil ( poly-foam which floats on the surface) which has not been plugged into anything.

At 1000 mags: Single( in one observation) or several microbes( in another observation) with many pre-tendril formations ( small globulets- all circular bonded together which make up the curly cue tendrils which grow out of the clear healthy microbe strands we know to be a healthy natural formation in water). They are moving forward and backward, inching slowly and appear to be straighter as opposed to curved than I have seen before, also a movement both vertical and horizontal....A black ( dark) filament in corner of slide which refracts some light. It does not appear to be moving and is half the size of the healthy microbes.

( You will recall in earlier samples that the dark filaments were always moving before)...

Now upon using the video aspect of the digital  microscope I observed ( I think it was  set to 600 mags): ( I saw nothing relating to the healthy microbes here)

( see photo of small filament) A tubular filament ( and later I saw many but was unable to capture that) that carries a black or dark seed from which it grows.

At 1000 mags:( see photo of Test 3) A series of sperm like microbes which had a single "tail" which I did see moving and it waved back and forth slightly. A smaller clear/white globulet was making it's way down and to the left of the screen as I watched. It appeared to be heading to the lower left toward a dark seed filament which is shown at the very bottom of photo.


From first test today done today@ 10:00 am: The sample was left to sit and I expected to find contamination and unhealthy microbes(stagnant water forms unhealthy bacteria) forming which I did not find. The Water C-coil seems to be affecting the water even though there was no exterior frequency generated. Healthy microbes were present and clearly forming natural processes.

From Digital Scope @ 3 pm : This sample sat out of the basin for as few hours. Scope revealed dark filament" seeds" and tubular subsequent formations thereof, also early formations of larger samples that show a "tail" or arm of the seed growth which was clearly moving on its' own and seemed to be attracting other elements to assist in its' growth ( whether these other elements are healthy microbes or not is yet to be understood).

I will take further samples and find out what I can. Presently I have turned on my C-Coil- electromagnetic water purifier on and will see in the morning what difference it has made.



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Well conflicting results today...

It is too bad I cannot show some of the observations I saw with other lens.

I put the frequency on at 722 Hertz overnight.

My 1st sample was taken at the opposite edge of the basin away from the coil and with other lens I did see tails or legs thrashing( not waving ) about but i could not get a good fix on it. I also saw what seemed to be a body that had breasts (?), the tubular filaments with seeds and without, fragmented legs that did not move and particles that looked like cells- they were very white on the interior and with dark rings around them and they were sucking white from other cells and adding it to theirs...not quite sure what all that means yet, but I will keep on figuring out how to do this... some photos..

Test 5 seems to show the ring and leg of previous sample disengaged and separate.

Test 6 shows the tubular filaments that have the seed at one end- the darker seeds were more prominent yesterday.

Test 7 shows filaments growing tendrils.

Test 8 shows segmented aspect of" legs" or tail...

Test 9 shows dot particles.

Test 10 shows fragmented particles ( unmoving)

Test 11 shows fragments of criss cross ( grid formation) of legs.

Conclusions are that at 722 Hertz the "organism" has fragmented and particles seem to carry more light or have an ability to assimilate light....still I did see that thrashing in the background which leads me to believe it regresses when is unable to make formations at a certain level.











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And here is the first video...not much happens after 2 minutes but if you look close you can see some real action going on before that...and this is after 24 hours give or take of frequency ...still I shall have to wash out =basin and start again for something more conclusive...

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OK I managed to take some interesting pictures of the smart meter water. Some videos too which are more telling are coming out...for some reason youtube doesn't like my avi format or the wmv format...anyhooo it is taking way too long to wait so I am giving this thread the early photos until the vids are ready.

Again what I saw with my eyes using the extra lens confirmed my earlier findings. I saw an organism which had legs or tentacles which thrashed about in the smart meter water- the camera could not pick it up as it will not go to that magnification ( dammit!)...So either you will have to take my word for it, try to do the experiment yourselves, or bring me to a lab to perform it under scientific standards...Where's Mulder and Scully when you need them?

I am fairly certain that the black dot particles and floating particles are the same and either are the forming organisms or a fully formed one which is collecting sustenance from the living water to feed off. I still see the clear strands of the life force in the water with seed particles inside them which the videos show as well in some places, however the tell tale tendrils ( curly ones) are not so prevalent.

I also saw the systematic way the cells grow and take over the water. The smart meter water cells looked black, while the tap water still held a bit of colour and was more grey or brown with some yellow shining through. Strange the only thing I have seen that acted like this was kombucha.( see photos)

I tested both the smart meter water and regular tap water yesterday, and strangely enough - there was not a lot of difference between them, mainly the black floaties were not as evolved...

I have the water purification system( four spinning plates with magnetic angular forcefields striking each other at 45 degrees going in opposite directions, inside a faraday box, through which runs a copper pipe, through which is pumped the water in the basin and in the basin I have a polyfoam c-coil ( cymatic coil) in a twelve point wavefield through which is freuqed 722 hertz, on going) going and am giving it 5 days or so before I test the water.

The first five are smart meter water the rest tapwater.











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