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Large Hadron Collider: The big reboot

Michael Chalmers

October 8, 2014




Illustration by Andy Potts



"As the Large Hadron Collider prepares to come back to life after a two-year hiatus, physicists are gearing up to go beyond the standard model of particle physics."


Mike Lamont grabs the last croissant from a table and eats it as he walks through the control centre at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics just outside Geneva, Switzerland. It is mid-morning, and the vast blue room is full of physicists staring into computer screens. Lamont, the operations manager of CERN's beams department, explains that they are running tests to ensure that an unexpected computer outage would not affect the network of electronics, vacuum pipes and superconducting magnets that comprise CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle accelerator in the world.


This is one of numerous checks that are helping Lamont and his colleagues to sleep better at night. They are nearing completion of a major refurbishment that has been under way since March 2013. They have already started cooling down the accelerator's 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets in preparation for a restart next year. But when the LHC comes back to life, circulating its twin beams of protons in opposite directions around the ring, Lamont and his colleagues will be pushing to get as close as possible to its design energy of 7 trillion electron volts (TeV) per beam — nearly twice what the LHC has managed so far. Each beam will pack as much energy as a speeding freight train.


Lamont knows all too well what can happen if things go wrong. He was here in September 2008, when the team last attempted to ramp up the US$5-billion collider to such energies — and ended up triggering an electrical fault that knocked it out of commission for more than a year and cost tens of millions of dollars to repair.


“We've learned a lot about the machine since then,” says Lamont. The researchers managed to patch it up and get it working again by the end of 2009, although they ran it at only half its design energy to avoid another shutdown. Still, that was enough for collisions between the beams to produce conclusive evidence for the long-sought Higgs boson — the last unconfirmed prediction of the 40-year-old standard model of particle physics, which describes the behaviour of every particle and force known except gravity.


But for all the acclaim that greeted the announcement of the Higgs particle in July 2012 — and the 2013 Nobel Prize awarded to the theorists who first conjectured its existence — there is much more that the LHC physicists hope to learn from the machine's upcoming run. Is the newly discovered Higgs the only particle of its kind, as the standard model predicts, or is it just the lightest member of a whole family? If there are more Higgs particles, some of them might appear at higher collision energies. Or perhaps the high energies will produce other new, exotic particles that have no place in the standard model."







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"except gravity"

a unifying theory with an exception is not a unifying theory

gravity is not what we are told

see my comments on the dead star waffle thread

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"except gravity"

a unifying theory with an exception is not a unifying theory

gravity is not what we are told

see my comments on the dead star waffle thread




T, you beat me to the jump with your post.


Are you suggesting that CERN is a huge gravity-shielding device, imaging the accidental discovery of anti-gravity, by Russian materials scientist Dr Evgeny Podkletnov whilst setting up a superconducting ceramic disc suspended in the magnetic field of three electric coils, all enclosed in a low temperature vessel called a cryostat?


The research was at Tampere University of Technology in Finland and the discovery announced September 1 1996, two years before the construction of the LHC. Whilst not suggesting that the LHC sole purpose was an anti gravity device, well, maybe I am, although the LHC would have been drawn up before Podkletnov's discovery.


During the experiment, a pipe smoking friend of Podkletnov arrived and a column of smoke was seen to rise above the apparatus. Podkletnov then suspended a weight above the apparatus attached to a balance and found the weight had, lost weight. He found that any object placed above the superconductor had a weight  loss of ~2% no matter how high an object was placed. he also discovered, by use of a mercury barometer, that there was a 4mm drop in air pressure, even when the barometer was taken to the top floor of the building.


He also found that by spinning up the disc, weight loss of suspended objects was even greater.


Podkletnov had been careful not to use the term "anti-gravity", but when the Sunday Telegraph ran the story, it ran the headlines 'Breakthrough as Scientist Beats Gravity" and for it, he was professionally shunned, dumped by the university, and the Journal of Physics D: published by Britain's Institute of Physics, pulled his paper.


Meanwhile, three years earlier, the advanced Concepts office at Marshall Space Flight Centre was handed a paper by physicists Douglas Torr and Ning Li titled "Gravitoelectric-electric coupling via Superconductivity", predicted how superconductors had the potential to alter gravity. NASA agreed to fund an experiment. When Podkletnov refused to get involved, NASA set up the 'DeltaG Group at Marshall specifically to look at the interactions of superconductors and gravity.


I could go on as the story only gets more intriguing.


Anyway, after reading this and then finding out that the LHC is a superconductor, I started wondering about FTE's, flux tube events, electromagnetic tubes that connect planets to the Sun on a regular basis, "magnetic portals" as NASA has described them, and I started wondering if the LHC is an attempt to induce a FTE, and if, FTE's could be used as a cosmic elevator, where vehicles such as an "ionocraft" or Biefeld-Brown lifters, utilising the TVolts generated by the LHC to increase the lift of the vehicles.


Anyway, just some thoughts, would like to hear other opinions from those who have looked into this. But one thing I did learn from Nick Cook, and that is Townsend T Brown was also shit-canned and his work on anti-gravity debunked publicly, but his work was still being carried out at "Skunk Works", Lockheed Martin's super-secret special projects facility where the "Stealth" project was developed.


Some of the above info was from Nick Cook's "The Hunt For Zero Point", the rest from other sources



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i might of meant it but could of never described it like that Botanic

due respect


dont forget this



Star Trek what?


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T you forgot the off planet equivalent, and the reason for most of those logos 

Also you have to love that the universe has a sense of humor, 19.47 or 1947 was the year of my conception on earth as a human, also of course the supposed year of the Roswell crash. I love it that there are signposts everywhere to remind one if you have a notion to be aware of such things. Reminders perhaps of a bigger picture as life on earth sure is distracting. The bigger picture can very easily be lost to the individual.   

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Well this is not good news. I really don't think that this work is the right way for us to approach the issue. And Chani told us the Collider was dangerous...Dimension doorways do two things- they let things out and they let things in.

Zero Point can be found other ways....Isn't this what the Martians did 50,000 years ago which seriously screwed up this planet?? ( Val Valerian)

I somehow do not believe this is a coincidence...

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all scientists will argue that the birth of scientific ideas are met with skepticism, ideologically founded distrust, or outright ridicule


i believe a select few within the LHC scientific and administrative body have a mission within

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Well this reminds me that Sept 08' was the month my life started falling apart and I swear it's like I changed timelines from a pretty good one to a crap shoot. hmmmmm

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Black holes are usually conceived as being the remnant of a massive star that has used up its nuclear fuel, and crushed itself under its own weight. Its gravitational pull at its surface then becomes so great nothing can escape, not even light. It becomes literally a “hole” in the fabric of space-time, and anything that enters can never escape.

In theory, however, a black hole can be of any size, not just very large ones. Any amount of matter, if crushed in upon itself, can theoretically form a black-hole, albeit a very small one if only a small amount of matter is crushed. Some theories suggested that miniature black holes might have been formed in the earliest history of the Universe. Other theories suggest that particle colliders, by crushing two atoms together at tremendous speed, might create a miniature black hole of very tiny dimension. Stephen Hawking in the early 1970s theorized that such miniature black holes were once in great abundance, but later “evaporated” by a quantum tunneling process, so that such miniature black holes no longer exist in our Universe. This process, first theorized by Stephen Hawking, would possibly cause a black hole to evaporate. 

If virtual particles are produced in the vicinity of a black hole, it might be possible for one member of the matter-antimatter pair to be pulled into the black hole while the other escapes into space. The particle that would fall into the black hole would negate some of its mass and so the black hole would shrink a little. This would make it look as if the particle that escaped into space had come from the black hole. Hawking radiation would be particularly important in the case of miniature black holes, which might explode in this way. Black holes of very low mass, such as would be created in particle colliders, would have masses of about 10,000,000 atomic mass units [a.m.u., the mass of one proton], and lifetimes of about 1 E-23 seconds, IF Hawking Radiation works as predicted. Hawking Radiation has never been experimentally detected, and exists only in theory.

In theory, a miniature black hole created at rest relative to Earth is considerably different that one created by high-energy cosmic rays striking the Earth. If such high energy cosmic rays were to on occasion create a miniature black hole, as some theories have suggested, it would be traveling at very high speed [0.9999+ c] relative to Earth, and much like a neutrino, simply zip right through Earth in ¼ second without interacting, or if it did interact, it would glom on to a few quarks and barely slow.

Conversely, any miniature black hole created at rest in a collider would essentially be trapped in Earth’s gravitational field, and over seconds to hours, slowly interact and acquire more mass, if Hawking radiation does not work as predicted, or as quickly as predicted, to cause the newly-minted miniature black hole to “evaporate”.

To read more about theoretical miniature black holes, and what the various theories suggests, click here




Strangelet is the name given to a theoretical form of matter that might exist in nature. Under some theories, a more stable form of nuclear matter might exist, when compared to our normal form of nuclear matter that is formed of up and down quarks combined into protons and neutrons [either two up and one down, or two down and one up], which in turn combine to form the nuclei of atoms.

Under these theories, an equal number of up, down and strange quarks would form a slightly more stable form [slightly less mass], more stable than the Iron nucleus, the most stable form of normal nuclear matter. This is called strange matter, or strange quark matter [sqm]. Unlike normal matter, in which increasing the number of protons and neutrons beyond the 56 present in Iron increases the coulombic repulsion and de-stabilizes the nucleus, no such coulombic repulsion would exist in strange quark matter, and the larger the nucleus, the more stable the sqm nucleus. A very small chunk of sqm is called a strangelet. This sqm could be either slightly positive, or slightly negative, or neutral, under various theories.

Strangelets are also theorized to be creatable in colliders if they collide two large atoms together, such as two lead atoms. In nature, such large atoms do nohttp://www.lhcdefense.org/lhc_risks.phpt collide at LHC energies. Instead, high-energy incoming cosmic rays are believed to be single protons, which would likely plow right through a large nucleus sitting on the moon. Also, as is true for miniature black holes, if natural strangelets are neutral they would simply pass through Earth neutrino-like at high speed if created by cosmic rays. If created instead at rest relative to Earth in a collider, they would be trapped by Earth’s gravitational field, and potentially be able to interact with normal matter, acquire quarks, and grow larger.

Cosmologists have theorized that so-called “neutron stars” can form from collapsed stars in which the electrons and protons of a massive collapsed star, not quite large enough to form a black hole, combine together to from neutrons, so the entire star becomes a massive single nucleus of nothing but neutrons. Most theories about such neutron stars now show that they would more likely form into sqm, and they are now called “strange stars” instead of “neutron stars”.

Searches for sqm in nature,...fruitless. For more information click here.

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Don't you just love how these dic*&heads THEORISE this stuff.  They dont have a damn clue what they are doing - as ususal.  They have started all this stuff with information they have been 'given', but honestly I dont think they are intelligent enough to actually do something with it other than make a mistake.  Hope they all blow themselves up when they reboot this thing (in May isnt it?).

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It reminds me of the book, "Earth, a novel" by David Brin (ISBN - 0-553-07064-9)




" Set in the year 2038, the book is a cautionary tale of the harm humans can cause their planet via disregard for the environment and reckless scientific experiments. The book has a large cast of characters and Brin uses them to address a number of environmental issues, including endangered species, global warming, refugees from ecological disasters, ecoterrorism, and the social effects of overpopulation. The plot of the book involves an artificially created black hole which has been lost in the Earth's interior and the attempts to recover it before it destroys the planet. The events and revelations which follow reshape humanity and its future in the universe. It also includes a war pitting most of the Earth against Switzerland, fueled by outrage over the Swiss allowing generations of kleptocrats to hide their stolen wealth in the country's banks.

The scope of the story expands vastly as the plot gradually reveals itself, bringing into question the future course—and even the survival—of humanity.



Brin set this novel 50 years in the future from the time he was writing, using the book as an opportunity to predict what technologies might — at that future date — be taken for granted day to day. Three technologies he predicted came to pass within only 8 years of the writing, include a media-centric, hypertext Internet, e-mail spam, and the proliferation of personal video recording devices.

Brin claims at least 15 predictive hits in Earth including:

  • The World Wide Web (including it as being a major news-media outlet, complete with videos and discussion forums) and blogging. (Brin did not predict the URL, rather using a clumsier numeric form of address.)
  • E-mail spam and sophisticated personalized filtering software.
  • Reduction of expectation of privacy.
  • Time limits on secrets both personal, corporate, and governmental
  • Levees breaking on the Mississippi.
  • The dissolution and partitioning of the Soviet Union (though most contemporary scholars later claimed that they were fully aware of the Soviet Union's impending collapse by 1989).
  • Global warming associated sea level rise and severe storm seasons.
  • Subvocal input devices.
  • Artificially created black holes considered seriously.
  • Crisis habitat arks for endangered species, with a view to later restoration to the wild.
  • Eyeglass cameras.
  • Eyeglass overlays on real environments.
  • Personality profiling through brain imaging.
  • Art sculptures on a geologic scale.
  • Decline of delivered mail.
  • Lawyer software.
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 Well now, they have got something there. The straglets may be in fact the precursor to the attachment of filament quarks that create matter out of the inter-dimensional plasmic potential. This is precisely  the kind of element that I was looking for  in my Timespacematter theory, ...how light slows down in the field of matter and gravity and matter itself is formed by...wait for it...thought ...and electromagneticlly attracts polar opposite particles  of whatever nature may be present to form matter... Thought is matter unmanifested. Thoughts are neurotransmissions that begin to form matter and these stragelets just may be the linking process by which the transvirulation occurs.

Oh BTW opening that black hole to transfer info from the black sun singularity in our system is like inviting Mr. Dark ( from the Fifth Element) to dinner and deliberately keeping it open for them to devour what they can and keep them selves here is simply the work of their tools ( fracking Insectarides) and minions.

Absolutely a  no-no.

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4 March 2015 Last updated at 19:15 ET

LHC restart: 'We want to break physics'
By Jonathan Webb Science reporter, BBC News



Inside the CMS experiment, the beam pipe is dwarfed by huge cylindrical detectors that will try to capture everything that emerges from the collisions



In mid-March two beams of protons, driven and steered by super-cooled electromagnets, will do full circuits of the LHC in both directions - for the first time in two years.


When that happens, there will be nobody between here and ground level.


Then in May, if the protons' practice laps proceed without a hitch, each of the four separate experiments will recommence its work: funnelling those tightly focused, parallel beams into a head-on collision and measuring the results.


For us, now, the other stations on the ring are a 10-20 minute drive away; for the protons, a lap will take less than one ten-thousandth of a second. They have the advantage of traveling a whisker under the speed of light.


They are moving with so much energy that when they collide, things get hot. Historically hot.


"We're recreating temperatures that were last seen billionths of a second after the Big Bang," Prof Shears explains. "When you get to this hot temperature, matter dissociates into atoms, and atoms into nuclei and electrons.


"Everything unravels to its constituents. And those constituents are what we study in particle physics."

[emphasis added]



When they kick off in May, the proton collisions will be at 13 trillion electronvolts: a leap equivalent to that made by the LHC when it first went into operation and dwarfed the previous peak, claimed by the 6km Tevatron accelerator in the US.


"It's a really significant step in terms of what we might be able to see in the Universe," says Prof Shears.


"The design energy is a little higher again, at 14 TeV. We want to make sure that we can run close to it, first of all. If operations there are smooth, then subsequently, after next year, we can put the energy up that last little bit."



Some of those missing, hypothetical particles - notably the gluino and the neutralino - have been mooted as the most likely first results from LHC Run Two.


They also make promising candidate building blocks for dark matter. But the researchers are open to other possibilities.

Dr Goldfarb says the search need not focus on specific, ghostly particles: "It doesn't have to be supersymmetry. You can also just look for dark matter. That's why we build our detectors perfectly hermetically."


CMS and Atlas are the two "general-purpose" experiments at the LHC. Both of them have detectors completely surrounding the collision point, so that nothing can escape.


Well, almost nothing.


"You can't build a neutrino detector - so neutrinos do get out. But we know under what circumstances and how often there ought to be neutrinos. So we can account for the missing energy."


What the team really wants to see is a chunk of missing energy that they categorically cannot account for.


"When you see a lot of missing momentum - more than is predicted in standard model - then you may have found a candidate for dark matter," Dr Goldfarb explains




More here, including more pictures from the CERN facility:  http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-31162725

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There's Some Very STRANGE THINGS About CERN (2015)



Some interesting messages in the symbol of the shark being used.


Shark: etymology = The meaning "dishonest person who preys on others," though attested only from 1599 (sharker "artful swindler" in this sense is from 1594)


prey "to plunder, pillage, ravage," "to kill and devour" 

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what cern but playing dark matter, things not good
play fire get burning
u play cern 
you make dark matters portal 
portal make easy 
me come yor line time 
yes u leaders play dark maters 
line times colide 
u ask yor leaders stop play cern now 
stop play dark maters ok 
More references to CERN, none of them good.  Here is a video bringing up something that just happened at CERN thanks Reddwolf




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The location of the circular "rain cloud" near Geneva.

According to Transpicuous News CERN is in fact up and running, with a public dashboard: and a real one.

About the 17 min mark in this video.

Translation from the German http://www.20min.ch/schweiz/news/story/Mysterioeser-Regen-Kreis-verbluefft-Meteorologen-19518706

Mysterious rain Circle baffled meteorologists
About Western Switzerland is at the weekend gave rain - on the weather model is distinguished from these in ring shape. But at the indicated places it not rained.
Photo spread in large format "
The radar on the mountain peak of La Dole has the perfect circle with precipitation on Sunday, May 8, 2016 captured.
On this map you can see the circle in blue.
The phenomenon is, according to experts  a processing error of the radar.

On the weather map showed in the night on Sunday, a strange phenomenon: A perfect circle of rain moved across Lausanne, Vallorbe and a few kilometers to the south of Geneva.
Behind the rain-circuit a supernatural phenomenon?

    No, nonsense. This was clearly a radar failure.
    Is quite possible looks really scary out.
    I think CERN is behind it.
    I do not know.

The geometric symbol fascinated the Internet community such that many took a screenshot and posted on social media.
Amazing thing is, however, that it does not rain in those places. According to Philippe Jeanneret, meteorologist of RTS , there was a problem with the radar processing.

Technical explanation missing

Stutzig also made that the center of the mysterious circle - of around 80 kilometers in diameter had - was directly above the mountain peak of La Dole in the Jura Vaudois. There is one of the five weather radar stations from Meteo Switzerland.

According to the MeteoSwiss knows this phenomenon, the technical explanation, however, is not known. Specialists were on Monday on the spot in order to clarify the situation."

Note the Bucky Ball on top of the building at the locale...




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“While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa Murkowski in relation to the dismantling of the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.
“Walker said this is ‘not an area that we have any need for in the future’ and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. ‘We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.'”(Emphases added)

Is the LHC the new way of managing the ionosphere?


Yet another possibility is that via their experiments with HAARP, they may have also discovered terrestrial or geodetic means of “managing” the ionosphere via induction of standing EM wave effects throughout the planetary core, modifying the Earth’s magnetic field, which would also produce ionospheric effects.


Time alone, of course, will tell, but ultimately the “other ways of managing the ionosphere” will eventually be revealed, if, of course, we don’t end up blowing up the Sun, or destabilizing the core of the Earth ala the movie Core, and have to “fix” it by detonating hydrogen bombs in the core.

Just a few thoughts for the day…

See you on the flip side…






This is the answer Collin Andrews received from the Australian BoM to his email regarding to the Haarp  ring above:

(They couldn't explain it either)


name = David
email = xxx given by removed by me.
phone = Withheld
comments = I am a Bureau of Meteorology tech who works on the radars. Just had look at the images from the
WA area. The level 1 rain threshold is either set too low, hence picking up noise, or there is someone working
nearby on a transmitting device, which falls within the bandwidth of our radio, hence the radio "speckle"
interference. Noticed the "swept gain" attenuates the signal out, out to so many km's.

The idea of AP "Anomolous Propagation" is often when there is a temperature inversion, and the radar picks up
"false echoes" off the atmosphere.
Regards – David

Colin Andrews reply:


Its very good of you to take the trouble to get in touch and give me this technical explanation.

Regards the possible activation of a transmitter close to the official ground radar location, how powerful and what
frequency would that need to be to interfere with your own equipment?  Is it conceivable that the same effect
could be the result of transmissions beamed from above instead of from the ground?  I believe that the
HAARP experimental installations are thought to be responsible for some new
previously unseen aerial phenomenon.  Thinking outside the box, is it an outside possibility that the effects seen
on Australian Met radar was created by frequency interference from the HAARP network - similar to what you
have suggested caused by ground based interference but from Satellites above?

I very much appreciate your help with resolving this.

Best wishes


name = James Butler
email = XXXX given but removed.
phone = xxxx given but removed.
comments = Colin,

Re: The round radar prob in WA, it is a BOM Radar unit which has its lower rain level threshold setup too low, ie,
too sensitive, which gives the noisy radar reading like that. Nothing to do with HAARP, which, as you know, is in
Alaska. I see images like this a lot, as I work for the Bureau of Meteorology in QLD.


- See more at: http://www.colinandrews.net/Cloud-Radar-Circle-Australia-2010-0116.html#sthash.9JYcahu1.dpuf

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@Salustra  interesting, did you see the post I made yesterday, here? http://chani.invisionzone.com/topic/7819-scientists-at-large-hadron-collider-hope-to-make-contact-with-parallel-universe-in-days/page-7 CERN is a Directed Energy Weapon I believe, so why couldn't it direct energy to the ionosphere?  Hmm, taking the place of HAARP, or joining hands with it, since it's a global system?





May 11, 2016




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breezy, one thing is for sure, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science said that they have no need for HAARP any more to control the ionosphere, they have something better to replace it with (for weather control and weather warfare).


After seeing this circular ring that's just like the HAARP rings, I think that the new way (better way?) of managing (controlling) could be CERN. 


Interestingly that "rain cloud" near Geneva that prevented the rain raining could be the smoking gun. :)

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Is CERN/LHC taking over HAARP's function To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it??


I have just watched the video Jessica posted on the other thread: https://www.youtube.com/embed/j5zMCl0fUzs?version=3&rel=1&%23038;fs=1&%23038;showsearch=0&%23038;showinfo=1&%23038;iv_load_policy=1&%23038;wmode=transparent%27


At 22:20 he talks about CERN's HAARP Field Antenna Array: 




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Yep    we were on the same page with this observation, Salustra!  I find it interesting how more than one of us is going down the same road at the same time.

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from the thread regarding CERN hoping to contact a parallel universe  Post #111  http://chani.invisionzone.com/topic/7819-scientists-at-large-hadron-collider-hope-to-make-contact-with-parallel-universe-in-days/page-7?hl=cern


"Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
SATURN will be converted from gold to iron,
opposite Nucleus rays (they are colliding nucleus without electrons and for this reason they consist of positive particles streams: RAY POZ = positive rays)
will exterminate all,
Before the coming the sky will show signs…”
(Nostradamus 9 44)
Going to include this video, yes, I know it's secure team, but he is covering these anomalies being seen in the skies, by radar, discernment is called for as always.  
BAFFLING Weather Radar Anomalies Over Switzerland Unexplained!     5/11/16
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Noting a 16, 24 date pattern;

May 16 Whitsunday. June 16 Awake

Next date is September 8, Jeune G (Jeune Genevois : Genevan fast)

also in the Mithraic calendar as "Harvest".

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Here's the Sun article on the same incident KMRIA posted above.


ANOTHER DIMENSION Jaw-dropping photos taken above CERN’s Large Hadron Collider lead to wild new conspiracy theories and ‘prove portals are opening’

The images were taken as scientists began a new experiment called Awake to change the way particles are smashed together



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